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Nothing's forever
and hardships aren't an exception.
When you are too heavy to fly,
remember all you can do is retry.
What's the problem if people don't believe in you
Make it your reason to break through.
It's okay to be scared of your dream,
atleast you know that it is its extreme.
If you fail on the way,
take a break and mend yourself for the future day.
Never doubt your calibre and go back
cause you didn't come this far to pace back the track.
Keep fightin'
and one day you will find yourself flyin'
Zack Ripley Oct 21
It's not about me. It's not about you.
It's about what we do.
What we do with the time we have left
With the people we meet.
With the challenges we face.
With the rumors we hear.
When we come face to face
With our fears.
With the love we have.
With the love we lose.
What we do when we have to choose.
What we do when we realize
We have responsibilities.
That's what it's all about to me.
I could have
but didn't
I don't know why
I certainly should have
but I didn't even try
I'll get around to that thing
but not today
or tomorrow
perhaps not ever

**** it
I suppose

why not live the lie
and regret it
until the day I die
ce-walalang Sep 12
...that most people do

...wake up
...go to work
...think of you

...sit at desk
...listen to music
...think of you

...go home
...think of you

...please take notice
...i’m thinking of you
Everybody has a voice inside
That whispers day and night
For the criminals it says
Destroy the evidence
Destroy the witness
Lest they should be done
For the pious it says
Do good to others
Do not harm others
Lest they make their own fun
Nat Lipstadt Jun 2015

(This one is for me)

The hardest thing to do,
being strong,

for everyone else
Zack Ripley Jul 20
I'm not interested in what you'll say.
I'm interested in what you'll do
Äŧül Jun 14
They did not predict about the British,
They did not predict about the Towers,
They did not predict the Desert Scourge.

Still, they accurately predicted,
End of the world on 21 June 2020.

In my opinion,
Needed something to **** time,
So they decided to predict,
And their predictions be
Such foolish and baseless.


The television news channels,
They are all fear-mongering brothels,
Which run on the terror they can imbue to our minds.
My HP Poem #1857
©Atul Kaushal
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