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I S A A C Jul 2023
indite my insights
emotions caught in my windpipe
journaling makes it easier
label my pain a distinct kind
not a single tear shed when the king died
sinking into the riptide
giving myself some time
to grow, to show all my tremors
to know, Monroe, angel feathers
Pepper Dove May 2022
There really wasn't much to the day
A bit of sun
A bit of grey

Leaving me with room to think
A sip to numb
A heart to sink
Raven Feels Apr 2021
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, expressing old emotions and letting them go later when you are better----makes you feel so powerful and proud of the place you are now in:]

She changed for a shady robe coating her scars

She passed across mirrors abandoning her fury

She levitated on an ocean of despise

and let the sorrow sink her in the deep

She cringed from the pity and hid under her veil

She heard the loudness of silence and companied the loneliness

Brett Mar 2021
I lack emotion (a motion), pushed, and pulled
At the behest of this endless ocean
How could I ever sail the world
When my mast has broken
Moods swing with each passing wave
No lifejacket
No hope of being saved
The boat is taking water
Each hole a mistake
All the tears I never cried
Now make up this watery grave
Juno Dec 2020
This pit of jealousy has grown too deep.
I lash out at the walls but i only hurt myself in the process,
and as i sink lower, deeper;
I feel my friends stand on rising mountains.
my childhood was so sheltered i’ve grown behind everyone else in many things, and it seems everyone thinks me a toddler because of it.
Amanda Kay Burke Dec 2020
Tossed by waves like a boat
On top of the sea
Surrounding are miles of blue
Hope I do not sink too deep
But maybe I already am
Nolan Willett Dec 2020
It feels as though something has ended,
Philanthropy has been expended,
People are left to their own devices
To sink into their own vices.
It’s not right, that we’ve lost our care
For how our fellow man fare;
Blind to one another’s pains
And entropy is left to hold the reigns.
What we lost, can we ever find
When we ourselves are so supine?
Nevermind we’re all one soul
That together form a reconciled whole,
Different branches of a single tree
Limbs that emblematize you and me;
And when we leave the poor out in the cold,
Forget and ridicule the old,
Renounce our secular vows,
We’re just splitting off another bough.
Amanda Hawk Nov 2020
You ask me
To build you cities
When I only have
Avenues of waterfalls
I wish
These words
Could build you rafts
So you could
Float along the horizon
At the end of the day
Promises are hollow
And we all sink
Like ships
flamingogirl Nov 2020
multiple times
you remind me of my beauty
because I can no longer
do this for myself.
You tell me that one day
I will believe these words.
They will eventually sink
into my DNA.
You tell me the words will
one day feel real and until they do
you will continue on.
You do not make me
feel ashamed that these words
are foreign to my diseased brain.
While you call me breathtaking
I tell myself I am not deserving of breath.
Your words restore me.
They keep me alive
until the next dosage of
your selfless reminders.
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