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The world has turned into a global village
No one can deny on that...

But..remember the phone we had placed on that beautiful table mat? was a matter of pride to have one..

The only fastest medium of communication we had at that time
It too had models...the rotary phone, the keypad and many fancy ones

We talked, laughed and sobbed sitting at one place as we were tied with the corded set with everyone.

It was fear of radiation or loss of eye sight .

Though it was much too costlier than what it is today....people still communicated and talked their heart out

Now...every hand has a cell phone which comes with many features overcoming the limitation of the old one
People can connect anywhere in no time
Then why...?
We are so disconnected.....!

May be we mastered the art of telepathy?...or we are blessed with a magical wand...?

We talk no more
We only make groups
We love forwarding messages

We have become mute.....

So can we again move to landline?
Come out of the virtual world by talking to our dear ones at this time?
Can we try and understand what they are hiding behind their smiling whatsapp profiles?

Let's do things one at a time...rather than multitasking with phone on one hand and laptop on the other...
Let's give them the love and respect when one needs from your side.
So ..... sit back and dial a number of your loved one...and help the world again to become one if not through landline but may be your heartline!!

Bina Mukherjee
rarae aves May 22
Listening to each other and
understanding each other is a
priceless gift to give each other.
Hearing is NOT Listening  
Judging is NOT Understanding  
This difference, makes all the difference.
Thurston May 16
The phone spilt through each room ,
I have no mind in Summer.
Fumbling through drapes
As I answer the call.
'Hello!  Hello'

Silence, warm silence;
Then a warmer - sharper tone;
Long, slim and gone.
Gripping a plastic phone,
Left here, alone.

It was around six again;
Electro sounds cutting the
morning's first verse;
Laying its tracks through my mind;
The bullet train came.

I bowed at the floor
Silence, still silence
Asking- 'Is any one there?'
I cut the call..

Only someone that I would know,
Listening to every word and tone;
Checking I'm live.
Passing a memory in time;
Or guilt still owed?

I see you shelling seeds,
Sat on a green plastic stool.
Could it be you?
In that lonely, falling sun.
I feel you too.

I see you again;
A different face. Not so zen-
but lost, colder.
Reflection in your shadows;
Say times have passed.

I run downstairs to grab the phone;
There's no ring, there's no tone.....
I lay and looked up today
and on the cerulean blue
a letter was written in different hands

Starlings told of the everyday
shuttling from A to B til teatime
while flits of blue *** and dunnock
hinted at local worry
maybe at the lackadaisical cat
whose frou-frou collar
ruins the hunt

In fancy script the swifts
wrote high and mighty
chasing the imperceptible,
so not so distant really

The paragraph break of the red kite
weighed in
and wings and fingers stopped
to marvel
at near perfect epistolary
Dorcas May 7
I feel really angry and stupid..
It's aching that you became my regret.
Up till now, I still wonder what exactly you were afraid of, for real, cause it definitely wasn't commitment.
I never thought uncertainty would be this painful but that's little compared to what you felt about my communication and trust issues and I'm really sorry about that, I really am.

I really have a lot to say, so much and I'm going to because there's no other person to say it to than you and I don't want to keep harboring my pain just to feed my ego.
I just let go of someone I really loved and still love but I feel uncertain about loosing him
Apparently now
If you end a text message with a period
It means you’re *******
Because who needs a period
When each of your utterances
Is circumscribed
By a thought bubble

At least that’s what I heard
On a podcast
(I’m an old)

So if I text you
And use punctuation
Will you take offense?

Will you be able to tell
My old-school emojis
From that punctuation?

I certainly hope so :-/
Pizacas23 May 3
It's been so long we're together
And now it feels like we're stranger

Those happy faces you guys saw me
Those warm hugs you guys gave me
And those three words you guys told me
Until such time I knew was not meant for me.
Eleanor Apr 10
My mind has gone blank.
Yet I have so much to do.
A cacophony of voices critiquing  
But those helping are so few.

How could the instructions be any clearer,
Than how they were written down?
How do I get people to realise that
If they don’t stop piling on this ****, I will drown.

Nobody seems to want to talk to each other
Yet they expect me to know it all
With several teachers whose tones want to crucify me
But who’s words say I shouldn’t take the fall.

And it’s not my responsibility
To do this work for you
And really it would get finished a lot faster
If you did some of this too.

And I understand that you have lots of ideas
So, you want to change things constantly.
But do YOU understand that everything you change
Is a few more hours work for me?

I've no time to finish this poem  
Because I have to go complete another task.
So, I’ll leave a copy right here for you
And hope it helps you see through my obvious mask.
Written during a time of great stress and pressure. Sometimes when things are tough you just want people to Shut Up.
Eleanor Apr 10
It feels like I'm screaming into a void
Yet I know you all can hear.
I can’t figure out why you don’t respond,
Is it anger? Maybe fear?

Or is it apathy towards
A fellow human soul.
Or maybe you just think
That my tragedy has gotten old.

Two years on and I still
Feel like ****,
Still struggling on my own
To deal with it.

Two years and I could still
Cry at the drop of a hat.
But you just don’t seem ready
To deal with that.

I could not make it anymore  
Obvious if I tried;
That I've been falling apart
Since my brother died.

You told me to stop
Hiding how I feel behind a wall.
That if I spoke honestly
There would be help from you all.

I no longer even try
To hide how I feel
When you ask, my answer
Of pain Is real.

So, I'll keep talking,
And you’ll keep ignoring what I say
I'll keep talking
And I'll never be okay.
This was written during the anniversary of my brother's death. Sometimes it feels like your calls for help aren't being heard but that doesn't mean you should stop calling. There is always someone there to help even if you think there isn't <3
I don’t like making and attending calls
Love my folks from the  depths of my heart
I don’t like to chat, typing makes me go mad
I prefer making a call

Contrasting feelings
Not trying to run away

Just can’t handle calls
Speakers are good
Nothing to my ears

But communication is the key
Sometimes folks do understand
Wrote this a few months ago, but now makes me think, still don’t like calls, but have been making them to check on loved ones!
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