every time i try and get over you
just to feel someone else touch
i still feel your lips and i still feel your hands on the small of my back
and i still hear your voice over and over
its like a broken record that plays every time i try moving on
and they always ask why i cant fully commit to them
why i cant have sex with them
why i cant give my all to their relationship

and the answer to that is you when you left
you didnt only take my heart
you also took all the love left in it
i cant tell them that.
i cant tell them i gave my heart to a god damn fool.
i cant tell them i cant get over you.
Small bumps speckle my body
and I will pick
and pick
and pick
at them until I know for sure
the sludge,
the growths,
and the imperfections
are no more than scabs and dried blood.
At least then I can tell you I got these spots from battling.
Speckled I’m the remince of insecurity
V Exeter Jul 21
Compilation of cum loving amateurs,
sounds like the right click to me,
so I left click -- which in this time &
place means the finger tip tap.

Pornographic detractors build the
industry up into an atomic bomb.
You're right -- the foundation's wrong,
but it's not gone, yet. And you see.
People have gone through
great lengths, to procure cameras,
to film themselves, maybe with
others, and have built something new.

Homemade pornography is the holy
grail. You can see people want to be
seen and be happy to be seen and do
exactly what they'd be doing, anyway.

Don't take off your socks if you so choose.
Don't mind me, I get off watching you do you.
I inspire
I won’t expire
I transcend
I won’t descend
Aspire to transpire
Make pages
In His Story
Make a name
That won’t fade
Through the ages
And paint your images
With full colors
That time can’t erase
Mount your fears
And they will take you far
Like a feather
Blown by the wind
Fear is the weakness
It cripples your mind
And weakens your faith
Feel (April 21, 2016)

Today I feel like I'm not here.
I take in my surroundings and think to myself,
They are not mine to take in.
Am I really here?
It feels as though my very being could be waved away with the simple swing of an arm.
I feel, but the only thing I feel is the overwhelming inability to feel.
Today I feel unreal.

I found this in my draft's. I haven't been on here since 2016.
goodtea Jul 13
She is
His only victim
And therefore she is
Both the strongest and
Weakest link in the room
The power to
Hold or to
Destroy her family
Rests on her
To destroy with the truth
Or to hold with her silence.
maybe it is time for some destruction.
Why should I even get up?
I know I'm meaningless.
I know life is a pointless endeavor.
I know I'm unlikable, unloveable, and pathetic.
So why do I get out of bed?
There is no reason.
I should just stay right here and never leave.
Left with the only person who can hurt me now.
But even I don't want to stay here completely.
I'm still telling myself,

"elizabeth, you need to get up."
Ana Sophia Jul 1
it's been eight months
eight fucking months
you two are dating
and my heart still races every time
i see you.
and I still get this overflowing feelings
I can't deal with.
why can't I get over it?
why does it still feel so weird
and confusing?
why is it never ever completely
over for me
even though you've moved on?
time ain't healing

I can not control the actions of others
I can only control me
A lifelong task to do my part
Choosing the
Emanate from in my core
The vibe that others get
A feeling that is positive

Tuned frequency that’s set

Harmonic tone in the chorus
The Universe’s choir
Be kind for just the sake of it
With nothing more desired
No expectations preconceived
Mindset on others placed
The smallest task; the largest deed
Can quickly be erased

If when complete there’s no return
Signaled acknowledgment
So you rebuke with scoff or scowl
Good deed out window went
If something’s the right thing to do
Then do it just because
You know it’s right and should be done

A life fulfilled you’ve won
Written: April 17, 2018 (started) & June 16, 2018 (finished)

All rights reserved.
Gray Jun 16
Every time i taste a sweet mango,
I just want to stop everything and dance the tango!

It’s just so good!
If i could eat a million mangoes, i would!

I think it’s a good idea for me to give up everything and become one.
Doesn’t that just sound like a whole lot of fun?

Man oh man mangoes are so so nice!
I don’t think I have to say that twice!

The best part of it all is that it’s just so juicy.
My love for the beloved mangoes is larger than the mighty blue sea.

Loving them is something we all must believe.
If you refuse, you might as well just leave.
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