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Emily 4h
Am I a fool for thinking that this will ever be real?
To think that you'll see me in the same light that you saw your ex.
I mean you give me the impression she was something special.
Where did it come from?
This animosity inside of me
Growing each time you and I speak.
I don’t hate you no matter what you’ve done

So, dear self, remember this please,
Because today is the day I release.
Not giving a fuck . ha! Is the best     kind of reveng e.
Don't tell me I belong in your heart.

                                                   You know I don't like crowded spaces.
Oh so I'm invisible to you?
                                             That's cool I all ways wanted a superpower
Her smile
Only for a while
Drinks of
My support
More than a few
Friends regected
Her love was
Her curse was
Supposed to be corrected
My support was
Sometimes ignorance
Was bliss
Truth was poison
Imagery was peace
All in all
Leaving was key
I will miss her,
I always will
Her smile gave me a chill
Her laugh
Her eyes
Her arms wide
I will remember
The passion forever
Dedicated to my joy, curse and only one who could make me feel happy. Jaden my smile is forever yours (whether I like it or not.)
hey babe. it's been a while.
how is chicago?
school is great.
i see my friends' smiles every day, so full of promise and love.
i date girls and they are beautiful and i make them anxious which makes me That *****.
i do homework and it is interesting and difficult.
i do therapy and it is interesting and difficult.
i drink and smoke and make bad decisions and live with them.
i love people openly and i love people quietly and i dislike people at a moderate volume.
i sing when no one is listening. i call vincent and rachel and sophia and i tell them about the view here and how the weather is so nice all of the time. i message kids back home and support them as they go through all that we went through. i watch movies with girls who look like you and talk like you and make love like you.
and in all of these things,
not once do i miss you.
svdgrl 2d
this is to my old mister:
i saw that you deleted pictures.
it spread relief through my veins.
it hurts you, too, still, to see my face.
are you angry? or is she jealous?
am i still pretty? how're the fellas?
do you miss me? you still a coward?
pushing petals off cut flowers.
candy with nuts- your special garlic.
i eat them whole and push you farther
than you can move or where you've settled.
for the worst, you've won some medals.
for the best, you've let me better,
but why did you send me that short letter?
there's no time bomb in my belly,
for sometime I was unsullied
of thoughts of you, thoughts of she,
thoughts of them, thoughts of we,
don't know why, i'm still vindictive
since from my heart, you've been evicted.
i wont respond, you get none,
no more of you, from here on.
I spent 4 months
Stuck on you
On what we could have been
On how i hurt you
But its time for me
To change
To fix my flaws
Make someone
To learn my lesson
Its time to move on
Its time to look past the past
I hurt myself by worrying about someone who didnt care about me anymore
Who was ready to leave
But wanted to get their revenge on me before they left
To have the last word
Nothing more i can do now
Other then move on
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