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I can’t stop thinking of lips,
Glossy, pouty and luscious,
A tongue that twirls, darts and dips,
Sensing a sense so precious.

No feeling exceeds kissing,
More than any sense of touch,
If lips on mine went missing,
I’d miss nothing else so much.

Dreaming of red lips on mine,
With a tickling tongue atrill,
Feather soft tongue’s tip so fine,
I cannot hold my heart still.

Use a tongue to enter me,
Grab my face to *******,
Taste as sweet as sweet can be,
Kissing’s where my love comes from.
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Mei B 2d
I love the way your hand intertwines in mine.
When you put your arms around me I’m engulfed in a sea of warmth so devine.
One touch and all the stress goes away in my life. I feel your love burning with passion.
Especially when the fibers of our bodies touch until we both reach satisfaction.
When I move away you come in closer, pulling me in so the feeling isn’t over.
You make the stress melt away in my life, although sometimes the cause.
We have both gained and lost, but most importantly we’ve grown.
All the affection you give is proud to be shown.
You got me feeling euphoria.
As you lay next to me, sleeping so sound.
I am thankful you are the one I’m around.
*slowly coming back from hiatus*

for my love. his arms are always a safe haven.
My courtship is like autumn chill,
An omen to the nervous trees,
Who hold their warmth by staying still,
Before the comfort of green flees.

The steady chill has no effect,
The leaves resist their urge to fall,
The branches hold ever *****,
Resisting the whistling winds call.

With the first frost there is a change,
The tree becomes vulnerable,
The nakedness of its trunk is strange,
But change is inevitable.

My poetry has worn away,
The leaves you wore for protection,
That frost came when you heard me say,
Magic words of my affection.
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Between the sheets, in perfect peace,
The back and forth is synchronous.
The movements slow but never cease,
Then rise with violence amorous.

Between the sheets, yet closer still,
The **** for love becomes sublime,
One slides in to the other’s fill
The coming moments beyond time.

Between the sheets, the eyes roll back,
The light caress has now dug in,
Moans interrupted by a smack
Of rhythmic impact skin in skin.

Between the sheets, in unison,
The lovers’ gush of spirit meets,
Their finished glow beams like the sun.
They lie alone—where are the sheets?
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Your kisses are like colors to the blind,
Your touch like an aria for the mute,
As elusive as passion to the mind,
As beyond the grasp as an absolute.

Your kisses like a full moon in the day,
Your touch is like a rainbow’s harmony,
Like language that the angels use to pray,
Or the dreams that wide open eyes can see.

Your kisses are like clouds held in a palm,
Your touch like a silent cacophony,
Embracing the ferociousness of calm,
Embracing the constraints of being free.

Your perfect kisses defy description.
Your touch is a sublime contradiction.
Instagram @insightshurt
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In your coming and your going,
Feel the love my soul is knowing,
The gentle zephyr through your hair,
Should remind you my love is there.

In your pictures or in the flesh,
Each time my love wakens afresh,
Incomparable imagery,
Arouses love inside of me.

In whispers or your written word,
I dream that mine’s the voice you heard,
You’re nothing short of living art,
Writing your poems on my heart.

In fantasy or in my bed,
“I love you” shall not be unsaid,
You may well be a dream unreal,
But truth is in the love I feel.
Instagram @insightshurt
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sunday afternoon naps
in the curve of your neck
and a warmth between us
that scares winter away
not just between our bodies
but also between our hearts

if ever intimacy
must be redefined
i want to do it with you
svdgrl Jan 14
RGB colors mind scramble on your ceiling,
like in our closest amusement park.
Playing underneath it, unicorns and feelings,
making flesh shapes in the dark of your room.
Bioluminescent in its black sea,
I can't swim good but I ride the waves you send me.
You can't read but you're rather well read to me.
Promises wont break, but please bend me
over and over again.
When did I become this sober again?
You get me wanting
to remodel the homes that belong to lonely songs
only so that they can fit a king bed,
extra cool on my side because you're a furnace
that I huddle into and cherish earnestly.
You let me ramble run-ons and babble
or be still and mute, be it
swimming in space or silently disputing
but I can never stay quiet too long.
I can't ever hide whats wrong to you.
Or what's right, so I write to remind you
how beloved this is, unparalleled to whats behind
and how eager I am for what's ahead.
Sophie Jan 13
slithering through sodden stripped

i littered your carcass with my lips
you spread soot on my soiled

you promised home
so did they
all it is
is waste
tempest 3d
does a moth understand why it's drawn to a flame?
or is it entranced by the way the flame moves, effortlessly jumping between flashes of crimson and orange?

does a moth understand why it's drawn to a flame?
or is it allured by the flame's secrets that seem to whisper
"come closer" from within?

does a moth understand why it's drawn to a flame?
or does the flame provide a tantalizing beam of warmth, too enticing to resist?

we shame the moth for being quite inept, but why?

sometimes those who cause us the most pain,
promise the most comfort
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