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you took me to the beach,
even though I told you
a thousand times that
I didn't like the sand.

we walked together
along the shoreline

and it was there
that you told me
that you were toxic.

you told me that
you would hurt me
somehow in the end
no matter what

because that's what
you always do.

I should've ran
but instead I did what
you always did to me,

and I ignored everything
that you told me.

I should have listened
when you warned me
but instead,

I tuned you out
and listened to the
seagulls and the waves.

you told me that
you were dangerous

but instead of running,
I took your hand

and I told you how
much I loved you

and I clung to you so that
the ocean wouldn't
sweep me away.

I should've listened.
I let myself drown.
Seems like a lifetime ago.
Or maybe yesterday.
When I think of you,
time stands still.

Oh, how I wish
I could tell you
just how I felt.
Those days when
you held my hand
would stop my heart.

I know I was silent
'cause I just couldn't speak.
Now I have my voice,
and it's only you I seek.

You were older, wiser,
bigger, braver.
You were everything to me
and more.

Oh, how I wish
you spoke when
you had the chance.
Those days when
you smiled at me
would light the stars.

I know I was silent
'cause I just couldn't speak.
Now I have my voice,
and it's only you I seek.

Too late.
That's all I hear,
it's too late.
You're a million miles away.
It was just fate
that said you'd be
a memory.

I know I was silent
'cause I just couldn't speak.
Now I have my voice,
and it's only you I seek.

It's only you I seek.
I light up the sky with all of my words
As Natrium, Cuprum and Kalium burns
The tumultuous sparkle of my love
The dazzling bedazzling of the burst
Red, blue, golden, green
All on the scene
For everyone to see
But you are blind as blind can be
What is love to the one who can't feel it
Nic Mac 2d
As with flowers and with bone,
the life you lead will be sewn.
and under flesh and weeds,
will lie a soul filled with deeds.
and I hope, upon the greatest descend,
with no-more hearts left to mend,
Before the tears and the dirt,
you'll Smile, for all life is worth.
So when the rain falls and the sun sets,
you'd have loved it all with not one regret.
Again and again
Out of control
Don’t know why

Emotions run wild
No remorse
No regret
Saying things you’ll never forget
Jared 7d
a space, sacred,
free from unwell;

breaking bread
with time's whim,

and explore the unsaid,
of what can possible bring,

or the imagined regret
of an unarrived spring.
Denicel 7d
If only I could travel through time
and try to change my mistakes overtime
hardships, I see throughout my lifetime
time- the word I could never define
Grey Feb 25
It was a shotgun wedding
and the bullet hit 'em both.
Payton Feb 25
I begged you to forgive the tears that rolled down my cheeks when I saw you again.
It has been so long and I’d almost forgotten the contour of your face in the moonlight.
If not for short notice, I’d have missed you again.
We always run in different circles, but tonight we seemed to cross paths.
You remembered every detail about me, love. Where to kiss, where to touch.
But every time we spend time apart, I forget where the treasure is buried in you.
Though, now I am beginning to realize it’s not in your body, but your soul.
Let this night be one to remember, not one to regret.
My dear, on the cold, bleak December evening, don’t you dare forget what I said to you when you held me closer than any clothes ever could do.
Don’t make me regret saying I loved you.
This poem was written in 2017.
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