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Laura 1d
Laying here with you,
my head resting on your chest,
I feel closer to myself.
Because, even if it was
just for the blink of an eye,
I could’ve sworn,
that my heart and yours,
they were beating
it's hot in my room.
my old white fan is spinning lazy out. we are being lazy together.
earlier i ran my recalling finger over my lips.
wanting you. thinking you.
here we are now. i am safe and **** and still now.
my heated hands are wandering. i want to remember this. i want to remember you.
i wonder if you will take these broken, burning hands and show me who you are tonight.
i will lose my words and wisdom. i will lose in this moment until i have only you.
i stopped thinking a while back.
we're running on music and laughter alone now.
this is what i've always wanted.
i like it when you whisper and the world in hushed lips
fallingly desires more.    That you sing while speaking
all within my own heart i too fall within you
filled within my soul you and mine within yours

i like it when you whisper  and the world wishes too --
knows what madly soaring hearts say when
the sun sleeps and angels snore;  i too fall within you
-- are part of my soul , stay forever

mostly i like your whisper-love within my heart side-by-side
at night within the spooned bed and moon smiles fallingly
stars wishing they had one as you.

:: 02-14-2015 ::
Rev: 11-10-2018
I understand what Adam felt,
the first time he asked for eve,
nothing more than just alone.

alone with currents of water,
animals that obey his will,
a awe sounding voice,
that somehow,
just somehow,
could help him feel less alone,

and then there was Eve,
even if everything didn't go the way it was supposed to.

imagine Adam's spark of joy,
as happiness was invented,
and with it came,
everything bad and good.

to this moment we still feel that spark of joy
and as my hands fall through
and tenderly caress
your hair,
playing with the little will power you have to
not fall asleep and enjoy this little moment of joy
that my finger tips bring,

That little spark runs through my veins,
like it did,
when *** introduced Eve to Adam.
Lhb Oct 31
i think of you at daytime, because the sun shines in a way that reminds me of your smile
your eyes shrink and i cant help but want to kiss those wrinkles.
i think of you at nighttime, because i am the night and you are that one bright star that lights up my sky.
i dont know you but somehow i feel like i do, i recognize you like i’ve seen you somewhere between reality and daydreams.
your soul touched mine and the universe lost its balance
you square me into your roots and i scream home.
you’re implemented deep inside my brain,
i’ve never been this interested.
not once,
not ever.
Kyra Oct 31
When did "I love you" become a threat

And "You're a *****" a love song?

Rose L Oct 29
Memory is false.
We didn’t used to breathe the same air as everyone else.
I don’t feel the hurt of what I felt
And the rain outside your window was warm
I like the art of your absence
I like feeling torn
And the rain outside your window was warm
Lhb Oct 25
you whisper something in my ear,
your body is so close to mine,
it turns me deaf.
i ask you to repeat,
this time i hear you
but every cell in my body
is filled with desire,
i crave you close so
i pretend that i didnt hear you,
dead eyes Oct 25
Adore her as you would a limb.
Its soreness not for you
but what she does
and will do again.

Nurture her when untaught
taut with worry her brow
its knot, loosening to
your caress.

Her neck, swan upward
throat bared to your
possessing palm
finger tips lining its
length, molding.

These things are not for you.

Though they are for her,
so adore her, whether
in bent knee or her
curls ****** and
a hand fitted
to the place you claim in her.

These things are not for you.

However fitful
a slathering tongue
teeth and dull nails
may come to be
she is not for you
but she is yours.

These things are not for you.

But she is not yours
in sense
of straight backed self
strong brows and last names.

Only she may decide to be given.

And she gave herself to you,
so adore her as you would a limb
not a growth.
Or by Siamese conjunction
or twin soul mimicry,
but in function.

For you mesh
in tandem clockwork
if you choose to,
and the sense of you
is not you two,
you too,
or even an us.

Memory motion,
red light,
yellow light,
green, nothing.

It is.
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