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Zywa Jun 21
Are you coming, today
I like to look at you again
laugh with you
and listen to you

Come, walk around
in my house, let me
look at you, the step aside
the tension of your buttocks

and your lips
that will kiss me
your hands that are allowed
to do everything I long for

I will not ask too much from you
you don't have to commit yourself
not for longer than I live
not to what you fear

You don't have to take care of me
just leave me alone
when I'm sick
It's enough

that you think of me
Collection "Eyes lips chest and belly"
vita Jun 14
she hated bras.
    but she wore one
                                           so he could take it off her.
so he could look,
             at her almost naked body
                                                                ­      and be forced,
to use his imagination,
                           for a moment,
                                                         ­                                       longer.
she did this hoping
                                            to preserve:
                                                       whatever image he’d created
                           for a moment,
                                                                ­                                longer.
      her body was bare and real and
                     “perceptible by touch”
fluorescent Jun 13
the mutual tenderness
between us
feels nice
even if its fleeting

fingers intertwined
shared laughs
tugs on the hems
of cotton tshirts

adjusting the radio volume
in your car
squeezing the dish soap from sponges
in your sink
peeling back the sheets
in your bed

moments feel intimate and infinite
Carlo C Gomez May 30
Fading chorus
to a sing-along rapture
a laugh of clarification
a hasty placement of hands
and knees, dovetailed
yes, those eyes
~ still lit and power-surged
but give her a moment
for all the sudden
it tickles
David M Harry May 26
Let this hymn beneath an ebony sky
Be the breath of angels upon our skin.
A song of scripture and silence
written upon your body and mine.
My head upon your breast on this night and your lips upon my mind.
Our breaths swirling like a sacred fragrance
are everything I need to know of love.
She cannot feel the full passion of this peak because it is not her passion: It is seen at a distance, as a phenomenon, like the weather, or the plague of grasshoppers that signals the beginning of the end.
Merlie T May 3
We made love in your room that day
Light pouring through the window
A neighbor played "Stand by me"
Music travelling over from the  next door
I wanna sink deeper
Flowing in your ether

Twist & turning all night, pausing every breath
Have my heart through this bond & my soul through this kiss
My conscience, your conscience
Your conscience, my conscience

Take our time
Laying side-to-side
Sensational baby
Can’t hold out in this fight
Feeling your love fall so deep has me drowning
15 minute break until the next round

I wanna take you down
(Take take take)
I wanna to take you down and put your body to bed

I want you to lay me down
(lay lay lay)
I want you to lay me down and show me your best
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