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A free captive
Informed I don't know how to love or live
Only examples have been showbiz
Emotions in cursive
Not easy to forgive
No clear or ulterior motive

Rage and violence consume me
But outwardly
I'm cowardly and self destructively passive

Never experienced supportive
The consequences massive
I've been turned aggressive
Stabbed in the back, I supplied the shiv
Caustic and corrosive
This is no way to live

Anything good falls apart so easy
Troubles never leave me
Something's gotta give

Tall dark and handsome
Kind brown eyes that held mine
Eyes that shined with false promises
A smile laced with uncertainty
Kisses filled with venom that fogged my mind

I was your muse  
My laughter a song that warmed your heart.
My endless well of comfort was  your sweet escape
My aura a confusing craving you couldn’t  understand

You kept me tethered to you
To lose me meant losing your smile
Keeping me would not leave you satisfied

A charming prince turned into a Puppeteer
A princess turned puppet
Strings laced in confusion and uncertainty
Replaced the warm caresses and sweet kisses

Refusing to be tethered by fickle charm
She pulled back despite the hurt
She’s a princess after all
You were never a prince -
Just a puppeteer looking for a puppet
hindsignt is 20/20
Closing off all I can't decide
Gotta lock myself inside
I hate my indecisiveness
If getting the chance to read this
Every day a brand new start
Don't dare give up on a wish
If what you long for in your heart
A dream is a wish your heart makes ♥️
Which is louder heart or head?
Why can I not ever decide?
Silence is my only answer
Solution I have yet to find

You create escape for yourself
Why did you not just say so?
Silence is the deepest cut
Worse than you letting me go
Written 2-13-21
Dutch Feb 4
I will go for grocery to the supermarket we were in
I will grab the fish that you left by
So I have a reason to eatin
So I know that I still have a life to live by
Jeremy Betts Jan 30
I pray I live to the day
I can open myself in a way
That would clearly portray
In full HD 4K on an IMAX display
Just how my mind has done me wrong in the worst way

Spicy Digits Jan 29
For gods' sake,
Life, meet Weird.
Weird is your breath
And Weird your legacy.
Alas, You can't be alive
If You don't let Weird free.
Our dearest love has fallen
The night arrives the same
Shocked and feeling solemn
For when darkness reclaims
It's an unpleasant surprise
Daily grave planet digs
Towards ground in varying size
Pebbles and twigs
Disturbed a deeper level
Dashing beside fear
Black eyes of the devil
Secrets and lies appear
At dawn grief will linger
Faded heat of the sun
Greater the poison from the stinger
Shine is at point forced to run
Weighed down by loss I am feeling
Our frame anchored to the ground
Burden remains leaving us reeling
Within in blackness does astound
With sharp blow takes the victory
In daylight look for shame
In moon hide what we're scared to see
Have only sadness in us to blame
Written 2-8-21
My Dear Poet Jan 15
anything that reflected you
from glass to a mirror
I would shine and polish
till I saw you clearer

anything that sounded like you
from a poem to a song  
I would sing and recite  
and quote you all day long

anything that resembled you
a painting, a clipping, a frame
I would keep, collect, store
and label with your name

Yes, anything
absolutely anything
that came remotely close to being you
made up my life and all I ever knew

my whole being was all of you
and you were all I became to be
It’s no wonder now without you
I spend my time in search of me
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