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Crystal Freda May 16
I saw you in a hotel room
on vacation with your family.
You saw me with painful eyes
and walked away angry.

My heart sagged like a bag of flour
as you desperately flew by.
I guess you didn't have the audacity
to come and at least say hi.

Later on, you run into me again
in your blue striped polo.
Your hazel eyes breezed into mine
and they did not let go.

His eyes scarred with hurt as he said
"I have really missed you."
We embraced firmly as I inhaled
the soft smells of his polo so blue.

I woke up to my empty and purple room
knowing you are gone from me.
Having to remember every day
that was just a dream, not reality.
Namu May 14
All she has is the hollow shadow of an ex-lover
And all that bring her joy are cigarettes and retro city pop records
SS May 9
Why am I so in love with you
in love with you
Am I just in love with the idea of you?

I think of you
and imagine golden light stemming from cracks within your body
I imagine
green, earthy rays radiating from your head
Wreathing and
Curling in a disarray that mirrors a jungle,
Just like your old hair that I like to remember you with.

It’s growing back now, isn’t it?
Don’t ask me how I knew.
It looks good;
To me you always do.

Every thought is entwined with contrails of

I imagine
Warmth and honey, circulating, embedded in your stomach
Which then snakes and coils throughout every limb of your body.
It makes me feel warm too.

In my thoughts you are golden.

But is that really you?
Or to my heart, are you poison?

Am I foolish to be in love with you?
In my thoughts you are golden
mjad May 4
My ceiling never changes every night I find myself staring
Just these past few weeks I feel as if it gets closer
I see a film of my life and everything that never played out flash by
The reality I wish could be
But it's far from what is happening to me
Marri May 3
Call me obsessive,
I’m just a passionate lover.

I lay awake at night,
I look at the ceiling thinking of you.
Sometimes I never sleep.

I’m not obsessive,
Just in passionate love.

I stay in bed all day,
I close my eyes dreaming of you.
Sometimes I never wanna wake up.

I still have your clothes,
Some never washed.
I put them on and pretend I’m you.

I sit in front of the mirror,
I touch myself as you.

Call me obsessive,
I’m just your passionate lover.

I take hot showers.
I let the water cascade over me with eyes open
So I see the shape of you.

You stand in the shower with me,
Hair wet, and bright blue eyes that come alive.

I let the air cloud,
I let the windows fog.
I suffocate myself to hallucinate you.

Not obsessive,
Just passion filled.

I just want to love you,
I just want to hold you.
I want to wear your skin,
Feel you hot and fleshy around me.

I lay on the ground where you’ve walked,
I touch the areas you used to inhabit.
I still feel you here, I still feel you there.

I want to be hurt by you again,
I want to be bawling and weeping in love with you.

You’re obsessed,
I’m simply passion based.

You can’t hate me for that.

I want to be you,
I want to have you,
I want to be loved by you.

I’m obsessed,
Borderline obsessed.

And completely passionate.
About you.
mjad May 1
I could really use one of the many conversations we used to have right now

But you aren't here
And you don't want to be around
Mitch Prax May 1
You were an angel
turned to demon
and then to stranger.
You have blessed me
and cursed me ever since
you walked away.
OYBlackCat Apr 29
Loving you was like diving head first in the deep end of the swimming pool.
I did not know how to swim.

And you watched me
As I inhaled water while searching for air,
As my limbs tried to transform into paddles,
As my voice drowned in the waves that I created.

You slowly moved towards the shallow end
And somehow I followed you.

I am still choking on the water I swallowed,
But I know how not to drown.
There's always something you learn from being in a relationship with someone, whether it's about yourself or about life or a new skill... there's always something you learn.
Blackenedfigs Apr 27
My biggest fear
is that he marries her
After having spent an entire lifetime
detesting the very idea of it.
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