I can not control the actions of others
I can only control me
A lifelong task to do my part
Choosing the
Emanate from in my core
The vibe that others get
A feeling that is positive

Tuned frequency that’s set

Harmonic tone in the chorus
The Universe’s choir
Be kind for just the sake of it
With nothing more desired
No expectations preconceived
Mindset on others placed
The smallest task; the largest deed
Can quickly be erased

If when complete there’s no return
Signaled acknowledgment
So you rebuke with scoff or scowl
Good deed out window went
If something’s the right thing to do
Then do it just because
You know it’s right and should be done

A life fulfilled you’ve won
Written: April 17, 2018 (started) & June 16, 2018 (finished)

All rights reserved.
Gray Jun 16
Every time i taste a sweet mango,
I just want to stop everything and dance the tango!

It’s just so good!
If i could eat a million mangoes, i would!

I think it’s a good idea for me to give up everything and become one.
Doesn’t that just sound like a whole lot of fun?

Man oh man mangoes are so so nice!
I don’t think I have to say that twice!

The best part of it all is that it’s just so juicy.
My love for the beloved mangoes is larger than the mighty blue sea.

Loving them is something we all must believe.
If you refuse, you might as well just leave.
George Krokos Jun 13
If you’ve got a letterbox you’ll end up getting junk mail
which will usually be on a weekly basis and without fail.
From "Simple Observations" ongoing writings since the early '90's
AW Frames Jun 10
A place where the earth is still...
Where the sin shines and the moon glistens
Where the tides wave and the wind takes flight
I want to see the animals relaxing by the stream
I want to hear the rain drops
I want to get away....
KAE Jun 4
we were laying at the office couch
he came to me
with one hand he grab my wrists
and with the other hand he grab my hip
he brought his body to mine
and said “I want you and me to get laid tonight, baby girl”
goodtea May 28
I heat the water until
it burns, I never know exactly
what I’m trying to burn off


We get high because getting high
is a little bit easier than
getting close
get close to me
MA Montgomery May 28
my greatest fear is that
you will always see me
as a child

my greatest fear is that
you are too far away to
ever be my peer

my greatest fear is that
i am a burden to you,
nothing more than a
mandatory activity

my greatest fear is that
all you see is my bullshit
like how
i only see your bitchy attitude

my greatest fear is that
the gap will never
be closed

my greatest fear is that

-nine years is too long
please see me. please just be my friend. please don’t make me feel like shit.

I couldn't tell you what it was...
Or what caused it...
I honestly hadn't thought about you much...
It was a first but it came in plenty.
It was like I forgot about you...
Even if only...


My theory is...
Yes, of course I have one...

In the wake of,
a recent devastation..
I was..
Quite vulnerable..
Teetering on hopelessness...

It was in the midst of all this,
That My,
My Employer,
Starts confiding in me for marital advice....

Seems harmless right??
I mean really...
Why the fuck did I even care?

Why would these harmless insignificant things bring back so many memories.

I remember going home that evening...
Drinking wine on my little black sofa...
Looking out my window, as the rain began to sound against my window pane..

It was then, that I realized..
Something started stirring in me
I was missing you...

What the hell is wrong with me?

Why do familiar situations, have that pile of shit way of digging things up...
You've already buried ten feet deep?

I'm angry...

I'm pissed off at myself!

I don't want to miss a man who doesn't miss me.
Whose not thinking about me.

I don't want to feel the icy sting in my heart knowing he never loved me.

How he got away Scott free.
Without pain or agony...

I don't want there to be some piece of you I always love or a special place in my heart, where you'll always stay...

Because you don't fucking deserve it.

You never deserved me...

You never indured...
The pain and agony...
You don't know what it feels like, to be suffering.

Having to go through what it feels like when, your heart gets even a whiff of something that's tied to your memory..

I hate that my heart still entertains this shit because I wanna be rid of everything that has your memory tied to it.
( I lost track of my journal entry number so this will just be journal Entry 1170 just sounds pretty.)

Sorry for the rant.
Hollow Steve May 19
Just push onward,
like mistakes occuring without reason.
Entanglements compromise,
as motions adjust
to the next exemption.

Flaws arise,
but don't dictate indefinite behavior.
Mistakes to follow or allow,
as compromise is compromised.

Such an indulgence on
self reflection.
Taken and grafted like
webs to graft onwards.

Just a mid-line
walking across the segment.
It's not like much'll change...
Just different forms of similarity.

I wouldn't trade my own mistakes at all....
Just the forms holding me prisoner.
I wouldn't,
just get up again.
MOTH May 11
My keyboard makes music out of my tears
With ever fear I feel and every smile I bring
With the madness that takes me
With the rage I sing

Like she once said
It's not easy to read to them what's in my head
So we write it instead...
While we grip to our beds

I'm stuck okay,
I don't need to tell them how deep I'm in this
Rapid fire, dancing liars, a choir of fire
I couldn't get shyer, my pleas will be dire

With my sensitivity
My emotions exploding
My complicated thinking
My heart that's bleeding

You know what...fudge it
I try and I cry and I even ask why
But when does it matter
I know we all feel the weight...

But why do they diminish what makes my soul ache



But its okay

I don't have much else to say

I'm going to continue to play the silent game

I see no darkness

I hear no bitterness

I speak nothing heartless

Evil does not run me

Why let it run them?
Them = You
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