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JD Jul 2023
Your mouth is a weapon,
Your words might not ****
but like a bullet,
It can do a lot of damage!
Sometimes it's best to say nothing instead of saying harmful things
My Dear Poet Dec 2021
Winston was a dog
who bullied his canary

He’d often bury eaten birds
behind the old shed on the prairie

Till the day he chocked on a bone
coughing up an aviary

then sadly came the angry crows
pecked his arterial pulmonary

I know its mad
and may sound just a little crazy

but that’s what is trending
and now tweeting at #dogsobituary
Sadness fills my chest when I see kids laugh and play with friends.
Friends that I never got to have.
Happiness that was sadness when all I got was myself and a note pad
Seeing happiness filling their hearts m with a sound of a symphony remarking my best words.
My heart fill with joyous, jealous, anger because I wish I could of had the love they had.
Now you see, watching the present reflects your past in a negative or positive way.
Bullies smashing my face with a ball, or rubbing it against a rubber band, making me ****** dis confident.
Coming home to a world of emptiness, and pain.
I periodically Perpetuate
hurricanes all around me
manifesting my illusions
filled with anomalies
commonly I’m far from Common
as these evil forces
completely surround me
crashing down to rock-bottom
longing to no longer be lonesome
but my loneliness is caused
by my compulsions
such impulsive behavior
needs to get out of me, expulsion
creatively i creep
to seem casual and sane
To a world that’s corrupt
and crippled needing a cane
****** and staring
into the eyes of the truth
but with all this proof
we can’t find who is to blame
to some mentally
my mind it is unglued
broken into bits
from so much abuse
daily I’m terrified of torture
I feel like I’ve got nothing to lose
I’m black and blue
Just one giant bruise
Beaten and brought down to my knees
Reluctant to beg. I scream out please
No more
In my tears I’m drowning
A moment of silence as
You Playfully tease
But the kid with the magnifier
Doesn’t hear the ants screams
Only burns and burns
Until their is nothing left
But the shell of a man
Who’s life is a mess
I wish someone would just come and save me
Mansi Nov 2020
People will try to belittle
Not because
There is something wrong
With you
But because they don't know
How else to feel better
Nobody Sep 2020
You never make anyone smile,
you laugh if they cry.
You bring out my anger,
and all of my sighs.
You’re nothing I admire,
and everything I despise.
You’re all stupid and simple,
but think you’re so wise.
You mock the gentle,
then brag about being cruel.
Act like you’re so clever,
but you’re the biggest fools.  
I really can’t stand
tools like all of you.
You’re all basic ugly rocks,
who think they're jewels.
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