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When Helen and I laid down together holding each other, so beautiful were those moments
never to forget
Forever and always remembered to keep her close to my heart, I remember making love
to her and laying
Two hearts beating as one, two hearts that beat together forever  
at least that what I thought that we'd be, but sadly not meant to
For life can be so cruel for you were cruelly taken  from me and leaving me here all alone
But at leased left were my memories of dearest darling Helen together always and forever not In this life, but maybe the
My dearest darling Helen always remembered never forgot, here my heart she remains for the rest of my
Moksha 14h
I stand solid, the fabric flows against the folds of my marble skin
I watch the fires of anarchy burn this beauty away so -
Now I am a black, burnt crust from forces that force my feet into the floor and,
As I sink against the fluid tiles and the trippy nightmare of reality
I ask, have you ever seen a statue cry?

My time I was gifted with
Helen forever I shall grateful for, Twenty years
Is a long time but can't help wishing It was
I don't think Its being selfish to ask for more for Helen and I had something
special that of true love and that you don't find every
Something you don't find every day true but If you lucky It can come your way
Pax 3d
how broke are you,
to make you this weak?
how am I able to
fix you when
you, yourself
never allow me too...?

I am the little flicker
able to flip worst
into a brighter

please have patient
and be lenient
to thy self
it's never too
late, to believe
and hope
a light
will come,
even a fool
has a chance
to be loved.
sometimes I am thinking on giving up this life
but some flicker keeps me going, telling me
to go on as best as I can. even if its lonely
even if its tiring, I still can carry on, I hope
so, hope ill last the best I can... so i hope you
too dear readers...
Amanda 4d
Is it fire seen flickering in your eyes?
Calls out to me in the frozen midnight hour
Mistaking your raging inferno for warming embers
Hate discovering how wrong I was

You body was hot to the touch
Your passion lit my soul in scorching flames
Our love was fire

But inside your chest your heart was black and charred
Fire is beautiful to look at but painful to feel
It is in the fall.
                         We rise.

It is in being lost we are found,
it is in being bound we are freed.

Live, learn; prosper—rise.

Not only one chance; it is in your entire life.
Poetry is like my diary
I can tell her anything and everything
I can scream from my soul
In aching longing
Intense rage
Or sadness beyond measure
Perhaps it’s TMI
But I tell her my secrets
I tell her how you taste in my mouth
How you took the time to figure me out
How I love the feel of our own rhythm of life
Indeed no one else understands but who cares
My poetry, my diary, my life
It’s messy as ****
At work my thoughts a-running, actually I just miss my man right now
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