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James R 15h
have you ever felt a friendship die,
gasping for its last breath between scattered texts and awkward compliments?
each wincing inhale a deliberate pause
to find the words you force
yourself to want.
you may need each other but the knife
between the ribs didn’t.
time won’t heal what’s already dead
but the memory of it may be beautiful
and kind like ocean air before your lips
are parched, a firm kiss you want to linger (and does), a lightning bolt against the ****** that reminds you of their warmth.
Dreamer 2d
People regret leaving the hands of their loved one's
While I regret leaving my exam paper empty
Cat B 2d
The last time your mouth found mine
you turned upside down
and kissed me nose to chin.
It was only awkward for our teeth.
Our tongues found their way in.

I fell asleep that night
on your hardwood floor,
only to awake to the sinking feeling
that there never was a Santa Claus.

My heart cracked open like a raw egg.
It lay there- a wet, sticky mess.
I tried like hell to grab a hold of it
and pull it back in.

My hands frantically scraped at the floor
scooping up what bits were left.
But in the end
I never was the same again.

Your mouth found mine
and my heart oozed out.
There remained a stain
where my heart had been.
Dreamer 3d
As the days goes by my regret becomes stronger,the regret of letting you go before time , i wonder till now ,why did i let you go so easily , my dear exam paper
Let go of it
For the future is calling you
The past is over and done
And life must go on
Live for today
Like fireflies we burned so bright,
Hope eternal, life inferno
Through the darkness of the blackest night;
We blazed our trails yet now must go
To that place in which we rest our wings,
Humbled, quietly troubled
In reverence to the King of Kings.

So fierce the flame of ageing man,
Regrets eternal, death too certain
Burns up those dreams and best-laid plans;
Leaves just the ash of our untruths,
Fading, sadly aching
For that firefly light burnt out for you.

TS Lefort
He told me I didn’t taste like the first cup of coffee he ever had
That I didn’t make him feel as awake as that first cup did
That I didn’t make his heart beat faster like that first cup did
And I didn’t warm his hands quite like that first cup did

I told him I know,
I didn’t because I’m not the first cup of coffee he ever had
But that didn’t mean I wouldn’t make him feel awake
Or speed up his heart rate

But he’ll never know
Because he’s searching for his first cup of coffee
Not knowing he’s missing the main ingredient
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