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She keeps acting hard to get
I pretend to not care
We both know this love is rare
Yet we cant bring ourselves to admit it yet
In this season of life where you feel like you belong nowhere, know this:
It will not always be like this.
You will not always feel alone.
Someday, your season of transition will be over and you will feel settled somewhere
One day you will have friends and you will be happy.
One day you will have a place where you belong.
Life will never be perfectly easy for you but each mountain you climb will be smaller than the last,
Like dominoes falling down, things will fall into place for you and know this too:
You were not made to blend in, but nor were you made to feel alone.
The pain you feel now will one day help you tell your story
And in time you will see that resilience runs in your veins.
this is what i wish i could go back and tell my younger self.
sara May 2
The pretty girls don’t like me
because I won’t prioritise beauty
over expressing myself freely
Cecil Miller May 2

Get down in time,
With Clemintine,
You'll have a chicken,
Sausage, feta omlett,

At breakfast time,
Or when the water's fine,
When it's time to go,
You gotta do what you can to...

Get, get, get, get, get, get, get.
If they are against you they will lose that
Bet, bet, bet, bet, bet, bet, bet.
Each for his own,
Each king his own.
Every rolling stone,
Gets down in the hoosegow.
Just something I've been working up. It's sort of my answer to Jailhouse Rock
Words' Worth Apr 29
The pallid expression on her absent face
Her fair skin has lost it's marble touch
She is prudent and prurient as her gaze
There is a youthful grace that I cannot judge
Must I comprehend, this alabaster?
Should I presume, the sculptor made an erroneous smudge?
In a park of tracks and pulverized people
Their faces clutch at her words
As they are left only with the epithets and hardly any details
My landlord pleads for rent as I reach upstairs
He wonders and wants to know more
Should I reply with mumbles?
It is a festering wound at my heart's core
That coagulates at my throat as I fumble
For there is no answer
There is no question
It is just to do or die without her
All of it can coalesce
If I give in to my fiery adolescence
Based on poems by Eliot.
Bhill Apr 28
we all have a caterpillar somewhere inside
that spirit that wants, but it just can't decide
there are roadblocks and hurdles that get in the way
where will your caterpillar take you today
what will you be when the caterpillar selects
we all hope for the Monarch, DO we get, what we get

Brian Hill - 2020 # 119
Where will your caterpillar take you today?
we rarely eat now
it's been 3 weeks and maybe longer
the fun of trying new recipes
read poetry and online classes
no longer affects me/us

maybe my aunt already miss her home
she used to live alone
but now got two body to feed

and I'm no longer excited
red nose missing my hometown and the beach
messed sleeping schedule and milk tea

I want things to go back as usual
please :(
Bring Back Your Special
Smile Mary Lou
I hear you're not
Doing to well
May you return
Soon with your
Beautiful bright smile
We all miss you
So hurry up
And get better soon..
Member Of The Irish Gouverment She's Sick
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