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Can I please just go home?
I don't want to exist anymore.
Just seems horrible.
I don't want to be here.
I don't want to do this.
I don't want to exist.
Nothing bad has even happened and I just don't want to ******* be alive.
Between the stars,
There are particles afar,
Between dreams for each,
Ghosts appear beyond reach,
Between flames a'glow,
Sparks fly for us, we know,
Between shadows and light,
We're all shades in the night,
Between water and air,
Mists can form anywhere,
Between notes and song,
Music can linger along,
Between breaths that meet,
We share kisses so sweet,
It's between you and your next wife,
Time you got a life!
Feedback welcome.
Nylee Sep 25
In the immense serene life
The world is unreachable
The fullest is a small me
For numbers bigger than infinity
I give so little, less than my capacity
I get the same back, why I complain
Waste more time in disdain
Cribbing about unfairness
Comparing me to them.
thesa Sep 19
with my head on your chest
i listen to your heartbeat
and i know i've promised
i would never get addicted

but please tell me
how i'm supposed to stop
falling for you
Carmen Jane Sep 10
All the harmonicas play the same sound
You listen as you lay helpless on the ground
The heavy clouds now  are drifting away
The autumn leaves are starting to sway

Oh, my love, trust me when I say
All your problems will go away
You can rise up, you can stay tall
You are a wonder and your problems are small

Cause you are tall as a mountain
Wearing love -  clear as a fountain
You can spread all this love
You can change the lives of all

All the harmonicas play the same sound
It's about time to get up from the ground
Can't you see the wide blue sky?!
One step, a all you need to try!
I don't owe you
You don't own me
I don't need to explain myself
I've said my piece
Now move on
What doesn't he get about "this isn't about you" and "I literally just don't like you".
If just one more time I could say Hi to her feel the touch of her hand so soft laid upon me
to look again In her eyes that could melt
But no second chance do we get just one time around seems so unfair to me that I have to live without
Especially If you given all to religion doesn't seem like a very good deal to me certainly not enough for
Will have time and enough warning to get all I need to get done before It's my turn to go my only
For this Is by far my biggest concern and not If I'm here or not would consider that I've had my
Not always been lucky In life
but did spend twenty years with my beautiful wife for she was the love of my
But Heaven decided to take her from me one day that took any reason away that leaves the question will I
have enough
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