a girl fell in love for an angel not because of the,
wings she saw,
but for the eyes that is filled with..
such emotions,
nothing that ever belonged.
to a demon.

the touch of his hand and his soft voice,
filled with.
in the darkness, where
she lit,
and a baby that shall be born.
If each breath was a current
then the wings on my back would
Should I choose to swim or float?
Would you swim or float?
Autmn T 6d
I once saw a butterfly with bruised wings and, in that moment,  I understood what it felt like to break the most fragile, beautiful part of oneself
Written during a time when I felt like giving up with the possibility of love due to anothers inability to appreciate the love I was giving
E McNamara Mar 16
I used to tear myself apart
And bleed blue butterfly wings
To pause my torment.
My life had become pure survival,
On creating something beautiful
Out of a dreadful loneliness.

My life had become a horrific masterpiece.
No one understood- those blue butterfly wings,
Kept me alive.
I used to tear myself apart.
Slice, to release my anguish.
But a constant, it always was-

Lingering, waiting,
For the blue butterfly wings to vanish.
For me to rip myself apart.
Again, and again, and again.
At times it seemed
My suffering never ended.

These days are different,
For when those blue butterfly wings
Bleed out my skin,
They never mature to red    I devour them
To have lasting serenity.
Anguish will not ruin me again.

I used to tear myself apart.
This poem is describing how it felt to cut while I was depressed. I cut to take out my anger and sadness on myself. It ruined me and "helped" me at the same time. Again, any feedback would be appreciated :)
Tiana Marie Mar 13
Trees are trees
Birds are birds
Bees are bees
Cats are cats
Dogs are Dogs
Flies are flies
Bugs are bugs
Leaves are leaves
Wings are wings
I am me
that isn't changing.
Blake Mar 13
Oh, how the fuzzy dragon walks, down to the river he goes.
There he finds a boy, feet dipped in the cool stream.
He's crying.
"What's wrong, boy?" the dragon asks.
"I have lost my way."
"Maybe I can help you find it again."
The boy hops on his back.
The dragon spreads his wings, to find a problem:
They are too small and feeble to carry the weight of this skinny boy.
He shakes the boy off,
and flies away.
I was given a set of wings
huge, strong and powerful
but I've never used it
to fly and soar
and feel the breeze
above the sun kissed sea
with cotton candy clouds
all around me
never even tried
never even dared

Sometimes I wonder
wether these were given to me
as a gift to cherish
     a blessing to own
or a curse to carry
     a burden for all my life to bear

And I wonder what it
would feel like
to be free
to fly like the others do
if only I weren't
too afraid to try
too afraid to dare

I sometimes try to take
a leap of faith
but as soon as I reach the edge
I feel the mighty wind
I beheld the depth
I see the drop
I hear death
I get nauseous
I pull back
I tuck my wings in
and shut it nice and tight

Maybe what I need is something
that would push me
but it would be nicer
if  it would pull me
taking me with it
in the fall and teach me
how to fly
you'll know what i'm talking about in here ;)
Rae Slager Mar 10
I told him,
"I'm scared I'll drag you down"

and he looked me in the eyes
and he said,

I'll carry you on my shoulders"

and for this reason
I will be his wings
I'm feeling the love tonight
Jesse Earle Mar 8
A dangling pair of lily white wings
   in the dappled moonlight esprit;
hang entangled as silken spider web
   draped in the sweet Magnolia tree

From beneath there was no way of knowing
   why a pair of abandoned wings lodge mislaid
One could not help but wonder
   how high one might fly with wings

But these feet tread far below the treetops
   too high up from roots to climb
No telltale tiptoe prints cavort to be the talebearer
   No feathered traces scattered all around

A hearken say, tickle-footed as a ladybug,
   hold forth in a breeze brushed ear
Not completely undoubtable heed spoken;
   a language bestow from another ether
softly breathe a whisper'd sigh:

"Behold the wings of a fallen angel;
   uplifted by love's amazing grace
Lost alone in a moonstruck blindness
   an angel flying too close
           to the ground


             Jesse Earle
Arcassin B Mar 6
By Arcassin Burnham

Behave, like angels,
We can't,  be able,
Provide,  the Lord will,
Changes , are not made,
And people , will be fake,
See now, we change for,
A worser , endeavour,
I feel this is forever,

Unless , we do something,
The end, only ends you,
The choices , you will make,
Make sure , you care for you,
And build , a better virtue,
Write a , four page letter,
To a , misguided lover,
That will go on forever,

Palm Coast , city of twos,
Based , in a state of reckoning,
They will, forget you,
No time , for all the moping,
To search,  while hoping,
Hope you , could stand the weather,
Will my family be here?
But they won't be forever.

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