She dances along
The edges of calamity
Loosely grasping
At the remnants
Of her sanity
i expect disaster but,
I accept disaster
thesa 1d
i offered you my weakness
and you comforted me
while getting consumed
by my demons

how could i
hurt you
like this
how could i make you handle
my craziness

i beg you
forgive me
forgive me

there’s nothing else i could say
because even an 'i love you'
won’t make you stay
I've been running in circles
Been dripping in sweat and rain
Making my way towards nowhere
Moving until I reach where you are

I'm losing my ******* mind
I'm giving in to my emerging fears
My mind in a repeating anxiety
Whatever happens, I can't lose you

My thighs feel tired from sprinting
My tears mixing with water and sweat
Why does it seem that wherever I run
I never get to see or meet you?

Racing towards where you are
Thinking of all the reasons I could say
All the things that could make you stay
Pushing my mind and heart to the limit

No matter how much I try to think
All my thoughts reach one conclusion
Its something simple and undeniable
Our love exists, and it still lives on

My resolve unbroken, even if my body is
I need to see you tonight, spilling my feelings out
I'm hopelessly and madly in love with you
So where, just where, could you be tonight?

I can't live without you by me
I can't be without your embrace
I can't forget those sweet, tender kisses
In other words, I need you too much

And I am ready to throw it all away
To endure the sad, sleepless nights
To endure the pointless, lazy days
Just to spend a minute with you again

But where are you now?
I'm almost desperate for hope
My breathing heavier by the second
Dear ***, please let me endure further

Just when I'm about to give up
There you were, standing in front of me
Soaked in sweat, rain, and tears
Almost on the verge of defeat

My eyes lit up, my heart in relief
My tears about to burst, as were yours
Both with reasons to say to each other
As we run to lock for an embrace

I took the deepest breath in my life
As I tried not to choke on the tears
Saying "I love you" crazily on repeat
As the only reason to make you stay

You are my reason for living
And for tonight, and all the nights to come
I'll make you stay with me, and hold you tight
I'll love you for the longest time my life allows
Hey everyone!
Sleepless night again

Inspired to write with a song on my ears.

Hope everyone likes it.
Happy reading!


For "Her"
The moment I said it I knew.
Us and We.
Not you and me.
The words that slipped out of my mouth
like a banana peel from mario kart.
Oddly I didn't regret it.
Strangely enough I was confident.
Tonight has been a breathtaking trip.
It's been a real adventure,
and you were the only one that I needed to be there.
You picked me up from the park.
The one I was probably to inebriated to walk to.
You drove around for hours just for me.
While I stuck my head out of the window,
Screaming Misfits lyrics, and flipping off the heavens.
This was the night I had lost my mind.
The night I was fully alive.
The night I put together the pieces.
The night I found something to believe in.
We smiled and laughed, threw glass bottles into the street.
We sang punk rock songs until our lungs couldn't breath.
Never have I felt more free.
Never have we both been this complete.
I know you could see
it too.
A feeling nothing could ever compare to.
A fire thats cold enough to stop a beating heart
right in its tracks.
Emotions that took over me that I still cannot define.

I have never looked back.
Trying to write more now. Trying to express more emotions rather just sadness. It's a battle sometmes branching out of a writing style. I feel like so far it's going well and feel this work i've put out recently is some of the strongest and most connective pieces I've ever created. If you like this please help me share it. The Audience on this site is amazing and I wanna become more apart of this wonderful community. It brings me back to my Creative Writing classes back in college.
We saw her leaving Jericho
Tearing down the walls
Throwing a childish tantrum
Whilst ******* in the halls

We saw her chasing pigeons
In the local council park
We caught her chewing daffodils
Whilst humming 'Baby Shark'

She drank a lot
Ate nothing much
But the ice
Inside the tube

Grit her teeth
Swallowing bubbles
The plastic straw
The noxious fumes

She was forever
Chasing a high
That cost too much
And left too soon

We saw her licking batteries
Relaying messages to Earth
We caught her hiding sanitary towels
Underneath the dirt

That lined the filthy walls
Of her low-rent, low-mood high-rise
Ghosts that wraithed inside her head
Left bruises on her thighs

We saw her join the homeless men
In the shadow of the mall
She combed the streets every day
And still found sweet **** all

She sang a lot
And never slept
Beneath the weight
Of a poisoned sky

We knew she was sad
All the time
But we never saw her

We saw her live
Her lonesome life
Even saw her when she

From the other side of ****
We decorate our homes
Forget the fine line
The thin divide

Between our professional smile
And the crazy inside our bones
I must be crazy to want this
even crazier to say it out loud
“Cause you are the girl of my dreams”

To give you something so precious
that was just meant for one person
Not for anyone else’s eyes to see.
I'm prone to ruin the good things, fighting through thorns of my past.
Cautious, sensing my demons within.
That I can be the partner you’d love,
share our bed, protect you and keep my demons at bay.

But baby, who’s gonna protect me from your demons within...
Never tried to go back to date any of my ex’s and never will.
Ruby Nemo Jan 8
Let me in on all your tastes
I want the sour with the sweet
All the proclivities you hide from your friends
Drag me down a darkened path
If you leave, to **** with my heart!
I swear I won't last a single day
Believe me, romance can't survive
Without anger and revenge and taking sides.
I swear I'm not hopeful
Quite the opposite, in truth
Lend me a reason to obsess
Love! Love! I meant, I slipped up!
Disregard, call me a lover of all
Things undone
I swear I'm not insane
I'm just looking for a soul to hold
A happy mind to destroy
A clean heart to stain
Worry about my future.
Worry about my past.
Worry about what’s up.
But why would anyone be down
To get down with
A crazy guy like me?

Worry about my actions.
Worry about my reactions
Worry about how she sees me
And if it takes a toll
On her comforting me.
Or if I say I love her too much.

Worry if I worry too much
Worry if I don’t worry enough
Worry that she’ll hate me
Because frankly...
I already hate myself.

Worry if I’ll have friends
Worry if I’m all alone
Worry about the phrase
“Alone forever”
Cause forever ago
I wasn’t so anxious.

Worry how I’ll live
Worry how I’ll die
Worry if I’ll **** myself
Because I’ve already
Almost tried.

Worry about the eyes
Because I swear
They’re there at night
They’re there
“There there”
She says but I
Just wanna do something
For her.
For once.
clever Jan 8
your love wasn't convenient
my love wasn't commonplace
sometimes i start thinking we're crazy
but then again, there's nothing quite like you
He was an ocean of darkness.
And within that ocean were few,
very few,
Specks of light.
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