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I do not approve of what they do,
Yet I love them         just the same.

I cannot accept what they think and say,
But I accept them          for who they are.

They hurt the people that I love the most,
And I hurt                to forgive them again

If they were you, they'd be easier to love.
Yet I am the source                of the blame.
subside the restless, crashing waves.

free my mind from this prison.

i am tired.
i am lost.
i've lost all meaning of the word, hope.

now, i just survive,
but only just...

egged on by the pluck and strike of the dancing tunes i force myself to listen to,
just to distract myself from all the raging stimuli.

emotion-sensory overload

perhaps, it's time i tried something new.
to stare into fear, and run it through...

maybe the little white pills aren't the boogyman,
the monster under my bed.

the monster is in my head,
and perhaps,
this little white pill...
just may put him away for a little while,
one day at a time.

subside the restless,
thoughts in my head.


this is my therapy.
so that i can breathe.

this one's not for you,
it's for me to read.
but if you really want to,
so can you.

How can you tell what's on
your heart?

What is the most important thing
that you think about?

The last thought you have before going to sleep


the first thought you have when you
wake up.

Just quickly wrote this down before bed because it wouldn't stop bothering me.
Osiria Melody Sep 29
Pods detonate nuclear explosions of nicotine clouds
Laced with addiction and withdrawal symptoms,
A pair of lungs work in conjunction with Death
And so, even tobacco cigs achieve the same effect

So what? My lungs are my lungs
Let the vapor consume my being and let me be
There's no reason for me to reconsider this
Because I'm living a life filled with wonderful bliss

Why not give it a try?

"Y'all smoke to enjoy it. I smoke to die."

I'm not promoting smoking in any way. The final line is a quote from the novel "Looking for Alaska" by John Green. I came up with this piece on-the-fly after thinking about the vaping epidemic.
Left Foot Poet Mar 2018
at 11pm in nyc
one sees what
you need to c
what you don’t want to b
what’s c-ing you
all the aleph bets
are ghosting words in your
brown i’s and clear fingernails

then when and why
you are under the
dining room table
cause you don’t want to be
a real person
it’s so oh much easier to be
in the under, the table dark thunder,
so when until you need to be a visibility,
until then a ghost is a fine impossibility

do we believe in ghosts?
girl, you crack me up
W ooooohoooo W you who?

the witching wishing h our
DivineDao Sep 27
Zvok njenega glasu
Me je




kot tvoje
Neverjetno noro strastno
lepe Pesmi

Prelom Poezije
Se Dogodi
Ko Tvoje Bitje

Vso toljubečo bližino

V polnosti biti Si
Nekje Tudi
Malo moj

Resno pismo si,
Ljubim te!!!

Po pesniško - - s Penkalom~~~

Kar naprej pa naprej

Nenehno si tam

U haiku cvetovih
Pod konicami
Najinih prstov
Do... do
Za ljubljena

Že večkrat
Je Pulzirala

Še  Večkratkot 180
Zavrtiva Jih
Zavrtiva Naju, da naju
Po Tangenti v žamet Vesolja*'*

Navidezno ravno premico;------------

Jo od daljice ™
Jo od od oddojčka
Fascinantno nosiva
Drug zadrugega Z BitRepomBitBitomm

Tkanino Vseboljstva
Pa teh nevidnihfint

Triki so Trki
Po Odboju
Kakovosti prsi
Padejo na mehko

Kavica ob 858
Na mestni Terasi  - - Tvoje globoko

Sloko Telo :::MladegaTe poznam,
Krasnega obličja§¶*
Rahle bledice...

Skodelice in čajniki
Med šumi glasov
Prav kakor
Nenavadno Lepa Eleganca
Neke meni
Še kar neznane ljube ljubljanske
Najlepše, ter najbolj Ljubeče
Pa je njena dlan,
Njen pogled ljubezni
Njen dotik.

Neo do Ljevih

Nerazumljivih Grčanj
Čez Semaforje
Elegantnega Rokovnjaštva

Ter uma, ki, daje um pa srce
Pa ga

Za nekoga
Ki ve, kako sloni potujejo čez Nebo
leo arden Sep 16
are you doing,

or are you overthinking?

are you progressing,

or are you moving?

are you living,

or are you worrying?

do some.

progress more.

"never confuse movement with progress"
          -- Denzel Washington
Do what you like.
Do what make you smile.
Do what makes your happiness. Live your own life.
Enjoyt this.
Appreciate every lesson, every moment.
The moment never come back. This moment just once here and now.
. . . Do you still love me when you are sleeping,
Then will I fit well in your arms?
All that anger you've been keeping,
With your eyes shut can it still do me harm?

I sit here beside you afraid to lie down,
My mind can't rest after everything you've said.
I'm afraid to wake you so I don't make a sound,
I'm not sure why I even came to bed.

I have given you everything but it's not enough,
I am so sad and I feel so alone,
I want to stay but you're making it tough,
I live here but I'm not at home.

Do you still love me when you are sleeping,
Or will you push me away.
Am I something you feel is worth keeping,
Or does it make me stupid to stay?

Do you still love me when you are sleeping
. . .
Moon Cherry Sep 15
I heard it again
Pierced through my vein
It made me a villain
With the crime of in vain
I thought it was unfair
The voices in air
Part of me shivered
It got me veered
Cold and vexed
My soul untamed
I was misled
By this evil eyes I have
see yourself
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