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There's things that I don't say
In between kisses
And bowls of ramen noodles
On weeknights

There's a quiet sadness settled behind the couch and on the inside of my ribcage during our twilight marathons
On the weekends

Things left
To hopefully be forgotten under the bleachers at your soccer games
I go to whenever I can

It hangs with your hoodies in my closet
In the pit of my stomach
It's small but I can't stop it
And it takes me out for days at a time

I see you every day
But sometimes I am distant
In a different way

It's been done to me
And I'm sorry I'm doing it to you
I'm trying to phase the disappointment that has nothing to do with you
Out of my life like cycles of the moon...

The stars are ours
And that is true
I've never felt like I do when I'm with you
But I tried to tell you
I don't think
You completely understood
You have never felt
Such a sadness before.

"What's wrong?"
"Is something wrong?"
"You would tell me if something was bothering you,


Listen to, in my mind by, dynoro while reading this. for the full effect
Doug Miura Oct 3
Good therapy prevented me from becoming an over-reactive victim like you.  Smart women get help and get peace.  3/4 of therapists are victims so before you sign anything ask to see one & say, "Why did you become a therapist?  If they’re shaken leave at once.

A good therapist said, "I have never been a victim and I have never abused drugs. Victims have problems that are unresolved. They cannot give an unbiased view of reality and are too busy trying to compare their experiences with everyone who comes through their doors."  Kathi R Shell MFT.

The way to look for a legitimate therapist is to ask for a referral from a hospital. Here's the testimony of a woman that took this advice:
Thanks for your recommendation, I switched therapists and this one seems so much better for me than the other one was. I know I've got a long road ahead of me, but I'm trying my hardest.

Thanks for your tip,

If you need it search low cost or free therapy but before you sign anything ask to see your therapist & ask, "Why did you become a therapist?" If they're upset go somewhere else.  
Healing is hard but follow this advice & you will be normal again. 

This is the dust jacket for Romance Fun & Wisdom © Doug Miura.

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Thanks, Doug Miura
78% of rapists are associates and 80% of them are molestation victims.  Normally friendly feeling slighted sets them off.
GhostMOTH Sep 28
May I trip on purpose,
Fall into strength,
Get back up into confidence,
And stride on my glory.

There's a mirror I look into that's as black as my pupils,
I can only look as far as my eyes can squint...
before they close.

I come to realize that I see nothing. Just darkness. I can't see cracks, or colors, or hopes, or dreams, or anything.

Even in the dark of the mirror, nothing reflects back on me...
Maybe it's all just me...
In my head...

Or maybe, I can see...
yet this entire time I've been blinded by me.

What if I have only seen what I think people see when all I see are the weapons that can be used to hurt me...

Trying to protect me by hurting myself first never really worked anyway.

So when I trip on my shame,
and I fall because I've been cursed lame,
And I can't get up cause I'm weighted by the chains,
Let me crawling tell you something...
Never stop crawling if you can't walk.
Shofi Ahmed Sep 24
Be heard like a

Cut through like a

Get it off the chest from the
Bus Poet Stop Sep 22
“eye now know
the how, when, where and the-why,
my Eyes compose this elegy
memories of past and present...
blending into memories of future happenstance”

what is chosen is believed
though the choices are presented -
I choose among the sacrificial burnt offerings  

this, my will is free
though the path is circumscribed, ordained

the bus has a route it follows,
but the speed and timing  governed by
chances made by me
and you
me and random things spliced.and sundered

get on me
get off me
MicMag Sep 21
I get started

Just tell myself
First step’s the hardest
First mile’s the farthest

Just tell myself
You got this
You can’t miss

Just tell myself
One step at a time
It’ll all be fine

Just tell myself
You can make it
All the way
Gotta take it
Day by day

Just tell myself
I’m with you friend

I get
To the end
Inspired by WD weekly poetry prompt:
I get (blank)

Sarah Sep 20
you love it, don’t you?
to be powerful and adored
to have people fighting for even a sliver of your attention
oh how i long to be free from your orbit
but being around you feels less like love
and more like a relapse
how am i supposed to move on from someone as intoxicating as you my dear?
At the end of the road
We shake hands with Life
A pat on the shoulder
A smile
"Good fight"
And trudge onwards
I know this is controversial to my previous poem but that poem first came to my mind. But you know, violence is not smart. But that earlier poem was more motivational so I wrote that and wrote this too.
But I suppose this is the smarter decision. Though by saying "Well fought" I've somehow connected them. Both seem right now, don't they?
But you know, I'm 15. That's not the average age to part ways with Life so I guess it's not the end of the road but the start of a bend or the end of a road (guided by human guardians) and the start of forest. Where I'd have to hack on unguided. I still have the stars. (I hope you guys get my extended metaphors).
Expecting many more fights to come. Just scraped the tip of the iceberg.
Jack L Martin Sep 12
My new addiction
is to write good poetry;
ignoring day job
Mary Frances Sep 9
It's either you let it go
and forget about it,
or you get it back
and fulfill it.

I just wish you did the latter.
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