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Depression was gained
Brains were strained
As we enter the game,
We knew it couldn’t be the same

We were supposed to be anew
But we all knew
School is only a prison
Even though we listen

We have finally risen
Speaking about the feelings
Like the red roses
Blooming in the fields
Causing healings

School has been causing friction
So I use fiction,
To stop a restriction
So I wouldn’t let the tears glisten

As school ends,
I hope for a happier time
But I can get in line
As I’m not the only one
Who has been inflicted
And restricted
This is about my experience this year with school along with my general thoughts on school.Also is for a school project.
riri Apr 23
oh but every time you left
you took a piece of me with you
and now
that part of me is all gone
you just came back and left time after time, just to crush my heart every single time. now it's all gone and i can't feel that way again
Honestly. I'm tired of hearing it. Who are you? What are you going to do in life? How will you make your mark? What will you amount to?
That's not a real career. Have you thought about something else as a more practical career? You won't succeed.

How can I think freely if all my thoughts are full of holes? Everyone nitpicking them until they no longer exist, what's the point of even trying?
How can I succeed if everyone pushes me back into my bubble? What am I supposed to do if I can't even leave? No one expects me to leave, either.

How am I supposed to get anywhere if I'm surrounded by high expectations? What am I supposed to accomplish? I can't get anywhere today. The bar's too high. All I can do is complain. Is this really all I can do? It's so... awful. It's a bother. It's a nuisance. I hate it. What am I meant to be?
I'm tired. Of everything. Honestly.
Mel Mar 9
All the steps we’ve walked.
All the jokes we shared.
All the tears we cried.
All the pain we felt.

We endured it
We felt it
No matter what

We agreed on that.
Didn’t we?
Our little promise,
Of childhood hopes.

But time has taken its toll
And now, you are gone.
Taken away
But you’re not looking back

No matter how hard I try
I can never forgot you
No matter how hard I try
I can’t get over you

After all the steps we’ve taken
I’m trying to erase how far we’ve walked in miles.
Are you also trying?
Or am I the only one?
Well, back at it after what- a year? Yeah. Stuff happened and that actually gave me motivation to write 😃
riri Mar 4
i'm practically on my hands and knees, Lord
begging for a sign
of whether i should stay or go
Ahmad Attr Feb 26
Reaching my hands so hard
that my fingers bent
Counting days till happiness
And my finger lines are erased
I finally grasp a fading light
It’s a memory of olden times
Swinging in the blue rusted swing
In school’s playground, waiting
For my parents to pick me up
So I’ll show them my bruises
And they’ll cheer me up with the boxes of juices

But it’s not enough so I reach out again
I grasp a fading light
It’s a memory of happy times
Dancing in the monsoon rain
With my brothers in the flooding streets
With overflowing drains
And coming home to slip under the warm blanket
And pray for the rain to continue
But the school was never skipped, the sky always turned blue

However it’s not enough so I must reach out again
to grasp a fading light
It’s a memory of good ol’ times
Standing beneath the shady tree, cursing out names
Me with my rather competitive friends
Throwing jabs and insults but taking it in all fun and games
And the cruel school times diluted by the spirit
Of carelessness, nonchalance and adolescence
When the handholds of hours were actually for a minute

But why isn’t in enough, I can’t reach out anymore
My feet are twisted, my arms are broken,
I can’t do this no more
But I run, one step turned into a hundred
Breezing through all these fading lights
To find the one, the dearest to mine

Is it my mother kissing my forehead?
Is it the whisper that made a poet?
Or the family trips with my brothers and cousins?
Or the foolishness with friends without repercussions?
No they’re not them, not the movies nor my video games
I run, I run, I run but it’s all the same
I can’t find the one
Not the stories I created in my wandering head
Not the pleasures of life, nothing lies ahead

It’s not enough, I can’t reach out anymore
No amount of those fading lights
Can return back the fading lights in my eyes
As I lay bleeding in the middle of a road
I can’t reach out anymore
I can’t reach out anymore
I can’t anymore
.......i can't anymore
MB Feb 13
I’ve missed you sadness
I’ve been pushing you off
Keeping busy
But your tang
Your forbidden kisses
On my wrist-

The pain
Gets me so high
I miss feeling something
Rachel Rae Feb 11
I heard the angels
Sing in choir
Low and reverent but without sorrow
And I closed my eyes
To hear better
Over rising roars of hellfire
riri Feb 2
she started realizing her worth
until she was set back again
she realized she drove everyone away
no one wants to deal with a broken little girl anyway

maybe she doesn't deserve anything
maybe she deserved the pain
after all she wasn't a perfect person
she's made a lot of mistakes

"maybe it's karma" she thought
she was spiraling more and more each day
she grew more angry with herself
and dark thoughts took over again

they creeped back into her mind, right when started doing well again
this time, the thoughts are more intense and strong
the temptation is there
but she knows she shouldn't give in

she wants to so badly though
she thinks she deserves to feel the pain
after all she drove everyone away
no one wants to deal with a broken girl anyway
she's so close
I could hear the silent tapping from the snow against the window
The only light to be seen within miles being the round moon
It was a cold, grim, and dark night
The sadness in the air was overwhelming
The black page sitting on the dark wooden table
No thoughts no feelings to arise
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