You were willow trees and
Ice lollies on sunny days
You were yellow shorts and
Grinning at nothing

Now you're blurry memories and
Feeling full of regret
Now you're wooden masks and
Smuged charcoal pictures

The seasoned changed and
Rain washed the rose tint away
I was left with cold truths and
Sunshine didn't taste so good

emnabee 1d
Silence humming
Madness coming
Water running

Thunder drumming
On the window

Days on end
and undefending
Fears that drown as
Night surrounds

Clouds ahead
And gray above
Desolate desert
Cracks, unloved

Barren land
And frozen heart

Alarming sound,
It sounds

And then

It starts all over again.
depression after mania is devastating
Jo Barber 13h
I kissed a boy in France.
He asked me to save him a dance,
but I didn't like the speed of his advance.
He never had a chance.
is it really all just happenstance?
Madolyn 19h
Sometimes I find
the words in my head
don’t come out just right
so that leads us to where we were and are
me profusely apologizing
for saying a joke that was
a little too general
or for being too blunt
so I’m sorry for scaring you
or starting that one fight
I blame it on my brain
because nothing it does
is right
I’m never as clear as i think i am
You’re not the one to fix my heart,
You’re not the one to care.
You can keep those sweet words to yourself,
because you won’t take away my air.
You aren’t the one to wipe my tears,
and you can’t make me forget.
All my fears, both those years
Are just a big regret.
the arrogance of life
is we never live It

until death we regret all
KMH 1d
Everyone remembers
That roses have thorns
And that ivy is poison,
But nobody told me
That the fire in her eyes
Would rage and ravage
My heart and soul.
And nobody told me
How much I would love it.
© KMH 2018
I sit with my pain, thinking of you
Nestled between heartache and joy
I find my memory, fades
Your face just a blur
Your voice like the tide

I sit with my pen, thinking of you
with thoughts, but no words
Grief chokes the mind
Your face just a dream
Your voice like a drum

I sit with my pride, thinking of you
In another space and time
When my mind was new
Your face just a place
Your voice like a song

I sit with my plight, thinking of you
forgiveness is hard to give
letting go takes it's toll
Your face just a reminder
Your voice like a scar
About holding grudges , not wanting to forgive.
What is this being standing before me in human form, spitting evil words and lashing insults like a leather strap crossing my back . Has it no heart or maybe one made of stone . Manipulating my inosance and tearing me down from the inside out. Has it no heart to bleed with regret or feel no remorse.
Why can't I turn and walk away, does my self rain of ignorance and stand with false hope. Believing that the words I love you and I'm sorry mean something more than the art of placing them together with no meaning at all . Do I escape from this torture or remain for more , when is enough going to be the destruction of my being when I've taken too much.
I stand and ponder to see The Distruction of Myself
People take to much for false hope.
opi 2d
even in a sea full of mistakes
that i made,
you'd dive to save my drown self.


i don't deserve that big love
of yours.
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