Dakota 1d

i swore i’d stop writing about you
three poems ago. i swore i’d stop
hurting myself but i’m bleeding again.
i swore i’d move on and not look back
but i almost called you last night.
i never swore i’d delete your number.

where did you go?
what drove you away from
late nights smoking in my room?
you’d always play my guitar.
but only knew the beginnings
to most songs; i still
tried to sing along.

i’ve been drinking again and
it’s not your fault. rum washes
away the scars you left and
keeps me from thinking
about all the flaws you
could have been running from.

i’m hanging up this line for good.

Jose H 2d

I saw you in fall
Red shirt, black leggings and black shoes

I saw you in winter
Black sweater, blue jeans and black shoes

No matter when i saw you, you smiled
A beautiful crystal smile

No matter the night i can always hear your voice
No matter the situation, I always smile at your laugh

No matter what
I can say,  a kiss was always just a kiss
Till the day I kissed you.

Till the day you deceived
The day you used
The day I hung my head in shamed
Till the day I kissed you,  became the most regretable day.

Breeze 2d

I carry a piece of your heart with me where ever I go,
so i don't feel so alone
most times I feel I'm dying inside
bout our memories together keep me alive
you wee the sweetest poison
and every night I'd crave you
knowing this love was destructive I continued
to inject myself... High rushing through my veins
I quickly became addicted to you
and regardless of all the heartache and pain
I couldn't stay away,
I was a feign for you...
But you were addicted to blues
even with everything I brought to the table
I couldn't get through to you.
Because I wasn't the peak of your high
just a temporary fix to get by.
And now I lie awake at night and cry
Because I cant live if your not alive.

When I said i loved you, it wasn't a lie
And I wont let these pills destroy you while I stand by
Remember we said we are in this together,
So im gonna hold you down no matter what forever.
I told you I was down to ride
All the way, through the lows and the highs
I'm gonna be right there by your side.

Cuz what am I
without you?
Whats the sun
without the moon?

What darkness
without light?

What is you losing this fight?

Youre strong baby, youre unstoppable
I wont allow drugs to have us saying goodbye
I'm gonna do everything to keep you alive.
Your my yang and I'm your yin
us losing each other is a sin
Im here through thick and thin
Tell death do us restart,
cuz even death cant keep us apart
like the queen Badu said "ill see you next lifetime"
and our love will just rewind.

Letter from Bonnie to Clyde

Poem dedicated to my love, who is having a hard struggle with drugs.

As your falling asleep
Rolling over to turn out the light
Pulling the covers over your shoulders
While the rain lightly falls outside
I hope you absent-mindedly say my name
I hope the habit
Of sleeping beside me
Has become so ritualistic
That for a split second
You forget I'm gone
And you hear the echo
Of your own voice
In the vacant studio
While the murmur of the
Machines whirl outside
Your closed door
you close your eyes
And remember what it was like
To wake up next to me
With the coffee bubbling
And the cat purring
I truly hope
It stings
the moment the vowels of my name come rolling off your tongue
You're struck with the blinding guilt
You'll never have that again
The blonde hair
On my old side of the bed
Will never be mine
The coffee bubbling will never be made by me
I want it to grip into you
As you lay awake
Thinking about the world we created
And easily you let it break.

Probably shouldnt miss you - but i do

Dark haired girl
Eyes like her soul on fire--
Have I met you before?..
No, you say
Yet I have
Someone like you is unforgettable

You cut your hair short
Changed up your voice
Your fancy dresses turned to jeans....
But that fire in your voice
That passion in your soul
Burns brighter than anything
I've ever seen

I've known you before
And not just from my dreams
Wreaked havoc in my life
Yet mended it through and through
Changed my looks
Made me into a man

Yet when I asked
You shook your head
And claimed
You didn't know me....
And that was the first time you ever looked me in the eyes
And knowingly unknowingly hurt me

Lies hurt more than not remembering and Nostalgia's a bitch

My heart was perfectly satisfied.
My emotions grew and flew with the thought of you.
Knowing you’d be by my side until the very day I die.
I never thought that love could be so true.

The angelic presence my eyes concieved you as was fairly new to me.
My heart was locked up tight.
But you were already waiting there with the key.
You took it without any fight.

Until the day the sky turned to silver gray.
Felt like ash was all around.
The day that destiny took you away.
My knees hit the ground and my soul became unbound.

That drop of water running down my face was just the begining,
To a extremely painful ending.

I keep telling myself to not look back in anger,
but I wonder what I'd even look back to.
How much of you is left;
or has your Chicago been built over by a more Chicago?

Sometimes you can't see the stars
because the constellations are in the way
in the way that only your love
can be more you than you.

Some day that tea cup
will put itself back together
and it will all start to collapse;
hold me closely then?

If silence was ever to be described,
It would be a safe zone in a war.
The calm before the storm,
Or merely the anesthetics fueled in
Before you can start to feel the pain again.

Her silence was just different,
It shrieked in a tearing pain,
Also the numbs the body throughout.
Without voice; it's louder than anything you'll hear.
But you should be worried more when she breaks the silence; and breakout.


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