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I've always felt affection but not in that way.
I thought that something was wrong with me day after day.
My mom, my dad, my friends, and my brother,
I've never been able to say it to another.
It's because I fear that they will all leave me
If I allow that monster to come and eat me.
So I'm sorry to everyone I know now or knew in the past,
It's not that I hate you it's not that at all.
It's just because I've never been able to say
I Love You.
This just popped in my head in class I hope you like it. Also sorry it's so short
an0nym0us 12h
I'm so sorry
I didn't mean it, really
Please, forgive me
I'm really sorry...

I didn't want to hurt you
I don't want to fight you
I know you feel it too,
I am hurt too.

I wanna say you my sorry
But you keep avoiding me
I beg of you to hear me
Please, I'm so sorry.
my father and I had a fight and I feel incredibly guilty...I swear I didn't meant to hurt him....I'm so sorry.
JoJo 21h
how long will you wrap yourself
in jealousy before you let
it destroy the soul
I tried to rebuild.
the lips I once kissed
are tainted with the green monster’s
so I’m left once more
to reveal my heart’s contrition
for wanting you.

now I’m left
alone with the remains
of what the green monster

he destroyed your heart
but God forbid I let him destroy mine.

What monstrous love that an empire of words building up,
Can be torn down by a single transgression, as if to start again in solitude!

What monstrous love that conditions line our very affections.
And that under circumstances they dwindle and give.

What monstrous love that pouring your heart out no longer is good enough,
Because you’ve had to do it to keep yourselves together.

But I shift backwards in my squandering,
And reside in what I’ve built.
Our tapestry laid across the face and ***** a quilt.
All this love I’ve been hoarding, gathering it for later. Laundering.
But, is it monstrous if it is all for naught? To wilt?
To these ends, experience for broken hearts, I am left pondering.
A poem I wrote at the very end of my relationship, 2 days before we broke up. We just got into a huge fight, and things were already starting to look grim. But we held on to familiarity, albeit for too long. (- -}- -}- -}A B A B A B)
first thing,
I wanted to say I am sorry I couldn't
read between the lines
to save both of us
from my cowardly, drawn out,
self care of my so called
ambitious future
that taunted us so
and made you pick up
your love,
and walk away
and me, like the coward I was,
just sitting there
listening to your resounding footsteps
then turning back to
work on my
pathetic, lonely script of life

I'm sorry
I didn't smile at you
the last time that day
when it rained
and the sky
was the color of a
gray heartache
spilling out silver, translucent
tears for both of us
to soak up,
and the concrete was slick with
shattered memories
of warm hugs
and shared mugs of coffee
and the air was
heavy with unspoken words
and your withdrawn sighs

How have you been?
I know I don't have
the right to say this
but my god, you still look
like life when it's in a
great mood,
still sound like a voice
singing in the shower
I remember waking up to
with a smile
you still feel like
that moment when you wrestled
the long settled rose colored glasses
off my face
and made me see everything,
made me see you,
yeah, you could say
I took your moments for granted,
every laugh,
every smile,
every honest, caring word
I haven't worn the glasses
since then

I know it's not fair
for me to call you
after all this time, but I am
falling apart
and the only thing
I can recall in color
is the memory of you
sitting with me on the bleachers
watching the sunrise
warm up the cold, windy day
and paint golden our
intertwined hands

my name is sorrow and regret
and I like coffee
and everything else that reminds me of you
I've lost track of how old
the days are, but I know
there's an infinite number
of seconds and sky
between you and me
but, anyways after all this time
it's quite ironic to say,
but, I still have a dream
except this time, it's changed
it's now a dream where I
wake up to a world
where you are in my life (arms)

I swear I wouldn't take
anything (you) for granted again.
I'd answer every time,
any day,
any second,
any moment
you call.....
just maybe one day
you'll answer mine.
just maybe one day,
I won't have to listen
to a dial
and pretend that I can hear
say all the same things
back to me.
I can't snap out, No! not right now
I can't pick myself off of the ground
The harder I try, The weaker I grow
The higher I get , The louder the sounds

It seems hard to understand
what is real and what is not
I feel my feet sink into the sand
pulling me in to slowly rot

Tried keeping away but kept loosing my mind
The visions are haunting,  They're turning me blind
finding more problems when looking for solutions
Thinking I am happy is  just another Illusion
Things can always get a little difficult and facing and being able to withstand it is what living is all about. There is no easy way out , There is no "Escape" . Eventually we all need a reality check
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