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Donovan 3d
Don’t turn over that photo.
That window into brighter days,
steps as light as air,
and storm clouds easily brushed away.

Don’t turn over that photo.
That reflection of wasted potential,
reminder of love doomed
to fester and rot, a once
sweet fruit carelessly strewn aside.

Don’t turn over that photo.
Tear it to bits, burn it to ashes,
anything to prevent its siren
wail from shriveling any scrap
of happiness still clinging to life.
I have a love/hate relationship with nostalgia.
Umi 5d
When the magic fades,
And the winds stop howling,
A question occurs with yourself growling,
As shooting stars have granted no more wishes,
What you believed to be true proved itself malicious,
When sound melts into beautiful, yet resentless stillness,
Worry not, just as you are, faith is transient,
Even if this world might not be heavensent,
Do your best, live your life with no regret,
You may be faithless, but please..
Do not lose the faith in yourself.

~ Umi
Welp, I tried
If I was still alive, you think I'd be proud
        of you sticking that chemical imbalance

stuck out of your arm.

    The reaper be looking at you
                           with tears
                            falling from white waterfalls.

But if I was here, I'd be guarding you from
                         the mourning of regret.

You tried hard, but misery pushed down
                     on your artery...

And you tried to explain,
                                                        that you were lost
         before this moment and couldn't carry the load.

But this was meant to lessen the discomfort
                                            of me leaving you.
                    I'm still here,cant you hear me talking..

Pulling you back from the abyss of this, our mistake.

It took nine hours of words, dripping into your
your not alone, your not weak, I'll always be here..
                                                          ­                    with you.

Then you alwoke, it wanst me, but a breath of us.
                                                             ­                                                    Family,
                friends were my arms and they gripped you.

You'll see me,
                        hear me in others,
                          your never ever be alone again.
Blake 5d
If we take that one step,
which swallows both our pride and worry of embarrassment,
That one step of me grabbing your arm while you passed,
or you clutching at mine as my face is painted on the pavement,
would everything be resolved?
or would only more hateful words be spoken?
Years later I still cant be sure of our end.
I'm afraid
I am afraid to look back and regret my choices
to confront failure, a lack on my part
to assume responsibility for what I cannot do
a deterioration that never fails to ensue

I am afraid of taking on a new life
only to destroy the chance
to lose my friends all over again
to wash away any progress or mends,
ending up short of the beginning's bend

I am afraid of what lies await, this same monotonous pain
And that profound loss of gain
I left what was right—behind
Right behind—all that's left is dry
Left to right—I write to remember
all the love I left to die

Reflections—all I left was right
Mirroring eyes: "it's alright he left"
Full of fright—these leftovers cry
You brightened my world
and I left you behind
james Oct 6
your armor burnt like paper, then
my sword stuck in your hide
i didnt know how to use it, then
and you didnt need to die
Robin M Vaux Oct 5
To my future
A frontier of fragments
fallen and fooled forfeit
To my faith
Fibbing for flesh
Soon finding forever
Needs not a fulfilled fervor
To my friend
A flagship of failures
for each other’s fears
To my (very) first
Finding a farewell
To fit the feeling
of factual flaws
Forever fighting you
over face values
Forgiving less and less
at which point we forget
how to fix us.

**** this ******* hurts
You do not need to ask for forgiveness when this is what needed to be done. I love you and I just wish I could have fixed what you could have later forgiven.

The fault is mine
Joseph Rice Oct 5
Feelings left reeling by simple words peeling
Back the cracked and dried scab of love's lack.

Yes I’m doing well.
But I miss you like a cave misses the sun.
I wish I had the courage to tell you.
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