was it worth it?
to feel something? just for ten fucking minutes,
to feel something?

i can't look at you, Conchúr,
you repulse me.
every crocodile tear and shark-fucking-smile,
with your smug little laugh,
and your meaningless words -

you weave them together,
constructing vast fantasies and empty promises -
how many people have you trapped,
in your wide and selfish net?

oh! but you've always been so good with words.
and may that be the death of you,
because you deserve hell for your sins:
one eternity is not black enough for creatures like you.

lies, lust, pain - that's your bread and butter.
you never were good at much else,
but dammit you are good at hurting
those around you, the ones who care.

she was right to get rid of you,
especially when she did,
because look how far you've come!

when was it... only last night you tried again,
didn't you? you thought no one was looking,
but they all have eyes, and someone will find out.

they'll see your scars (remember to keep it below the belt next time, buddy, okay?),
or they'll see the blood (god, how it gushed after all that dancing - i thought you were a goner),
or they'll find your pathetic little poems,
gathering dust on some forgotten corner of the internet,
where your heart is too bare,
and its blackness is plain to see.

what then? will it be worth it then?
to express something? just to try and put your life in words,
to express something?

"oh look at you, you poor thing,
you've been so hard done by..."


this is your fault,
and you deserve every last ounce of hurt.
god, i don't know what else i am to do. how did i end up like this? what happened to me?
Mike D Mar 14
Tell me dad, If you don't mind
Question I always seek
An endless mission try to find
Exhausted leaves me weak
It doesn't matter what I do
It always lingers there
A Scarlett Letter I adorn
No choice, this badge I wear

No knowledge to me it exists
I'm set upon this quest
Working so hard; Giving my all
I always try my best
But more than that, impossibly
I seek to gain perfection
Translation 'I'm not good enough'
An answer to the question

Through sessions insight I have gained
Awareness insight brings
Before a hood placed on my head
Denial dulls the sting
It may be dull denial's blow
But with no resolution
So festering inside deep down
Problem without solution

Clueless the weight given to it
Importance put upon
An addict desperate for a fix
Always feel something's wrong
What's incorrect or broken down
Is not a cold machine
I'm the source of all that's bad
Feel dirty and unclean

I look to you for validation
Behavior seeks approval
I'm nothing 'til you tell me so
My pain needing removal
I never seem to measure up
Could not be be what you wanted
Your face wrinkled into a scowl
Scoldings that stayed and haunted

If just a little more patience
Something you were deficienct
Often not quick on simple tasks
Need you to stop and listen
My mind is different from others
If complex I can solve
In record time but if easy
May stumble and then fall

People may see an A, B, C
It's not how I process
Always a puzzle needing to solve
See, Q, R, A through F
See dad I may be different
Result I'm not like you
It doesn't make me any less
This fact I wish you knew

We may not have the same make up
Your mind I'm not endowed
But in the end I'm still your son
Just tell me that you're proud
Written: March 14, 2018

All rights reserved
How Many People Would You Have To Change To Change The World?

How many people would you have to change
To change the world?  
The other day the man I love,  
One who has faith in God above.
Declared the impotence of man.
Insisted phrase by rehashed phrase:
“This world has never been so bad.
It’s getting worse and worse and worse!”
He feels so helpless. What a curse!
Has no belief in his own richness;
Can’t understand the reach
Of butterfly’s effect: the flap
Of wings in Florida
With vibes that stretch to Africa.

How does it work?

You find the thing you’re born to do.
You do it hour by hour by hour.
Work through the furor,
Take your power,
Use it, focused on the now.

There’s nothing more.

That small series called your life
Is quite enough to end all strife.
Not instantly, not right away -
For life takes time.
But yours is prime:
A mix of self-esteem
Humility and bravery,
Seeing life reflectively
With love and strength
The length of days.

How many people would you have to change
To change things?
Think of wings!

How Many People Would You have To Change To Change The World? 3.2.2018 Our Times, Our Culture II;
Yes, think of wings and the butterfly effect.
pk tunuri Mar 3
You really want to make it upto me?
You better be sorry and let it be!

I've every right to be mad at you
You've made me cry every night, you got no clue

I regret every minute, I cared for you
I can't imagine what were you expecting me to do

All that mattered is your own point of view
You didn't even bother to ask me if it was true

If You really want to make it upto me
You better be sorry and let it be
when people hurt you and if they ever try to make it up to you, tell them what have you suffered and ask them to let it be because by then you should've learned being without them and must not allow them to take away your happiness once again.
she is going


hope it's an girl

we would like that

we always wanted
baby girl

Danial John Feb 25
It's time
I'm ready to die
I've figured it all out
I'm ready to end it now
I don't want your pity
What is it like?
To fit in with everyone around you
To not feel so small
To not be too soft spoken

What is it like?
To have countless numbers of friends
To constantly have plans
To never feel alone?

What is it like?
To get close to people
To smile so genuinely
To laugh so full heartedly

What is it like?
To not be me
Cana Sterl Feb 23
Its Friday night in the ramshackle city
The sweaty bodies writhing to to soco beat
Drugs, Drink and Debauchery and Cigarettes
Let go.
The blue of your eyes,
the red of your blood;
filled my purple little heart.
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