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Tim Benjamin Sep 5
I miss you like the earth misses the sun, during the night while the world is hushed in its slumber. I miss you like I miss breathing because I've been holding my breath since our last goodbyes. I used to think time stood still in those moments when our bodies were entangled and our lips embraced eachother in a way that always seemed so familiar. But without you my love time has come to a complete stop. Seconds seem like hours and hours like days without you by my side. The broken pieces of my heart now resemble the sands of time slipping through an hourglass. And yet I still feel the pulsing beat in the voided emptiness left in my chest. I still love you and I always will. I wish I could take the pieces of my broken heart and fill a snow globe just for you so you will never forget the story of how I fell for you.
Just pouring my heart out on paper
Your that black

into the

Making it


a dance with
life and death.

Drowning my
heart in your

Your devilish
ways became
a balancing
tight rope,

To not fall
to my demise
of playing russian
Roulette with
my life.

All rights and
Copyright belongs
to ©BSM

Dark poetry
Abuse emotional
The9 Jul 22
Yet to live
We searched for more
Shamed of your desires
to even the score
Open your eyes to see
Misty winds
Counting the minutes
It takes to breathe in.
Renae Jul 19
I'm less than half a century
there's so much this world tells me I should be

I don't know
how that could be
I did what I ought
I stood and I fought
I ignored what I knew
they thought of me

Now my bones are weary
my muscles have
no get up and go
they feel they have
nowhere to be

I try to see the hope in view
I focus on that narrow
slice of light I knew
I stood with
my feet in concrete

Now I am tired of standing
I am no longer what I can be
My existence isn't happy
my vision is blurry

Love never lasted for me
I knew you
needed this
sincere apology
to pull yourself

but you
had to be broken

so I could
keep myself
in one piece
Sometimes I feel that it isn't right,
How close we are but yet
So far apart.
There's not a day, a single
solemn minute that goes by
That you don't cross my mind.
I've taken every piece of you &
Hoarded it, for better or worse.
To the point I can barely recognize
which parts are me
& which are you.
These bright and colorful reminders.
I've taken it all.
In walking distance so far from where
we began.
I've taken it all,
& held it tight without question.
On the days I really wanted to see you,
You were numb.
for better or worse.
To the point I can barely recognize
which parts are me
& which are you.
You've stuffed me with long sharp pins,
pressing them deep
Without consideration to how it feels
or how I'd feel.
Not once have I said a word,
In walking distance so far from where
we began.
On the days I really wanted to see you,
which parts are me
& which are you.
There just isn't anymore room,
Those were your words to me
Molwantwa May 11
Even after the heartbreak
I wanted to treat your heart like it was my own
The thought of disengaging with you was tormenting
The heart was in a “I want what i want” Mode
don´t make her love you
if you are going to come and go,´

don´t tell her you´ll protect her
just to end up letting her burn,

don´t make her trust you
if you arent planning on answering her calls,

don´t pretend you understand her
just to get under her skin,

don´t make her show you her demons
if you aren´t brave enough to fight them,

don´t make her fell she is essential
if you are going to walk away,

don´t call to say goodnight everyday
if you want her to sleep when you forget,

don´t make her give you everything just to leave her empty-handed,

don´t make her believe you care
if you plan on dissapointing her,

Don´t make her yours
if you aren´t going to be hers´

Dont make her your bestfriend
if you don´t plan loving her ´till the end
Poem dedicated to the friends I lost along the way and to my fear of abbandonment.
its boughs, so large and heavy
but its leaves lean to the wind
just as sadness marches steady,
to the beat one’s starts to sing

winds that cause the willow branch to groan,
pluck like harp strings, dry and rustling leaves
who speak of rope- over them thrown
when a weight should come to pull them,
it is not exactly known

life starts with hope,
and from there, the path is forked

life either dies with the sunset,
or sees the moon in panicked fraught

trees end in branches,
and on those branches tied-
are braids that end in knots

such as the willow, knows in its heart
those who come and see, afar
hides the body hanging from it
with its leaves and broken heart
ShyAnne Mar 5
Suddenly nothing else mattered
You were there
Your charm and humor
Suddenly I was ok
I used to watch as they walked all over me
Now I realize
I don’t deserve to be used
I am worth sacrifice
You give me your time
You call me yours
You aren’t ashamed
To be seen with me
To hold me
Out in the open
You stand up for me
When they stare and laugh
I feel safe next to you
I don’t know how long this will last
But I have issues and I have to ask
That you don’t use them against me
I don’t wanna jump all over you
But please don’t use it against me
I hope you see
I’m just scared
Hurt by way to many
I trust you
Don’t abuse that
I love you
Please don’t try to use that
My wrists are healed
I don’t want to reopen it
You fixed me
If you ever wanna leave
Let me down easy
I’m sorry if this scares you
I don’t wanna hurt you
I just want you to know what you’re getting into
Because what happens
When hands get put on me
More than you know
This is a warning
A boy I used to love... a boy I gave my all to... a boy who broke all of his promises to me.
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