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Ashley Kay Jun 6
waterfalls run
across fingertips
bathing the surface
of blooming hibiscus
FC Azaele May 5
His touch, His smell
No one can compare;
His mind,
so bewitching and aware;
His tongue,
like magic
crossing between lands and onto valleys that parts the mountains
as the sun sets and there leaves me in the twilight,
silently basking in the afterglow
My body, like putty in his hands,
melts when he is near...
And with his gaze —
I could only compare:
Him like the sun and I..
A glacier affected by it
Or as he thinks of me
the flower with plenty of nectar to spare
(Oh dear)
Carlo C Gomez May 24
Step into the moment
with bated breath,
There will come
the beguilement
and whispered shadows at play,
they seem to congeal around
conflagration of wills
and spirits considered outré.

And if it should rain
within these walls,
we'll advance south and sneak
under cover.
Fingers will find,
lips will linger and remind.
It will be a slow
recovery this time.

The places we travel go beyond
the arms reach,
they war for supremacy,
they alter and spasm,
they're random, but hover
between us in unity.

This dance we make
is an intimate ballet,
this push and pull
a blissful menagerie,
a wrinkle in time
we call ecstasy.
In kisses christened as luminaries,
appointing our own ceiling
— a mural painted in the keen
colors of craving.

The years of such sweet communion
have built this shelter, this nest,
and here together we rest.
And we are no less surrendering
to them than straddling the heavens
— the gauze of time,
timber and tranquility enmeshed,
and wishing it never ends.

Leone Lamp Apr 26
I caught a whiff of you
In your cloud of tobacco
It was a soft, subtle smell
Enough to call me back though

It tickled my nose
and my other senses
It wasn't floral like rose
It was just your pretenses

There was lavender burning
But that wasn't it either
It was sultry and raw
I don't know why I bothered

I couldn't rest my finger
I don't know what it was
Perhaps it was your eyes?
Burning down our love
My love and I have both dabbled in tobacco. I'm glad neither of us are that enthusiastic about it. I think I was always attracted to the intimacy of smoking more than the act.
lía Apr 25
undress me tonight
and let your lead leave a trace
between my margins.

Ruchira Apr 21
Some distances will never grow you apart ,
the way sometimes intimacy does ...
Riin Lai Apr 7
Meteors are made of three components
Iron, nickel and silicates
You are made of something simpler
Sea salt, angst and

Yet my fingers always fall short
Of reaching you
But if you did ever let me caress the space
Between us
Not just in our lips

You’d come crashing down
Exploding in a kaleidoscope of flames
Orange and silver sparks flying
And I would still hold on
Even if you take me with you.
stillhuman Apr 7
Of all the anger
and hurt and pain
I am left with
Nothing but a mere memory
Nothing but two bare bodies
lost deep in understanding
each other's pieces
and muffled laughter and
glee kept hidden
as to not overthink
each carress
and fond eyes looking back
and trembling hands
touching so soft
barely there
All I remember is your tenderness
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