japheth 3h
if life

gave me

the option to choose,

i’d stay.


it told me

to grow.
i’ve been feeling torn lately in a lot of ways. sometimes, i feel like even though i have already grown so much from the past few months, life’s urging me to discover more of myself and not be complacent.

i like where i am right now, but i have to move forward otherwise, my growth will all be for naught.
bret 10h
i helped a lady
take her groceries to her house today.
it was the same lady
i watched cross the street
it was the same lady
i didnt hear walk into the corner store behind me.
it was the same lady
i let the door fall onto.
i couldnt hear her.

she ended up ahead of me on the sidewalk.
grocery bags on the pavement.
phone on her ear.
i walked by her.
she apologized
said she was trying to get help.
we walked together.
she told me 'help' was on the patio
drinking a beer.
she asked where i lived
and i said a street over.
she said she hoped she'd see me around.
and i said maybe not, im going home for the summer.

she asked if i was getting out of the rat race
im too young for the rat race.

she thanked me a lot
and said
'some good karma will come your way
im a firm believer in that'

me too
i said.

i walked home and thought
i should write a poem about
that conversation.
about giving a second chance
about being a kind person.
about karma.

usually when something like this happens
i write the minute i get home

but i didnt.

i realized, i dont think i can write
about happy things
because when they happen
they always ferment until
they're not what they were.

it was a quick high
a genuine moment.
if karma is real
and that woman is right
either im the devil himself
or theres a big check
with my name on it.

before i started writing
i googled seasonal depression symptoms

apparently not talking to anyone between the months of february and may every year is still a horse with no name.

how do you kill a love
you made yourself.

i leave this town in a week
and i feel as broken
and confused
as the shit i tried to leave

all i want to do is jump in the river
to see if i can really swim
and figure it out from there.
this is a little long
and more of a ramble than anything ive written before
its also my 100th poem on this site
so i just want to say thanks
to all that have listened
and to all those that have said kind things
they dont go unnoticed
and i am very appreciative.
this community has done a lot for me
and i have a big project coming soon
that im excited to share
if youre willing to listen.
thank you
i love you
god bless.
I want to yell
Outburst into tears like a hell
Until my throat gets dry
Until I could no longer start to cry

I'm so tired
Utterly ruined and cried a river

I just want to feel better now
and get over it

To be loved and cared
That's all I want
I want my heart gets what it deserves to be,
and it deserves to be happy
I´m nothing more than a cluster of bone
and nerve, and meat
I´m nothing more than fresh wood
just before the burning heat
I´m nothing more
than the soil beneath my feet
I´m nothing more
than the pounding sound
of a drumbeat
We stumble through life, we play it cheap thinking life's a game, life's for keeps.

So we slip, we slide,we peep, we creep, a mountain of problems on our shoulders we heep.

Because whatever we sow we shall also Reap

However, for financial gain into hell we'll leap, the injustice under the rug we sweep while being lead to the slaughter like blind sheep.

Life's not a bleep Whatever we sow we shall also REAP.

Now life is wonderful, life is deep so never ever play it cheap. Living life right the road is steep and often times you will weep.

Still, we must fight the good fight and not end up in the scrap heap. Even after we sleep, what we have sown here, in the after life.

We Shall Reap.
We grow a little older
Every second of every day
And sometimes we forget
The night will always be young
(Another gem from the infamous lyric/quote wall that didn't make sense to me at first but now it does. Happy Writing! ~BM)
Death comes alive                                
               when someone is going to die      
to take them away from life.
She walked around in faded jeans, looking like Halloween.

She was obscene would act real mean, was only in her teen's, it was all a smokescreen.

Til one day she was creating a scene, someone intervened and let her know

she didn't have to be obscene nor demean because she's a true Queen.

Now she's in Magazines and on The Big Screen.
Life is Beautiful.
japheth 2d
you tell me i’m your last —
that you won’t ever find love again,

that i would be the one
to close the doors to your heart.

the one to lock it.

the final door keeper.

“it has been an honor.”

i say with content
as i close it slowly.

you thought
you’d never find
love again —

that i threw away
the key somewhere
far away,

but little did you know,

i left the key
in the lock.

knowing that
will stumble
upon your door.

and right when you least expect it,

you’ll hear

the lock unlatch,

the door creak,

footsteps coming
towards you,

a familiar set of sounds
you thought you’d never hear again.

but this time,
from somebody else.

and you’ll smile,
and say “welcome.”
i wrote this piece while i was talking to someone i’m dating at the moment. this person told me, that if ever this thing we have doesn’t work out, i’ll be the last person to close it and lock it for good.

i cut this person off and said, “no, i will never allow you to not love again because what we had didn’t work out — i can’t ever do that to someone.”

so in the spur of the moment, i wrote this as an honor to this person, who, regardless of the uncertainty we have, still pursues me.

dear you, i’m cheering for you, even though it doesn’t feel like it, but i hope you find the key my last one threw away in a far away place i have no idea where and you be the one to unlock me.

in the mean time, let’s go with the flow.
You light up my dark nights
My heart begins to beat
And the feeling is euphoric
Spend more time with me
I want more time with you
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