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sarah 1d
looked into your eyes
like they were stars,
shooting stars i could wish on
held you so, so close
like you were my saving grace,
my anchor, my only hope

forgot to not smile
as if you didn’t make me forget my troubles
constructed careful words
like they could be my last,
the last words to linger

i know that this will take me down
Abigail Rose Jan 6
Blinking middle age
word ***** is everywhere
Diagnose the flu
Amoy Sep 2018
There is a storm outside
The windows blew in
The roof is lifting
The foundation is shaking
Inside I sit wondering will I make it
Down comes the roof, it was carried away by the wind
The glass from the windows has shattered
The rain is blowing in
Inside I sit wondering will I make it
The foundation cracks, I can feel it shaking
Inside I sit wondering will I make it
Down comes all the walls
It all fall down around me, everything every last drop
Still I sit wondering will I make it
I have shed my last tear and cried my last cry
But still inside I sit wondering will I make it
You're gone and I'm sure many people appreciate that
I don't have to worry about coming on this website and dealing with all those hateful, harmful words because she is gone...
Desire Dec 2018
I didn't
get to say
goodbye :(
Brayan Dec 2018
'On my mind youll never be forgotten...'
'Tis’ as if we're The back seat; strapped in, just like you...
I must've blinked twice already, hindsight I shouldn't've been influenced.. Though; it was as if we'd never return. Almost like trust..
1999-12-20 / April 4 2017

Susanna K.

In memory of a beloved friend.
2 long 2 incubate
do u not c the stakes?
go fast, kiddo
faster than your

move it faster,
skin disaster
move it faster,
u skin disaster u

4 lorn 4 lack of love
were it 1 4 u n 1 4 me
praise Aristophanes?

move it faster
move it faster

get baked, get ***
dance 2 com truise

move it faster,
u skin disaster u
4 u, gibs. gettin back n the groove
hazem al jaber Dec 2018
Let's get the **** ...

would you take my hand ...
would you hold fingers by yours ..
to feel you more ...
to feel your warm hands ...
to stole my life whole ...
while i'm feeling your warm chest ...
to forget myself ...
even to forget the world all...
till i get blind ...
no one i see ..
just feeling you
only you ..
whom warming me ...
to pass this cold world ...

would you do sweetheart ...
as i'm feeling you now ...
Oh babe...
Oh ...
my lap ...
is so warm now ...
as my heart ...
and i feel too ...
so warm for you ...
come so fast ...
to my this lap ...
to give you ...
the warm ...
and the love that we both need ...
that we feel ...
since our eyes ...
fell one to the other ...
to sink both ...
into it's seas ...
til get we the **** ...
and no last ...

hazem al ...
Everytime I let someone to close,
their pain his what hurts the most,
Should have closed them out before they walked in,
Should have known,
Should've known,
Should've known,
Should've known
Forgot what pain felt like,
I was just alright,
But you shut me down,
pushed me out,
Tour me down,
Took a wrecking ball to my face,
I had dreams, but,
you cut them down,
chopped all their meanings up,
Should've known,
but I forgot what pain felt like,
You pushed me down, ........
Do you know what?
I had enough and... I got up,
Growing up is hard..., but never let the ones that hurt you keep you down.....
Hello :D, keep in mind this is a work in progress... I was going to make it more solemn, but as the poem says... I got up ;). So, this became encouragement for others.
Best of wishes,
~Summer Shellhamer~
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