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One night, you held me,
Then you pushed me and pulled on me,
Opening me, closing me,
Lifting me up, shutting me down.

I'm not your toy, your play-thing,
Your distraction when you're bored.
You can't pause me like a game,
Press play when you've nothing
Better to do, nothing better on offer.

You want me, I'm yours,
But only until you break me
More than you can mend.
Now I have to remember longer than I have known you for.
You never knew what you were to me,
Somehow I knew that you will never wish to find out,
If you did you wouldn't have walked away,
Now that you have  I am bound to remember you longer than I have known you for.
Peyton James Jun 28
“We need to talk.”
When we did,
She said nothing
And I walked away.
"Cat·​a·​clysm: a momentous and violent event marked by overwhelming upheaval and demolition. Broadly: an event that brings great changes." - Merriam Webster Dictionary
LC Apr 28
the air parts like the Red Sea
so a spaceship can soar,
even as the world
drags it down.

she breaks orbit
to release the earth.
she is now free to float,
and the universe guides her.
Escapril Day 27! Prompt: the astronaut.
I think this poem could have many meanings. What do you think of when you read this poem?
theladyeve Apr 4
you were black when i was white;
you were the moon when i was the sun;
you were a one hit wonder when i was on repeat;

you were dark when i was light;
you were bleak when i was a silver lining;
you were a silent film when i was in living color;

darling, you were merely a crack in my armor that i filled myself.
Anais Vionet Mar 12
So many, too many students had COVID two weeks ago. My parents were supposed to come for a visit, and midterms were on the horizon - so I decided to go ahead and get covid - to get it over with. I’ve been around a dozen people who later that day tested positive, but somehow I’ve never come down with it myself.

Peter caught it and was isolated in his suite (two of his suitemates had it). I went to see him, surreptitiously hoping he’d pass it on, but Lisa (the traitor) texted him and he Lysoled his entire suite and wouldn’t let me in - saying exposing me went against his “moral code.” rolling eyes

Now midterm season is on us and a lot of people I know are in crisis. That happens a lot in test times. This place is so cutthroat and competitive. You can get so deep in your own head that it becomes a ***** fish bowl of anxiety. The delightful cocktail of pandemic, WWIII and midterm stress gel, in some minds, to form a sweet, unhinging mix.

My major tests are over (good for me, yay for me!) but I’m not parking my study playlist just yet. I have a couple of papers due. While those don’t stress me like tests, they’ll keep me busy, like everyone else - there’s always a feeling of being behind it and frantically busy here.

We were trying to plan an actual, REAL spring break - that didn’t involve 11 hour layovers and 5 hour bus rides. Something NOT held in a parent’s apartment - someplace adult and private.

Then my Grandmère offered us an all-expenses-paid trip to Paris, saying I could bring three friends and stay at the Hotel de Crillon. A week in Paris with Lisa, Leong and Anna sounds delicious - of course, I told them how positively uncouth it would be to refuse -  we’ll see.
BLT word of the day challenge: Uncouth: "being rude, impolite or socially unacceptable."
I S A A C Feb 17
cultural burnout, the hurt bubbling up
cannot put a lid on it any longer
the feelings keep getting stronger
my muscles ache, my brain is dazed
cultural burnout, the days slip away
the workweek is all I know
I barely ever leave my home
no escape, no break
inside the cage, this lake
take this time to rest in bed
so that tomorrow you can clear your head
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