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Tell me how you wish your life to be,
and I shall do the same.

Together we'll let go of life's turmoil,
   embracing a journey of joy; not pain.
Hope One Day Nov 9
IS LOVE A........

A word or an emotion?
A sentiment or a devotion?
A one night stand or a genuine connection?
A crush or an intense feeling of deep affection?
A fling or a long lasting strong eternal attraction?
A temporary phase or a life long, forever relation?
A fulfilment of selfish desire or a selfless gratification?
A conditional agreement or an unconditional admiration?
A tiresome process or an effortless search for a companion?
A fear of rejection or a a fearless acceptance and open conversation?
A circumstantial presence or a vow to be there through think & thin?
Inner satisfaction and happiness doesn't come with the wealth you have or the luxuries you enjoy, it can only be experienced in the presence of the one you love and who truly loves you when they are by your side, unconditionally loving and accepting all your flaws, . One can survive on bread and butter as long as you have the pleasure to have the one you love in your life.....
EP Robles Oct 28

i could be your butterfly
with a kiss
i could be your never-die
and you'd miss
i could say hello my dear
and you'd smile
i could be all or nothing
but i'd miss

all of me
all of you
all of me

You can keep the diamond rock
and the bill
you can sing a song of love
so i'll heal
you can kick me to the curb
with the trash
you can call me from the dead
with my head in hands

i could you can
i could you said
i could we did

:: 10-27-2018 ::
Sara Kellie Oct 26
I'm here.
You lost your way kid
and I can't see you no more.
Did the lights go out?
Did the mist decend?
You lost your way kid
and I can't see you no more.

The light's back on
and the mist has gone
. . . and I'm here,
so I can see you once more.
I'm here kid.

Poetry by Kaydee.
elle Oct 26
I started to eat the mailbox,
could not bear to hear from the outside world

I slept in every morning, to put off going out

just imagined you reading my writing
with cruise control on
and a contagious smile spreading

I started to **** the house plants
and dress more promiscuously than ever before

even a glimpse of eye contact might qualm
this rage or
fill the well
which has grown here

can you hear me?
from across this abysmal pond,
it sickens me,
so swift and crashing below

can you see me?
dancing in your living room,
all of eight years old

well, I’m a woman now

and I still need you
Steve Page Oct 26
And this is my final Word on the matter.
You seem to have either
or misunderstood
or ignored
my earlier communication.
So this time I will make it uneqivocal.
This time I will bring it down
to your level.
This time I'll say it in person.
Stop talking for just a moment.
Pay the most careful attention -
This is my Son.
Listen to Him.
Reading Hebrews.
Marianne Cruz Oct 21

In every mathematical equation,
          present by any means;
A constant yet it constantly changes
          from chemical reactions showing how compounds dissociate
          to Hooke's Law of Elasticity, stiffness it describes.


Just like that I know we'll part,
          our equilibrium shifts to the left;
Going back to what we once were,
          barely acknowledging each other's existence,
          strangers passing by; hesitant, stiffly saying hello.

Tell me where do I look
for the value I lost
when K became constant,
constantly we changed.
Eric Babsy Oct 15
An open door
Closed windows
Looking into the depths of my soul
Can I really see anything
Or am I blamed for something I did not do
Can you catch a glimpse of what is truly in my heart
In my soul I am kind and free
Please take what you can from this and live
Waves come crashing down to destroy where we stood
Can you ever forgive for something I did not do
How and what you expect from me is not always up to you
If only there was no barrier in communication
From heat I drip condensation
All those sensations you have our nice and all
Passion comes from the truth inside
Not physical sensation that puts you on roller coaster ride
So united we stand divided we fall
You did this
You just say I do it all
Within my soul I am lost
Weak for a need to comfort me
When I can't feel your presence
Your energy distant & cold
Within my soul , I am lost
Searching for the desire
I desire to be desired
Sadly no desire do I find
When you go you take away
you shatter parts of me
cutting & left bleeding
all over my soul
Within me , I need to hear
I need you to speak to me
any way you can
Within me , I need to know
I just need to know
© Jennifer Delong 10/14/18
Hunter Green Oct 13
I could cast my gaze toward anyone,
but connection comes in small moments of understanding:
When we direct our attention long enough to contemplate the colors,
To regard the size of the darkness we see the world from.
Sometimes we only catch a hit-and-run,
But when it sticks, when souls connect, and we see the other for who they really are,
It leaves me with something I can't forget,
My mind has yet to find a greater but just as simple communication in adoration of another creation.
There's something powerful in the one-on-one,
Undeterred by surrounding crowds or events in motion all around,
Eyes still meet and lock, no passing thing can break their talk.
With every burning second the mirrored sensation of optical reception resembles the sweet weariness of a Nordic midnight sun.
And then it breaks as thoughts swirl in passion heated from skylights.
The warmth runs through the whole body, just seconds filling every cold spot.
As the windows close no one knows, but those dark spots and colors burn in the silence.
I think you may understand, relate in some way, but in reality these words aren't for everyone.
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