Helena 1d
He lost his inspiration
Living in the nation
Where imagination
Survives on starvation
And words are silenced
With  hand-rolled cigarretes
And by the loudness of the street
And the sounds of family members
Passively shaking their head
As he told them what he majored in

words don't heal the pain
Amanda 1d
Go forth, conquer impeding fear,
Ask your questions, even ones whos answers may bring pain,
There is beauty in mystery, but also in the known,
Do not waste life worried, washing minutes down the drain.

Sipping from an always half-empty cup,
Drinking alone, too scared to make friends,
Treading water, a sea of doubtful timidness,
Live each day to the fullest before your time on Earth ends.

Look a little further past the horizon,
Where the wild sun meets mild waves,
Endless possibilities lie, waiting to be found,
Face looming fear before we reach resting graves.
Always do what you are afraid to do
I just saw god,
not your god
not mine either
it was our god
the good god that makes us gooder

outside the licor store,
he was catching some air
after he was done killing with is stair

he told me i was lost,
I said the only lost soul here
was his

cause god is fake
and he lead me and us to our ending
he traded love and peace
from war and vengeance amongst us
he was the reason we hate
he was the reason we take
and he was the reason i wrote this poem

cause god should be writting with a minor g
as him should not be more important then we
Amanda 2d
Please tell me friend
What way I did wrong
Our fantastic friendship didn't
Last for very long

I am sorry I hurt you
With whatever I said or did
I apologize for not
Noticing what you hid

Can you forgive me?
Do not cry anymore
I hate to see your tears
And not know what they're for

Say you are joking
Do not ignore me today
Can't live without you
Alone I'm not okay
Rain 2d
My heart is not slashed through,
Not shattered into a thousand shards, still sharp
It is only bruised, but it will heal, it will recover

My mind is not fragmented,
Is not a rubber band pulled taut, ready to snap at any moment
It is only chipped, a small piece of sanity missing from a masterpiece of calculation, but it will heal, it will recover

My will is not crushed,
Not flattened into submission, never again to be raised in objection
It was only lying low in fear, hidden from you mirthless laughter, your jarring words spouting from a mouth of lies,
but it will heal, it will recover

My hope has not been stolen,
Is not a brief flare, quickly doused by tears shed solely because of you
No, the flame of hope has only wavered, flickering on the edge of extinguishment, but it has survived, and is here now as I finally gather my scattered courage to face you
No more!
My hope is no longer the tender flame atop a candle, but is now a roaring inferno
Pushing, shoving back against the tyranny of your control
No more!

And I am healing, I am recovering
And I will make it through.
I will become whole once more
Without you.
This isn't written about a lover, but rather an abusive or suppressive parent. Please remember that even if an experience changed you, even if a truly monstrous situation were to befall you, there is still hope for healing. No, things may never be the same, but human hearts don't work that way- we don't go through something and come out unscathed, but you can decide how something will change you. You can choose to stay strong, even if strong sometimes means crying long into the night, or getting help, if that's what you need. Strong is choosing to continue to fight, even when it seems like life is conspiring against you. Please remember that.
You don't wanna stay in this world.
You hate that you are you.
You hate the things you heard.
You want to disappear in this state your into.

It's okay to bleed, it's okay to exceed.
It's okay to feel fear, it's okay to ignore the things you hear.
Open your heart and think positive.
You have your own life just continue to live.
This is to inspire others that you have to ignore negativity in your life. Don't be with someone who brings you down, be with someone who helps you to grow. Just continue on being you and don't mind others. Live your life :)
so you can tell
your story of survival
to the people
who need it.
Keen 4d
You showed me your world —
You've got no clue, how happy
I'm with you always.
Amanda 6d
Why are you careless, determined to fail?
Making choices that will end in a coffin or jail,
Is it because you're destined to lose?
I'm telling you, you get to choose,
Stop pretending your outcome hangs in fates hand,
Like cause and effect is something you do not understand,
Want you to realize you are wrong,
Expel items in your life that do not belong.
I am tired of this stupid act,
You're smarter than this, that's a fact,
It is easier to turn a blind eye and play dumb,
Than admit the dope is making you numb.
So go ahead, waste minutes on a couch,
Attatched to your bloodstained pouch at another filthy trap house.
I'm sure that's where you're at right now.
You whine and complain, put all the blame,
On life like it's got a hit out on your name,
The reason you're in pain, is you doing things the same,
Repeating mistakes, you make your brain insane.

You are one bad day from your collapse,
One angry outburst before your patience snaps,
I can tell you are done, can't take any more,
Will you pick yourself up? Or remain on the floor?

The power is yours, become what you want to,
Life is a voyage, captain is you,
You could leave it behind and run away,
Or hang in place, this cold state where you stay.
You wish for money, too much dope to count,
Instead of willpower to go without,
Losing yourself, you do not care about,
A fucking thing besides not running out.
Even after being sick a million times,
You chase the rush, you're addicted to the life,
You crave more than the temporary high,
Chaos, the constant pursuit to feel okay inside,
Plus it is a steady excuse for your lies,
The old you I knew completely died.


Maybe someday you will decide
To stop using drugs, live your life right,
It might be too late, and any good left inside,
Has been killed by heroin, you're just another homicide.
Helena 6d
There is no
sweeter innocence
than the distress
by the gentle rythm
of your torture
There is no cleaner
sound than the words
pouring out of your
There are no lines between us tonight
no lines in between
(purity and sin)
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