Please don't ask me today to love you in mystery,
to stop in front of the thick wall of silence.
Let my soul get rid of fear and feel the victory,
for only you can extinguish it with happiness and guidance.

Please don't ask me today from your life to step out,
I'd be a traveler in time and lost in my own space.
In the heart of another, I can't cross the bridge without any doubt,
I'd be consumed on the edge of the fire, that's not my place.

Please don't ask me today to tell you about love.
It's not surrounded in velvet or shrouded in cashmere.
It's the bird's thrill that fills your ear, it's the white dove,
it's about the emotions in the theater you can hear.

Please don't ask me today to leave you in the box of longing,
for I would always open it, thinking and dreaming about you.
With wings of an angel, you would be brought to me by the wind,
but only in my thoughts. You wouldn't leave for me when the sky is blue.

Please, just ask me today to stay forever in your soul,
to flow through your veins, to be your living desire.
Breathe on my heart, that's all I want, that is your role.
You wouldn't leave alone, we wouldn't be empty souls singing in a choir.
Mary, woman often overlooked
How deep was thy pain
Unfathomable sorrow
Face in the crowd
To bear witness
You who bore the Light
Made to observe the Light dwindle
A kiss of deception
Sweat and blood
Nail and wood
You lingered until the last cry
Only silence remained
But when the third sun rose
A massive stone was rolled away
Tomb clothes exchanged for a white robe
And the Light shone again
Written by Sean Achilleos 07 August 2018©
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Steve Jul 18
A soul hurting
A heart wanting to give
Thoughts to be shared
Yet walking alone
On back dark streets
A few online friends
No real conversations
Could all be lies
Not that it matters
Enjoys any interaction
Mentally stable but still argues with hisself

While you laugh
He's dying inside
Afraid to reach out
For the world has teased so much
He Quit asking for help
When loved ones kept passing by without slowly up
How can he speak up
When his first words fell on deaf ears
His whole childhood
Thought his dad was playing hide and seek
Finally gave up
But his heart still waits
Dreams still exist to him
To mean alittle to anybody
Would be heaven to him

Heaven as in the sky
The sky where his mom is
Died during birth
She went home and he went from home to home
Abused in state care
Abused in foster care
At fifthteen he ran from away from that life
The pain, the heartache, the lies
Knew he had to change
Easiest decision he ever made
Two streets down from Orange Ave
He found a few trees and set up camp
Not a house we would say is glamorous
For him it's the best home he's ever lived in

You’re safe
You’re warm
You’re home again

You’re safe and sound
You’re still around
Your soul is found

Bent low on the ground
Your face became shroud
But the water
Her water
His water
Their water
It loved you
It cleaned you
It sailed you home

The clearest water you’ve ever seen
The perfect temperature so keen
Your thirst is gone

The familiar man in the distance
Clad in Red
You’ve escaped his vengeance
His game is dead
Dead by the wondrous sword

You stare at him
He stares back so glim
Then he bows
Accepting your win
Then he’s gone
Gone forever
Happy endeavors
The Vacancy Saga continues with one final confrontation against the antagonist...
Joshua Nai Jul 11
Fear, please don't embrace me.
Please don't come chasing after me.
Please don't.

Fear, please don't stop me.
Please don't make me to be afraid to even worship God...

Worthlessness, please don't replace my mirror.
Please don't take away my identity, the truth I hold onto.

Uselessness, please don't come and be my secretary.
Please don't be my frequent notifications on my phone, on my heart.

Unloving, please don't come and replace my heart.
Please don't keep captives my thoughts, my words, my actions.

No. I am not asking.
I am telling you.
To leave.
Wyatt Jul 11
I stiffen, I stumble,
I'm static, I'm humbled
and slowly I mumble
these words of defeat.
You're reading, I'm writing
of all of my findings.
I'm digging, I'm hurting.
Outcome, bittersweet.
The past is my mask,
and today is a blur for me.
That mask has molded me,
the future's grown murky.
In depths of despair,
I write out my affairs.
Devil thought he got me,
yet I've drained all my worry
onto the page in front of me.

I'm bitter, yet triggered
to reveal how I feel,
I'm the sender of mail
made out to you to no avail.
The girl that catches me
inside miles of magic
won't know how I'm feeling,
these words of mine are tragic.
I cannot grow wings
yet my words make me soar.
I've never had a voice,
yet the page hears me roar.
I've bled, I've fed into mistakes.
Hands write so fast I can't keep up it's pace.
That mask of my past no longer fits my face.

I hurt, yet I write to deal with that hurt.
Clutching to pens, for better or worse.
If I either merge with the clouds or go in reverse,
just know I was happy that you read these words.
It's a daily conflict and come to find out
that it's a daily that's also become my reward.
That word has multiple meanings to me,
I've always used my pen like it was my sword.
Yesterday was a day that I sold out to misery,
yet today is a day where I claim a victory.
I've come a long way. This is expression of that.
austin Jul 5
One more day is fading away
as we ride this bus to the city
The storm is coming nearer now
And your bliss will turn to tears

We've almost reached our destination
Countless parachutes in the sky
These mosquitoes are swarming
before your eyes,
Just a moment's time til someone dies

The skies are getting darker now
Not a shard of light in this room
You'd better make good choices now
Or meet your impending doom

I hear your steps from the other room
And I'm already locked and loaded
You'd better get on running now
Or I'll destroy what's left of you

I walk upstairs to higher ground
and hear your cowardly whines,
I look in the eyes of my colleague
And said don't move, this kill is mine

I've made my way to my snipers' nest
and my eyes are set to kill
I've got my sights on your head right now
To pull the trigger, you know I will
This may or may not be a Fortnite inspired poem that I wrote for fun, lol
Save your gravity
For the fragile bones
That tread your mountainous rock

I will not fall again.

That slippage comes too quick
When weak men crawl
Like ants upon your surface

I am the fallen angel
Whose wings were too burdened
By the golden kiss of truth

I have fallen to this world
To this mountain
To this cliffside coffin

I have torn from the stone
A house and a life and a lover
I have risen beyond the curse that binds me

And I will not fall again.
Baylee Kaye Jun 19
I found you and fell instantly.
you pulled me under, an undertow in the ocean.
you washed me in your unrelentingly charm.
seductive eyes. luring hands. tempting lips.
head tilted back, mouth ajar with a heavy sigh, eyes still locked and trained on mine.
you reach your own victory,
and it’s even in your name.
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