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staring once more
into myself
dregs staring back
me, "nothing more
than a character"
then close, it follows
staring inside
from the outside
what do you see?

can't escape the
sum of my parts
smoke signals sent,
nothing returned
need to ask those burned
"should i burn myself"
hurting inside, toiling
the trivialities.

what's the good word?
i'm making sense
time wasn't lost,
the time was spent

every once in a while
i can act out certain scenes
in ways my words
could never say

my worst qualities crack the best of my plans
my worst qualities crack the best of my plans

there was a point,
the recent past,
this act had meant
feeling concrete
the cast has since
let the pour pool
up here, set
around my feet.

my worst qualities crack the best of my plans
my worst qualities crack the best of all my plans

i'm split, i'm split, i'm split
Grace Haak Sep 5
back then when you broke my heart

i cracked and shattered and fell apart

but i should have known right from the start

'cause i'm a mess and you're a work of art.
Grace Haak Sep 4
Live on.
And find ways to crack
ollie Aug 26
i eat the same chips for lunch every day
sitting at the same table
with the same foreign people
when they ask who i’m looking for
i’ve resigned to just change the subject
the last time, i just stopped looking.
it wasn’t worth the pain in my neck
looking for someone who didn’t want to be found
obviously i feel the exact same way you do but i kinda never want to talk about my problems if that’s valid **** since they’re bothering you?
Mandalina Sep 12
the white lines
the pink skin
the untold pain

it all begins with a crack

I'm wearing my earbuds in my t-shirt
to listen music in class,
and text or change the music.
Play flappy bird or Pac-man
Because you downloaded it on your calculator,
Or on your E-reader.
Writing on everything,
And teaching people how to shoot
Crunched pieces of paper,
With a hair tie or an elastic band.
Talking, Laughing.
Throwing shade at the teacher.
Regretting not studying,
But you were smoking crack instead,
So it's okay I guess.
Eating in class.
A full competition
of who can spin the most rounds,
behing the back of the teacher.
(I was 3rd of the whole class :)
And laughing when you get an F
Stealing the answer keys to the homework,
And sending it in the group chat.
4 cups of coffee every morning.
Switching laptops with your friend,
Who studied for the test.
So you both get an A,
And pass the class.

Just another day of school.
Even my will to live is bigger than my grades...
That was the worst pun every sorry.

The dam
Keeping thoughts at bay
Cracks and overflows
Please save me
Before I drown
Erian Apr 7
I'm hiding you
In my heart
Because you're the only thing
From keeping me cracking apart

If my heart
Ever tears
I know you'll be there
To sew the loose strings
From restraining me from leaving
This broken art

In the end
I guess all I am
Is hiding you away
Artistical Apr 5

above my head.

And the swans' necks snapped in unison.
Through each of the valleys and ever anon.
I am chased by the waifs and the hooligans.

I hide in the caves, but hither they come,
they steal and they sneak through the heath;
and as I lie broken, bent and alone .
I have come to this wretched belief:

That over the aeons - through centuries passed -
there are bones of all those that were lost;
for they, too, were buried and left for the wolves
in caves, that from life, they were tossed.


over my ears,

and the bullets leave holes through my head.
Please, somebody come, and gather the bones,
of me and all those that are dead.
I don`t know what this is. I just had a dream...
Egeria Litha Apr 1
Thunder booms then rumble into
nausea ripping through my belly
Lightning is almost ready
to leave the house
mulling before a blouse

Barefoot in a nettle spread
I am walking to your supposed love
and tiptoeing on a tight rope
towards your home
Until I reach your door and as you groan
thunder drums a heavy pattern nearby
Inspire me to stubbornly
crack eggshells on your doorstep
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