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if i ever stop loving you
it will be the day the world crumbles at my tongue
it will be because of utter chaos in my bones
and my tangled veins that stop my heart
if i ever stop loving you
it must be because my brain went dancing out side my head
or my heart was filled with tar
or my lungs grew flowers you gave me for my birthday
if i ever stop loving you
i would have to be in the grave
with dirt as my blanket
so deep in the ground i become a tree
but even that tree would carry leaves with your name engraved
and every branch would mumble your name in the wind
if i ever stop loving you
it would have to be the end of the world
or the second coming of Christ
i would have to watch a Crucifixion of our affection
and still my heart would beat for you
because every nail that is drilled into it
would bleed for you.
because i could never stop loving you
CJ 1d
I kept quiet
Even though I love you
I stepped back
Watched you
And saw you smile...

I kept quiet
Even though he loved you
I sat away
As you got flirted on
And my heart slowly breaking...

I kept quiet
Even though he left you
I worried you
As you hurt yourself
And all I could do was watch...

I kept quiet
Even though you left him
I sat with you
As you smile again
But I know you are still hurting...
I blame myself for not ever having the courage to do something...
the gods told me to **** him
in my dreams, a warning,
I was born to be his fate
as he was made to be the break
upon which I would unravel
yet now his chest, so warm,
breathes softly beneath my head
his lips raw against my neck,
I knew that he had hunted me,
that I was doomed to die by his desire
his tongue lashes out to feel
the blood beneath my flesh
run cold as his hands consume me
I can feel it
Licking me
Tasting me
The way you used too
Burning me
The way you do now
Scolding me
When I stare
Leaving me each night
Only to return and start again

I’ll spend the rest of my life walking in the shade
Not getting burnt
Not missing you when you’re gone

Not feeling warmth.

I’m cold.
You’re the only one.
Something foul on my tongue
Black and burnt and bitter
Tastes of blood and broken glass.
A broken heart
Her 4d
i sit on the beach
as the rain comes down
from the sky onto my skin
for it to wash away
all this sadness
from within
you break break break me
and then you pretend you did nothing
you hurt hurt hurt me
and then pretend that i did something wrong
okay i'm bleeding
can't you see
you've done your damage
now please let me be

there’s no turning back.
she’ll never trust you again
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