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Arianna 10m
Eating rainforest:
Biting, carving, gnawing the
Jungle's orange heart.
It struck me that mangoes somewhat resemble the heart.
I’ll let you be the artist,
so I can be your canvas.
decorate me how think is best,
I’ll trust your intuition.
add some blacks and blues,
mixed with red and purple hues,
coating my sensitive skin.
I’ll obey your every wish,
because with each pleasure comes a kiss,
from lips that lay claim to me.
I’m addicted to all you have to offer,
please won’t you just paint me now?
you know exactly how to,
I don’t even have to tell you.
just lay me down and pin me,
undress me and undo me.
I’ll listen to your every word.
whisper in my ear you love me,
and tell me all you’ll do to me.
tonight I am yours to use.
so let us experiment,
trying different positions,
testing all of these hues.
why must I have to beg you?
don’t you know that I want this?
just be my father and tell me what to do.
I can’t help but lay in bed every night,
touching myself and thinking of you.
thinking about all that you’ll do.
I promise that I’ll be good,
so long as you give it to me.
you know I want this too.
Reflexively, i shut down
as trauma floods my mind.

What a ridiculous reason to cry,
what a childish fault.

One word.
and my world crashes around me.

**** you, Lucy.
You'll never know what a decade old sentence can do.

My psyche shatters

and i fold inside myself
and my words are silenced
(but my Thoughts are not)
and my eyes are wet
and i am torn to pieces

as rough hands work to fit me back into my mold.
You’re not, влюблен
But you adore when it tugs on your hair
when he’s behind
and eyes can’t meet because for long now you have been
strangers  and you’ve tied your gaze away from it
-the vison
Jan 19, 00:26
I thought it'd be fun.
Then as time marched,
And the minutes evolved into hours,
You became more and more unraveled.
With each accusation,
Each ******, and broken finger point,
Each hesitant choice,
You untie the knot
You've so carefully spent
Your entire life
Trying to tie.
Maybe if you stopped hanging about
Like a broken string tied to a ceiling fan
We could band together and become the rope
You can use to drop this terrible anchor
Forcing you under.
Urmi 1d
The oceans are wide and open
Vast and awake
Just like my senses
The tides are lashing and tiring
Haunting and immortal
Just like my sadness
The waters are cold and heavy
Stabbing and endless
Just like the scars you gave me
But oceans can be light too
Just like the time you left me.
Despite being with her all the time, he was never there for her.
It's the same old story,
Isn't it?
Oh mighty eagle,
Go ahead,
Tear it.

That's what they do,
Every time,
Every day,
Whenever something new appears,
They keep it at bay.

Oh mighty eagle,
As the trumpets sound high,
You people march on,
To the agony,
The distress,
The loss,
"Who cares?
They aren't worth a lot!

And hey,
Maybe I'm wrong,
And if I am,
I'll understand,
For, someone who has heart,
Should know that we all -
are equal,
And play a part.

So mighty eagle,
Trumpets that reels us in,
Tell me, if you are wrong,
Are you willing to listen?
I've written two poems named "Prometheus" now but the title fits, I guess. This one is about ... Let's just say Trumpets and eagles. Yeah. That should sum it up. (*hint* *hint* Its about a famous Disney character that is a duck and has a last name named after a musical instrument)
Kelci 4d
When I split myself open
You reached a steady hand
Into a garden overgrown
With briars and stillborn blooms,
Plucking them away
With loving fingers,
Ignoring the wounds
That came from tending to me

Once every wilted vine
Had been cleared
From a trellis made of bones
You began plucking
Even the smallest of thorns
From my punctured heart,
Planting new seeds
In the holes left behind

Then you took my trembling hands
Into your bloodied palms
And showed me how to  
Make a garden grow

Sam 4d
You ask me if I have any
I tell you I don’t know
But I would absolutely love
To figure it out with you
Storm Albertyn Sep 2017
"My daughter, I have seemed to misplace
Instead of my darling, I received a disgrace
The poor old stork, to bring me this girl
Should retire his work, a shame on this world
Look at how she wishes she were,
Watching the world grow up without her
The luck she bares is all but good
"Listen and do, like proper girls should!"
Where's her beauty and womanlike charm?
All she has is an urge for self harm
To lose a daughter is a shame on its own
To receive a disappointment brings disgrace to my home
If returns were an option, I'd do it in a tick
Yet here she is and its making me sick
Counting the days til she's out of my hair
But for now I'll keep acting like I care"
This is really what my father thinks of me fyi
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