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Amanda 1d
Swinging from a fraying rope
Clasping on to lies you think I'm desperate enough to believe
Pathetically gripping words though I can clearly see fibers stretch and break from tension of reality
The weight of awareness too heavy for your false promises to bear
The thing about knowing is that you cant unknow. Its a one-way street.
aye-way 1d
she tells me i'm obtuse.
she screams you deserve better.
as i'm sat, idle, on his bed.
as he slips off my sweater.
- the death of mind over matter.
(c) ayesha. h [2o18]
i was being carried along
by these waves you call life

i was content,
without any strife

but those waves
turned into chaos

i am thrown to and fro
drowning and lost

hurricanes approach
i'm not ready

i can't fight this battle
can't keep myself steady

i am hurled across the tide
salt burning in every pore

i'm not strong enough
i can't do this anymore
an eternal storm
Carve your sorrows in my skin
Writing the words I’ve already spoken
Break them down and be free
There’s no point
There is no point.
Be free.
Tati 3d
It tastes like cinnamon
Like the little honey bees flirting with the flowers in the morning and giving them their morning kiss
The innocence of the child as she holds her teddy bear close, because she believes he’ll protect her from all harm
The arms of the man I love, which feel like velvet and chamomile
The song I hum, professing my eternal devotion to him
But what is this feeling?
The one that makes us prance around under the moonlight and cover our bodies in lace and vanilla for?
Amare è vivere
To love is to live
To move the sky and the oceans and everything in between just to see that person smile
To trust that person so much you take off your silk dress and reveal all your body and secrets to them
It’s something so intense you become blinded
A fool
But I don’t care
I’d rather be a fool then be without you for even a fraction of a millisecond
Your absence causes such a decrease in my oxygen I’d die without it
I don’t care if people say it’s foolish
To be distraught over a man
I’d give my entire being to have his love forever, and would do the unthinkable to obtain it
I would die without him
When people ask me what love is, my mind instantly thinks of this
And they tell me
It seems more like an addiction then true love
Take me back in time,
When you're still mine,
For I miss your warmth,
When I was in your embrace.

Take me back in time,
When we're both standing in the rain,
Eyes mirroring each other,
Let me say I love you again.

Take me back in time,
When we're both holding hands,
For I miss the way you would rub the back of my palm,
Assuring me that everything is fine.

Take me back in time,
When I still had my mind with me,
Swear to god I'd never leave,
Unless I'm taking you with me.
When regrets came and all i wished is to be taken back to the time when it was "us" instead of "you and I"
The rope I'm gripping tightly have
taut fibers twined around each other.
I wove them that way, meticulously.
One string after another, its form gathers,
and I'm proud of my craft.

I've used it to save myself and others,
pulling and tying knots, anchoring.
A tightrope to dance on over and over,
Tugging, stretched, fighting, breaking,
but my rope's getting slippery.

I've used it so much it's hard to hold on.
It's overused and now

Only a matter of time before I can cut it
without effort,
just one scissor,
and it's no more.

I'll tie it back together but I can only try so hard.
It's wearing down, going gone.
It withers and soon I'll have none.
Nothing to save me, or them
if I start abusing it again.
I need a break.
It's weird,
How every song,
Of every genre,
Reminded me of you,
Of us.

Dear ex,
Do you remember?
How happy,
Or how reckless we used to be,
Running across even when the light is red.

Or do you remember?
How sad,
Our break up used to be,
When the light is green and I crossed ahead,
Leaving you alone on the other side of the road.

Now years had passed,
And I've got someone else for me instead,
She's lying on your side of the bed,
But it's still your warmth,
That I yearn for on every rainy night.
Moving on because I've got me someone else, yet you're still lingering in my mind. Moving on, because my memory still take me to that day when I left you alone sometimes. Moving on, because I still hope to see you sleeping on your side of the bed. Moving on, because I have yet moved on.
"Can a heart still break once it stopped beating?"

Can a heart still break?
If it chooses to let go
rather than
get hurt?
Can a heart still break?
If it is half emptied of soul
half full of spirit?
Can a heart still break?
If it doesn't understand anything again?
Can a heart still break?
If it is not you then.

Tell me my dear,
Can a heart still break, when it's beat left the music within?

Beyond understanding. What pain gives a heartbreak.
hurting, breaking, destroying defiance.

i’m draining away in the midst of compliance.
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