To endure is to mature. It will teach you how to spot manure.

When to take a detour and be able to resist the allure of the impure.

When you endure you become secure, see the contour of things that were obscure and life you'll savour.

Now life will take you on a tour but if you endure it ensure fervour.

So why not grad a brochure and take life's grand tour, just make sure you endure.

Because Endurance is Insurance.

It's part of Life

Fear, cuts like a knife goes through you like a spear.

It's really queer how it will adhere, make you cry many a tear.

Even ruin your career, won't even let you out of first gear.

And it will make it perfectly clear that it will appear during your premier.

Because fear is an insincere domineer dut only if you let it cohere.

Then it will take away your cheer and replace it with drear.

So don't stay in your sphere, be a pioneer and get a change of atmosphere.

Try it for a year and watch your fear disappear, you'll get that feeling of All Clear.

It's Life

poetry is an art
            where saying less
                        only means more

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You slipped through my fingers just like a bar of pure white soap
Every time I looked at you my mind was scrubbed clean
And all my negative thoughts were washed away
Down the drain of your love

The bubbles you made flew me up to heaven
While you stayed down on Earth
And I just want you to be free too
Won't you come and join me?

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I remember a girl from the slums, who's life was really humdrum,

To peer pressure she would succumb so her friends started calling her dumd.

They said, she would always live in the slums, the men she date would be scum, only a house full of babies would come and they would all grow up to be bums.

Saying such nasty things to keep her under their thumbs. Only she didn't dance to the beat of their drums, cause she knew she had control over her outcome.

Well, years passed she did overcome, no longer under their thumbs and she don't live in the slums because she has a very hefty income.

Now they're eating her crumbs and want to call her chum. Now who's Dumd.

Your brain should know what your tongue is about to say

I was going to die young
Until I met you my dear
I Was going to bite a bullet
Or hop in front a train
It would only be a slight delay
You renewed the urge
To live on
Your smile,
Your beauty,
Ignite my soul,
Brightens my very being
You complete me
I am glad I've met you
I sure do hope
I don’t lose you

you know that sound makes when you open a can of soda?
that's the sound my heart makes whenever you walk into the room

that freeing, opening feeling
and all my bubbles froth up just to see your beautiful face

once you open a can of soda it can't be closed
just like my love for you is forever released
never to be captured

all you can do is drink me up
and revel in my sweetness before the can is finished

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each toe carefully etched in the dissolving sand
it washes away as the wave washes over it
with nothing but a smooth canvas left behind,
for the next person to mark

this is like my love for you:

i know soon it will be gone,
left perfectly for the next person to take over.
all i ask is that while i'm here,

you appreciate me like i appreciate you

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He was super cool would break all the rules, said the heck with school, stubborn as a mule, was labeled a fool.

Life became cruel, he tried to use some tool's but his learning was minuscule, found himself in a cesspool.

But he didn't let it overrule. He went back to school, learned the golden rule, came out of that cesspool and found he's a true Jewel.

Life's like a giant pool, sometimes you'll swim into a whirlpool, which is why you'll need the right fuel.

Now what you definitely can't do is drool while sitting on a stool being scared of the pool... Stay In School.

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