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Within the nook of a dell,
a good distance
from obloquy
and inhibition,
floating on water,
listening to birdsong
descend down
the stream
of a musical scale.
Don’t need to believe
or even consent to
any critique,
any look-see,
you are free and light
on the surface,
buoyant and supple

Languid movements,
of a weir,
and trickle,
springing forth
to orchestrate an overture.
This feeling is
the moment one of
objet d’art,
and these transports
are yours only
to involuntarily
succumb to and relive:

Rhythmic waves
upon your shore,
as your limbs and spine camber.
It’s no wonder
you often lift
your voice in song.
Kiss in flame,
An unending blaze.
A sleek smoke dance
Gently spun
Changing to a sweeter one.

His body enfolded
In a warm glow;
Fire resonates within us.
Passion fuel without smoldering;
We make love while the world’s unfolding.
For “R” series
I tremble between sheets
And a devoted lover.
Our minds, a canvas,
Crashing into color.
His kiss lingers;
Touch, patient and tender,
Seeking to paint
The cold night.
Olivia V Oct 11
I have seen the night and know it to be a dark masterpiece,
Of the otherwise vivid picture of day.
I have seen the night and know it to be a tapestry of our entwined bodies,
Which day casts into technicolour.

I have heard the night and know it to be an echo, a drifting rendition,
Of the songs the day will bellow.
I have heard the night and know it to be a waltz of your heartbeat and breath,
Which the day so cruelly mutes.

I have breathed the night and know it to be an elixir, a potion, a perfume,
Of the otherwise sharp bouquet of day .
I have breathed the night and know it to be layered, with the cinnamon aroma of your warmth,
So unlike the day's delicate top-notes.

I have tasted the night and know it to be bittersweet and tempting,
Where the day is crisp and glazed in sugar.
I have tasted the night and know it to be an earthly pleasure, of our honey infused kisses,
Which the day keeps light and lean and fresh.

I have dreamt of the night and know it to be a spinning cadence of wonder, a pirouette of fear,
That day washes away with wakeful thrums of distraction.
I have dreamt of the night, and know it to be only a mere mirage, to the divine reality,
Of waking in the day, next to you.
This is not yet perfectly how I want it to be - it doesn't fully capture the memory in my mind. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.
Consider for a moment that everything was true
That every bashful joke and coquettish compliments were a declaration
A means to accentuate how far my thoughts had fallen from grace
Into the expanse where the goddess Venus, Aphrodite, and Lilith reign
Nurturing this lustful appetite and fueling these flames of passion

Give me the choice that Pleasure and Virtue gave the mighty Hercules,
And I will always choose glory for hard work and dedication will always yield the best reward
Provide me with my twelve labors to prove my worth and virtue to you, my Goddess
Allow me to satiate this primal urges once my task is completed
Let me provide for you

For this appetite craves to explore the dominion of your body
Hands ravishing your flesh, entrancing through kneading and massaging
From your shoulders to your feet, spreading the warmth  equally throughout
Weary muscles and taut limbs, allowing you to relax and succumb to the feeling
Let me worship you

Awaiting patiently for your voice to slips between your succulent lips
The cries and moans of pleasure as I stimulate  all your of erogenous zones,
Strumming each of those strings to play of song of never before heard
Each note played with the passion and intensity of a man in heat
Let me please you

As for this ritual, allow my tongue to make my obeisance
Let it roam freely over the contours of your crown
Showing you that my devotion to you is absolute
And may you accept my act of reverence humbly
And lets those cries and screams of adoration echo in our sanctuary

Grant me permission to sacrifice my body at the altar in your name
As my final act of reverence,  let me give all of me to you
Allow me to sweat and cry out as I please you with my body
Each impassioned ****** as a testament to my unyielding devotion and uncompromising love
May I finished knowing that I have given my everything to you,

And I would do it all again in the next life
In the name of love… for you
I will give everything for your love...
Nobody Oct 7
You stare me up and down,
send sweet smiles my way;
whisper in my ear,
how you think about me all day.

Grab me from behind,
tug on my hair too;
give me kisses on my neck,
take me home with you.

I need you to touch me,
now undress me nice and slow;
slide my ******* down,
get me ready to go.

Lie me down on your bed,
spread my legs open wide;
slide your fingers in first,
then bury your head between my thighs.
"I read your poem and you struck me as a *****, thirsty gal" - T R S
Isaac Sep 22
There is peace to find
In this world so wide.
Where is it, you ask?
Intimacy with the Creator.
Written 22 September 2019
Leighanna Sep 16
Call me baby,
Kiss my skin.

Touch my body,
Drink me in.

Whisper my name,
Free my mind.

Lighten my soul,
Steal my breath.

Take my pain,
Heal my heart.

Wrap around me,
Keep me safe.

Say you love me,
Look in my eyes.

Show me heaven,
Make me fly.
Everything I wish someone would do to me.
NL Kelly Sep 15
Devoted the time to
Become versed in my
study the pages filled
With ink as I stand,  
vulnerable and naked before you
In all my melanin.
(n.) things better left unsaid; matters to be passed over in silence

Often, the thought of him will cloud her head,
the what if’s
and often enough, the thought of maybe she wasn’t good enough
will take it’s turn,
tugging on her brain.

She could recall the exact moment she caught herself
falling for him,
a thought that never seemed scary to her before,
but in the moment,
she was the most terrified that she’d ever been.

You see,
love was never a thing that she saw for herself
especially when it came to him.
Romance was the last thing on her mind when he
was around.

She could remember all the rose golds and
hearts around Valentine’s Day,
her favorite heart shaped candies
that boys would give out,
a simple “be mine” that changed a girl’s life.

A flavor that wasn’t ever nice to eat,
but somehow,
the fact that is was given by a boy
made all the difference
of how chalky it really tasted.

So when he walked in with his deep
brown hair,
she imagined herself swimming in the pools of
chocolate that occupied
his manipulative eye sockets.

Eyes that had stared into her soul a
million times before,
but for some reason,
this time felt different
and she couldn’t quite tell why,

but it had to do with the fact she had seen
what those eyes really look like,
when you’re alone in the dark
and there’s no one around,
left to impress.

She felt shivers,
and she knew that with every bat of an eyelash,
he was slowly
throwing aside her shirt once more,
and leaving her vulnerable once again.

A manipulation that she’s sure other girls have witnessed,
because she knows she wasn’t the first,
and she certainly wouldn’t be the last
to rest her head upon his pillow,
and moan out in pleasure.

The walls seemed to cave in around them
and she could feel her body go lifeless,
trying to get deeper
and feel every possible warmth
from the boy who swore he loved her.

And she said she loved him too,
even with knowing the true risks of getting involved with him,
but one thing she never thought
she’d witness from him,

Because after all,
most things are better when you keep them
to yourself,
especially telling a boy you love him too,
when he never said “I love you.”
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