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You're an adorable dolphin
Your cute fin!
You're ecstatic about watery
You sport and swiftly swim
And swim
You dance with the white horses
You sing in the tempest

You're the lovely hyacinth
You enhance
The elegance
Of a gorgeous
Your evocative
Is mind-blowing!

You're a sweet skylark
Your pleasant tone is
Magically melodious

You're the silvery rain
You remove the pain
Of the heat of the sun

You're the splendid
You feel a glow
Of colour
You've the VIBGYOR
You are

You're the
You blow nicely
You're more
Than invisibility

You're the lamplight
The djinn
And obscurity
Fear you
You're luminously bright!

You are
You own
The evergreen
Realm of fancy!:)
Imagination is more important than knowledge-Albert Einstein
Zoe Mei 6d
poetry is wings
fluttering against cupped palms
to keep & set free
Terra Levez May 14
you may have left me
saying that to believe in love is childish
but i didnt believe in it
until you came

you opened up a chasm in me
and when you left, i feared its depths
rather than exploring its meadows

when i fell
i only saw the ground
and i forgot to open my wings
this wasnt meant to be sad
it was meant to convey the beauty i was blind to, the love that i felt not from another but from myself. it was so beautiful, but i forgot it when he left.
now when im realizing it all over, with no one other than me, its so so beautiful to be alone and free.
Butterflies can’t see their own wings
That’s why they don’t know how beautiful they are
Maybe you’re a butterfly too
You just don’t know how beautiful you are yet
I saw this written on a scrap piece of paper in a library, I think it means a lot to some people
His lips are not of sinners
yet the taste is slowly turning bitter.
Hell is here and I fear my love for him.
Kisses are getting *****;
with a tint of innocence, however quirky.
But he has a pure soul and a fine mind.
There’s fire all over in this,
and he’s seeking peace.
I want to calm him with the blood running in my veins;
vigilant enough to burn him with my flames.
He likes speaking in between breaths.
I like making him shut in breaks.
My words are less to describe his eyes,
delightful and dangerous at the same time.
He is aware of the strength in my arms,
I’m sure of making him melt in them.
Magic in wild and colors in life,
makes him want the dark more.
He has a heart of a King,
still demands demon wings!
- Aishwarya Kulkarni
She Writes Apr 16
I do not need to be saved
I am the knight in my fairy tale

If I fall
It will be off a cliff of mountains I scaled alone

If I crash
It will be in the waves of my own ocean

If I float
It will be on the boat I built with my hands

And when I fly
It will be with the wings I forged myself
Wings extended to its farthest
The soft wind under me
Lifting my wings higher
The tips gently dipping into the sea
Creating clear crystalline ripples
Being free is all I desire
I lift my wing and dive in
Aiming for the fishes fin
I go straight for the win
The chances of me getting out is thin
But I took the chance
Without a second glance
Being in the water holds me in a deathly trance
But to freedom, I must fight
Back to the light
And into my flight
bubblyflower Apr 5
When I was just an innocent child,
Unlike others, I wouldn't go wild
I would swing in a cherry blossom tree,
And no other children would notice me.
I was a shy child, very timid of socializing,
But a boy with wings was approaching,
"I can be your friend, dear one,
We will explore every corner
Of your rich imagination
We will fly beautifully together"
Time passed, I felt amazing,
But the clock was ticking,
The boy said: "It is time to go, my love,
It is time to let go, we'll be together
Even after the end!"
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