Her soul is shelter
where I hide
from strangers.
Gone is Alexander the great
gone is King Solomon.
Earth is green forever
for no one!

Not always is up for grab
touch base
grab it not.
with the heart!
do you believe
in life after
Learn to breathe again
Helena 1d
slow honey-dipped
all consuming fire
four gyrating hips
room for no respire
I was mad at my dream
When I knew it was a liar
How could love not have been
with this burning desire

Lips tremble when you´re near
As if my body was prepared
for any sudden movement
but you are never here
and only in my words
do we make any improvement

and you don´t quench my thirst
but I guess I never asked
and I guess it would be wrong
I have barely seen you pass

But love, can I feel it in my skin
like a knife holding on
to the crimson blast
We must have been flaming lovers, love  
In a very distant past
remember this: memories die.

if you do not think
of the times that you’ve had.
the times that you lived and you laughed,
the times that you cried,
the times that you felt . . .
if you don’t remember the past,
you’ll only be left with the present.
just think about that.

and, then, we’ll proceed to the end.

remember each moment again and again
and, when your life’s movie
is starting to end
you’ll forever be satisfied
and able to go home in peace.
but, until then, please . . .

just remember each moment.
Helena 2d
I'm a shameless liar
lost in translation
consumed by the fire
Trying to see through the haze
exhaling is dire
I was counting on you to find
My Telephone wire

But don't worry, love
Any words I could have said have been all said before
So sorry if I seem quiet tonight, love
the trembling in my voice
Shaking lips and broken words
Are worth the itching in my tongue
Carve out the disparity
it’s only words on a page,
a screen lost to history
the death of complexity.
Magnetised contortion
finds sickness in perpetuity
binding the blind to colourless reality
tearing through the rhythm of my suspended animation.
Behind the punchline to every joke
the cloud of malcontent
a bitter rapture
sweeping away the ground where we were supposed to kneel
isn’t that how we were supposed to feel?
By Arcassin Burnham

No more loop holes,

Tell them what you meant,
You only live once , there's so much time
to repent,
Lucky with no friends,
But if you did,
They will put a price on your kindness for
hate people to devour,
In final hours the fire gets louder bursting
the mind of a youngin' whos probably
proud of something beautiful that he
made in the garden ,but wheres the eden?
Finding that out is impossible , quite
an achievement,

Bright minds nowadays,

They only find solace,
Don't find the disposition of an emotional
In your mind you built a palace,
They can't break you down and if they did
they'll never take your dignity and pride,
you're a God,
But as broken as shards while moving the
stars in a negative o-zone that is this
earth, if you find any kind of harmony and
peace in your heart , I hope you find it
soon cause the world is doomed, Don't
break yourself apart young one.

Denny C 3d
Numbers in front of numbers doesn't tell it like it is
Life is still our playground and we're still just little kids
You push me down because I called you ugly
I scrape my knee, I cry, you hug me
You get caught passing me a note in class
I get embarrassed, the kids all laugh
They say we're kissing, sitting in a tree
But I'll sit there forever, as long as you're with me
We'll sit up in the tree and watch the leaves change
Only coming down to dance in the rain
We'll hold hands and make each other happy
I won't help but blush every time you smile at me
I'll hold you in my arms and watch the setting sun
Just me and you together, we'll live forever young

Aayasha khan Jul 12
Heart beats went slow
Tough days await ,because you never show
Yes, I know I told you to go away
But didn't you tell me that you will never let go long felt too long ...
Yet, those memories I live by are never gone.
An old feeling bought to you.
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