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Ruheen 2d
In the darkness
A hand reaches out
To pull you under
To drag you out
Or to just move closer
Until you drown
With your eyes closed
Sunken tears
Blinding light
It pierces
Your eyelids
To your eyes
You still see
The sunlight
Into the water
You jumped in
So in the darkness
You floating
Sinking in further
Until a hand reaches out
Drags you out
Across the bank
And pretends to
Save you
But then jumps into
The water
And takes you with
Then you're just swimming
Till you're sunken.
I went swimming today.
I do not think,
because from there I sink
into the depths of the poison I drink.
smaller and smaller I shrink
until one day I cannot unlink...

𝘦𝘳𝘳𝘰𝘳 404: 𝘶𝘯𝘢𝘣𝘭𝘦 𝘵𝘰 𝘴𝘺𝘯𝘤.
Osii Sep 17
Darlin' don't be afraid
For loving is not a risk at all.
Its a risk not to.

Get out of the shallow waters
And dive in to the deep end
If you think you're gonna sink
Think about what happens

if you swim.
We must always sacrifice something in order to realize it's true love.
ShadowSpy Sep 15
Steal my
No one to
I am
I am
No more
Ashley Rowan Sep 6
I’m the pain in your back
I’m the soreness in your throat
I’m the cramp in your feet
I’m the ache in your teeth

I’m the grass on your lawn
I’m the water in your pool
I’m the ice in your drink
I’m the water when you sink
دema Aug 11
don't let
the ship sink,

and if
it happens,

leave me,

drown me
in your love.
toward western hills
the last vestiges of light
sink as day draws down
ShadowSpy Jul 27
I stand at the shoreline
The waves beckon me closer
I listen and step towards the foamy blues
A shiver runs through my body as I step in
I let go of myself as the waves become bigger
Again, they beckon me closer
I listen once more and step closer
This time I dont stop
The waves close in around me
Im surrounded in darkness
I dont feel it as all the light in me leaves
As the ground under me disappears
And I drown
Lusen Jul 6
To sink inside the deep ocean
Is better than being dead inside.
Bullet Jun 25
The halo of my thought
The beam of my heart
The safety of my soul
Transformation my existence

My favorite object in the universe
Is accompanied by the light of the sun
The sea welcomes both lights as to be one
The ocean dances, waving back to me
The moon holds the essence of me sinking
There are four lights in one passing image
A breathless air of escape is brought here

When the light goes out, I want to be here
When the light goes out, I want the soul of the bulb to change
When the light goes out, I want the sea to blink
When the light goes out, I want the feeling of the sun to welcome the rest of the three

The halo of the beam reflects the safety of the existence in the ships to be exactly like the light housed in...
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