Cacherosi 1h

Autumn wind whispers your name
As the color of leaves changes to flame
Feverish yellow, orange and red
Your smile is heaven
It spreads grace
But your eyes are like water, reflecting the sunset
Beautiful with a hint of sadness

Don't get me wrong.
Ree 22h

my first love left me
when he realized that i'll never be quite as whole
as when he first met me
my first love left me
because he did not know that every day spent with him
was me sharing bits and pieces
of my once whole self
my first love left me
after teaching me that sharing was caring
that we were forever, always
my first love left me
without saying goodbye
with memories of false promises
with an aching heart

The worst part about
missing you is not knowing
whether you feel this
way about me too.

The clocks have never
worked in our favour,
maybe I must accept
we'll always be bad timing.

I'm not sure
if I was going to to see the band
or to see you.

I know you cared for me
and I'll never understand
why I deserved someone like you,
but what's even harder
to comprehend is how
you could touch me
and look at me like that
and then throw what we had away.

As I glance within that antique mirror I peer beyond what tangible visage is reflected,
Beyond that secure facade,
Upon distortion of an identity, afar from all familiarity,
A dissimilar being, of once unprecedented purpose,

For, fine china does not break to reassemble,
For, you and I are never to be as we once were

Poppy 5d

What I want from this life
is the chance to be able to confess to you, in explicit detail, every dream your ghost has delicately plucked and placed into my brain
and to compare it to a reality where I never would've had to keep them to myself
Preferably over rye whiskey
in front of a fire
years later when this will only matter to me a fraction of what it does now
so that maybe I will be able to laugh it off when I tell you that
it was always a nightmare

a lustrous moon glossed in mist
shines on impatient lips longing to be kissed
while a thumping heart drowns in the dark,
weighted by a romance devoid of spark.

her heart is as restless as a dove,
starving for infatuation & love.
his heart is empty & cold,
living life only to grow old.

the hazy contour of slender hips  
dissipates as candlelight is extinguished by his lips;
her quick footsteps & the click of a door lock
are drowned by the steady ticking of a clock.

tonight she spreads her wings to fly,
eager for takeoff & sweet goodbye.
unchained, she is finally at ease.
abandoned, he shrinks to his knees.

He cries.
& so she flies...

Lead him with a leash,
drag him along like the dog that has died
but you won't give up your walk.
You took your shot at the love
but you missed,
now you think you can give it another try.
Bounce back in like there's no penalty,
like hearts don't break,
as if you can simply tape it back together
and it will continue beating.
Just because you don't have a scoreboard in life
doesn't mean the points don't count.
When everything is tallied up
at the end of the day,
will you really come out on top
like you hope?

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