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left our things
cratering the desert;
palms upturned
pulling the pressure away -
talking down the crumpled spine of loss.
the sand,
the sand.
if it wasn’t so fine,
would you be able to trust
the mistaking of
abrasion for absolution?
will you be able to forgive
the belief
that a collapse can come
with good intentions?
Jeremy Betts Nov 10
I'm feeling like I could break before I have my breakthrough
Traversing through the grey of everyday is no way to,
get through
So then
tell me,
what do
I do?
An eerie silence the only thing I'm hearing come through
But the silence of my darkness doesn't phase me, what scares me is the blue
I wish heartbreak
came with a manual.
But honestly,
would it even help?
I imagine it would
be contradicting and maybe
go something like this:
"You may experience
the feeling that you are walking away
from the rarest love you'll ever experience...
But don't you worry,
because even if you stay a little longer,
eventually you'll convince yourself
you don't love them anymore, just enough to finally
end it.
Give it a week.
Oh, there it is... You feel that?
THAT feeling is the numbness wearing off
and only remembering the happy parts."
Or some ******* like that.
Probably nothing that specific though...
Only enough to have the majority relate.
I imagine the narrator would sound
overly enthusiastic...Which is hilariously inappropriate ...
But, really, is it that hilarious?

I thought getting older and
having experience in dating
would result in all of this
**** becoming less confusing...
But it really just feels worse
every time for me.
At the end,
I couldn't even differentiate
the pain and anger from the source.
Did he create this suffering?
Was it my reaction that set the course?
Was this all in my head and I was just overeacting?
Or was I justified to feel this ******?
Even if I was justified, would it have even made a difference?
It really got lost in translation,
and I feel like I got lost in identifying that.
Was this a hypnotic trance from narcissism manipulating the narration or was it using my reaction as an excuse to self-sabotage?
I just want to know what really happened.
I think that's the scariest part.
Am I so broken, I convince myself it was them?
Well, ****.
What are you still reading for?
I don't have the ******* answer.
tumbledry Sep 2
the pain the abrasions the bruises
nothing like a brain that’s been rattled
the constant cycle of tragedies
has me sinking deeper in despair
it’s like god has decided
i’ve not believed in him for too long.
like the world has set in stone my demise
for all the sins and decisions I didn’t know any better than to make.
the pain accumulating at every step
all I ever wanted was a break to breathe.
The investments
The investments...
The investments
Pitch a hard sale quake a large scale

Bobby ZPac west central you ain from here dont pull up
The money goes to me im a real me real life investments talking investments

ky Jul 29
Don't break her heart.

I know she and I don't talk anymore
and that she was fine with breaking me
to be with you.

But don't break her for me.
I could never forgive myself.
Man Jun 5
Another night,
Where I feel completely alone
Surrounded by people I care about.
What's the point?
Love coming at the price
Of self-sacrifice,
Break my body
Take control,
But what do you know?
m lang May 16
i loved you,
i love you.
i've always loved you,
and i will always love you.
my brain doesn't know
how to let you go,
and my heart refuses.
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