Silent tears as lonely as a resting river,
streaming down my face.
Even the loudest of my cries are drowned out.
but dear they burn like a thousand suns,
they are the reflections of my heart. Silent tears that are never heard, though my emotions are stirred,
the tears still burn.
Though silent only the meek can hear the ones not heard,
so as myself.
And so goes the silent stream of the silent tears....
As you can see.... Sunday was the worst 0_0
“I can’t  b  r  e  a  t  h  e.  You’re trying to sheathe me from the world. But I just want  to scream and flee. I want to leave, I want to escape. I don’t want to be bounded, I don’t want to be caged. But your muscles are possessive, hands like shackles and ribs encasing and engaging. Your scent clings to my finger and your embracement breaks my bones. Your words make decisions for me, exerting boundaries onto me. You’re stifling my breath and suffocating me. You want my blood to move at your accord. But I am drowning, choking and gasping. You’re pushing me away by entitling me. Your possessiveness knows no limits as you become invasive. You say it’s just because you love me, that you would go beyond any limit; but it’s obsessive. I feel like I am on a leash. I am no longer my own person, but a puppet to my master. A land to your dominian.”
I left a permanent mark on my skin. Again.

I tell myself I'll never regret that. Because in that moment it's what I needed and wanted.

It's my constant reminder that when I look down at my body, I see what I've been through, and where I'm heading.

I treat my skin as my own road map.

If someone were to undress me and lay me down
I would have them trace my skin
slowly working their way around my body
only to stop at every heartbreak and life lesson

The faded ink would give away its time frame
creating a story that I get to claim as my own

At that point
not only would I be naked to the eye
but I would be completely vulnerable
as if I'm peeling back layers of my own skin
opening up to my insides
exposing my thoughts throughout the years.
em>does this Venom,
formed within your throat
come with
an Antidote?

one day,
i would like to Talk to you,
as my heart
never had a Chance to.
क्यों प्रेम किया
क्यों निभा रहे तुम
बसंत बने
ज़ख्म भर जो रहे
क्या दे सकती
मृत प्रीत मेरी है
नासूर मेरे
विष वमन करें
ये विषपान
सह लोगे क्या तुम
शिव मेरे हो कर
~~रश्मि किरण
Why you loved me
Why you are fulfilling
Like  spring
You are healing my wound
What I can offer you
I have my dead love with me
My canker sores
Vomiting poison
Those poisonous drink
Can you sustain within
Becoming my lord Shiva
(English translation of the above poem )
                              ~~ Rashmi Kiran
Choka is a Japanese style of poetry .now this style is adopted in many other languages too .
Aflaha 2d
Break my heart this once, my love
If only to put it back in chains
Break my heart this once
So I know what it's like to live again

Break my heart so I can breathe
Break it to pieces, so there is no sheath
Break it, so it lay bare, for all to see
So they can't ask me, what I chose to be
Break it, so I can feel the hurt
And let it be a part of me

So say it, my love
And walk out that door
I will love you no less
For breaking my heart
I will only love you more
And you always scream, when I’m late and dream.
You won’t ever let me break, I won’t ever hope to see.
All you have to do is live, suffocated by the greed.
I am always waiting here, in the passion, and I bleed.
I want to turn back time

Before the lies
Before my cries
Late in the night

I want to turn back truth

Before it hurt
Before cruel reality
Revealed itself to me

I want to bring them back

Before were four
Now we're no more
The family that was us
It's been some time, but it still feels wrong somehow..
The strangest and most irascible part
Of breaking up with someone

Is that the amount of pain it brings
Is something you feel you can only survive
While being in their arms.
You will never get what you want,

Because it does not exist.

It is unheard of, it is extinct.

You'll search all day long for your "true love".

You will die in searching.

But he is not real, it is not real.

Accordingly, you are prone to heartbreak,

Sorrow and disappointment.

You will never be fulfilled.

You are foolish in love, with the idea of itself.

Take off your rose-colored shades.

Feel the surreal pain that is your whole life.

Become vulnerable to it, accept it.

It is behind you, around you, in front of you...

Kiss your dream goodbye,

Because at one point you must wake up.

And know the extremity that is...

That you will never be loved the way you desire.

You will never be loved the way you love.

Take reality for a whirl.

And disown your life of whimsical lies.

Face your hopeless fate, you hopeless-romantic

For goodness sake.
written on may 22,2011.
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