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I'm not living in the past,
I'm holding on to memories,
Life passes by so fast,
I'm clinging to what used to make us,
I'm wishing this could have last',
I'm not living in the past,
I'm just holding onto what we-
What I have left,
Hoarding what I can salvage,
I'm not missing you,
not a bit,
I'm missing who you used to be,
I'm not swimming,
I'm drowning,
I'm not flying,
I'm falling,
I'm not living,
I'm just procrastinating the inevitable,
I'm not living in the past,
I'm holding on to memories.
Another poem I wrote about my toxic ex bestie.
there's still a grey line
between we lost us
and we found ourself

despite all the pain,
and mental traumas..

there was also butterflies,
beautiful things,
and fluttery feelings.
i don't regret meeting you,
it was incredible.
leechyna Apr 21
Just like it was day before😔..I'll pray to see you smile
Just deleted her number
Armand Apr 7
I can still see the stars in her eyes
And I can feel the skies in her hair
I long for her touch
And I miss her too much
Although we can never ever be
I still want her near me;
It causes me much pain
Yet I go and se her again
Just to feel like another galaxy
Has been born within me
We're just friends
Emily Apr 6
could you reflect
upon the past
with shadowed walls
and broken glass?

could you see me
inside those shards
from pieces of bone
and shattered hearts?

could you feel
the aching pains
the moans and wails
inside your brain?

could you know
how i had felt
as walls tore down
and lies would melt?

could you see
the hurt you caused
with your blank face
and all your flaws?

could you tell
you crossed every line?

could you?
this poem goes along with Mirror. enjoy, lovelies.
Emily Apr 6
He told me
He would never hurt
He would never lie
He would never leave

He told me
He would always trust
He would always give
He would always help

That's what he told me.

But he made me cry
He made me hurt
I had to lie
I had to leave

I gave too much trust
I gave too much of anything
I helped too much

He used me.

I was his mirror
His reflection
His vision of himself
Was his view of me

That was probably his view of anyone.

But it was him.
about a verbally and mentally abusive relationship
η Apr 3
This hand that I waved at you, was the hand that our hands were once held.
I’m gonna light your
Reputation on fire,
And leave you to rot.
You can't know my dark past
If you were to discover it,
our relationship wouldn't last
Yes, it is something I want to conceal
I was the one hurting somebody
I don't need to "heal"
You need intimacy, you need to feel
but don't focus on fleeting memories
focus on what is real
His3Her is a series of poems with different points of view of fictional people.
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