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Jun 18 · 49
Maja Jun 18
Goodness comes not from your heart, which is an *****,
but from the memories and choices, you chose to do
Not from the heart as some say. The heart is merely an ***** that everyone has. Both bad people, and good people. Having a heart does not make you a good person.
Doing good deeds for the good of people makes you a good person.
Jun 3 · 109
I've been thinking
Maja Jun 3
I write this,
completely in my right state of mind.

I’m not insane,
But I’ve concluded that is not the case of all mankind.

Why do we exist?
would it not be better with us gone?

I’ve been thinking,
and I think the line has been drawn.

I’ve been thinking, about us,
and why where here.

I think, all things considered,
we should just disappear.
Seriously. Humans.
Jun 2 · 160
the moon
Maja Jun 2
The moon isn’t meant to be warm
it’s not meant to be bright,
the reason we see it,
is because of a reflection of the sun’s light.

The moon isn’t meant to be warm
The way it shines is cold
a silver light,
not fire and gold

You don’t compare,
night and noon
the sun is the sun
and the moon is the moon
Jun 1 · 729
when they ask
Maja Jun 1
when people ask,
they don’t really want to know.
they just want you to tell them,
what they already think.
May 19 · 495
Maja May 19
People don't know when the crack in the ground starts.
They only know when it breaks and they fall.
May 15 · 108
love or hate
Maja May 15
What is the most dangerous, between hate and love?
They both makes us blind,
one makes us ignore,
the other makes us find
May 14 · 178
don't fix me
Maja May 14
life has its tricks,
sometimes, it’ll hit you with bricks,
but even if I crack, I’m still me.
Just because I’m broken,
doesn’t mean there’s anything to fix.
I just need some help to find myself. Not to create someone else.
May 14 · 72
Maja May 14
What is our purpose?
That doesn’t matter.
we are humans,
and there is no answer.
What is the meaning of life?
I don't know.
You decide.
May 14 · 68
A lie
Maja May 14
A lie is not a lie
until someone says it is
until someone tells the truth,
The truth a lie only is
it's not a lie if you believe it
May 14 · 120
one battle
Maja May 14
people fight wars,
but often forget that one battle is all that is needed to win.
Maja Apr 19
I’ve fought myself before,
ready to win at all cost
I’ve already gone to war,
and I’ve already the war lost
I can't win against myself.
Apr 19 · 83
I don’t care
Maja Apr 19
I don’t really care,
what someone says to me,
  I’ve heard those words a hundred times,
  I’ve said those and agree

You can **** me, try some more
I don’t care about your crimes
  I’ve felt the knife before,
  I’ve killed myself a thousand times

The words you speak,
I’ve already spoken.
  and you can’t break me.
  because I’m already broken.
You can't hurt me when I've already hurt myself.
You can't break me. I'm already broken.
Apr 19 · 106
built on lies
Maja Apr 19
A relationship built on lies is bound to collapse.
A lie may travel the world before the truth has even put its shoes on,
but the truth will eventually get on a plane and catch up.
It's inevitable. No matter how long it may take.
Trust is important.
Don't betray it.
Apr 19 · 141
Maja Apr 19
I can see bruises on your face,
and something broken in your eyes.
I can see the scars from your wings,
from when you fell from the skies

And from the skies,
even further.
And further even more.
From heaven to earth,
down to the last floor

Pray for the sinners,
to learn from their fall,
but no one prayed for you,
the one who fell the furthest of them all.
No one prayed for you, satan, the most sinner of them all. The one who needed it the most.
Apr 18 · 472
Maja Apr 18
Don’t be afraid of the monster.

The monster was once a normal being,
until something made it a monster.

Don't be afraid of the monster.

Be afraid of the thing that created it.
Maja Apr 16
tears are the blood of the heart.
when you bleed from your eyes,
it’s because something is broken inside
Apr 16 · 135
Here's to the feeling
Maja Apr 16
Here's to the feeling,
that we all feel,
when words don't work,
and the struggle is real.

Cue something deep,
cue something bright.
Here's to the feeling,
that I want to write.

The feeling of failure,
stuck in your mind,
when the right words are lost,
nowhere to find.

So here's to the feeling,
that every poet knows.
Here's to the feeling,
that makes up this prose.
You're not alone in not being able to write. Sometimes it doesn't work. That's okay. We all feel that way.
That's okay.
Apr 12 · 1.0k
I can too
Maja Apr 12
I wrote this for myself,
not for its appeal,

you can say what you want,
but so can I feel

Freedom of speech,
that is written in ink

you can say what you want
and I can think what I think

Yell your opinion,
try to change my mind

try, try
to make me as blind

It’s my decision,
right to decide,

You can say what you want,
but so can I

Write what you want,
sing your choice of song

you can believe that you're right,
but that doesn’t mean I’m wrong
Just because you have the right to an opinion, doesn't mean I don't.
You can think that your right
but that doesn't mean I'm wrong.
Apr 12 · 164
For someone
Maja Apr 12
For someone who is never really present,
I can always feel you here

For someone who doesn’t listen,
you always seem to hear

For someone who rarely talks,
you have an awful lot to say

For someone who never leaves,
you don’t ever really stay
For someone. For you.
Apr 12 · 129
Maja Apr 12
Fly, light, like a dancer,
spin, stop and ask
but there is no answer

Jump, dip, scream your question,
welcome your sentence
of death at confession

bad things.
good things.
what are those?
everyone is both,
so no one f*cking knows.
Moral is something we decide.
Apr 6 · 1.8k
If you care
Maja Apr 6
Save me if you must.
Love me if you dare.
Turn me into dust.
Leave me if you care.
A short poem about something.
What is still not certain. But then again, is anything?
Mar 30 · 157
die twice
Maja Mar 30
I heard you die twice,
once when they bury you in the grave
and the second time is the last time
that somebody mentions your name

- Glorious, Macklemore Ft. Skylar Grey
From: Glorious by Macklemore Ft. Skylar Grey
Mar 28 · 125
dead already
Maja Mar 28
"I need you", you said,
"Without you, I’d be dead."

I locked my eyes into yours with a gaze steady.
I said, "If you can’t live without me,
why aren’t you dead already?"
don't lie to me
Mar 28 · 116
a price
Maja Mar 28
Everything comes at a price,
but it’s not always the one buying
that will have to pay
People do bad things without having bad things done to them. Instead, other people suffer because of the actions of other people.
Life is fair, to some more than others.
Mar 28 · 128
Our nature
Maja Mar 28
Our nature is not that of beauty,
we are all monsters,
inhabitants of cruelty.

Give someone power over another
and you will quickly see

that our nature comes forth
when set free.

We are all monsters at heart,
some are just better at hiding it.

Don’t say you’re not bad,
then you would be bad as well as a hypocrite
Mar 28 · 332
Let's talk
Maja Mar 28
Let’s talk about the group that killed an old lady
and the fact that they escaped.

Let’s talk about the woman who was judged
for "saying she wanted" to be *****.

Let’s talk about the boy who was bullied
and that no one said a thing.

Let’s talk about the people who bullied
and that the boy hanged himself on a sling.

Let’s talk about the girl who was kidnapped,
***** at only four,

Why is everyone quiet?

because people are horrible
and sometimes it’s easier to ignore.
My heart is heavy and mind burdened with thoughts no child should have to ponder.
Why do humans have to exist?
Mar 28 · 164
I'm not sorry
Maja Mar 28
Is this not what you wanted?
Is this not what you meant?

Sorry, oh my,
did you want a compliment?

but no.

Actually just no
I’m not sorry, and I didn’t forget

I’m just not sorry

because you broke that part of me
that could feel regret.

So I don’t,
and for you,
I won't
not anymore
Mar 28 · 104
first things first
Maja Mar 28
I wanted everyone to like me
without giving them a reason to

I wanted them to like me
without even trying to change their view

I wanted to be good,
without doing a good deed

I wanted to succeed
but to grow,
you need to first plant the seed.
Mar 28 · 123
Reality is frightening
Maja Mar 28
Someone was burned,
another was stabbed,
cut into pieces,
sold for a grand.

A monster under the bed,
is better than the monster in my head.

Read me a horror story,
and I will sleep well.

Turn on the news,
it will be scarier than the stories we can tell.
stories can be scary, but the reality is scarier.
Mar 28 · 454
Maja Mar 28
I’m leaving,
I mean, what did you expect?

To hit me, time and time again,
then for me to feel respect?

That’s just stupid,
as am I

for not realizing you were sooner,
only now, saying goodbye.

But it’s okay,
because I’ve learnt from my mistake

and you were my biggest one,
and the only I will ever make
I've had enough.
Mar 28 · 43
Me and I
Maja Mar 28
There is someone who will always be there for me
I can’t get rid of it, and it can not of me.
We are one, but we hate each other,
we are me, but we’d rather be another
Mar 28 · 83
a lie
Maja Mar 28
A lie is not a lie,
until someone tells the truth

and sometimes a lie is needed,
to keep what's left of youth.

To be happy
is to not know
and I would rather be happy
than grow
Mar 28 · 93
Maja Mar 28
Strong is the heart,
shared between two;

because multiple of something,
is more powerful than a few
The heart sign <3 is two heart joined.
Mar 28 · 190
Even if it's a lie
Maja Mar 28
Embrace me and whisper a lie,
just don’t let go,
don’t say goodbye.

Don’t leave me alone,
even if I feel lonely with you

Don’t give up on me,
even if your love isn’t true.

I don’t care who you are,
I just want to have someone.

Who doesn’t matter,
it could just be anyone.

As long as he’s mine,
and I am his only.

As long as he’s mine,

I will be fine
Even if it's a lie, I just want to have someone to love.
Mar 28 · 84
I held someone
Maja Mar 28
When I was young,
I held someone.

I held her harder,
when I began to grow.

Now when I am old,
I don’t know how to let myself go.
I held myself and don't know how to let go
Mar 28 · 143
The Clock
Maja Mar 28
I went up to my room
It disappeared, the light
my family went to sleep
now my only company, the night
I can't sleep and go down for a snack
I’m all alone now
I’m surrounded by black
I started to cry
my eyelids got heavy
hello, a new day
peace - goodbye
goodbye peace.
Mar 24 · 227
it used to be
Maja Mar 24
The world used to be so beautiful,
the sky so blue
and grass so green.

I don’t know what changed
but everything is different from what I’ve seen

nothing makes sense anymore
I don’t even know if left is left
or right is right.
all I know
is that I’ve lost my sense of sight

and sense of direction
as there is no sense

there is no connection
to the world

now through a screen
that used to be so beautiful
with a sky so blue
and grass so green
I don't know if the world changed, or me.
Mar 22 · 130
when I saw you
Maja Mar 22
there was just something about you
something I can’t place
maybe your sad eyes
and broken face

I felt something
when I saw you
I felt the pain
that you felt too

Somehow I knew,
that you knew it as well
knew of tears
knew of hell

I want to tell you
that it won’t always be that way
it does get better
it does, someday
you knew it too.
Mar 18 · 163
Maja Mar 18
what a beautiful person,
what a beautiful view
what a beautiful feeling,
to be here with you
Just a short poem about nothing at all.
Well, maybe about the random feelings of happiness I sometimes get.
Mar 18 · 179
I fought
Maja Mar 18
I did not stop when I got hurt
I did not stop when defeated

I did not stop for a second
I never retreated

I fought with everything I had
because I knew what I fought for

I knew, not all battles
needed to be won to win the war.

So I fought and did not stop,
and finally, exhaust
the war ended
and I lost.
You need more than a good cause to win a war. Reality is different. You lose, you win, but you will mostly lose.
Mar 18 · 334
understand, not know
Maja Mar 18
One can know a lot of things,
but knowing doesn’t mean a thing,
if you don’t understand.
Mar 18 · 132
Do I need a reason?
Maja Mar 18
I’m completely fine,
because when I said that I was not,

they responded with,
"You can’t be sad, just look at what you’ve got."

All they did was doubt,
they said,

"You don’t have anything to be sad about."

they said,

"Just look at all the friends you have,
and family around."

that only made me sadder;
do I need a reason to break down?
You don't have to live a depressing life to be depressed.
Mar 18 · 192
I knew of
Maja Mar 18
I knew of the sun,
but I never saw it in the skies.

I knew of colours,
but I never got to see them with my eyes.

I knew of the wind,
but could only dream of it upon my skin.

I knew of happiness,
but I never got to experience a grin.

I knew of living,
but I only lived through death.

But most of all I knew of pain;
that, I felt with my every breath
Now I don't know a thing. What is even going on?
Mar 18 · 154
Run or Stay
Maja Mar 18
Do you run or do you stay?
Most people would run away.
But I don’t think that you would too
You’re not most people,
now, are you?
You're different.
Mar 18 · 171
You're only human
Maja Mar 18
"After all, you’re only human,"
I’ll take that as a compliment.

A human can be anything,
if only you are competent.
you're only human. But what is a human then?
Mar 17 · 563
Maja Mar 17
It’s okay that they hurt me
because it was a joke.
They were just kidding,
when they kicked and spoke.


It’s not okay to hurt someone,
not even on a joke,
because a joke is supposed to be funny,
and if that’s funny,
then I don’t want to ever laugh again.
I don't know if it's similar to the other one, but it's another one so I don't know if it matters that it's similar.
Mar 17 · 154
My fault?
Maja Mar 17
I smiled when I would rather cry.
And when I felt the pressure on my chest,

"It’s fine," I lied.

But is it my fault for hiding,
or is it their fault for making me hide?
Mar 17 · 131
truth or lie
Maja Mar 17
It depends on who is looking;
whether a picture is truly true,

The picture can be a lie when looked at by someone
who has a different view
we all see things differently.
Mar 15 · 129
my mind is a scary place
Maja Mar 15
Sometimes, it gets dark
and other times I wish that I was blind,
because there are some things, I wish I’d never seen
but then there are some things that have no place in my mind

The world can be a scary place,
but when left alone,
my own mind can scare me more
than whatever thing the world has known

The world can be a scary place,
but more so I fear my mind
because whenever there’s a blank
it fills it in with all the horrors it can find.

The world can be a scary place,
but nothing’s scarier than me
because only I know what truly make me scared,
and how scary that can be.
I often scare myself, and sometimes it feels like my own mind betrays me by making up scenarios that will never happen.
Mar 15 · 88
Show me... something
Maja Mar 15
Hate me all you want
I’m okay with that

what breaks me is when you lie
and do it with your voice completely flat.

Show me some emotion,
show me that I’m worth it

Don’t just turn your back
and say "I think that we should quit."
indifference hurts as much as emotion
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