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There was an angel who fell from the sky
And I mended his broken wings
But it pained me so
When he had to leave
He blessed me goodbye
And kissed me on the cheek
And promised that
He’d come back for me
a late-night written poem
james 5d
icarus, i believe
is heavily overwritten
especially by me

but golden eyes
and golden wings
never melt
from the mind
of a poet;

it's our apollos
that drive our pens
to begin with
Disintegrated wings,
Even angels fall too.
A glance up to the sky,
Caught a transcending view.

Landed on two feet,
An angel's new terrain.
Only few will sit and worship,
But most attempt in vain.

The sky was never cleared,
In fact, formations all the more.
A rabbit, a cake, an astronaut,
Even rain would still downpour.

Following in hopeful doubt,
Freedom's symbol is no chain,
Bare in mind, no change occurred,
The droplets were always acid rain.

Caught in fair deceit,
For my fault was to submit.
When glancing from the outside,
I didn't see the whole of it.

Because angels never fall,
With wings upon their back.
For a fall is cunning foolery,
And we're victims of attack.

Stuck in hypnotic values,
Our worth seemed to accrue.
But we must've forgotten the fact:
That the devil walks here too.
Audrey Oct 4
Birth to death
no choice
no power
get what you get

say they know
say they understand
but sometimes they cause
our deepest pains,
echo out of their mouths
bouncing around our skulls
tearing us apart
"I was your age too once"
but you were never me.
"why do you have to be like this"
choosing not to see my pain
doesn't mean it's not there
"lazy little brat"
"act like an adult,
be more responsible,
more mature"
"you are a CHILD!"
I want wings
I want to fly
to get away
to be free
to be me
get what you get

-they say it will get better but what if I cant wait that long...
random and not my best but whatever
A M Ryder Sep 29
We flew aloft
On mechanical wings
And suddenly the heavens
Were within reach
To those who could
Build the machines
To take them there
Lyrical Dream Sep 26
dear diary,

i flew today

and as my amethyst wings split the multicolored skies
and the golden cloud's kiss left the sweet taste of euphoria to bless by tongue

i flew,

the sun's warm glow bathing my features
as the sea below waved a wave as calm as the mighty screams of chaos

and, in return, i offered a sway of my hand.

i could feel the burn of icarus's ghostly eyes scorching my flesh as my arms reached to the beauty of heaven's flaming heart

and, finally,

i touched it.

it dripped like honey between my outstretched fingers,
puddling in the cracks of my skin,


it seeped into my bloodstream, breathing life into my dead veins and rhythm into my silenced chest.

it's warm touch trickled into my soul and
kissed my anxious thoughts into oblivion

as i fell,

she whispered her name into the icy breeze.


the goddess spoke,

something grabbed my wrist,

something darker than death,

something more silent than a corpse.

dear icarus,

is this how it feels?

to die a euphoric death at the hands of the sea's blissful waves

or, am i only suffering a godly insanity?
Sophie Sep 17
I will paint these words,

On the wings of your sparrow.

To fly, into tommorow.
Vachaspathi Sep 7
The fiery romance among the thousand guns annihilated the angel's nascent wings.
m h John Sep 5
i am jealous of how
they are able to grow & find themselves
before i am able to
find enough comfort
to look in a mirror

i envy how
they can hide in a home
isolated by fear and danger
and still find the strength
to spread their colorful wings
to fly off into the moonlight

i treat their wings
as if i were you and they were me

i tear them apart
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