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The past is the past,
let the present be a present for you.
Fully embrace all the bad that has happened just as you fully should embrace all the good.
The hard & dark & painful is what brings most change & growth & strength & development.
Look around at all the things to be grateful for & let the focus on all the negative go.
The past is the past,
let the present be a present for you.
Oct 16 2018
To see the value within a woman’s eyes,
A worth that’s taken from her curves to her thighs.
A smaller waist,
A full cup to hold,
Exceed her value with her weight in gold.
1 - 10 is the scale you all know,
She’s asking for it,
But you still want her *** on show.
Desire to give what I’ve never received,
A loyal heart and the jelly knees.
A soft warm chest to rest my head,
Someone to trust and with share a bed.
Open your eyes,
Can’t you see,
This holocaust is bigger than you or me.
Death of innocent,
but it’s okay,
Just worry about what you’ll wear today.
Anxious smoker, heavyweight stoner, midnight blunt toker.
Want her mind closer,
an ability to behold her,
a consciousness so tender,
yet so complex unable to comprehend her.
All it takes is patience,
no playing her like a controller.
Carried us through the blight,
Through the darkness and the light.
The love you gave was never lost,
Despite the crimes you paid the cost.
But now you can see through open eyes,
Through the darkness and the light.
Embraced with the love you have to give,
You gave your life so we could live.
Little do they know what you do to please,
What it took in my life to bring me to my knees.
The dead look is loved wouldn’t you agree,
But isn’t that what it takes for you to be free?
Spit bars about money, the ice I could have,
***** on my **** while most of you still starve.
If I succeed you’ll have me know,
how far I made it on my own.
Because when I have what you desire,
The love I’ll get will only get higher.
Don’t bring me down because I’m now a high flyer.
Got to look up when I’ve spent my life on the ground,
Who knows where you’ll get the help because karma comes back around.
No cruising on dark nights I can’t afford that life,
No need to turn to violence no need to take out a knife.
Grandad on his deathbed,
Working so I’ll probably miss what he last said.
And still this is my life I’ll do what I can,
To help others who need it, those who desire a hand.
An abundant blessing becomes over-used
Becomes an economical powerhouse
For those who exploit its insignificance.

Largely significant to individuals who hurry nature
Rapid growth aided by toxic substances
Forcing nature to suffer a life full of exploitation.

Humans put price tags on nature.
Something priceless in its natural state gets demoted in value.
But, its value to humans - priceless.

Without sustainable and artificial growth of stand-alone insignificant pieces, a whole species of intoxicating humans will be eradicated.

Luscious greenery and growth follows the death of a human.
Amanda 2d
Sometimes lungs take air for granted
Same with skin, only sun
I suppose pain has turned me bitter
Still bleed though fighting is done.

Heal from the inside out
Help find myself buried deep in the ground
Life has lost significant meaning
My eyes not picking up beauty around.

Everyone waiting for me to return
To the former friend known before
What they don't realize is that girl
Does not live inside me anymore.

Back in summers of naive wonder
Woke up with a smile on my face
Not happy for more than an instant
That spark vanished, is tough to replace.

Taking day by day too hard
Wonder when things will change
Focused on gratitude every step of my journey
Yet happiness is always out of range.

Working myself to live a life
Impactful and without fear
Fufillment seems so far out of reach
With every "Thank you" becomes more near.
It is not happy people that are thankful it is thankful people who are happy
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