To the man who is up all night,
Who some never see.

Isn't it lovely to be?
To be paid to just to watch them sleep.

So peaceful in their slumbers.

You rarely have a thing to do.
Yet you are paid none the less.

But the job costs more than it pays...

And your jabbering keeps haunted minds alert and on guard.

And its hard for you to be alert too...

When you need to be.

For appointments, errands, social activities, and such.

You take care of us...
But you must take care of you!

Oh mystery man who does not sleep.
Be careful my dear.

Someday it may be you,
Restless in their beds.
Paging Dr. Jekyll ,
he’s gotten lose again.
No, no casualties yet,
just a long trail of sin.

Yes, we understand,
control’s not the issue.
I think it’s time for drastic measures,
yes, you know what to do.

What do you mean,
he’s part of your mind?
It doesn’t matter at this point,
he’s too dangerous alive.

Kill him dear friend,
or the blood’s on your hands.
He’s hurting people,
and that simply won’t stand.

He’s a monster, a freak,
you’re much better off.
There will be side affects,
but nothing’s gained without loss.

Hello? Dr. Jekyll?
Are you there? Is it done?
Oh God Dr. Jekyll,
what have you done?
Are you my muse?
Well, are You?

Every time we talk
ideas crop up

Sometimes crazy
sometimes not so much

But little flicks of light
like a runway

along the synapses
of my
frontal lobe

Or a light bulb might
show up
in a bubble
above my head

No matter how
No matter where

They insist on follow through

even though some fizzle
and some just outright die


So are you my muse?
I need someone to blame!
You make me feel crazy
But not the funny kind of crazy
The crazy that sends you to places you don’t wanna go
The crazy that makes people avoid eye contact and walk the other way
The crazy that leaves you feeling like you’ve lost something even though it’s right in front of your eyes
Maybe I should keep more to myself
Not let you know how crazy I am
How crazy I am for you
Am I coming off too strong?
Do you still even want me?
I’m always stuck wondering how you feel
Everything happens for a reason and in the end you can’t dwell too much.
Benji 6d
I'm tired of bending over backwards
For somebody who just couldn't care less
Well you can just go to hell
Cuz I'm sick of dealing with circumstances, I've dealt
And all the pressures I've felt
I let down all my defences
Left my self-defenceless
Now I'm starting to lose all of my senses
And nothing makes sense cuz
You just went and walked away?
No, it doesn't work like that in my heart babe
I wanted you to stay
I tried to make all the badness go away
But this ain't a game
And I know you are not coming back
Yeah but you got to admit
what you did was slack
Yeah everything I thought you were is obviously a load of crap
I don't know what we can salvage from the wreckage
But what I'm dragging is heavy
And all that you bring is hectic
But I don't wanna be separate
when it comes to you
I'm mixed up with my emotions
I'm not sure whether to give you total devotion
Or if I'm better off without you around
Do you see what I think and feel now?
You can form an ocean of misery
I could drown trying to get out
But I'd rather burn in the flames
With you in my lane
And Nah I'm not ashamed
Of what I feel
Cuz you and I are one in the same
And neither of us is to blame
I just can't give up
On you, on us
So take all my love
But don't hurt me too much
Because I don't know if I'm enough
But for you, I'd bleed all my blood
Drench me to the bone
With all the pain you own
Together we can sink like a stone
You and I should never be alone
So come back, honey
We can work it all out
There's no need to fight this war
No need to scream or shout
Because you're my top priority now
I told you that before
But I'll try to give you more
Than I did before
Yeah, now I know that I'm sure.

©2018 Written By Benji James
war situation
what's the purpose?
what's the objective?
no one knows
have faith in the leader!
trust authority
what's his mental state?
does he have a psychiatric diagnosis?
no one knows
emnabee 7d
Are you afraid of the crazy?
That hides deep inside....

Emotions, unwelcomed
on the outside.

Listen to the news
about what a crazy did.

Hope nobody looks at you
and lifts the lid.
Are you?
You must be SAVED
From Hell and damnation!
To this Fire and Brimstone sermon
That emerges from the Holy Spirit!
Your sinful,
Errant ways!
Relinquish your autonomy!
Stop being so willful!
Stop listening to all
Those who teach
I will bring you
If you humble yourself
Before the Shrine of God
And follow
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