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I've got spiders crawling inside my head
They've got me like a moth struggling against their webs

And it's so hypnotizing the way I suffer
And it's so comforting the way I punish myself
I've got spiders crawling inside my head
They've got me like a moth struggling against their webs

And it's so hypnotizing the way I suffer
And it's so comforting the way I punish myself
A Sep 10
undeserving of the energy i possess, the universe requires better
but i cannot exceed these thoughts that i am less than the dirt that covers the grave
this soul is daunting and the world, it taunts me
i push myself to try
for from the dirt grows life and nourishment
and flowers that decorate the dead
this wasted flesh and poisoned blood
become the wine and bread
am big sad rn but it's ok
Carlo C Gomez Mar 2020
Get back in your cage, Dorothy
Let nature observe
Let sharks encircle
Let random impulses
Bring toe-curling raptures
Upon your dreamy imprisonment

Tin, this cage
In which you dwell
Straw, this sky
From which it fell
The only road out of your anxiety
Requires swallowing a pill
As big as the heart of a lion

You want so desperately to leave
Just click your heels
And repeat three times
"There's no place like home"
Then floor it
When the light turns yellow

I will


To your mesmerism

Sailing further

Into the deep blue light

Of your wide open iris

And enter the blink

Ellis Reyes Sep 4
I see you there
In the rearview mirror of my life
As I move forward
we'll never ride
side by side
I autopilot can pretend
I autopilot can feel
I may go about my chores
I may go unnoticed
Punctual is my middle name
But can you see what I feel
And can you feel what I see
Do you know what lies beneath the surface
You who are of many words
I could make you laugh
I could make you feel great
I could even cause myself to lose
To enable you to win
Deep within myself I hide
I dream of better days to come
I autopilot remain on mute throughout the days
I speak only when spoken to
I watch the moving of the trees from my favourite window in my home
And I dream ... simply dream ... just dream
sean achilleos
Datore Fargo Aug 30
It’s the smell of cigarettes,
too early in the morning.
When you choke on your own spit,
and snort while you laugh.
It’s the carbonated drink,
in the old pillsbury dough boy cup.
The way the sun shines,
between white curtains,
that are almost translucent.
It’s saying the word,
when your lighter doesn’t work.
It’s the red carpet on the stairs,
and the way they creak,
when you haven’t quite mastered them.
It’s making mud pies,
in the puddle of your driveway,
every time it pours.
When you hit the wrong light switch,
though it’s been more than a few years
It’s the sound of the breaks,
when the bus stops in the morning,
and you can barely roll out of bed.
The sweet smell of dandelions,
before your dad mows them.
It’s dyeing your hair,
and staining your friend’s bathroom sink.
It’s losing your bra in a glovebox,
and never finding it again.
It’s learning how to live,
before you lose your chance.
Datore Fargo Aug 24
When you,
feel alone,
and can’t,
to stay,
Read me,
when you,
seem so,
you can,
go up.
Read me,
when you,
are unable,
to breathe,
the words,
seem lost,
in between,
your teeth.
Read me,
when you,
can’t seem,
to read,
and the words,
are just,
on the blinking,
Read me,
when you,
feel as if,
you need,
to be,
Herena Rosas Aug 20
Siya ang laman ng bawat taludtod
Ang sining ng pag- ibig na binuod
Salitang matalinhagang ibinuklod

Siya ang tugma na 'sing rikit ng bulaklak
Ang obra na katumbas ay hindi tiyak

Siya ang gabay ng mga manlalakbay
Ang kinang niya ay walang kapantay
Liwanag niya'y nagbibigay buhay

Bawat hibla niya'y walang kamatayan
Siya'y nagniningning sa kalangitan

Siya ang tala
Ang tulay ng mga ala-ala
You are valuable and loved!
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