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MysteryBear Jun 16
Between bed sheets
Flickers of intimacy
Glimpses that there were something more
Tricks of the eyes
I grabbed glasses
I need
A Lifetime
You would not provide
Jeremy Betts Jun 11
You say quote, "it should be easy to see" that you love me
Promising me, biyearly, that I'm your one and only
Your heart was supposedly given to me willingly
But you kept the key
So I wait endlessly for you outside the entry
I pine for you in spite of me
Yet you waste no desire on me
Avoiding anything resembling intimacy
Can't even toss me something phony
Hiding that half of your beauty from me
While forcing me to ignore that better half of me
Both instantly and,
It's occurred to me more recently,
Possibly for all eternity
Won't ******* like I'm somehow below me
I faintly remember you'd at least pity fuuck me
Now I seem to turn you off completely
Acting like you need to do absolutely nothing sexually
Literally refusing to be seen hand in hand in public with me
You constantly go out of your way to physically avoid me
The reason?
Because you know you've hooked me already
Leaving you to instantly cancel the pageantry
But is it to much to ask to willingly snuggle up close to me? must be...
Because you're giving off that type of energy
While ******* the entirety of my passion till my souls empty
Not s single thought on how this might affect me
You've more that just damaged me
But go ahead and ignore what's going to finally break me completely
No, really
Step back through the stage curtain and curtsy, you've beat me

Jeremy Betts Jun 7
You break my heart every day and twice nightly
Hell, I'd rather be lonely
I'd rather be lonely
Than to be rejected by my one and only
I'd rather be lonely
Than feel unwanted by another claiming they love me
I'd rather be lonely
Than completely dismiss the better half my personality
I'd rather be lonely
Than watch you act like it's a chore to explore a little intimacy
I'd rather be lonely
Than to witness you go out of your way to avoid my advancements like they're icky
I'd rather be lonely
Than feel more unwanted than I did through my first 40
I'd rather be lonely
I can't imagine anybody actually choosing to be lonely
But here I am, holding out for my somebody to join me

Zywa May 25
There's a mystery

in him that I like to know --

don't, do, like to know.
Novel "Quichotte" (2019, Salman Rushdie), part 1, chapter 6

Collection "Low gear"
Louise May 22
⁠Even if you are an enemy
who's bound to hurt me,
I would still ask you
to come sit and eat with me.
Even if you are an enemy
who's sent to capture me,
I would still ask you
to stay for a while,
share even this one meal with me.
Even if you are an enemy
who's ordered to **** me,
I would still ask you;
"Have you eaten?
Kumain ka na ba?
Ya comiste?
Ja has menjat?"
And if you say you haven't,
I'll take out the plates, but
I'll be angered.
Because look at the time!
And if you say you already did,
then I'd let you take me out,
my head lowered.
You can waste my time!
Even if you are an enemy
who's bound to hurt me...
In Tagalog, we don't say "I love you". We ask; "kumain ka na ba?"
Zelda May 18
You like to pluck the
bones of my ribcage, with your callous
Till they bleed
Like I
pluck the strings of my
backwards guitar, and watch the
flowers wilt away
the pain rampant to my emptied faith,
showered upon a cautious bed of weeping lilies,
loots a once blissful child
whom begs to **** the relic sun...
blood poetry
there is a lovely green lotus

unfolding from the center of his eye,

as if the iris that looks upon my desperate body

is the darkened water from which it sprouts...
blood poetry
Zywa Mar 11
My kisses ask you:

please love me, I do love you --

because I kiss you.
Submitted letter "Liefde is vormenplicht" ("Love is a duty of formality") by Henk Bresssers, included in the article "*** voorkomt u dat uw huwelijk in de scheidingsstatistieken belandt?" ("How do you prevent your marriage from ending up in the divorce statistics?"), published in the NRC of December 24th, 2019

Collection "Loves Tricks Gains Pains in the 10s"
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