Anna Grace May 3

Ship in the harbor, I’m leaving today
the sails are set,
I don’t know yet
where it’s going to stay.
Across the crystal water, I’m leaving today
the only place I know I’m going
is that I’m going away.

All the people at the station living out their day
I go to  wander and pray,
I wonder if any of them
have felt this same way.
When my trains pulls from the station I’m going away
Far from all the things I’ve known,
I need to get away.
When I’m gone
will it make a difference?
If I don’t come back
would you remember me?

Speakers at the airport calling meaningless names
I don’t care if it’s mine,
to me they’re all the same.
Pain grows smaller with runway lines, to the sky we take
flying today,
just to get away.

If I flew too high,
would you look to the sky for me?
If the ship went down,
would you look to the sea?

New city every day, finally I am away
I don’t speak the language,
I have nothing to say.
Life can be good whe you get away,
replaced with the longing
to find somewhere to stay.

Mark Donnelly Apr 30

Rolling down the street,
like a die on the table,
what you roll,
is what you get,
the number shows,
surprise arrives,
a hint of beauty cross you,
you can't believe your luck.

As a lot of injustice is what I get,
What I should better get is lost.
I should get lost under this cover,
This glorious cover of anonymity.
Let nobody read my thoughts,
For leglimency I've occlumency.

My HP Poem #1516
©Atul Kaushal

No matter as much as I fall I will get up .

Lori Apr 8

He wouldn't leave.

His voice walked in first, so young and innocent.
His body jumped in flabby, gigantic and inexperienced.
His whims slur out of his mouth, dazzling his audience.
His face slumps in, eyes are sunk in and his clothes pile in.
His presence is an overwhelming curse as he talks his way in.

He wouldn't leave.

He does not know the stories trapped in the house he entered.
He does not know the trust issues and two faced cruel people.
He does not know the suffering and sacrifice of accommodation.
He does not know the anxiety and all the pleading to God.
He does not know the tensions he's aggravating and resurfacing.

He wouldn't leave.

He has a right to know of the tears he's caused for two days.
He has a right to know that he's fish bait and they're all desperate.
He has a right to know that we are liars just running a show.
He has a right to know that I hate him and he shouldn't be here.
He has a right to know his place in my house, he doesn't belong.

He wouldn't leave?!
I'm warning you, He better leave.

Day 8 with repetition prompt. Yesterday's was so hard that this one feels like an easy familiar one. Or maybe I was overthinking how to do the prompt from yesterday. I will definitely re-do it. Still awesome to try something new though. This one here is pretty straightforward. Thanks for reading!

I just felt like writing
and the world suddenly had
no boundaries for me
and no one was looking
and the beach was the only one
that could support my feet;
and all those beautiful women
were starring in the big fat blue,
not saying a thing,
not knowing what to do,
not wanting to cry, nor to laugh..

but I guess this is what good music
does to you -
it sends signals down your spine
and, in a second,
you forget where you are
and what you're trying to accomplish -
you get to the point where you think
you are a mother fucking rock star!
You have no worries
and you know that you can play the hell out of a guitar,
on the day before the big show!
But.. when the crowd goes wild
and all of those eyes are having an ear on you,
your cave -
you become one with the guitar case -
full of sounds and, yet, so silent,
dark like an empty egg shell,
cursed to know what life is
but unable to show it to others.

There is
no wine,
no wining,
no glass eye,
no groupies,
no ice in your bucket list!

You are all alone and suddenly the world feels part of you.

There was a time when
I felt bad for people that didn't need that from me -
simple, single, solitary people, that couldn't feel a thing
and that couldn't care less if some arrogant prick,
some.. some cocky presumptuous stranger
was thinking unhappy thoughts about them.

I just wanted to write
but all I did was get farther
away from what I needed.

Now it's time to save the word world!
It's time to synchronize our watches
and go naked out there,
with our dicks and pussies free,
uncovered by our own self consciousness
and big little lies!

April Mar 31

I can't get the perfect grades
I can't look perfect
I can't act perfect
I can't act ladylike
I can't seem amazing
I can't seem outgoing
I can't seem healthy and happy
I can't save myself
I can't stop myself
I can't.

Arlene Corwin Mar 18

Even And All The Time

God is giving out
Evenly and all the time.

Evenly and all the time
Through Law and laws,
A clout, a shout, no hanging about;
Efficient, effective and quick.

A seeming quirk that never quits:
The nature of God,
Nature of God,
An Absolute absolutely.

Even And All The Time 3.18.2017
God Book II;
Arlene Corwin
      For Those Who Can’t Or Won’t

For those who can’t or won’t believe…
Refusal, aptitudinal deficiency;
A lack of interest or an inability
To think it through
And come to That conclusion.
I look up to all,
Roads leading in the end to Rome,
The roaming in us all.

For Those Who Can’t Or Won’t 3.18.2017
God Book II;
Arlene Corwin

Those who get it,get it.  Those who don't, don't.

No, we can't get enough,
Of our concept of love,
Fleeting glances, tough,
Drown in your eyes, love,
Do you want mouth to mouth,
Is there a snog for you, down south?
No, we can't get enough,
Of our own concept of love.....

Feedback welcome...

Living in a world full of hate will get us no where--
In this life, you got to make the best of what you're given.
For only you control you--
Everyone comes into this world the same, getting a

Chance at life
And sometimes people struggle, but that's okay.
No body is prefect. We all make mistakes, it's better
To learn from them and not ignore that they happened.

Go ahead, live your life and just remember
Everyone is going
Through it as well.

Make the best of each day and try to
Understand how others might have to live-sometimes we don't get to
Choose where we're born and
Have to struggle for many, many years to get to an okay life.

Be positive with others and "keep your
Eyes wide open"
Things will get better-- "sometimes before it gets better,
The darkness gets bigger."

Each day, try your best and just be you!

An acrostic I wrote earlier today and edited tonight.
Title from Good Charlotte.
Quotes from Sabrina Carpenter and Fall Out Boy.
Never give up, just be who you are!
McNally/Flanders, Inc. 2017
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