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These lies,
Are what keep me from falling.

But these lies,
Might also break me.
I need these lies either way
usagi Feb 2
How silly the notion that he could ever hold and mend the cracks that chipped so deeply they created craters and voids as deep as black holes.

how silly indeed.
hold me, or don't . What difference would it make?
Skye Dec 2020
Hearts don't break
It's just another thing the poets say
They are not made
Of glass
Or bone
Or any material that could
Or fragment
Or shatter
They don't
Crack into pieces
They don't
Fall apart
Hearts don't break
They just stop working
An old watch from another time and no parts to fix it
DISCLAIMER: This poem is not owned nor written by me. Credits to Nicola Yoon, who actually wrote the poem in her book 'The Sun is Also a Star'
River Scott Oct 2020
what if?
what if all this studying
is for nothing?

what if?
what if i cant do it
i crack in the real thing
i just fall apart
how will i know?

i doubt everything
every little move
every little decision
what if it is not enough?
college is rough and im struggling
ConnectHook Oct 2020
It's time he gets his well-merited fame;
Hard-drivin' Hunter, captured by his game.
Jennifer Herbert Jul 2020
Slowing chipping at my shell
I watch it start to break away
Some days it doesn't seem to crack
But I still make progress anyway

Inside this loved but shackle of a shell
I've been the same me
Living by my limits and inhibitions
But I finally feel like breaking free

Unsure of who I am to become
Like a mystery without a clue
There's beauty in ultimately finding one
The discovery of something new

The pieces fall off when their ready
Those tiny slivers that once kept me safe
Breaking through your own shell
Is about growing and finding your place
Zack Ripley Jun 2020
seeing the fire in your eyes
Is as hypnotic
As watching lightning crack
Across the sky.
And the power of your smile
Could bring disco back in style.
The way you move your feet? Oof!
Girl, there's no way
I can stay in my seat.
So what's the problem?
You make me feel this way
And I don't even know your name
Maja May 2020
People don't know when the crack in the ground starts.
They only know when it breaks and they fall.
Maja May 2020
life has its tricks,
sometimes, it’ll hit you with bricks,
but even if I crack, I’m still me.
Just because I’m broken,
doesn’t mean there’s anything to fix.
I just need some help to find myself. Not to create someone else.
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