comme un oiseau,
Elle vole de ses propres ailes.

her silhouette is black against the evening blue of the sky,
the breeze as gentle as her whispered words.

Le vent souffle doucement
Aussi lente que les saisons passent.

and just like a bird,
she flits above the treetops, her chicks left at home in the nest.

Mais comme un oiseau vole,
elle ne peut pas voler longtemps

but every little bird, no matter how brave
must return home.

I wrote this poem so that I tells the reader three poems;
the first: in English, tells the story of a mother-figure, having dream-like experiences.
the second: in French, tells us of how she struggles to keep going
the third: the whole poem is about her needing space from her family, her life, because she's struggling, but that she just can't stay away for ever.
this poem is entirely about the readers interpretation.

Butterflies flap their wings to escape gravity
Allowing the winds of change to lift them towards peace
like a monk's prayer
Say what you will about this story of humble beginnings
True humility is in the lobe it takes to encourage this journey
through times darker than shade
So I say to my butterfly
Let me be your wind
And always support your flight

A H S Jul 9

Your wings flutter and flap
As you struggle to keep up

The water pulls you down
It fills your burning lungs
Telling you to give up

But you don't

You push and pull
Against the strong current
And fight your way
To the surface

Only to realise keeping up doesn't matter
Because it will always push you down
Its where the water takes you
That counts

Flow with the current
It will bring better things
Into your life

So stop your struggling little bird
For you have great things still to come.
Hold on pain ends

The battle if society  constantly  pushing us down, telling us to give up, that we will never be good enough.
mina Jul 8

you were an angel in the shape
of my mom

when i fell down
you'd be there to holding me up

spreading your wings as you go

ow hallelujah
you were faithful in so many shades
and forms

whenever i'd drown
you'd be there to lift me up

as we both wanted to spread our wings



this is lyrics originally written by ed sheeran in a song called supermarket flower and i felt inspired to change it up a bit
Sarah Parker Jul 7

I once had
a beautiful voice
and you asked me
why I no longer sing.
I turned to you
and quietly replied
"because I was a bird,
and you clipped my wings."

Wanderlust Jun 18

The whisky on your breath makes me worried
As we speed along the winding road.
But I forgive you for this crime,
Because to you, everything’s owed-

Or so you say after a long day’s work
When your feet begin to complain.
That and your lack of love for me...
Because of this, you are my bane.

Your repeated hugs and phrases
Consisting of an empty “I Love You”
Makes me wonder the true meaning
And all you never lived up to.

You check my phone to “make sure I’m safe”
But I think we both really know
That you never cared about me at all,
Inside me, you’ve dimmed a glow.

Control is all you value,
Control in your own little world,
Well I’m breaking out, goodbye for now.
I’ve let my wings unfurl.

Jobira Jun 10

She is crying rivers, but the
tears won't solace her pain,
for her heart is broken into pieces,
to a degree beyond repair.
Each memory felt is,
a reflection of her scars,
which makes her cry more,
for she is a bird, with broken wings,
that can't fly through an open door.
She smiles for a moment, then
her grins fades away,
so she puts off everything
to cry another day.
She looks in the mirror
and sees her other self-image,
and says nothing's left for me,
beyond the next page;
She wakes away with despair, to her last tipping edge,
but realizes later that, life's just a game,
which is played on a stage.
Biting her tender lips, she then tells herself:
If this life, this drama, which is
filled with pain, joy, fear,
and laughter, is found on stage,
I am choosing, two and four; then,
she decided to find her youth,
and jumped to a New Age.

kyle dionysus Jun 11

I was born with wings, and have flown to many places within my reach,  I've been called by many names throughout my journeys and have learnt many things...                                                        ­                                                               but one thing I still don't know is if I'm an angel or a demon.

Donna Jones Jun 11

Little fly on beige
wall looks like a full stop..with
big capital letters

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