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Winter's yellow hound
bats an ear in sleep
with ancient claws
drool from his gums
pools on his paws
as he yawns
and thaws
My closet,
at one point,
was filled,
band tshirts,
and the reason,
to live.
My bedroom floor,
it was littered,
with mismatched socks,
skinny jeans,
some to my knees,
and combat boots,
even though,
granddaddy was in the navy,
and visited Nagasaki.
Now I’m a hippie,
that subconsciously,
does the hair flip,
and people,
they think,
I have a twitch.
Still own converse,
but I just don’t know,
how to let go,
of my past,
to tell the truth.
At least now,
I’m the reason,
to live.
My closet,
is spacious,
and it doesn’t,
have a door.
But it’s still full,
of band tshirts,
and the reason,
to live?
I’m on the run.
Jeremy Betts Feb 8
You thought I was falling apart before
But at that point I still had my feet on the floor
Now, I don't even see the ground anymore
No clues on what I'm in store for
For now or for forever more
Did I drift or swim out far to far from the shore?
I'm far further than a metaphor can illustrate, further than ever before
Memories so distant they've been redesignated as basic lore
What more can you do when you've lost your core
And it was you who held open the door...
...once more

Kyle Kulseth Feb 2
I hope the snow never stops again!
I hope the Winter sinks under our skins!
I hope our four feet freeze
to the cold concrete
while our ghosts both escape in our breath!

If the thaw never comes to our aid
I'll be fine in these tracks that we've made.
I'll be okay right here
with a frostbit sneer
painted large on my **** stupid face!

               You've got the brains...
                   But not the time...

                  I had the dreams...
        But you knew I'm not too bright.

You'd rather leave than throw me a bone.
I'd rather live out my days in the cold
than beg you for one
while you don't have fun
and resent me for you growing old.

I'd rather freeze than thaw with a lie!
You'll be gone with the peak daytime high.
You're the smart one with big Springtime plans.
And I'm holding the bag with chapped hands...
Just a quick one. Been a real long time. Typical ****: winter imagery, bitterness, self-deprecation...But, hey, no cuss words or references to drinking in this one! So maybe I'm growing up! Oh, wait...there's a "****."
Datore Fargo Jan 25
I like,
the way,
your eyes,
and I,
hang off,
the glitter,
in your words,
that you whisper,
in the air.
Is it the,
maybe the,
But I could,
slide off,
dance under,
and that’s just,
the beginning.
I’m starting,
to wonder,
if the dots,
to the I’s,
are just,
question marks,
to answers,
I may never,
Can you blow,
smoke rings,
like sentences,
and put me,
Datore Fargo Jan 22
I went to,
a world made,
of water.
To your average,
everyday human being,
it would have been,
a natural disaster.
But you didn’t,
even have to,
with the water,
in the houses,
you just lived.
And your feet,
they never,
got wet.
A cake shared with everybody
Except me

Everyone anticipating slices

So no wishes

No blowing out tiny fires in vain

No spitty frosting
Little traces of yourself embedded deep into the pits of other's stomachs

Instead tie a balloon to wrist

Showing age in slow shuffling

Open ribbon
Unwrap the gift I painstakingly chose for you this year-
When someone else has their cake, eats it, and then proceeds to eat your slice as well.
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