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austin Aug 30
Outside, it's cold as ice
But I can feel the blistering heat around my neck.
The burning grip, I can't escape
leaving me mutilated as I cease to breathe

These are the hands of a murderer
inhuman and inanimate
I thrash through the embers
in attempt to escape
the vicegrip that leaves me bleeding,
burning amongst the flames

I am a brutalized, bleeding corpse.
Pain and indifference drips onto the floor
with every worthless step that I take
The demons have stabbed me repeatedly
I've lost every drop of humanity I had

Everything I've ever loved has been destroyed
This is not what was meant to be
It's me and my demons, and I've just lost it
Someone's going down, and it's not me

Today I will tear the hands of my demons from my brutalized, mutilated face
I will pull the devil's crushing deathgrip
from my lifeless corpse.

I shall watch the blood pour from his body,
Listen to his bones begin to shatter,
and the screeching sound of his
inhuman, brutal wretching
like the squeals of a pig.

I'll set him ablaze and watch him burn.

The devil's vice-grip hands couldn't hold me down.
I'm ready to start my mission.
I'll tie my demons to a tree
and do unto them what they've done to me

I'll tighten these chains around their neck,
Just like they tried to do to me.
I'll watch them suffer, struggle to breathe
Then I'll tighten these chains some more.

and when they think they've reached the end
I'll stab them with knives a hundred times.
Soak them in gasoline, light the match
I'll watch the flesh fall off their burning bodies.

And I'll do it with a smile on my face.

This job will not be done
until each and every one is wholly
Skulls shattered into a million pieces,
Bodies thrashed, cut up and burned

They thought they were certainly
stronger than me.
But they would soon meet their demise.
I put a bullet in all their heads
and they all hit the ground, dead.

They should have listened to what I said.
Should have ****** with someone else instead.
I put bullets in all their heads.
Now they're all ******* dead.
A brutal interpretation of claiming victory against depression.
Don Bouchard Aug 26
The Holy Spirit took Him to the wind and sand,
Left Him alone in dry air
To meet the Devil.
Forty days He fasted,
Must have prayed,

The Devil knew just where to find Him,
Rolled up in a whirlwind,
Did he?
Or slithered he up,
Wind in his face,
The Serpent, from behind?

The conversation followed,
Enough to raise my hair,
"I've been given total dominion
Of earth and sky down here.
The glory is all mine."

"Unlimited my power
Within the earthly plane,
And all of it you'll have,
If you but praise my name."

The Devil said his piece,
Then waited,
Plotting Jesus' pain
For invading his dominion
For bringing Glory down.
He proffered ease of life
And Earth's opinion,
The greatest things he owned
To tempt the Chosen One:
A monstrous devil's game...
Risk every earthly thing
For the Knee of the Almighty.

Jesus spoke:
"Satan, get behind.
Worship only God, your Lord,
Serve no one but Him."

So Satan took the two of them
To the top of the temple spire,
"Fall free from here,
Let angels catch;
Subsume human desire!"

Jesus answered quickly,
"You shall not tempt your Lord."

And so the Devil left Him,
The Tempter's power, blown.

And so began
The Savior's journey
Toward a humble Cross,
The Gateway to our Home.
Luke 4:1-14
Ken Pepiton Aug 8
I thought you were dead, I said.

When the bell ring-tone tolled, I answered a
poetic quest to see for whom the bell tolled, a personal
call John Donne could never have phathomed

a wireless, recordable, broadcastable
dialogue with an old aquaintance, long
thought dead.
how, not for whom, for me,
does this phone ring?

I love old poet guys, get in they haid 'n' giv'em a glimpse

see say the seers see
there it was

myst it flew past into the pen-
of missed theories.

Phone call. Brrring me all attention...

Answer out out lout, this is he (I am he, called by name)

Old John Donne just melted at the idea
of 4g cellular,
for sure for whom the bell tolls.
I wink, think,

toll paid, extol the truth, appraise the worth

Pay the price.
Hear the message, next,

after the good news
message in the media
(I seen the movie, I know it all, from the fall
t' now, nobody saw past
yesterday or ever, after today

while it's called today.)

At the point of no return, nobody knows.

Allusions are locks, listen.

Read. Buy of me, whispers wisdom, each piece of me you see,
the seeing, known, judged
worth the weight of believing as

we walk
in all the light we have,
we always have,

we being,

as long as we are in the world, the light of

the world, the salt in the electrolyte,
we are that, too;

as if material ATP pings into light, from power we provide,
leaving ADP for recycle and recharge,

message sent. Ditdaditdit Dah didah

Find The Answer. Look for what you hope, don't lie.
Look here,
deep in you,
you say you hang here, in your comforted zone,
converted from old

erroneous zones all piled up, like an igloo

pending completion of global warming and sealevel rise.

The signal the world sensory essentials perceive
were mere
idiot lights in 1920, now,
world signals have

e-volved into sensory arrays tied five-gee wise to
the honest-to-god globalbrain

Artistic-witty Invention, AI, augmented intelligence

for fact checkers, to use in governing the untamable lying tongue,

true to its quant-if-i-able motivator point:

no lie is true. Zero is not 1, nor any other imaginible thing,
zero is nevermore
than nullness in a position imagined re

ifiable, re-alified, holder of nine's place
just incase

the increase decreases suddenly and the patterns we ex
pected per
spication-wise morph from razor sharp creases to

in time

Evil has a snowball's chance in hell,

ha ha ha lol AI think turing tests are responsible for cognitive

neural nets leaking
from left ears, silken threads, lacing through wars and peaces,
bubbles building up around

preciousnesses the size of a single trans-re-trans-re-trans

muttered once, on the shore, as now

fill me less,
fill me none, no care is mine I cast them on

whoever cares.
Take 'em away with this next wave of breath
After an unexpected dialog with a former warrior friend, from the days of dying for causes
Eberhardt Aug 2
I stand at the tip of a steep mountain
Brandishing the sword I found on the way up
I wore a leotard so the whole world down
Down below could see my big, almond thighs
Arms raised above my head I can almost touch the sky
This is my victory pose
I’ve been planning it
Since I began to climb -
How to show them I’ve won
Now, I know no one can see me
But this is my victory
Empire Jul 28
You won two battles
And had the audacity to think you might win the war?
Ha! How terribly foolish of you, my nemesis!
I am still here.
I am still fighting.

So, onward I march
Even if all I do is breathe
I will resist
As you try to land your blows
As I hear your voice in my ear

Even when the march
Becomes a weary stagger
You will not best me
I will always get back up
When you beat me down

Some battles I will surely lose
Many already lost...
But not tonight

This victory is mine.

It's not much,
But I won.
Reminder to myself that bad nights and lost battles do not mean the war is over.
Leon Murphy Jun 27
Now I am sinking further
in the deep glow of the night,
into the depths of my mind
I can't see very well I am personally
not used to dark.

Further down I slowly go,
Emotions coming and going
I don't know how to hold them
so I try and I try
To feel them but refrain
letting them grow old.

I struggle sometimes
trying to force my hand
bothered by things I don't understand
but I tell myself this very well
Reminding me to let the kite go
as the wind blows,
the clouds and the rain cover the globe.

Destiny, I am to be unfolded,
re wrapped and patched
to something more organic and loved for it
I will stumble out of stillness and fearfulness
to be brave and built strong, courageous

To let my shackles rust
My vitality rise
I will become a beginning
But first I must die.
A M Ryder Jun 23
We did something today
That everyone said was impossible
We fought and clawed our way
Out of the abyss and into the promise land

And we did it not because
We became Champions again
But because we remembered
We always were

Today represents the rebirth
We rose from the ashes
And sometimes you have to come
To the brink of destruction
Before redemption can be truly earned
Rickey Spence Jun 18

"Oh, hello. No, not today, Lucy,
No, sorry, not even tomorrow.
You're just too goosey,
Your faulty logic, like a tornado.

"You live to see me slip up,
But I don't know you anymore.
I know you hated that breakup,
But I couldn't stand our civil war.

"We're done. Done, Lucy,
Yes, we are done forever.
I'm not into your kind of juicy,
There's no tie left to sever.

"Goodbye, I've got a new love,
Hah! You wouldn't understand.
I'm in love with the One above,
Oh, Lucifer. Your face, we backhand!"
Toya May 30
He said I tasted sweet but all I felt was bitter
For the ways I was betrayed and meant to wither
Away like his insides
Now out
Get out
I GOT out
Of his and in her ways
Riding dragons, wearing crowns
Down below I see the trays
Of minuscule beings who feel like fiery ants but instead they are in the drowns
Feel my water, feel my wrath
Its sugary sweet cuz I took the hardest path
You doubted the warrior, you laughed at my fight
No one wants to penetrate this Wild Women's sight
It is centuries deep in bellowing bouroughs
Failed perceptions of powerful slighted heros
I am the truth
Hear thee echos
I am the way
Fear the stare
I am the light
Sit and sear
******* sugar, pinch its scrub
Use as your medicine like the cherub
At you own risk, hang on tight
This Goddess has won all her fights
And H.E.R. victory tastes sweet
Now, smell the defeat
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