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Romanticising to the extreme
I give you no space
To the moon and back
struggling to keep up the pace
Focusing on what you can
and not who you are
you bear the weight of my fantasies
my wishes, shooting star
His5Her is a series of poems with different points of view of fictional people.
Consuming each other
and we still burn
for a stronger flame
I yearn

We are back to a spark
but I want fire
I can't be complacent
with such a blazing desire
His4Her is a series of poems with different points of view of fictional people.
You want a fighter
and I don't like war
You want chaos
you don't desire "more"

Peace is a foreign concept
Order is "strange"
Are you sure you really need
what you call "change"?
His4Her is a series of poems with different points of view of fictional people
Lyn-Purcell Jan 4

Demons dance on wounds
But for one to rise again
One must find their peace

And to find our wings
We must find our one true selves
Live and embrace it

Emerge from the egg
Is what we want meant to be?
Time to test your wings

Based on a dream I had last night as a bird.
I hope to at least try and live by my true self.
By whom I was meant to be in life, only living by it would I ever soar freely 💜🙏
Sarah Flynn Nov 2020
please adorn my grave
with wildflowers.

do not go to the florist
to purchase a bouquet.

do not open your wallet
on the day of my death.

I hope you realize that
I can't take my savings
with me when I'm gone.

I wasted my entire life
learning that lesson.
material objects never
brought me happiness.

you have tried,
but you cannot
buy my love.

I do not care
what my headstone
looks like,

or if I even have
a headstone.

what I want is for you
to pick me wildflowers.

your money
is meaningless.

your time
and your effort
is all I want
when I die.

maybe you didn't
realize this, but

that is all I wanted
while I was still alive.
Sarah Flynn Oct 2020
I hope you know
that I will never need you.

I might want you.

I might love you.

I might hope that
you never leave me.

but you need to realize
that no matter how badly
I want you in my life,

I will never need you.
Anais Vionet Oct 2020
You know what you want, get it. Make sure it responds to your needs - remote-control it, sub-routine it and on-demand it - wring it out.

But once you have it - something changes, doesn’t it? It loses some luster - it isn’t PERFECT, **** it. It wears out or becomes obsolete and the lust is reborn, refocused.

Do you want me? I think you want me - you seem to want to possess me - but do you actually want ME?

What if my DNA could be used to create a perfect, cloned replica - right down to the pheromones - a perfect doppelganger.

Only this - me-two - would be a commandable pleasure doll shipped, Amazon Prime - and perhaps made with a rich, warm polymer skin that wouldn’t age - wouldn’t that be even better? I think it would be better.

But forget about me - with THAT kind of technology. Think about the licensing fee Rudy Pankow could get, or gasp Chase Stokes! - ***!!! dancing around the room

yelling out “Mom!!, MomMMMMMM!!, I KNOW what I want for Christmas!!”
nothing is ever perfect - but it might be perfectly useable
Sarah Flynn Oct 2020
I was told that some people
are born to be leaders,
and other people
are born to be followers.

my depression has sent me
on a downward spiral,
and I know that
I can't stay strong forever.
I won't stand tall forever.

am I a leader?
when I fall, will I take
anyone else down with me?

or am I a follower?
will I fall because I let
someone drag me down?

and if I don't want
to be either of those,
then who do I want to be?
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