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When on a modern battlefield,
You shouldn't wield a wooden shield.
Sometimes I find that less is more, when I try to write a metaphor.
(Same idea as last poem but less elaborate.)
On this one bit I will not yield:
When on a modern battlefield
Where not one thought can be concealed
As hidden things can be revealed

You Shouldn't Wield a Wooden Shield
Simple idea worked out over a few days.
Sturdy as a titan is the oak off in the yard
Stuck strong and deep in the mud, with the permanence of a mountain ridge
There wasn’t a force of man, nature, or God that could catch her off
her guard
Until one golden morning came to pass, which started without a hitch,
Only this time an army of tiny fellows were summoned to follow,
And there they were, a pack of carpenter ants ready for a momentous
Eagerly and with ease, turning the impenetrable oak completely and utterly hollow.
LC 4d
a little simile here,
a splash of metaphor there,
all carefully folded and mixed
to form a delicious souffle.

it goes into the oven
at the perfect temperature.
the souffle begins to rise,
the sweet aroma engulfs the room.

but the timer chimes early.
they take the souffle out,
and it sinks within itself,
forming a deep, large canyon.

but this souffle is different.
they put it back in the oven.
it bakes longer and longer
until it finally rises again.
Sometimes it takes time to find the right words. Take all the time you need. :)
yann 5d
he is the lover,
he asks me to come to him and he wraps me up in warmth and he
feeds me like i deserve it, loves me like we would die without it,
he whispers that he missed me, these few hours we were apart,
asks me if i am willing to give more and i always am,
then keeps giving and giving and ringing out the
tenderness in his hands,

he is the lover
and it scares me
how happy one person can make us.
This lost princess has lost her way through swimming with sea monsters
sea monsters disguised as mermaids
mermaids who love all things humans
She was craving love and friendship
Something she was starving on land
The Princess was feeling blue
Teased and alone
How much can one take?
The Princess had enough and set herself free
The soft sand is where she is at
Ready to jump into the sea she craved
Filled with such wonderful things
You name it
The Princess felt welcomed
She arrived at a huge castle
One filled with sea shells and pebbles
She knocked on the door
A beautiful mermaid appears
The Princess stunned at his physical appearance
His upper body strength greatly impressed her
Talk after talk
A friendship was born
The trust grew
So did the secrets she told him
The Princess was no longer alone
She found her calling
In a form of a mermaid
The mermaid wanted to ask what the Land is like
She talks of bad memories and secrets
They talk
They laugh
The Princess felt loved by this new dream of hers
But the dream became a nightmare
Yet she did not know
The mermaid and the Princess stood outside
He took her hand
They Swam where the dolphins were

Swam past the sea horses
Swam straight through the goldfish
The mermaid and the Princess met his friends
They talked
They swam
Finally The Princess was tired
“I need to rest”
“I need to rest”
The Mermaid took her to a cave
Filled with sharks and other dangerous creatures
The mermaids took the Princess inside and laughed
Laughed as they took her voice away
Laughed as they tortured her
Laughed as The Princess succumbed
The lost Princess lost her way by swimming with sea monsters
Sea monsters disguised as beautiful mermaids
The Princess who was once on land
Is now laying down on the sea
No one knows where she is
No one ever saw her again.
Jessica 7d
Plumb wine
In a glass
Like a moon
In the tow
Of a galaxy’s
Clumsy mass
Lips upon
An unexpected moment
An empty glass
A shooting star
All things must pass 🎶
One broken
Another infinite
Grey Feb 25
It was a shotgun wedding
and the bullet hit 'em both.
Amy Perry Feb 24
I chose you
Like the butterfly
Chose the sun.
Like the moth is
Nocturnally drawn
To the moon
And any other
Illuminated illusion.
Frenetically chasing
In a trance-like dance,
We wade through
Day and night
Like winged creatures.
Expressive messengers,
Speaking a language
In metaphor
Available to all
Who can hear
Symbols and scriptures
Written by an architect
Keen enough on details
To give day and night
Its doting darlings.
Your words were the wind--
And then nothing all at once.
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