(Inspired by Kendrick Lamar – humble )
Whacked or weepiness?
Sing if you know this,
Well~ yuh, yuh.

Hey, I recall when every months with zero-balance-curse,

Therefore I lived my life with what I fit, but today I’m so pissed,

When everyone gets what their want; In fact, I never wish,

I choose drink mix while you choose Crème de cassis to rid live’s blemish,

"Son, the richest man never get outta debt hub,
Duh, compare to you with just one luckless credit card?"

So let’s be rich with heart and do something bigger than Tesla,

Do read on my blog, then write it down or by heart at least,

Zero-to-the-hero, hero-to-the-pro punk,

a person who used to be dumb, dumped in the scum junk,

now 6 figures in the bank, I'm still like yesterday’s punk,

If you got this in the bank, promise to be like an old punk,

my life’s better than my virile,

my future promise me how I rolled,

Hey Mount. E, wait for me to reach your highest spot,

but I’m just play cool to it, cuz you know

Beast’s humble,
Sweet lown,
Be hierodule,
throw your crown.

Who talk money over passion won't be richman,

The dream you ever sketched, belongs to trash can,

The dream you never twig, just a goodnight,

Just do for what you love for your loved wife,

Just what you said you do it to get a better job,

Say something to me you'll be iron man like louis cyr or,

Say something like you are immune from all snide remarks,

Everyday you and I should celebrate the 'go for broke day',

I'll 'Die trying till get there',

Pave the way for success stair,

everything's gonna be okay,

God not just hear from your prayer,

He bestow for what you care,

So stay calm and feel the air,

Dont called it work - called it play,

And say "Never say ne'er",

Hardwork means modest, stay low profile, and rich heart way,

Mamma said dream big, protect it from apart, stay,

Be like the strongest humblest person in the world, OK?

I'm the strongest orphan after all, boom! beast's humble, --

-- Sweet Lown,
Snob's crumble,
Don't drown.

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when just a little boy inured to bodily harm
   i stuck a bean inside my button nose
which caused parental fright and alarm
   which yielded putrid odor
   like black pearl jam stuck between toes

foul fumes a nauseating  offal stench
   detected by mere fluke
from mister good wrench
   pinpointed putrid source
   above where one would puke

necessitating face mask to approach
   decomposing nut size bean
   inducing outcome from
   those approaching awful odor to pass out

even the most practiced
   die macho men turned green
   in addition from special ops
   military forces confessed doubt

to accomplish mission in this challenge
   from an enemy unseen
thus pitting me in danger if
   slowly germinating seed sprouted full size

   planting roots into cerebral fertile gray matter
forcing motley crue to brood
   at this unusual impasse – no lies
   but truthfulness, which outcome

   could find me akin to a mad hatter
lest quick fix for someone
   with a knack with moody blue eyes
like those of I bet ye will never guess who

came to my rescue
and eminently rid me of
   near fatality this threat he slew
while clergy waited with family,

   whom held breath against noxious p u
worse smelling than buffalo chips
   or animal when poops goes moo
imbedded flak eliminated threat

   to this kid – a very reformed Jew
when with delicate application
   of tweezers across room bean flew
dunning torpedo like ricocheting
   off head of doctor George Andrew.

Xoliswa Shangase Aug 2015

Thinking of you
I thought of you today, but that's nothing new
I thought about you yesterday and the day before that too
You are always in my head SOMETIMES.
I thought of you today, for the first time I laughed at your corny jokes,
I suppose they are funnier in thoughts,
Today I realised that I am not normal, for I love how you annoy me, drive me crazy, make me laugh when I am mad.

Call me crazy call me sick, but I hate you sometimes,
for making  me fall so hard for you, I see you everywhere; even when am taking a dump! you are there smelling my S#!t taking it with a smile( you know what I mean)

You have been loving me in a way that I have never been loved before,
I am confident to say you give me good love, Even though I do the same for myself(vanity).
Your love is more precious; to know that I can count on your love is a priceless feeling.

Today in thought I realised that, you are becoming like me.
I suppose my lotion really works. I am rubbing my love on you.
I thank God for allowing me the opportunity to fall in love with my soul, to fall in love with my best buddy.
Everyday I dream of a perfect life for you and how I would buy it for you, if it were possible, for you came into mine and perfected it.
God listens to sincere hearts and my love and wishes for you are Just.
I love loving you Buddy, My point of madness, My Insanity, My love, My everyday crush SOMETIMES!, I sometimes crush on myself.
I simply don't know why I am writing this, but I suppose boredom is dressed in red and feeling kinda Kinky,
in fact I'm thinking of you right about now, I miss you.

Rocky Jan 14

Not pleased with this degenerate that stares back at me
Morals twisted like the springs where he just laied
Where the vulgar thoughts each night breed
It’s innocent and it's playful and nothing is real
Repeating the words like a feeble mantra
Disgusted with the way she makes him feel

When did the this transformation occur?
Being this compassionate guy with his heart on his sleeve
To becoming this typical man obsessed with her
Young and beautiful she is everything you're not
You know this and you don't mind this
Bringing life into my heart that you left to rot

This gray in my beard should be the reason to quit
It’s been a Finch's life since you let love die
Covering up depressing thoughts with humorless dry whit
Now this new Venus who doesn't even know her place
She's the star of the dreams against her will  
She's the reason his ethics disappeared without a trace

Each morning getting lost in in the fantasies that reality misread
Subconsciously forgets your existence while we play make believe
Drinking imaginary coffee with this juvenile ghost in bed
Waking up gets harder for a man with no self respect
But having a reason to be up is so new and exciting
Planning each step and hoping our paths connect

Pure and innocent is she
Real and scary you are
Atrocious and broken is me
This needs to end i know
Creating fictitious worlds
Of something that should never be

jas Jan 13

a soft kiss on the shoulder blade
cold brew up on the window sill
what a perfect duo
me and you

except , feelings creep back into my membrane
my heart sinks fast, feeling ill
goose bumps have me thinking
just for a cheap thrill
intoxicated with alcohol

call me a cab,
im drunk to walk
if im doing the right thing, why must I feel at fault?

of course, you beg me to stay
baby please, one more minute
forcefully grabbing my wrist
'stop', I say as I clench my fist

it was a good night
up until it wasn't
why is this scenario so constant

sex crazed lifestyle
tell me, is it worthwhile?

longing for romance
young love
not with you
& not when im done a fool

all must come to an end
on a last whim, here's one last kiss
and im gone
like the wind.

day 12 of 365
Apoorva Jan 11

There's a fire in my heart,
that keeps me sane.
It saves me from my demons
When they come to haunt me
And I need a savior
To take away the pain.
And I fear the moonlight
It reminds me of her smile
So, I hide behind the curtains
Staring at empty walls
As I try to forget her eyes
And the way she lied.
My glass remains empty
I need another bottle of wine
The smoke from my cigarette
Never goes out of my sight
People call me crazy now
For loving her madly.
But all my love is gone now
There's nothing beneath this skin
And I'm paying for my sins
Cause I gave her all I had
But she threw it all away
Like I was some ugly flower
In her garden, full of roses
Maybe there's no one for me
Maybe I'm too crazy
Maybe I'm too good
Maybe I'm too honest
Maybe I'm too insecure
Or just maybe I'm doomed.

Rosey Jan 11

At any given time
Brushing my teeth with my eyes clothes
Letting your soul leak out onto my skin
"This is crazy," I thought for the first time,
Singing vintage music in your beat-up convertible

I was in a good mood
Maybe it was John Mayer
Or my second Doctor Pepper
Or the cliff to the left of us
You were behind the wheel, and for the first time, I was not afraid of falling

Maybe there was a hurricane
I've never seen one before, I wouldn't know
All I know is that we came out kicking, and dancing
Like you had carried an old record player the whole way
Nothing but your grace keeping it dry
My heartbeat perfectly in tune to your footsteps
My soul, your rhythm
"My hands, your bones"

Your car breaking down on the narrowest stretch of that road,
As it does
Laughing at the sports cars driving too carefully on the pass
Leaning against your scrap heap in the middle of the road
"Totaled?" I asked
"Nah. But I'll sell it to someone who knows how to fix it."
Knowing that axel grease would make a perfect cologne, but you preferred pine

Let me be perfectly clear: we were not in love
Love would be complicated
Splitting hairs and asking about feelings
Your soul would be afraid to touch me, and your soul made me feel vibrant
We were nothing but real

I don't feel lucky
You would have found me if I were invisible
You were looking for a girl in hiking boots with her ball gown
Dancing to the tune caused by flickering stars on and off instead of the orchestra
And I don't know how many of us there really are anymore
Girls who aren't afraid to ruin their clothes and can still use a compass

The tow truck came at the just the wrong time
When you jokingly dipped me over the side of the road, like you were going to let go
But I've already explained- I was not afraid of heights
You were a sturdy harness maintained by a practiced climber
Any sort of chaos was braided into the ropes which made them stronger
We were laughing as we both crammed into single passenger seat of the truck and inched down the mountain

"My hands, Your Bones," is borrowed from Oh Wonder

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I love poems
I love plays
Pull them apart
I love art
I love skits
What if-
Personality splits
Memory pits
What if-
I was a schitz

Trust nothing
Trust no oNe
TruSt yoUrself
Not even
Not real?
People, voices, the NOISES?
Fake iMagEs
am i awake
that anxiousness
that quiver
i start to quake
trust nothinG
trust no onE

I do not suffer from schitzophrenia

Destiny left me on the road
As the day invite the night
And night raised the day
My heart's too tired to go on
I let myself to listen to shawn(mendes songs)
That who'll be awake til the dawn
Sun shows openly itself
But I'm finding a side to hide myself
This reminds me to repeat maybe
To tell don't take hard, hey you crazy

Kyle Hackley Jan 9

I sit and scream waiting for your answer.

I fear the loss of what was once my destiny.

Why do you choose to torment me like this?

I stand, paralysed, unable to compose myself.

A dark anamnesis takes over me,

this is what you wanted, this is what you asked for...

I tried to hold back my inner demons, but they wanted out.

Seems you were their target...Oh well?

I surround myself with the esoteric liquid we call water

Slowly sinking deeper and deeper into it.

I put my mind at ease and close my eyes.

Why do I keep thinking about you?

So I wish I had the mind of a gemini to be all up with you,

turns out your nothing but shit, something I can't get close to.

I wish you the best in life and may your thoughts be clear to.

But take a trip down memory lane again, I'll be here waiting for you.

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