Lilly 2d

The falcon, too, was once earth-bound,
    And scared to leave the solid ground;
    (How curious, to be afraid,
    To use the wings that you were given;)
    But she joined hands with her own terror,
    And let it lead the path to heaven;
    (How glorious, to understand,
    To use the power of your demons.)

Golden is her majesty,
dark are her intentions
Don't step too close
Don't pursue her
The wind beneath her wings
displaces every molecule

Cyan are her patterns and trends
Purple are her eyes
Don't look her in the eye

do you
pull me
In as a
and push
with the
of your
do I
end up
lifting my
to fly
back to
your storm?
I ask questions
only my heart
knows the
answer to

I hope you wern't planning on recinding or otherwise negating
Any sort of promise or promises you may have made
It would be a shame if you came out all this way
Just to find that I take great pains in the protection of my name

Or more likely you'll be the one in pain

Offered to hell as an infant I was born admist flame
Knocking down doors with each new refrain
Quick wit and free form thought
Fought off devil after monster every cut or wound a stain

You've no idea just how much I stand to gain

Tempt fate
Take that jump
You'll need a name change, and multiple states
Later I'll still find out
Treck though death itself, and
I'll teach you what my lifes about

Make your call, and make it now

I'm getting really fucking bored


In the
back by
she opened
her wings,
and soared
to the land
of the moon
as the angel

She has her wings open
But it looks broken
She wanna fly so high
Up in the sky

Is something stopping her?
Is something bothering her?
Why can't she?
Why won't she?

Look into her heart
And you'll know what is her desire
True love she seeks
She sees it, but never sees.

ashattack Mar 28

they see him running on sunbeams in the early morning. stars are tied to his toes and they rattle behind him like chains, but he has never felt so liberated. there was a time when atoms were exploding in his lungs and he could not breathe, colors would fly behind his eyes and he could not see. his skin was numb from too many suns burning beneath the surface. he used to curse the morning; now he holds it in his hands and sprinkles it down upon us.

he still sees himself as human, is that a surprise? though he is stardust and the remains of energy, he is flesh and blood first. he came from the womb, not from the sky. he knew his hands before he knew his wings; he knew his words before he knew his magic. he dances with the snow on winter nights only to melt it away in the day. he drinks golden wine, it’s gods ichor he sips. he twirls his curls around his fingers and whistles tunes only the bluebirds understand. he runs barefoot through forests and though his feet may bleed, he brings the sunlight with him and that’s all he needs. he trips on skies and sips waterfalls, throws his wishes into wells. he can make miracles happen. what being in the world would want to make such magic angry?

a thousand suns have tried before, to hold him in their burning grasp. there is no force known to us that can contain him where they lack.

Friends asked me
What does sky mean to you?
What about Stars? Shooting star?
And moon?
I smiled  and started whispering
That afternoon
You see the sky
They said yeah!
I said: the sky too sees me
I see the stars
And stars see me
I see the Moon
And the Moon sees me
Do you know why?
They seemed understand nothing
I continued...
It is simply because
Sky is my World;
Star is my Soul;
And the Moon is
My beauty, is my smile,
Moon is my heart...
Star and Moon
Are my Wings
To keep flying
Fly in my beautiful

I caressed the wings of sunrise
diaphanous and vague
against the morning light
while it embraced me
with a remote grin
while it taught me
to speak to my soul
looking each other
bound together by clouds threads
faint like frost
impalpable like spider's embroideries
regardless of distance
regardless of time.

Vincent JFA Mar 23

when gravity breaks the wings
clean off your back,
hit the ground running,
and collapse into my chest.

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