black coffee
the radio
    and I'm still battling
    my demons
shooing them away
        "give me a break, I'm so young"
        I say
They argue amongst themselves
                                and  come to no decision
black coffee
the radio

allie 2d

don't trust them.
they'll put a hammer in your heart
and refuse you from feeling.
they'll put duct tape over your lips
so and restrict you from speaking.

don't trust them.
they'll put your feelings in a blender
with gravel and ice.
they'll constantly break you
then put you back together.

don't trust them.
they can hit
and leave cuts.
they can burn
and leave scars.

don't trust them.
and you'll end off better than me.

don't trust them.

One empty nightstand and a closet half-full,
dim the lights and don't bother
to draw back the covers before you
surrender to the time.
The windows are drab and unclean
because you've lost the ambition to see clearly.
The sink is cluttered with the ghosts
of your last meal together and the rotting smell
filling the kitchen
is your favorite reminder that you didn't really
enjoy her cooking anyway.

Falling out of distracting thoughts
he reacquainted with his glare in the mirror;
he'd been somewhere else, undoubtedly lost
in a moment of her.
She too was standing in front of a mirror,
putting her face on, yet the occasion was stained
with an uncharacteristic frown, as if sadness
had found her somehow.

After many anxious intakes of breath,
he reached for the door-keys lain by the trinket box
next to their photograph. He cradled
the apartment keys in his palms for a brief moment,
then went on his way.
She stared at their joyful pictures on her wall,
a shrine with each an expression of love.
She clutched his name on the key fob and left also.

That evening in the restaurant,
her eyes glued to his as intensely as her hands
pursing through the gaps in his fingers;
two sizes too big.
He reciprocated warm heartfelt smiles,
trying to keep it together for both of them.
Circling his thumb gently on pressed fingers.
Her accented cadence a perfume for the ears
and her broken English endearing;
this would all haunt him,
these details tearing at the pit of his stomach
as he languished in the reality
that he has no choice. He must return home.

Over the balcony
wrapped in her anaconda-like arms,
he witnessed her cheeks
tear-staining in the moonlight,
her whimpers battling the lulling tides and cricket chorus.
She crumpled as a strewn napkin against his frame,
before exchanging a kiss;
soft and lovingly endured. The very kiss that wishes
not to end but to stay this way forever.

How melancholy it was in the sea breeze,
to walk among their favourite spot on the beach;
where many an anecdote was told,
many a sweet little nothing shared
and many a glance embraced.
Right now with the hush of salt water
lapping the shore;
their 'Last chance to see' had been studied.
In that instant, both knew
that it couldn't be possible to have
one another again.

They stood for a long while by the waters edge.
Both just as broken,
before becoming ghosts of the scene
and ghosts to each other.

seychelles May 16

cos' you shined so bright,
too bright,
and that's what made me blind.
so when you left,
I can't see anyone,
I can't even see you.

was feeling depressed and hurt so I put this up in my insta's story and Tavvishi (one of the best senior in my school) said she liked it so this reminds me of her not the feeling that I was hurting.
MU May 12

I need a break
So I don't break

Good bye HP
I hope we see
Each other soon

Good bye for now
I need recharge
Hard has been March
April and May

My heart is tired
From feeling much
And needs as such
To sleep some time

I promise I
Come back again

I just worry
If I go on
Without a rest
My force will wane
To write more poems
To write deeply
From down my heart

I thank you all
For being here
You are beauty
Wonder and grace

A sky of million
And one stars
Will still be bright
Without that star

I've been writing almost everyday since I started poetry, and I think I need a 'creative' break to be able to write with more energy. Thank you all, beautiful people of HP, for following, liking, sharing, and commenting on my average poems and I will see you later, hopefully very soon. Bye for now...

I want to play Truth or Dare because time never seems to work out for me. So let's play a game.

Truth is... I love you and that doesn't seem to go away so I am going to stop trying to push it away.
I Dare you to break my heart though... because I have been preparing it for battle this whole year.

Truth is... I am ready for the fall out and I am ready to hear you come crawling back.
Because I dare you to try and tell me I can't succeed without you when we all know the opposite is true.

Truth is... I remember the simpler times back in school but we are both different people now, aren't we?
And since you keep Daring me to fail; I am going to prove just how wrong you actually are.

Truth is.. timing will never be our thing and we will never ge that fancy fairy-tale ending will we babe?
But like I said, I Dare you to break my heart one more time... because this time I won't back down.

AndPenny May 12

It was tangible and invisible
Only seeing with my hands
And I’m not a kinesthetic person
Trapped inside the cage that was your love
I couldn’t see it until it was too late
And I had to break myself out

I wrote this a while ago and I guess it's alright so here's my first posted poem!
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