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I missed my class today
I was in attendance
But my mind was far far

I focused my eyes on this girl
And my pen on this paper
And before I realized
Twenty minutes had gone by
And I had drawn her likeness

And then it occurred to me
How wonderful it must be
To be so beautiful
That you inspire art

And how horrible it must be
Each and every day
To be so beautiful
That such intimacy is stolen from you
Beckie Davies Oct 15
I danced before you
In my naked youth
My hips moved in mysterious motion
The music played so ominous
Carrying out the back door

I made my way toward you
Until we were flesh on flesh
The curve of my thigh
Matched the shape of your palm
While that eerie song ended
I became yours
the night we became something else
lua Oct 14
it's the whisper of a weary goodbye
caught in a sea of hellos
the faintest touch against your lip
from a manicured hand
or one so callused
it's fingertips rough as they glide on your skin
it's that feeling of familiarity
in a place so foreign
where no one knows your name but you
or who you are
and when you wander around at night
to stumble into your kitchen
making the pots and pans rattle against each other
it's the burning in your chest that goes down your throat
and into your stomach
birthing butterflies that flutter around
it's the cold splashes of water on heated skin
the tear stained pillowcases, the tear stained sweaters
the near-bleeding red scratches of the night before
and the deep blues and purples of a bruise
and when you've had enough
it's the mind-numbing ringing in your ears
and the sudden wash of everything at once
when you take those rose-tinted glasses off
maybe it's love.
Glenn Currier Oct 14
My lines are letters to you
and when you reply
your words are blood of your life
not so much a flood as arteries of light
and along these lines your grace tries
to reach me and squelch my lies.
Jas Oct 9
I'm finding it hard to digest these seeds planted in me
It's just not the right climate
For these sprouts to form rigid
Skins, and protrude through the dirt
This *** is barren and desolate.

Once in the spring I felt a bud bloom from these
Sweet caresses, oh I leaned in to soak up the medicine
From this foreign sun -
Light I'd been swimming in.

It grew and grew
Rose and slouched when it needed to
When these kind words faltered with truth
And this wind was too strong to master
Flower, subdued
For the night;

If I knew of the petals that would grow, this sweet flower
Sticking to you - inclined towards you
Would wither and grow grey,
Jasmine loses its color when the season doesn't stay, we grew fond of you.

The new, the pollination, my roots
This milk ran clear - oh, it grew and it grew
Wild flower in me is hard to digest because it's meant for two.
What can I be and what can I do?

Jasmine will always be fragrant and rich
Roots entangled, petals upturned
Growing in bunches, leaves left to spare
No room is wasted
But overcrowded, but
No one is in need of perfume.

Time is dwindling, nature is blue and patient
Bees are forgiving and gentle in hue
But no sharp words
No love so cold helps these seeds grow
My garden is land that cannot produce, or
Waken these seeds that are buried, and scared to brave the temperature

Flowers stay hidden, too.
Jade C Oct 5
we are not tethered;
not bound in a binary way

nor are we separate
two pins on a map distinctly apart

picture how letter lights bleed together
how they blur when your eyes are tired

or how oil and vinegar touch
but do not mix

we are compatible
but not absorbed into one another

significantly outside of
the other
but close nevertheless
not really sure where im going with this, will be revisiting and revising.
They both let go and take control
falling, they get caught
in each others spaces
so that, compassionately,
they can look one another in the eyes
as they dance like a seed on the breeze.
part of a series exploring intimacy in our world.
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