Your ex sent me a video on snapchat at 3 am.
She was drunk and she was talking about how you asked if you could get back together with her. She had a lot to say about how fuck you but she wished you the best.
So here’s my two cents.
Fuck you and the horse you came riding in.
Fuck your apologies and fuck your “I’m getting better.”
Because at the end of the day, you, my friend, yes you, are
a fucking asshole. I admire the fuck out of her for wishing you the best, but even though, the whole time we were together, you thought I was her, I’m not. So here I am telling you
that I hope you get a flat tire. I hope you order pizza with extra cheese, and they sent you light cheese.  May your soda be always flat. I hope you have to get somewhere and end up in traffic. I hope you walk out onto the street and step on gum,
and step on dog shit. I hope you go to pay for drinks with tinder girl and your card gets declined. I hope you’re talking on the phone and you phone gets cut. I hope you get a bad haircut. I hope you’re late to work. May your music forever buffer and your youtube videos never load. I wish you were a girl and had a pregnancy scare, alone, in a McDonald’s bathroom like I did (even though I know you’re a guy). I hope someone breaks your heart. At this point, with all the shattered pieces you have left behind, you fucking deserve it.
I hope your ex finds her peace. I hope she dates a hot, 6’5 guy with light eyes and a great sense of humor. I hope you feel it right before going to sleep, the pain in your chest. The same one I felt for months after the wreck happened. The same way she felt it when you wrecked her heart. I hope you go fuck yourself.
Renea 1d
Dear .....,
It's been a while
I told myself I wouldn't
But here I am
Telling you how I feel
I miss you
I miss the memories
I miss the calls
I missed the 'good mornings'
I miss the way you laugh
I miss your playfulness
I miss you

I know I shouldn't still care
You broke me and my heart
Its been almost a year and I still can't help but think

What would have happened
Where would we be

I miss you

A Girl Hiding
Why do I have day dreams of blood running from the place in my chest where my bandaged heart remains?

The wounds are scars that no longer bleed so why


I am still waiting for it to heal?
I need my answers but I need to leave him "left on read" before I turn red again.
Ammar 2d
We would be in the city of poets
and I'd write my touch on your skin
we may or may not have been on dinner dates
but surely we'd have all 3 meals together
you'd love the poetry I write
and I'd love the miracles of my talent
we'd read the same books
and study together
despite you studying anthro
and me science
but I am sure we'd find some common classes too
or the small gap between them
I'd sneak you into my dorm with my hoodie
or we'd drive off into our forever
one that we dreamed off
one that was a choice
one that you never chose

or maybe not

We'd be in the city of lights
the city that never sleeps
and I'd pick you up every other morning
and we'd have breakfast at espresso
or we'd sit in my car and have what your mom makes
we may or may not be going to the same college
but that wouldn't stop us from reading the same books
or going to food & book festivals
maybe even debating together in the same tournaments
your mom would have a face to my name
and mine would know who "all this" is about
we would fight but trust me
a kiss would more than suffice
and I'd sneak you out at 2 am
and we'd drive off to a now then
a now with peace & love
a now with your favorite music
a now that you never chose to be

but maybe
just maybe
either way

we'd both be left with a place
we could call home
safe flight.....
Madolyn 2d
i thought my feelings
were the only things left
from those three weeks
but i've been wrong before
i guess i'm wrong again
but i'm confused
on what to do
and why you feel this
(i'm not as great as you say)
so i don't acknowledge it
except for liking every poem
one failed conversation
and a letter i'll probably throw away
this feels less like a poem, and more like a confession
Nel 3d
I remember that night

I remember violently bouncing my leg and looking at my bruised knuckles
As the officer said “You’re picker is broken”

I froze and looked up
How could he say something so stupid to a girl who was so angry?

Then I realized
He was right
I picked a boy who was broken and needed love
Someone I thought I could help
But while trying to help he controlled me and consumed me

I picked a manipulator

The officer looked at me, with sorrow in his eyes
“You need to fix that picker, my daughters never fixed their’s. They’re always in pain and as a father it hurts me.”

That’s when I realized I didn’t want to hurt my parents
That’s when I realized I didn’t need him
That’s when I realized he lied to me

He searched up his name
“No criminal record, was he in a car crash miss?”
I nodded, I remember the night he told me that

He turned to my mom
“Why do you want a protection order?”
She told him why
She told him who his uncle was

And that’s when I saw this old police officer break down
His eyes glazed over as his face crumbled

“I responded to that call...”
His voice trailed off drifting into the memory
“I protected three dead bodies from the shooter..”

I froze

People who were dead
From being in the wrong place during the wrong time

A shooting that’s common knowledge in this small town

A shooting that caused a whole family just to have small town politeness but everyone knows the dark truth

Being shot by someone who just needed help

I realized this could all repeat

Because of me

Because he never got help

Anger and fear mixed

Anger at myself for not getting him the help he needed

And fear because he could hurt my loved ones

As my thoughts showed me him holding a gun, pointed at me

As my thoughts showed me getting killed protecting my family and friends

As my thoughts showed me fighting him

As my thoughts showed me him getting killed by police

I swallowed as rage gripped me in bony fingers

I was ready to fight

I was ready to die

All because of an emotion
I can't take it anymore.
I just can't.
When everything was fine
Last year
What happened this year?
What happened today?
Why are you not talking to me anymore?
Not smiling at me?
Avoiding me?
Why are you doing this to me?
When I started to grow new feeling for you.
When I started to...
I feel lonely lately.
I can see the distances between us.
And I know you can see it too.
I want all this to get over soon
I want the things to fall back in the right place.
Like they were before
Because it scares me.
If this continues
There will be a time when I...
When I will be seeing you from far
When there will be no conversations left
When there will be no greetings
When there will be no smile on your face when you look at me
When we will be strangers once again
I’m fine, except for when you look at me
I’m fine, except for when I hear your name
I’m fine, except for when I think of us
I’m fine, except for when I see my replacement
I’m fine, except for when I see how fast you moved on
I’m fine, except for the fact that I’m not
It's not easy to revisit our memories
I am not quite sure why
Maybe I actually did love you
Did? Do? Done
I don't know
Maybe I didn't and
It's too hard to admit

Maybe I am a mindfuck
That just likes playing games
Feeling empowered
By breaking bones and hearts on my way up
Seeking control when I'm feeling lost

Maybe I'm ashamed
Because I know I hurt you badly
I kept blaming you too
"We weren't right"
"You were too dependent"
"You were too invested"

Maybe it was me
I don't know what I feel
I don't necessarily regret the break
I do miss you sometimes though
We weren't great at the end
We were definitely something though

Maybe I miss your friendship
Getting ice cream together after it all
That's a memory I can't forget
It was hard for us both
I never told you that though
How do I tell you that
I didn't think we could be friends
Because I couldn't handle it
When it still doesn't mean we should be together again?

Maybe it really was the pressure
That's a loaded explanation
You know I crack under that kind of intensity
It's not your fault though
It's easy to desire the untouchable
Especially once you've touched me

Maybe we will never speak again
Maybe we will
Either way I need you to know I'm sorry

Maybe it's because I recently felt
Something similar to the way you might have
Because when someone you love
Desires another
It could kill you

Maybe it was easy to delete the pictures
Simply because I am running away from memories
Maybe I don't want to face these demons
They always catch up eventually

Please just remember
You are strong
You are worth love
You are beautiful
You will find someone who treats you right
You are enough on your own though
You deserve everything good and
You will survive this storm
Ammar 5d
you're sitting so far away
telling me this and that
and I don't know what's true
and what's not
new or old ?
is there really someone new
did you really do this to go and do that
because darling if what I hear
is really true
then home has its doors closed for you

you tell me not to fck with you
and believe what I already know
that in the end its always me & you
but I really don't know anything anymore
and you aren't helping with your
mixed vibes
I've always known for a fact
that its you & me when all this is over
because I know what it feels like
to have found your soulmate
but is all this "new" talk really true
or is it more of your poetic bullcrap

and trust me I'm into neither
but I'd rather have a bitter pill
of truth and death
than one of life and fantasy

all I'm saying is
I'm no 3rd and 5th choice
no half-assed promise
no sugar coated lie
and you know me
and you know what I'm saying
even when I'm not saying it
because I don't got a this or a that
for me
its either this or its that
so stop with your mixed vibes
and tell me what is it
new or old?
and is it really true
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