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.Loving you
Is a sinking ship
And as I bail water out
You pour bucket after bucket
Right back in

.It won't be long now till we're treading water.
Chris Neilson Aug 26
Some pronounce them pomes
more usually heard as poe-ims
in our work we must trust
whether it sinks or swims
We make the world go around
I know you know.
That you can’t say
what you have to.
And i can feel the thunder,
the magma, the gas
boiling inside the whites of your eyes.

I feel the lack
of a feeling i felt when
we were once
dancing on water.

But now we sink.
Deep, Deep, Deep.
Until we hit the bottom.
YusufKudsi Jul 3
Sailing through the waves of depression
“Oh, Lady of the ocean help me before I sink”
How calm does the ocean look while the storms raging inside his mind
“Oh, Lady of the ocean help me before I sink”
The unknown drives him crazy while the hope in his heart keeps him sane
“Oh, Lady of the ocean help me before I sink”

A captain with only prayers on his mouth and music in his soul.
There's water here
for you to drink
if you'll drink it

but there's beer in
your backpack


You're finished
as far as the county
's concerned where

as your backpack
clinks as you walk


Upraised hairs on
your thigh north to
touch of cold fingers

you're still drunk
kid when will you

grow up
This poem was finished while listening to "How Long?" by Vampire Weekend.
Feeling the metal
sink into your flesh
and glide along
the vast plane of your skin.

Growing exposed to the outside world,
to the ability to breathe again—
The bubbles begin to rise
lining the sides of the wound.

Once they begin to pile,
a large wave of red
flows over the lining,
and down the rest of the plane.


It finally contains itself mildly,
allowing for the wave to slow at the shore;
It’s not the end for you yet,
as you succumb to
the temptation once more.
as I was turning the plastic
kitchen tap off last night
it snapped into pieces
which wasn't a happy delight

when next I'm at Bunnings
I'll purchase another one
for not having water over the
sink isn't my idea of fun

but a replacement can be
expensive on the purse
so I'll need my wallet filled
with plenty of dollar verse
In the water of life
Can you swim?
Or will you
Can you fly?
Or will you
shatteredpoet Apr 20
if our love is a ship
then we are two lovers
lost at sea
bound to sink
in our own demise
arii nyx Apr 10
You pulled back your fishing pole and cast the line.
Me, being the fish in the equation, bit the bait on the line.
I waited and waited, day and night, to be pulled in.
Waited to be caught, waited to be yours.
But that day never came.
I swam up to the surface to see if you were still there.
The line had been cut and you were nowhere to be found.
I let go of the bait and I sat and waited for another to come around.
But they would just do the same each time until you came along.
You were my one.
You pulled back your fishing pole and cast the line.
Me, being the fish in the equation, bit the bait on the line.
You reeled me in and set me in a bucket with many other fish that you had caught.
I thought you were the one, my one.
But you did what all the others had done, except for making me suffer.
I am not able to breathe, not able to think.
Unable to move, unable to sink.
I am unable to do anything.
The ones who cut the line and left me in the water to thrive knew better than you who pulled me out of the water to die.

You see, in actuality, I am not the fish and you are not the fishermen.
We are just two individuals with a whole lot of baggage and a whole lot of insecurities.
You don’t like your smile, you don’t like your body.
I don’t like my body, I don’t like how my face looks.
We don’t talk outside of social media and that was the issue,
Because I fell for this fake persona, who wasn’t you.
We talked about everything, had so much in common, and now we have nothing.
We had a pact, to never leave one another unless the other wanted, but that didn’t last.
We made promises, but we took them back.
It would never work, and we knew that.
I forgive you for leading me on and being a siren, singing a sweet, yet soul-crushing song.
And after all, somehow I still love you, but I can move on.
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