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Bardo May 25
Well I guess at this stage of my life
It's unlikely Fame will ever find me
Guess I must have missed my Boat,
    sailed off without me
Must have missed my Train too, left
    me standing in the station
(Did I ever really want to go anyway ?)
Probably missed the Bus as well, by
    the look it.

I guess you might say things are
    looking kinda bleak
But y'know, I've been thinking...
    maybe...what if...I wonder ?
Supposing I was to spice things up a
Add a little controversy to the mix
Like a mischievous Madonna or a
    Prince (R.I.P).

I read somewhere once that some
    artists before they can create
They gotta set a scene first, gotta
    create an atmosphere, a certain
So they do weird things, they light
    candles, burn incense
Put on strange music, wear strange
    outfits of clothes.... a favorite hat
         whatever !
Helps put them in an altered state of

But y'know Me! No! I don't need to do
    any of that
Me! I just like to keep things simple
Me! I just like to, well, I just like to do
    it in the ****
No!!! Not when I'm in the mood
In the ****!! IN THE ****!!!

Yea, I like to get it out when there's no
    one about
There's nothing I like more when I get
    through my front door
Than flinging my clothes off
My knickers they land on a picture,
    my pants their down the hall
My shirt's up on a lampshade, my
    vest's up on the wall
Gotta bare my body before I can bare
    my soul
I like the freedom it affords;
And like a Scotsman and his kilt
I like to wave it around a bit
Till I'm ready to take my seat, my
    Muse for to meet

Descending like some beautiful
    winged Pegasus from the sky
I wait till she alights, then I surprise
I jump on board and ride her
Rising way above the Earth, the two of
Wild and free, with nothing at all
    restraining me
Together we traverse, yea! together we roam, the wondrous skies of the
Like some incredible!...amazing!...
    Lady Godiva!!!

Wait a minute! what's that I hear
    outside my door
A Big Ship's ****** a hollering, a
    Train's whistle a wailing
A Bus's horn too, beep beeping... all
    furiously sounding
And jostling with one another to get to
    my door
Man! Their coming so fast I think their
    gonna crash into one another
All wanting to take me away with
    them, take me away from here
And promising me all kinds of crazy
   wonderful things....

Just goes to show.... But remember
It ain't lewd and it ain't rude
To be a Dude who likes to write in the
In fact... in fact, it's quite cool
(actually it's very cool Brrrrrrr....hey!
    someone shut that door!).
A bit of fun. Would do anything these days for Fame or Infamy, anything to get me off the old 9 to 5 treadmill. A poem about, well, freedom. Next time a politician speaks of freedom, you can smile knowingly.

Lady Godiva, legend has it rode naked thru town as penance for her husband's harsh taxing of its inhabitants. No one was supposed to look at her, but one brave soul named Tom did, hence the term "peeping tom". And not many people know that. (read this somewhere on the web whether true or not).
Darryl M May 9
A naked kiss,
Euphony of the love birds.

Why are you shy on convos?
There are regions on you I want to reach,
But can’t make it to the door,
You keep building more stairs…

Why I enjoy calling?
I love the way she freezes over the phone
as I ******* ideas into her ****** mind.

I’d like to pollute your mind,
Before feeling how perverted your body can get.
I’d like to keep you wet,
Before I dry you out.

What I need today,
Is a slice of you and a full dosage of your love.

Thou sweet temptation,
On your behind lies the forbidden fruit,
I shall not yield,
But I wanna take a bite.
Coz the serpent in between my legs doesn’t believe in obedience.

I just want a girl who would hold on to my chest,
Whisper in my ear,
“Let’s make out.”

Your body tells me things your mind hasn’t processed yet,
Allow me to respond back.
Best performances for the bed,
Let the click in our kisses be the applause.

I can feel your mind hallucinate on my lips as we kiss.
Listen to the sensation.
The way you open and clinch to my motion.

As soon as I touch you,
I forget we’re in the room,
Slowly learning self-control by losing myself in your body.
The only scars I see on your body,
Are my fingerprints of libido,
Labelling passion.

Whispers of two bodies longing for each other.
The halls of pleasure call our names.
Organs of desire are playing to the tune of sensuality.

Allow me into the only Eden left on Earth.

An element of art,
Like the Renaissance.
I see how you be touching your body,
I know my hands can do it better.

My teeth ain’t fancy,
My tongue ain’t fancy,
But the way they nibble,
But the way it slides,
You know,
It’s beautiful.

I want to leave your neck with the memento of my lips,
Love bites.

A kiss withheld,
Free of worry.
A naked kiss.

My heart be a violent wind hovering
around the world searching for you.
You, who are you?

We, both knowing you can be the Queen in my life,
Take pride of place in my heart.

The kiss, oh, the kiss,
Don’t remind me.
Completed: 06th August 2018 [10:43 AM]

Flows well with Aaliyah - One in A Million (dvsn Remix)
Into the night my soul dances
Alone in the wild
With the moon and stars
Stillness and quiet all around

The ground is cool
The air is warm
Spinning in circles
Serenity and calmness

Happiness in the ****
A wide open field
Glory in the beholder
Of this gorgeous planet
Ron Sparks Jan 14
Send me nudes, you said
I sent you my naked
truths instead -
An unfiltered and unapologetic
glimpse into my heart
my innermost self
That part of me that so
rarely sees the light
of day much less the
of another soul
In the end, staring at my
demons, at my fears, and
my weakness you
failed to see
my strengths, my beauty,
or my integrity
You looked into the
abyss of me and
Tint Jan 3
Piece by piece, onto the ground they fell
Strip them from me, away from my skin
Remove them from my space, the dirt, the shame, the greed
Further away from me, to a land I do not care
Not to know, not to bare
Do not regret that your truth is held
People will use you, people will leave
People will ignore you, you don't exist
Strip them, naked in the lake
Green water of mischief, of unworthiness
You will drown and they are not there
Remove that suit from your body
That made you think they cared
They don't. Deception. No, they don't.
Laura Nov 2018
Your fingers tracing the lines of my body.
Embracing every freckle and all my scars.
Discovering each part of me.
Touching my body and my soul.
Danny Nov 2018
Dive so refreshing
Free of all inhibition
Pure without constraint
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