After many years of watering myself
I became a garden overtime.
A beautiful garden with colorful flowers.
After realizing the beauty I opened myself up to the public.
Allowing myself to be seen for the true beauty beyond the garden.
As soon as the gate opened not only did out admire me, but you stepped on all the fresh grass and picked out my flowers for your own pleasure.
I allowed you to do all this and still tried to figure out how to love all the destruction you caused after you left.
Dani 19h
You tell her I’m crazy
Because I told her how you slid your hands up the insides of my thighs the day you were planning to see her
Because I told her how your lips tasted the day you had dinner with her parents
Because I told her how you looked between my legs the day you told her you loved her

You tell her I’m crazy
Because you had me and wanted her

You tell her I’m crazy
Because I found out
Sam 1d
Leaves fall in the space between
you and the truth
and me. Furious reds and bittersweet
ochres stain damp sidewalks and memories.

The cold and the dark conspired to ruin
this year. I let it collapse until I didn't,
and I wish I knew how
it worked itself out. But I don't.
it was a zillion degrees this week so I wrote a poem about cold weather.
Funny how after all these years
I can still smell you on my sleeves
The scent lingers
It's like you never left.
I know you're long gone, but i still got the same old jumper on, the one i wore all those nights you held me close.

p.s. today would've been our 1 year anniversary if we were still together.
and on the third day,
he erased you –
from his memory,

and mind.

perhaps you can soon,
get over him,

Michele 4d
That weak little girl you made of me still lingered...
She reached for you when she was alone.
Mesmerized by your serpent mouth and your serpent lies when they asked to be atoned.
The cold fear burns my bones;
Your voice had become so sweet,
But what I was had been ruined like a chewed school pencil
And what I am now is not yours to keep.
Look away, filthy fugitive of my backlit past.
Anyone who disrespects me now must know they’ll never last.
I’ll tear you straight into two, as if of fear I never knew.
Yes, your dissent was expected too.
I figured I could never hate,
But I have and will always hate you.
Feel my rage like a knife;
Once my Keeper, Master, and my Strife...
You stole my future. You stole my life.
I was so young...
You held me down and ripped me open.
Your spider spell had been sung.
I forget that tone like I forget to breathe ...
The marks you left. The desperate pleas.
Forgiveness is not meant for all.
You always told me I’d never be loved by anyone, anyone but you.
I believed you. I’ve drowned in tears.
You’ve lived in nightmares for ten years.

And now you do not laugh; you tell me it’s okay to be “crazy.”
You’ve no right to speak when you’ve made me this way—Whoopsie-daisy!
Now you come back to fix your mess?
You’re so sorry, you confess?
I won’t stumble yet again.
You won’t have me now like you had me then.
Ex boyfriend trauma. I am not afraid of you anymore. Do your worst. There’s nothing else that would surprise me; you won’t destroy me again.
when the days are long
& my mind gets so hazy,
when the fog rolls in
& my serotonin gets lazy.

when my vision's blurry
& my heart is breaking,
when my body is numb
& my soul is aching.

that's the only time i miss you
Love is gone

All the times that we had, like a star they explode.
Now they are to stay gone and you are no longer all that I know.
What I need; what I had.  It is all gone into the past.
Like a piece of history, she is gone and she is never coming back.

It was us until the end and now we are not even friends;
Just an ex on a life map and there is no turning back.
There is no way to recall all the love that is now on the floor.
Shattered dreams are all gone and now all I can hear is our song.

Now I just keep on playing it on repeat;
I keep a piece of you inside of me and I have lost a piece of me.
We were broken by three and now we will never be.
Just a memory of what we were;
Just the fading traces of our lost love.
Just a painful heartache;
This result feels so unjust.

All the love that we shared
And all those times I thought I would never forget;
All those memories I wanted to keep inside my head.
They are all gone now…

We cannot say what we want to tell each other,
Without sounding mean.
It was meant to be you and me;
Now we have lost out on everything.

All the pictures I will delete;
I do not want a single memory.
Not a thought of you to cross my mind.  
My mind is made; we have had our time
And if I could turn back time,
I would take back some of the words that I said;
But I just cannot forget,
What we have lost…
Now this love is dead.

They say move on with your life,
But I cannot because you were my life
And now I stand here alone,
With your number still on my phone.
If I do press delete, then you are truly gone
And this is truly it.
I wish it didn’t have to be,
But it must, but still…no delete.
My finger waits over your name;
I could remove all my pain,
But still I cannot remove you from me.

Now all love is in the past, afar, just as you are
And as I walk down the street, I see you talking in a bar,
With a smile on your face, with another man in my place.
Oh my God, I hate this day!
Why could I not just find a way,
To give you what you needed from me?  
It was never me that you needed.

It was him or anyone else; I am simply gone.
I am now lost in my own nightmares.
I only wish that you could still care;
But you no longer do, so I say you never did.
This does not heal my love;
It is truly broken,
Because I am so stupid.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Ammar 6d
I burn brighter than fire
I don't whisper lies
I don't flicker with truth
I don't crackle in pain
I dance in flames

I burn brighter than fire
fueled by your lies
burning all the desires
sizzling with ferocity
blazing with hate

I burn brighter than fire
so I swear if you touch me
I'll melt your skin
I'll disintegrate your bones
turning them to ash

I burn brighter than fire
yet I long to
see you burn brighter
in pain & agony
with insanity & madness

I burn brighter than fire
yet I can't burn the hate
to smoke all the love
don't fuck with flames you can't face
A lifelong search for love

I have spent a lifetime searching for love;
The only thing I found was a love that was false.
I need another chance to show I am good enough;
I am tired of false love disguised as lust.

I will keep searching for her,
Because she is my destination.
The only one who can save me;
The only one who can take me to Heaven.

I love, love; I need her touch,
But if her love is temporary it will never be enough.
I have done all I could to be the one to give her love;
But she didn’t want it, she didn’t earn it, so she is now gone.

Onto the next search for the next lover in line.
Who knows?  Maybe this time I will find Ms. Right.
If I am lucky in love I could find what I am looking for;
But unfortunately I know this search is long and hard
And it will not happen overnight.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
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