Do not dwell on good deeds
Move on as if it were natural
Others will prosper, thanks to you
Good is wrought through time
A balance fought for eons
Equalize the karma around you
And show others there is promise to be had

Mark Wanless Dec 7

"Keep On"

Keep on  keep  never stop  breathin
free  no place to flop
Keep breathin   walk walk  step
keep breathin   don't forget

Felt the heartache  keep on breathin
hurts so much  life whats caused it
Breathin breathin   never stop
your not here   if you don't fit

Oh baby   ah oh baby   oh baby
do wah do wah do wah do wah do wah

Under water for five days  breathin
a wonder  i'm amazed   just breathin
Oh Oh baby  breathin   still breathin
till the end of days

       do wah   do wah  do wah

believe it or not this CAME to me after listening to
Saint Audrey Dec 7

Fine things lining pockets
And flawed gems from a faucet
It took a month to mar the clauses
long forgotten fiends and flowing
Nature lost scenery

It might be menial, but if I don't like the imagery
I'd use a run on and run on, running on
Fumes like carbon clouds, bowing at the center
Of the hopelessness I've found

Of moths and flame, danger and wanting
Nature and harboring diseases and watching
Crystalline precipices overblown from cold
Rain, eroding stone long since lain

Homes blown through in half a day
Another half century laid waste
Forage a new course for the streams
The selfish, like me only disagree

Despite the discontent
Restless nights and fires burning low
Into the biting air, a show of flair
Its not right, or fair to vent

Hollow, it would seem
Still stable, the ecosystem of
Constant change
Trying to be heard over a flood of filth

Tidal waves painting fields
Recessing long since venerated guest
Retaking ocean lost to sandy beaches
And kids with half a dream left in them
I spent my last penny on a whim

I have a serious problem with this system
Stop trying to shove your fucking 'wisdom'
Unconcentually down my throat
I dont care what they wrote
Old fucks hundred years ago
Writing about things they dont even know
Makin up rules im supposed to follow
Despite their logic being hard to swallow
But they got the big blue boys
With their loud shiny toys
Making sure we do what we're told
Dont act right, they'll do more than scold
Theyll hide you away so no one can see
The realities of our society

Lure Pot Dec 3

Today I miss you so much
it brings me too tears
I couldn't eat lunch
I couldn't stop seeing you
I'm sorry for my silly eyes!
I will love you with no more fears.

I am so tired and so stressed
about everything I have to do
and today I am so worried
that leaving tomorrow
will be hard on me!
That's why I feel like shudders.

I have to be strong for myself
sometimes I have to move along
Please, take care about yourself
I will be happy if you keep smiling.

Cobalt Nov 23

I see you coming down the stairs to meet me.

You're fuming.

Did you see this, you ask, and you slam it down on the table.

How can you live with yourself with these grades, mija, you say.

I know what's on there. I flinch.

You go on and on and on about them, and I sit and nod numbly. You ask me a question you think is impacting, God, do you even want to go to college

I sit and nod numbly,

You spit, then try harder,

And stomp up the stairs and slam your door.

You think that's it. Maybe I'll shape up now.
But mama, mama, that's not all

I've got so much resting on the tip of my tongue

And the back of my mind,
And it stirs deep inside my soul.

At this point,

I want to say,

Fuck college.

Mama, how can I tell you that all I want to do is do stupid things and claim it all in the sake of life,  

Get drunk and wake up with a new tattoo?

Mama, how can I tell you that all I want to do is climb out on the roof of a building and tell all of my darkest fears to my friend at the height of the witching hour?

Mama, how can I tell you that stability is useless and no fun, and that I'd like nothing more than to take off on a one way ticket to nowhere and not come back for years?

Mama, how can I tell you that I want to hear languages I'll never speak, and speak languages I'll rarely hear?

Mama, how do I tell you that I want to fall in love with a stranger on a subway thousands of miles from here, and do stupid, meaningful things with him in the twinkling lights of a restless city?

How do I tell you I want to be both a heartbreaker and be heartbroken?

How do I tell you I just want to retire to the ocean, that deep blue vivacious void that calls me across endless land, and disappear in its siren like folds?

How do I tell you I want to find out if God exists?

And if so, who?

Mama, please, tell me how I can tell you without you ridiculing me.

Please, mija, don't be silly. You need to be stable, don't be like your father.

But he's happy.

Happy doesn't get you anywhere, a degree does.

But mama, mama, listen to me,

I'd rather be your definition of nowhere than unhappy,

And if that means living day to day,
And that means couch surfing and doing what needs to be done and being labeled a hippy and a worthless punk to get tattoos and kiss strangers and get drunk at two am with the closest damn friends I've ever had and hear music I'll never hear again,
Then mama, mama,
So be it.
'Cause I want to live my life the way I want to,
And letters on paper don't mean
A damn thing.

Fight for money
Poison and honey
Ain't nothing funny
Rarely turns sunny.

Hard to tan
Race is ran
In the can
Fuck the man.

Numb at hand
Short of sand
Drain the land
Start your band.

Laying in bed
Empty of lead
Best left unsaid
Before we're dead.

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