When the Name became part of A Life!

When every letter of your name represents a Mystery you are Living!


Write your Name with Letters can be seen by Souls...

Write your Letters with that Spirit of who will fight for you....

Make your Name be part of you!

Live your Name.... Live your Right!

Be strong , be bold.
Don't be afraid to let go of the past that you're holding on to.
The strength of moving on, moving Foward.. Be brave.. In the end, It is you who needs to be saved.
The past will either make you or break you. Its up to you , to get through ..
Live and learn , that's one thing you should never forget to.

She climbed every ridge
every step
every rock
and conquered every bridge.

She has cried many tears,
lived many days
many times
and overcame her fears.

She has lived her span
a great one,
an amazing one,
and she's done all she can.


When the day is down,
You look around and there is nothing there.

Just look around.
You will see the dark,
You will hear the sound of those who are.

When the day is down,
When the end whispers in your ear,
Say no.
Say no and go to where you will,

Your end is not here.
Say no and go to where you are meant to be.

~Robert van Lingen

Written on Aug. 17, 2015. Transcribed and ported from my Wattpad.com Account

The night with gloom had kissed my lips
The gleaming lights are gone, my eyes are sealed
This ticking breath how long can keep
Would soon be forgotten— cold and dead.

Oh fate so cruel! What hast thou done?
Had whipped relentless blows and strikes
I have fought the battle, but now I'm gone
No one to cry there in my wake.

But 'tis so good, to be this free
This earthly grudge, will I bear, no more
And in, this sorrow, I found, glee
This, heart, can't, beat, a, morn.

Sometimes my sadness eats me up, but I get back.
Mars 6d

Time holds me
In place here
And when it flies
I get high

When it rains
I don't feel quite sane
But I can live
On next to nothing

I can breathe
I can move
I could seathe
But I'll just love

I thought I was done
Thought I was sorry
But I can live
I can live

-Mars   2008
sarah 6d

to break boundaries
redefine limits
exceed expectations
sculpt the future
to not only survive
but to thrive
in a world that wants
to hold us back

all while bleeding.

- to be a woman

I live to be noticed by you.
But you never notice.
And you never will.
So now I must find a new purpose.
But I'd much rather just not live.

i just had a major revelation
like i feel like the reason that i feel sad all the time
is because bad things happen in the world

if good things happen
maybe we would be more free

please comment and check out my peoms thatnk you!
Mims Jan 9

never have I met someone who wanted so badly to live

"Why are you in the bathroom?"

"Architecture wise, this is the safest place to be if there's a hurricane or a tornado or the building suddenly collapases"
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