Emilie 7d
You stay low to the ground
Afraid to move, to make a sound
Why let gravity pull you down?
Look behind you my dear...

You have wings

Wings of mercy that can carry you high
Over burdens, like dark clouds in the sky
Tell me, haven't you always longed to fly?
Just look my dear, you have wings

Once you take flight you will finally see light
The darkness is real, but there's no need to fright
The Son will surely destroy the dark night
He gave you your wings
So take courage
Take flight!
God's forgiveness lifts our burden of sin and gives us wings of mercy
Lyn-Purcell Jun 9
The unlikeliest people have
wings on their backs
peace in their souls
and halos under hats
Never judge someone by their appearance. You have no idea what they could do to help you in your time of need. So treat all you meet with the kindness they rightfully deserve. The world would be a better place for it.

This poem was inspired by Sue's work so it's a dedication to her! Thanks so much, and be back soon!
Lyn xxx
I never wanted
you to give me
and lift me up
into the sky

I just wanted
you to help me
to lift me up
just to make me
an inch above
the ground
so I could be
strong enough
to carry the weight
of my mind
That one stare
you gave me from across the room.
Showing me how disappointed
you are that I no longer is yours to keep.

I feel every inch of my body
filled with terror.
Because you blame me
for moving on when you haven't.

You gave me no reason to stay
or obey.
But I will never recover
from your straight, lonely stare.

I hope you now learn
that you can't cut the wings
off the flying bee
and expect it to collect nectar.

For I am no longer present for you.
Dipti Dhakul Jun 4
we ever
to put an
the pieces
of puzzle
for in darkness
she has dwelt
much too long
miracle indeed
it would be
for she will fly
in an atmosphere
waiting so hard
hoping & wishing
becomes reality
no matter
what it must
be get your
plane right
on time
over the hills
& everywhere
she'll change
her tune
no one
and no one
will stop her
catch her
for wings
never stop
while on
She will fly one day and that day is yet to come ...
If I had wings
And I could fly
I'd watch over you
Wherever I'd go

But what good ever
Could come out of this
When all I ever do
Is falling hard for you

Not that it would change much
You never needed me
Yet here I am still falling
Hoping that one day you might

No if I ever got wings
I would leave, fly far away
To the deep and dark oceans
Where falling would hurt much less

But then I would be sinking
Seeping deep into your lies
Your dark, beautiful eyes
Never to leave my thoughts

Drowning in your shadow
I would then realize
Flaws to my demise
Needing compromise

So if I grew wings
I'd cut them clean off
Fall down and cry
Never to fly
My second original piece of poetry on here, hope you guys enjoy and I'd love to hear some feedback!

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“you will be the death of me.”
you told me so seductively,
as if you knew the roll of your tongue would make me fall immediately.
and i’m not one to judge someone just because they throw themselves at anyone who promises love
but then came you and i don’t know what to do.
they told me you were hard to get
like chasing oil around in a puddle of water,
but one kiss made you weaker than the rest
and now i’m not sure i want to bother.
so i left you behind like a worthless lie
but you tried to follow.
oh how do you expect me to be free when all you've done is clip my wings?
and i pushed you down i pushed you down pushed you down you down down
because that's what lovers who can't stand to be lovers do.
they abuse and  
use and drown
and when you told me six short words
i knew for sure your heart was cursed.
if i keep leaving you down in the dirt
maybe you'll realize that pretty girls can hurt
everything you are going
for and everything you're
dying for, so my dearest
darling, must you see,
"you too, will be the death of me."
i cut my hair last night to start anew in a chapter i call without you and it's going to be the best i've ever written
Uta May 26
Strangely she saw a cat with wings in the streets.

Strangely she saw a dragon walking in the middle of the town.

Strangely she saw griffons flying and big long serpents swimming in the water beneath a bridge.

Strangely she saw creatures shaped weirdly who simply walked together with other humans.

Strangely she thought she was going mad.

But really what was happening is that she just stood there in one place, strangely frozen, daydreaming.
I felt strange when writing this.
Comment down below and tell me what you think.
Pax May 21
Too many shattered Mirrors
Mirroring my sins.

Too many walls
Hindering my wings.

My growth remains
as silence Kills.

How do you love the
I was never a writer
I was just some poet
Who seek some
understanding in my
understatement @pax

at times I feel so tired...
thanks to those who still read me..
As our lips touched

I tasted heaven for the first time

I felt the wings rise from your back

You shone your holy light right into my heart

And from that moment on

I knew apart of me would always be in love

With an angel who walks amongst Earth
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