Olympia 15h

when i talk to you
i sound crazy
my words don't add up to what i wanna say
so i sit back
i watch you slowly slip away
you fall through my grasp
you drip through the gaps
and now i really miss you more than i did before
maybe because i realize how far away you are
maybe because i realize you'll never hold me
here you feel so close
when i see your face on my screen
and when you type out easy words
and when you leave me helpless in the middle of the night

Nakia 1d

We're supposed to look ahead
Cast our eyes towards the future
Look towards what we want to reach
But plans don't work
We run around
Driving ourselves crazy
Planning for things
When we might not even wake up to see tomorrow
We bash our heads against walls
Thinking about how we failed when
Life goes sour and time runs out
And everything you care about falls away
Pieces of us go into everything we do
And we point out the little man afraid to cast his legacy in the hearts of millions
Or possibly just a few
But is he so wrong?
Life does not make schedules
We can't put tragedy on hold
Some plans work
A lot of them don't
Everyday is just a guessing game
A shot in the dark with a unknown target
And for what?
To be left or forgotten
I praise the outcast
Refusing to be forgotten
Going against the mold
Keeping dreams of the past
Close to their heart
Because thoughts that haven't been thought
Love that hasn't blossomed
Smiles not smiled
Plans unmade
Those are the things that work

1) They're strangers in my head

2. Jumping on my brain like a bed

3. Hopping, hopping over moons

4. Can't you see the stains of red

5. We walk the ground for fun

6. Sipping blue tears from the dumb

7. This scene, scene will get prettier

8. We will only get mentally crazier

1-8. No one can or will take our pla-a-ace

1-8. Try, but we will prepare your gra-a-ave

1-8. Can you smile without your fa-a-ace

1-8. We love how we feel so insane

1. I'm nuts, but aren't you glad

2. The craziest friend, that you ever had

3. You think I'm psycho, maybe your wrong

4. Tell the bystander to put down the phone

5. Mind broken, losing my marbles

6. You'll like me best when craziness sparkles

7. I have a secret, I am unarmed

8. We all have some crazy, being sane is hard

1-8.  All the best people are cra-zy. All the best people are...

This is lyrics I created based on Melanie Martinez's song, "Mad Hatter". This was made as a recommendation from a friend on here! Thanks for reading.
Seema 2d

Flying over you, buzzing like crazy
Sitting over your nose, are you that lazy
Why do you not make me go away?
Why every of my mate has their own way?
I am sure you gonna spray us to kill
But you laying on the floor covered in blood spill
Your breath seems long gone
The night does no good as now we hit the dawn
The rotting smell of the blood on you
Attracts most of us insects not just few
Your open mouth has given entry for new
The ants lingering in your wide open eyes
Many races of insects feed, especially the flies
A thief had to die, one day
I'm sitting high looking at your body today
How aimless, humans are to kill each other
We are better despite abandoned by our mother
It was your fate you met few days ago here
No one is searching for, nobody knows you dead here
As rigamortis has taken its place upon you
It's obvious, we gonna hunt and feed on you
We only show up on such occasion
And deal with the dead bodies with passion
We come uninvited when someone dies
Yes, we are the bluebottle flies...


Fictional write.
M 2d

I'm not crazy

Let me go

I need air

You have to know.

I'm not crazy

I promise

I need rest

Don't you do this!

Fog my mind

Hugging the clouds

Lose the time

Distorting sound.

I'm not crazy

Can't you see


I am happy.

Let me talk

with all my friends

All of them

are in my head.

I'm so crazy

I give up

I don't care

I had enough.

Paz 3d

Lets begin.
Join the circle.
Show a grin.
Laugh hysterically.
Then you’re in.
Don’t be afraid to claim you’re sane just because you’re insane.
I myself am extremely spacey.
I’m fuckin crazy.
I am not them.
I am who I am.
I want you to join me.
I want you to see your psychopathic side.
The one that’s hard to hide.
People like us.
You and me.
We try to be normal.
We try to be the same.
We try to look formal.
But fuck it.
We drink from the devils cup.
People like us are just not normal.
We see beyond the stars.
So lets put on that fucked up smile.
And show these fuckers who we really are.
Sick minded, physically demented, fun dick headed, broken freaks.
We’re the takers of the diseases of craziness, the mimics of their saneness.

Raquel Butler Nov 10

I am so much more than I ever expected to be
Despite drowning in this insufficiency
A chorus of deafening inadequacy
Proving myself and others wrong,
So deliciously

I never expected to be so far
I expected to be much farther
I never expected to be alive
I expected to be demising

I know I’ve hurt
I know I’ve broken others
I know I’ve bruised
I know I’ve used others

Regretful I suppose
Just reactionary behavior

And I have succumbed to my darkest depths
Though they have never won
And I have fallen back 12 steps
Yet still, I scale the rungs

So when I say “I’ve given up”
Never do believe me
I am capable of getting up
Love, I’m just that crazy.

I mean it was inspired by you, but like also I needed this anyway.
Gage B Nov 9

I love how you use words
that excite me to think about
and how I hate that your
words never turn into the fantasy
i see through my eyes

© Gage B. 2017
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