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and that moment I realized
forever wasn't a time indication
it was a feeling,

but feelings can fade.
our forever ended.
Tulsa 7d
Here I am
beneath these waves
as water
fills everything
that you

Gaping holes
torn, slashed, ragged at the edges,
burning underneath
a thousand broken promises,
salt water in a wound
that cannot
(will not)
be healed.

I was
so selfish-
only thinking
never you,
even though
all I ever did
and have done,
was for you.

But yet,
that was what you said
that night,
with my world
shattering around my shoulders,
dragging me
into this abyss,
flames snuffed out
by the water
I once loved.

And now
I'm here,
haunting the sea,
a siren
with no voice
a broken melody
that sounds
a love song
on a cracked record
scratched by a razor needle,
with your hands
spinning the
To the boy I loved before
emily Sarker Apr 15
I neverrr cried to the night
But since the day you left
I cried to the stars every night
Cried to our stars
Cried to my star
To go chase yours down
And once again
Align us back together
Mary Lupague Apr 10
Sa kabila ng lahat ng sakit

Sa iyong mapupungay na mga mata, ako parin ay naakit.

Sa kabila ng mga luha.

Makita ka lang, 'di ko mapigilang sumaya.

Para kang isang droga gustong gusto kong balik balikan

Kahit mali at pinagbabawalan.

Bawal, kasi 'di ka pwede maging akin

Bawal, kasi iba ang nasa iyong piling.
Shem Apr 7
My dear Lovely, you’re so silent
Tho I can hear your sentiment
As the moon rises on your eyes
Mind soon to be covered with lies

Coffee was not your cup of tea
But you sipped just to make him glee
Thinking that he was worth a try
But later on he said goodbye

You don’t own his lips anymore
Just please don’t ever shut the door
We once lived in desolation
We’re all victims of frustration

My dear Lovely, you’re so silent
Your body speaks so violent
Have you just thought of doing it?
For in this world is full of ****.
I wrote this randomly after I read some thriller novels? I think I made this around 2016? ****! I honestly forgot. Anyway, please do comment some feedbacks about my poem. Whatchu think about it? Thank you for reading!
emily Sarker Apr 4
I've accepted ill hurt for now,
to forget 2 years,
it will take time.
but I also know I will be okay one day.
so, for now, I let the memories hurt,
and let the dreams of better days give me strength and hope.
one foot in front of the other,
taking it day by day,
two hearts forgetting each other
I keep on going.
losing a lover who was also your best friend and only family is very hard, sets you out to walk the world alone, but sometimes you have no choice, sometimes you don't mean the world to someone that means the world to you and they wake up one day and leave you behind.
emily Sarker Apr 4
you held me tight before i boarded the plane.
we stayed in each others arms till the very last minute.
not a single word escaped our lips,
but your eyes told me you didn't love me the same anymore.
my eyes pleaded you to not give up on us,
not to let it all go,
but your eyes didn't change.
and i knew this goodbye,
was our final goodbye.
and as i boarded the plane,
it marked the beginning of us becoming strangers,
as we went our separate ways
recently I moved states, and I knew right then as I was moving I would lose the guy that I have loved for the past 2 years. even if he told me he would stay, after I moved he blocked me out, didn't even say goodbye rather left me in the middle.
Arisa Apr 4
will someone please **** my tired body
until i fall into a million pieces
and you pick me up and put
me together again just so
you can add another
line to the tally of
girls you ****?
you *******.
i hate you.
Let this promise
   In me start
       Like an anthem
In my heart
      Will be waiting
  To start
Where it ended.
Love is beautiful
Manda Mar 29
You love her too much
I envy the power of it
She doesn’t know you
You don’t know me either
But I know you
And you feel like you do know her
Until yours become the only way
To end this agony
I want to love you too
Help me to end my own agony
But its too much
Too deep and hurt
But when will we meet each other
When we’re too busy
Catching the heart that doesn’t want to be reached
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