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I fled to the sea to find the living,

drowning in dyslexia of libraries.

Have we forgotten how to breathe?

Illiteracy was discoverable amongst

the feeble beckoning hope

Dance to peace unbeknownst death,

requested by an idyllic spokespersonย 

My fear for these gentle beings

ventured into an alarmingย fantasy

Ignorance to fully expressing

their brains taste nauseating

Frightened of touch,

Cautious of aroma,

Cowardice of expressionย 

Fear has evolved drastically

into feelings rather than sight

Never lose yourself

midst the crowd of the sheep

For they walk unknowingly

to death swooning them

kindly than ever

Find yourself and your mind

You may win or lose delightfully

Cowardice is idleness,

fright is reversible,

& caution is granted.
avoid the trio, take each one with a grain of salt, and you live to see another day.
solEmn oaSis Aug 26
not a question mark
had seen by my naked eyes
but the great Savior
imaginable imagery
made by the caps lock as i
took a closer look unto
the altar's holy cross !
There once was a boy who had it all in his eyes,
A loving and caring Girlfriend, A best friend who would always hear him out and help whenever she was needed, a part-time job that he loved, and a friend who would always discuss strange and interesting topics.
In his eyes, he had it all, and in a matter of a year, he lost it all.
His girlfriend left him for another man and in the same time frame that they had dated, she ended up married to that man,
A best friend that he took for granted and hurt in more ways than one and never speaks or hears from,
A friend who is now thousands of miles away and barley speaks to anymore thanks to his job,
And a job that he quit in order to pursue what he thought was right.
But how did it come to this? It's simple, he lost sight of who he once was and in-turn pushed those people away.
He became over-needy with his girlfriend, afraid that she was constantly cheating and did things without telling her, his anger started to show more often when he was with her due to drama that was out of his control, which caused her to leave when he needed her most,
He hurt his best friend by having feelings for her, he never thought about how she felt, and in turn caused her a summer of pain and hurt.
He also hurt her more by getting into a relationship with her after his last one and would make constant remarks about how he wished he was with his ex while with her, which pushed her and pained her to hear.
He lost his friend because he never discussed his problems with him and pushed him away in fear that he would hurt him to.
He quit his job because he felt that the next part of his life would be a changing point, good news is, it was...but only for a short time
In that short time he slowly got better, slowly made more friends, slowly got over his ex, slowly stopped with his vape, got rid of his steel friend that caused him to bleed red and slowly worked on bettering himself,
But that short freedom came to a holt when he was forced back into his old life, his old environment, and his old room, a room filled with painful memories, filled with the sadness and dis-spare that never left.
And now, there's more drama that's in his life, not from his own actions, but from the actions of others, actions that cannot be undone, actions that affect him nearly every day of his life.
Now, he doesn't have that freedom he once did and more importantly, he doesn't have anything, not anymore,
Sure, he has "friends" , he has a place to survive, but those friends don't listen to his problems, they don't ask whats wrong, they don't feel the need to help thanks to the facade that he has put up, a facade that is needed in order to not push them away.
His only real friends now....
are the vape in his hands, the sadness and the nostalgia in his head, and the exhaustion that he feels on a daily basis.
But he keeps on going, believing that there has to be a light at the end of this never ending tunnel he has placed himself in, believing that there has to be more to the story, more good that has to come...but he gets more and more tired as the days pass.
Don't be like me,
Don't take things for granted, don't lose sight of who you want to be, don't ignore the pain of others, don't get placed in an environment that you'll fail in and if you do, look for the positives there, and more importantly, don't let your feelings control every action you take, there are times where emotion is necessary, and times where it's not.
Keep going, keep swimming in your own sea, keep walking in your tunnel, and when the monsters of your past re-appear, don't let them swallow you whole, but don't ignore them, simply wave and keep going towards the end of your path.
It's easy to say this stuff, but executing it is a whole other matter, always remember that.
but more importantly,
D O N ' Tย ย M A K Eย ย T H Eย ย S A M Eย ย M I S T A K E ' Sย ย A Sย ย me.
Sorry for the long story, had to much to say for small poems.
laura Aug 17
Never take anyone
for granted,
you don't realize
how much you need them
until they're gone
Kaumal Borah Jul 29
Don't take anything for granted...
Do u ever know if u gonna be there even for the next second?
Just odd thoughts of the mind....
Great.... This world is going to ****
Right now: the media loves to spread fear
And not hope.... Can we get some good
News?! And not just
The Some Good News on Youtube...
Everyday that the news share fear is another
Day where people will continue to be stupid...
Written back in May, 2020.
This wasn't my best write, but It's how I feel about the media and news. :/
Title by some local artists, J Spin and Spose
rosie Mar 26
I took for granted
The little things

My senses are filled
With you

I know now that
It was a mistake

To never realize your
Until you were gone
I regret it so much.
CommonStory Mar 3
The best you ever had
Is just a dream
The best you ever had
Already happened
What ever happened
To that dream

Love has never be so
Especially with your eyes closed
Hope you ever glad
With the picture ever so clean

Coronoa and tacos
Lime and jalapenos
On that sunny beach from
That, one, night, of, love

From here to Albuquerque
You felt it in the flurry

Truthfully i miss it
Sun dried kisses

But the best already happened
Now it's just a, dream
Copyright Matthew Marquis Xavier Donald 3/3/2020
Cherish Jan 29
Each time I fall, you pulled me up
No matter what it takes. Sweat,tears,blood youโ€™ll                
Still be here for me, yet I take it for granted

I lied
I steal
I took granted
I gamble
I smoke
I blame
I repeat the same mistake
No one likes that, all I care was myself and I was selfish, but you didnโ€™t give up on me
No matter how busy, tired, sick you will still call me and ask me come back home early or ask me if I have eaten all I did was either decline the call or seen the message

Im young and dumb and always thought my friends got my back, but when I ****** things up
Youโ€™re the only one supporting me, comforting me, helping me, my pillar of everything.

I love you so much And I donโ€™t say it out
But Iโ€™m really thankful and I look back and I regret for not cherishing it Iโ€™m sorry that Iโ€™m caused you so much trouble, itโ€™s always me
But you never ******* give up on me
You ******* help me all the way

Iโ€™m sorry mummy Iโ€™m the burden
Life would be easier if I doesnโ€™t exist

I love you please forgive me.
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