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Lost in my Head Mar 2023
I want the moon that captures your gaze and leaves you breathless
I want the stars that fall from the skies to your tongue
I want to swirl around the galaxies within your eyes and fly through the voids of your drifting to sleep
I want the suns of your afternoons that bring your smile
I want the orbits of our memories to complete fast revolutions
I want the comets that soar to face us in the same direction
I want the planets to align for you
I want the gravity to bring us closer
Yee haw I haven’t written anything in a HOT minute so here we go
Renae Sep 2022
I want to be free
Free to be myself
Free to be okay with
noticing you notice me
I want to be okay
with my silhouette
I don't want to get over it
I want to be okay
I want to laugh
Laugh at me, I want to be silly
I want to feel happy
I'll never understand why
I cry and cry
I refuse to accept me
So I'll never be
what I wanted
I guess that's alright now
I'm still learning
What I'm supposed to know
I am not so good at being me
I'd like to switch places
instead I'll sleep
Feeling melancholy and things like that
Evie G Sep 2022
I cannot wait any longer, a prisoner of dreams.
In a state of nothing, hidden from view
With only a glimpse of sun beams

Held back by the thing that pushes me forward,
Stuck in a stasis,
The hurt inflicted, only a dream could.

Stuck between a want and a need.
Hating whomever planted the seed
The need to be something more.

I can’t sit and wait like a stupid star struck school girl,  
Simmering in a boiling *** of childhood ideologies.

This time, the lobster escapes the *** before it burns its shell.
This time,
A taste of heaven will not drag me to hell.
Anais Vionet Jul 2022
“We’re cleared for takeoff,” the pilot announced, “settle in, our flight time to Atlanta will be 9 hours.”

The Gulfstream roared down the runway and in a moment the tops of trees flashed by. We climbed quickly, and banked. Paris dwindled, the Seine became a string of blue, the world a patchwork of colors before we punched through a layer of hair-like cirrus clouds.

My roommates and friends were all a-chatter as we lined up on the runway but as we ascended, they grew quiet.

Thoughts of Peter ran through me and gripped me like a serpent. The last time I saw him he was dressed in a summer outfit I bought him - a short-sleeve, pale-pastel-plaid seersucker shirt, kentucky-derby breaker shorts, pop color flip flops and a straw fedora. His sweet-face was all grin, he looked like a deck gillespie. Meow.

When I think about Peter, my skin tickles, my pulse accelerates, I’m confuddled. I think about the disturbance that moved through the air between us when we met. We were strangers, but a magnetic flux seemed to roll off him and break against me.

I didn’t let it show. I drew in, looked away and became quiet. What else could I do? Later, when I described it to Sunny, our meeting seemed like nothing. When I described it to Lisa, it sounded like too much.

Of course, my choices must be consistent with my ambitions, but I want Peter to come to Athens, so badly. He was a human placebo, for me, in otherwise stressful times. Now I want to be with him without school pressures - to see what that’s like - and get closer, a lot closer.

I don’t want commitment, but I’m saturated with desire. All I want is a fun July or August - with him. I seldom reveal the businesslike hardness I have buried inside. I want this and I’m ready for derp.

Peter worries - about money, about gender roles, social positions and what’s apposite. I don’t care about any of that. I want to give him a free month, like an amazing gift. He’s so male, so deceptively complicated, fragile and intoxicating.

I really need to think about this, and work it out - HA! - like I can think of anything else.
BLT Marriam Webster word of the day challenge: Apposite: “what's appropriate”

deck = cool
gillespie = hipster
meow = I want
confuddled = confused and befuddled
derp = anything and everything
Anais Vionet Jun 2022
Another night of dreams,
one after another, flickering half images
echo real events but bare my heart.

I try on new realities,
like dazzling garments or popup stores
of evanescent wants I may not admit to myself.
BLT Marriam Webster word of the day challenge: evanescent: something that vanishes quickly like a vapor
Where do you fit
Into my timetable
I want the attention
I need you to see me
But what I want
Doesn't matter
What matters most is that
You want to give it
Giving me the time of day
Make me part of your timetable
(Sounds a bit selfish...but I like it)
Jennifer DeLong Sep 2021
If only , I could have
those most desired
If only , I could have
the love most desired
If only , I could have those
wishes & wants  
It is the if only's
But you see it's not how
it comes to be
The if only is just a dream
we can want it but only in
our dreams can it happen
then you wake up and
go about your day
still thinking if only
If only life was fair
If only we could be happy
with what we don't have
So just remember
If only is just that
If only ..
© Jennifer L DeLong 🦏
N Pescador Apr 2021
When we’re younger
We always dream to be a doctor, lawyer, etc. when we grew up
But now we all grew up
We all wanted to be free, happy, we want freedom
We want to stop all this responsibilities even for a day
And you know what we all wanted when we all grew up?
To bring back time and be a kid again
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