They say first loves hurt the most
And that may be true
Because you loose trust
In how they feel for you

They say first loves break your heart
And that is true
It hurts the way they call u sweetheart
Because eventually when they stop and you will feel ever so blue

They say you never forget your first love
But that’s not true
Because I won’t remember the way you shut me out with a shove
I’ll remember the way you made me feel
And how Much I wished for your touch

That’s something I’ll never forget
And you may try your hardest to forget
But I know you felt it too
I know you wanted my touch
To sooth you with a simple touch

So don’t lie to yourself because I know you still think about it
So don’t be a hypocrite

Because I know you loved me
And how I reminded you of the sea
Wild and reckless
I know your jealous of his hands , you feel helpless

But this is over
And  to find a love like that will be rare like finding a four leaved clover
To my first love
Helena 2d
Take a jab at the sinner
Weeping in the corner,
lips pursed in fear
and knuckles bruised

Cut the skin of the bleeder
with the
Sounds of broken ribs
And ugly truths

(that were made just for him
In your workshop)
Your love is like spilled ink
My heart is like paper
The more I try to wipe you away
The more you spread
Infecting every inch of me
I try to erase you
Only to tear myself in the process
The harder I try
The more I fall apart
Until there is nothing left
But tattered pieces
Of ink and useless paper
o o o o o

Baby I know I'm not the perfect guy,
Or maybe I'm just really not your type?
Even still did you have to hollow out my heart? When all I wanted was a kiss? You said I looked sharp, handsome and gorgeous..and thats so awkward because you've got the prettiest eyes Ive witnessed. My self confidence struck dumb by how amazing you looked. Maybe It was too soon in thinking I could taste your lips, I mean for f sake maybe I'm crazy but I needed your love tonight, Just one kiss to sooth my screaming soul. Just one kiss to prove I'm still breathing girl.
Just a little kiss to keep me hanging on,
Now the chance is missed I won't be hanging around,
No more dates down our local river,
No more good morning hearts to wake up and deliver,
It's all a bloody mess,
So I sent a single message with a single good bye kiss.

Amanda 7d
One more sleepless night for me
Haunted by every mistake
I'd rather be in dreams, asleep
My mind forces me to stay awake.

My eyes wide open against my will
The hours tick slowly away
I anxiously wait to drift off
So I won't have to suffer the next day.

My brain races, wonders, explodes
Wandering beast of demise
Meandering along its determined path
Despite loud echoing cries.

Each wretched nightmare I undertake
Is while sleep provides no relief
I lie in silence hoping for
A bit of rest, no matter how breif.

At last, my head breaks free from chains
Dozing, I'm happy I win
Dreams only last for so long
Until the next miserable day can begin.
Sleeplessness is killing me
Veer Lundgren Jun 14
Walking down the street
my head looking at my feet.
I’m trying to breathe steady.
For the past few nights
My mind has not been
at rest or ready.  
My mind can’t break from you,
so I see you in everything I do
I never want to forget you
but I can’t keep living like
I see you every day
It’s already be a month
since you pasted away.
- I’m in prison confined by your memories.
Ana Sophia Jun 14
she taught me
with respect,
not fear.
she taught me with examples,
not yelling.
she taught me with kindness,
not fights.
And I love her for that.
You rather be hated than loved
so that's what you'll get.
Do you realize the tension
during our car drives?
Do you realize the umconfortable silence?
And the avoiding eye contact?
That doesn't happen with her,
you know?
We're not frightened to tell her stuff
to ask for love,
to trust her,
'cause she never gave us a reason
to doubt her.
You always do.
Without noticing
you're building up walls and walls
and now we're so far
I can't even hear your madness.
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