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Self control
Indomitable spirit

You don’t have to be
FBI to live by these words

You don’t have
To be tae kwon do
To live by these
Skywlkr 3d
So I've planted an old seed,
I've smoked some **** I know its Pointless with it a mind wouldn't be Freed so Mabey Time To Replant an Old Seed Once Again And look Apon Something of Life to sustain without it its hard to Fight The Pain But I Know I can Take the Strain just aslong as you Stand Beside me In the Rain!!!!
Been writting stuff I'm not ready to share thought I should give you something though and figured had to be true sorry but tell me your opinions
swaggmaster Feb 6
heart aches
in a fluctuating pace
deepens the hollow pit
growing to fit

destroy your own psyche
so you only have yourself to blame

dont let others tap into your heart
it'll only make the pain start.
Britni Ann Feb 5
I didn’t want this.
I didn’t want him to leave but he did.
I didn’t want her to break me but she did.
I didn’t want him to take advantage of me but he did.

What I wanted was a dad who would stay.
What I wanted was a friend who would be there for me no matter what.
What I wanted was a man I could trust to keep his hands away from me.  

I am afraid of getting my hopes up.
And yet I still feel saddened when people don’t come through.
I’m so tired of living in fear.
But my mind revolves around what ifs,
And memories,
And brokenness.
And what if, when I try to think differently, and I get my hopes up, it’s all for nothing? And I am left alone again?
I feel empty again
Many people say that, actions speak louder than words,
these short little lines we write speak to us in a way a gift or a hug could never,
do speak louder than words.
But words,
speak directly to our mind and heart:
bypassing the inconsistencies and shows us one's intentions,
words, do mean something
Mika Jan 29
I know I don't want to hurt you.
I think I might want to leave you.

How do both of these thoughts come from the same mind?

I said I love you.
I know I meant it.
I think that might not be enough.
acacia Jan 29
Cried all morning and then I cried some more,
what use could I be to you more than now?

You’re trying your best to comfort and it’s just
no good. I’m hurting so much and you knew I would.

You look my way with those eyes, with those eyes
and I can’t help myself. I’m falling for you all over again.

Don’t hurt me anymore, okay?
“Okay.” You murmured quieter than before.

Don’t make cry and don’t make me sad --
love is always not enough especially when you won’t try.

Oh, your lips are so soft when you start,
when you start kissing me like that.

Our heartbeats sync and your hair
sticks to your face,

but then once again I’m stung in my heart --
a mixture of joy and unbearable grief,

and then the pain has dulled down;
I’m crying with joy just like you knew I would.

Oh, my scorpion what do I,
what do I begin to do with you?

An unfinished puzzle,
you’re the missing part.

Then once again, I’m stung in my heart,
yes, once I’m stung in my heart.

Oh, your lips are so soft when you kiss me like that
and your hands so calloused when you hurt me like that.
Applied to all my past and current lovers.
I really really really hope this works out
I really really really hope that I can make you happy
I don't know if I can give you everything you want
But I will try
I will really try
I really hope I don't ***** this up...
I love you,
but there's one thing.
If I
give you everything,
why do you
give me
back nothing?
are we afraid
of things
that we do not even know?
Like the
that has secrets to hold.
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