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The sweetness of success and
the salt of regret,
I will let them ride and glide
on paper wings

Ink flowing...
sky 15h
You’ve never felt so hollow before. So light. Counting the numbers over and over again. Watching them go up, up, sky rocketing. Then watching the boat sink, but you don’t feel like you’ve descended any more than you did yesterday, or a year ago. You wrap it around yourself tightly, trying to crush your insides into your fist until there’s wiggle room. It could be worse, but it could also be better. So much better.
You dream of floating, but the anchor holds you down, allowing the waves to swallow you whole. You search for the bumps you’ll never find. But if you bend over far enough, then you can feel it protruding out of your back- your wings. Growing out until you can fly away.
As the tornado sucks you up, the number may be dropping, lower and lower, but you can feel yourself rising up. Someday, maybe, you’ll be able to touch the stars. Or even better, you’ll surpass them. You can find the unfindable. Achieve the unthinkable.
Someday, you’ll fly so high up, that you won’t need to feel the heavy wool dragging you back to Earth.
You spend hours staring at yourself. Hoping that if you look at the right angle, you’ll see yourself blossoming like a rose. But you’re not close to sprouting.
The creature standing before you in the mirror haunts your nightmares. It’s eyes are as lifeless as yours.
It’s tears as wet as your own.
You stare at it.
And you count.
You whisper.
Then eventually it drops.
Your reflections all that’s left.
The skeleton screams at you, but you look right through it, staring at the monster in your head. The one only you can see.
It looms around you, encasing you within its body.
Get it off! You sob. Clawing at your own flesh. Peeling away the monster until there’s nothing but skin and bone.
But it’s not enough.
It’ll never be enough.

There’s no one around to see you anymore. There’s no one around to point out the way you wear your collar bones like a diamond necklace.
Or how you dream of showcasing your hip bones like a trophy.
There’s no longer a ruler small enough to measure your waist.
There isn’t a number small enough to measure your dreams.
You’re alone.
But that’s alright.
You have the corpse in the mirror to be your best friend.

Your cruel words are shadows
beaten by the light of my

Another short poem!
I'm currently on my 15 minute break!
An hour and I'll be done.
Ill let you know when I'm home!
See ya soon!
Lyn xxx
Tori 2d
Soft, moonlit wings glide under the light of the moon,
while shadows dance on the snow below.
Flying into the unknown, breathing in whimsy,
she refuses to land or succumb to the fatigue.
But the frosty silence lulls her to sleep
with pinstriped stories delicately written onto her skin  
until her mind succumbs to the stillness

and she no longer flees from the snows embrace...
Sometimes the love that we feel for someone is like a moth travelling through the night, it is beautiful but it cannot withstand the cold, harsh truths of reality. How could something so pure survive in this environment? When these wonderful feelings no longer provide the stability we need to survive winter... What am I to do if there is only winter and no springtime?
She Is
The beauty in the sunset you just have to stop and watch.

She Is
The fascination while standing at a waterfall.

She Is
The awe when looking into the desert sky at night.

She Is
Your wings when you are ready to take flight.

She Is
That excitement you get

She Is
That peace of mind

She Is
What keeps you going every single time

She Is
A part of your heart and always in your thoughts

She Is
A special kind of love that cant be bought

She Is
Always by your side she knows you are the one keeping her spirit alive

She Is
Your baby girl your angel your one and only

She Is
Your beautiful daughter

She Is

A special request write for a friend who lost her daughter long before we met.
Annie 3d
Once upon a time,
You called me an angel.

So for once,
I'll try flying up high,
Soaring into the wind.
Secretly hoping I'll fall forever instead.
They always are
one blink of wings away
from eternity.

They always are
one sunrise away
from the dust.

They know well,
that their first dance
is the last.
jerelii 6d
from thy heart that speak
untangled strings of thoughts may
dreams and hope be free
Write what speaks from the heart and mind
it shall be free after all.

She Writes Sep 13
You were not forged with wings
To spend your life perched upon a branch
Watching the world pass you by
Louisa Coller Sep 11
Tender crimson leaves,
shade the tiny, tired fairy,
masking her flowerbed.
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