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Deep 1h
Living my fears and dreams night and day,
I sleep in one, wake in the other.
Many things I try to hold at once
But after walking a distance
things from my hands slip and scatter in the
way I can't recollect them again.
I donโ€™t live just to please you
I donโ€™t live just to open my leg for you
I donโ€™t live just to let you hear my moan
I donโ€™t live just to provide your ****** lust

I live for myself

you are the owner of your body
you are not a ****** object
you are a human being with a heart and emotion that lives for your own
Light is the tongue that speaks his heart, using 'aql
I don't want to fall in love at the end of downfall

I want to fall in love when the world starts to come to an end
Only to witness true strength, true principles, true colour

I want to fall in love with one who already has fallen dead in love with his Lord

And when I do,
It's because he asked Allah swt to whiten his sight, and to increase the glowing of his chest

And when I do,
It's because He placed love in me too

The wind is chasing trees,
I hear the green leaves
And I hear the green leave,
I see a desert giving birth
To another sea
People never really leave
You either meet them again in personย 
Or you'll find their flowers blooming, contemplating that image in the mirror
Delicacy8100 Apr 27
A normal night arises,
we take comfort with one another as we have in many past connections.
You reach for me I oblige.
My body yearning for its pleasure,
a silent request for more than traditional
I grasp you with a deep ****** of my body.
Pulling my leg up resting it on your left shoulder I
slowly pull your lips to mine.
Dropping my right leg connecting our bodies,
our toes gently touch.
I can feel your smile, as our bodies naturally take their own course
gripping together.
Your body heated your rhythm climbing
I pull away just enough to include your hand allowing you to feel me as your manhood penetrants.
Guiding you gripping you with nothing more than my lady.
I plead for you to lay deeper
allowing you to experience my true pleasure
Your one finger touching gently my lady's grip tightens
our stare
opening up as you experience my ****** control.
Loving one's self is knowing your place in the world.
Some sleep after birth only to wake up dead
She is beautiful,
Wearing red

Within her chest
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