I'm sorry baby.
I know you won't like this one, but this some real shit.
On a real note, you are my everything and I'd do anything for you.
Sometimes I make you mad, never gonna make you sad.
Seeing you smile makes me happy.
Hearing your voice excites me.
When I'm with you, hopefully you won't be on your phone as much.
There's some things we need to change, but that won't happen.
So we have simple sorry poems like the one above.
My level of poetry can go beyond this 3rd grade shit, I tend to keep it this way though.
Always remember you're my drug and I can't see to find you anymore. I'm addicted, but you're gone. I fiend for you.

When President Donald Trump praised Nambia,
I decided that I HAD TO go there.
I had always wanted to visit Africa
And this was my chance,
But when my flight touched down
At Namby Pamby International Airport,
Nothing was as it seems.
The whole experience seemed like a big Acid Trip.
The first clerk I encountered was  only about 5 feet tall,
But her Afro Hairstyle was about 4 feet in circumference.
I asked her, "M'am, could you please direct me"
"To the areas where Foreigners come for Sexual Tourism?"
"I came to Africa to have a good time."
She directed me to another kiosk,
"You'll have to speak with that Russian Lady over there."
So, I walked over to the Blonde Russian Lady.
"My name is Svetlana."
"How can I help you, sir?" she asked.
"I would like to experience Sex here in Nambia " I said.
"Well," Svetlana responded.
"You'll have to take the bus to Mar-a-Lago."
"Mar-a-Lago?" I thought that was in Florida....not Africa,
I asked Svetlana, feeling bewildered.
"Mar-a-Lago is just the name for Trump's Franchise, dear," Svetlana told me.
"Mar-a-Lago resorts are all over the world,"
"And they all offer sexual services!" she beamed enthusiastically.
"Oh, I see," I said.
"Okay, I'll take the bus over there."
So, I paid Svetlana for the Bus Ticket to Mar-A-Lago.
The Scenery out the Window was AMAZING.
It was just like  the Strawberry Fields in the Beatles song.
There was so much diversity of Wildlife!
There were lots of moles
As well as jackals, vultures and hyenas.
I even saw a carnivorous baboon
Attack a genetically modified moose!
You never see things like that on Animal Planet!
That's for sure!
However, when I arrived at the Mar-a-Lago Brothel,
I felt so disappointed
Their services had become so popular that people
Were flocking like Pilgrims on a Haj
To Nambia for sex.
You had to take a NUMBER
And wait for your NUMBER  to be called
Just like those stupid Government Offices back in Denver!
I didn't like it!
I felt too impatient.
I wanted to experience  sex in Nambia,
But I didn't have the time for these sorts of shenanigans!
I boarded an airplane back to Colorado
And went back Home.


Feel the purr of the engine
as you near my happy place.
Your engine roars,
and your eyes alight
when you see my face.

Bury our sad past
in the gravel that
crunches under
your wheels.

Drive your love home.
You are home.

The world is a crazy place.
It's so good to finally
see your face.

How I've missed you.
Caress me in cocooned arms,
the most loving embrace.

No more angry shouts.
No more negative pouts.
No more bad news.
No more madness.
No more blues.

How time makes
                  a person go

You're home with me.
Now, I know sanity.

Resurrected from the ashes
of our ancient past,
we rise as phoenixes
and fly on feathered wings
to the home of ever-last.

The world may be crazy,
          but I'd be crazy
                   without you.

9-22-17 (C)

This was written today during my creative writing club's free write to Metallica's Welcome Home Sanitarium (6 minutes).  I was going to polish it to make it shine, but I think I'll just let the rawness ripen it. Thanks for reading! K: )
V 2d

Hunting minuscule dragons who have stormed inside my brain...

Drinking with some goblins who sure love their drinkin' games...

Searching the Sahara desert for a mermaid with 2 legs...

Running from my problems though I know I shouldv'e stayed

you know all his ticks and tricks
how he flips his finger from one corner to the other
banishing a train of thought
and how his eyes train in on his mark
focused, but not yet ready to confront
and when he speaks he's calm,
the calm before the storm. listen
he isn't a wonderful man with a traumatic past
he isn't broken, no, he's frozen in the years
before change became necessary
before the rain fell and he didn't feel it
and he'll tell you he's never been better
and he'll want to mean it
but you know that's not true
because when he speaks his lip twitches
you know all his ticks and tricks
he's like a switch, bat shit
crazy. but he's still yours and maybe
you can melt his frozen heart, no
you need to tear him apart

and if thats so then to tear him apart is to make him whole

Lie to me
Tell me that you love me

At least this way I know you are
Telling the truth

Lacy 6d

Say you love me
I do
say you love me
I do
say you love me
I do
because I do love you
the things you do I love
your hair I love
how your hair blows in the wind I love
what you wear I  love
if  it's your style you're different
your eyes are small but when you're mad they look big as hell
your smile is crazy  like a psycho but I like it suits you
I love you because you're you
you're down to earth
you tell me anything even if it's silly nasty crazy ballistic brutal ironic even when is super serious you'll tell me
you don't hide things from me you keep it in the open very clear like glass I see all your emotions
you're like a cup of wine
I can see you, every detail  
the glass it shines bright and clean but your emotions are darken filled with dark ink
ink that drives you mad crazy but you don't know it but you hell do show it but it's okay cuz I still love you so when I tell you I love you look me in the face and say I know you do
now say you love me and why do you.

I am a simple man –
I still enjoy the lost art of
washing your hands before and after
using the bathroom,
I find courage in the occasionally tap on the back,
when everything goes dark,
and the back alley looks like a modern piece of art.
I try not to live the same day over and over again, but,
somehow, I end up making the same mistakes,
closing all the doors that are left open
for me.
I’m never early to a party.
I’m never late, either. I just don’t get invited anymore.
When I was little, I was mesmerized
by the choir of voices in my head –
now I’m just irritated by their meaningless noise.
The 4 rooms seem smaller and things are moving like crazy –
it’s like an earthquake inside this heart of mine
that’s behaving from time to time
like a lady with high heels and low standards.

I am a simple man –
I manage to complicate everything
in the simplest way.

what happened to the girl in the park
they found her bound and ripped apart
the town erupted then, in the dark
and ran down the old man pushing his cart
someone to blame, no murder marked:
smiling, dripping crimson
children stood in the park

Katie Sep 15

You sit in choir up in your holy place of honor.
Does your heart hurt every time you see me?
Or are you unaffected.. like all that happened was nothing. Something you can just shrug off as a mistake, like forgetting to take the trash out.
You can't give back what you took away.
I don't even want an apology, I just want some acknowledgement that it happened so I have the simple courtesy to know I'm not crazy. When things seem good it feels like a Mirage
It's there but gone just as quickly.
Can I trust my eyes or heart?
I've been betrayed before.
It makes you question everything & everyone
Can I trust you?
I don't know.
Don't make me hate you.
Because I don't hate ppl
I just hate myself.
I punish myself for not being "good enough."
Maybe I'm good just as I am
And you are the one that isnt good enough
You don't just sexually abuse a child...
I pray for your soul,
I'm sure you aren't at peace either.
Sadness ... I feel sadness for a broken world.

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