i’m a step latter.
i’m kept between your fridge and the wall and barely make appearances.
you only take me out when you need to reach the cereal from the top cupboard.
you only use me when you’re in need.
i guess i can say you rely on me...
in a way.
but you won’t let anyone else use me for fear of them getting hurt.
then you’d have to shave out some money for their hospital bill to fix what i did.
so after you’ve gotten your cereal, and the box is back in place, you shove me back between your fridge and the wall.
you forget i’m there completely.
you’ll use the counter instead to hoist up and grab a bag of chips.
and when you fall from trying to get down , you’ll run back to me,
“i should’ve come to you,” you’ll say.
but i know you’ll reclimb that counter when you don’t wanna use me.
you don’t have to flatter me.
i know you’re tired of me.
you need the space between your fridge and the wall for your new step latter.
it’s a better step latter, i’ll admit.
it doesn’t wobble when it unfolds.
it’s made of strong, shiny metal as opposed to my cracked plastic.
and when i’m hiding between the tree and a trash outside, i realize you didn’t want me.
you just needed something to stand on.
my description of my toxic friendship
Riddhima 11h
Realize, you are still in depths of the three fold sleep
in your dreams he still comes,do not tell him every dream of yours
he drowns in haze,
sprinkling waves of old memories over your burnt temples
blowing up particles of dust in the wind-
then all you see is hazed reflections ,

He is jealous.He puts rocks
you do not realize
you think he paves ways for new dreams
one dream
other dream
you can traverse , crossing the galaxies of hollowness ,
realize, the truth
for once draw sounds of breathe within dreams with courage
you will see how two breathlessness , unstructured dwells in your veins
just before the dawn break
you see a bird
two or three
fluttering here and there .
a new kid on the block
aspires to rule all over the realm
he's so willing and able
in taking hold of the helm

deposing is firmly affixed
within his mind's plan
ridding the kingdom
of its despotic officiating man

soon very soon he'll
make a surprise power grab
by ordering the present chief's
head be put upon a slab

as the day draws nigh
he marshals soldiers steadfast
to take out the tyrannical
fellow at last

peoples living in shires
will cheer extremely loud
on a fresh set of hands
lifting the autocratic shroud
To be a poet
Is to think beyond the word
And into the intention and the concept
Behind the placement of the word
The meaning of the word becomes
Important; it is of great value
The placement of the word can tell
If it means one thing or another
The stars could move around the sky
Just because a word is moved around

The heart

Of the one

That broke you.



The lives

Of the ones

That bind you.



The flesh

Of the one

That haunts you.


Smash, just for the sake of being heard.
The innate beauty of breaking.
The sky is death black,
It's made of hard lace.
Between the motion is the sickness
Of a whole race.

The sum of all hearts
Is more than one piece.
They try to cure the sickness,
But they are part of the disease.

Oh for sweet relief!
Oh for compassion!
Oh for pure release!

Oh for this all to end.
The juxtaposition of something beautiful, held up against the stark and bleak.
I sail

my mind's

tide of

many questions

And only

under the

Eye will

I find

the answers
Ever have that moment when you stop and just question everything?
To the point that you get a headache because your questions breeds MORE questions?
Yeah, I'm having more and more of those days, it seems.

Be back soon!
Lyn x
Lies became animals
And you'll be in a nuclear family.
Inside I am bleeding to songs of insanity.
Today I took my life
And blew it all away.
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