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talking, talking, talking— radio silence
the space that nothingness fills is almost violent
yelling, yelling, yelling— something's working
uncovering ugly truths that have been lurking
crying, crying, crying— because it's broken
there is just too much that we let go unspoken
Circumstances compel
You think and analyse
What's what
What's why
What intervention  
Is required
What you desire
What's desired of you
Physical, financial, or communication
Or two or all
Physical, financial
There's maybe a tie
You may try
Communication tricky
Knowledge of circumstances
Tells you
What to say
Skill tells you
How to say
Wisdom tells you
How much to say
Whether to say
Or not to say
Circumstances compel
You think and analyse
Jason Apr 5
Ya know...

If that most famous pair of star-crossed lovers had only possessed cell phones,

Things might have gone much differently.

sergiodib Mar 24
Words, like drops of rain
around us.

They end up
into the gutters
and the sea.

One in a million
may reach
the heart.

And make
a desert
I want to get
the facts out.
The glass from under
my skin.
The rails from the
Just because I said
that your *** looks
nice in those jeans,
doesn't mean you
get to treat me like
*** crazed dog.
I gave you a compliment;
nothing more.
You're not an object.
And neither am I,
so don't talk to
me like one.
I'm not every
other guy you've
ever met.
Lift your eyes
a little higher,
that's where I am.
For me your silences
will always echo louder than your words, they commute in language I cannot speak, they express some emotions I cannot precieve.
I am not even worth your words.
Descovia Feb 17
STOP. Stop stressing. The very things out
of the surface of your control.

It's the best for yourself.
It's best for your health.
Open up to the suppressed emotions you conceal
Before you E X P L O D E!
Alisa Cox Feb 13
Smoky silence listens fervently
A motionless blanket of tension
Yet alluringly thickened
Like a Southern drawl

No separation by the cruelty of miles
But by our unwavering obstinance
To not speak
The barb that shreds perception

Eight fingertips tapping
And endlessly waiting
For your words
To captivate my ears once again
Brittany Ann Jan 29
I try to tell you

in the most subtle of ways

of how I struggle,

my dear beloved,

of why I am pained,

of where that I go when my mind has gone,

of what I want from you,

in these subtle ways

that doesn't compromise

with my own dignity.

That doesn't also expliot

my very dependency

on what I need,

of what I beg of you.

You have pleaded to me

a time before,

to tell you,

to show you.

But, I have tried to tell you,

my love,

in the most subtle of ways


you do not hear me.

You will not hear me,

will not see me,

in a way-

Oh my dear love!-

that would also

spare me my dignity.
You arms were wide open for me
Stretched like the horizon before me

Now I can't even spot where I fit in
Seems like you're holding so much
That im now outside looking in
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