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Streams of embers,
Igniting before the monumental Decembers

A compromise under five minutes,
Emerald eyes that are so Guinness

We’ve argued and debated,
Yet our victory was slated

I’m proud of you team,
Thinking about us makes me beam

Breakfast at Brett’s tomorrow,
Recall the green meadow

Of diplomacy and international relations,
For one day too we will lead these nations (who knows?)
Dedicated to my amazing Model UN bloc, The Union. Ilysm guys. Our victory today was beyond superb. See you tomorrow, and remember to write your countries’ POV (+ draft your position papers) on global income inequality. Cheers, team! Remember: all work, never play. ;)
To all high schoolers and university students: You def. should try out a Model UN session if you are interested in current affairs, world politics, economics, health, etc.
As I ponder upon my life
I feel as though I'm trapped inside a book of science fiction
Deep down in my bleeding heart I hope its about a
fantasical expidition
But in reality,
all the pages therein
Are screaming of my affliction
I pray with all my soul and might that there will be a
miraculous transition

I know I am the author
and that I hold
the key to victory
But what becomes of the ending
We'll just have to see
I need to pen in an
overcoming battle
And set my future free
I need to set up the ending
And decide just who I am to be

With all these things in mind,
I still frantically flip
through all the pages
Knowing all the pain I've caused
And seeing my past rages
Seeing all the failures pass
As it comes and goes in stages
How can I conquer all of this
When Ive been a total waste of space for ages?

I cannot help but gaze upon the blank sheets that follow after
After all, this book is not sci fi and I wont let it become
a great disaster
I do however, have a hero
and that hero is my sister
Ill be a mighty warrior just like her and I'll become the victor

I look towards the ending with my inspiration right in tow
Knowing that ill overcome and that my strength will grow.
I see my hero overcome on a daily basis and this
hard fact I know.
So just like her, I'll fight this battle everyday even if the goings slow
Ill do my best and fight the fight
Take up my mighty pen of life and deal the final blow!
This one hits hard. Its one of my more self inspiring pieces. Its weird how I can write something that actually inspires myself. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! It actually really was inspired by my sister. We were talking earlier and she mentioned something about her life being like she was in a book. She knows I write alot and do poetry. So I said that that line could make a good poem. I told her to give me 30 minutes to write something using that line amd this is the result.
You may turn your weapons upon me
you may shower me with arrows of death
you may lance me, stab me, slash me
but I've spoken my heretical breath

And ears have heard, about my word
and even though some may not admit
brains cells have fired, your illusion un-wired
your deception revealed unfit

And although you try to hide it
and although you deflect the blame
the truth is strong, and you are wrong
things will never be the same

And I can see your cannons of fire
aimed to scorch my good name
but you will never burn me
for I am the flame.
I sure would love to write. But long behold I have my consciousness to fight. Get out of my way you *******! Get out of my sight! What you're doing to me is vile, it just isn't right!

Ha! You're terrible I tell you! Your work is destined to fail! A pathway of let downs. A pathetic paper trail. You're just writing for dumpsters like its discarded mail.

Silence you demon! I will discover my strengths and discover my style. Bet your *** on that you *****. Or my name isn't Kyle! I'm not destined for failure. Youre making me tick. I'm fed up with your ******* and you're making me sick.

Hahaha I see what's happening here! Im winning you over because you're beginning to fear. You will never silence me because I am all that you hear. Throw away this writing because your ending is near. Boo hoo you baby! Are you shedding a tear?

Fall back because I'm conquering you! My determination is gritty and my motives are true. In loo of my weaknesses and in loo of my doubt. Ill never give in and cry, nor will I give in and pout. My armor is powerful and my posture is stout.

Ah, I see. Are you now breaking free? Are you standing your ground and silencing me? But what of your writings? What will they be? A dumpster fire! I bet your *** we will see! And when that happens Ill be filled with glee.

Its over Debby downer because I'll learn new techniques. I'll lay down my heart and all that it speaks. Ill write highs and lows, Ill write valleys and peaks. Ill write with the blood that my bleeding heart leaks. Now change your attitude because your attitude reaks!

I understand and submit. I lay out the red carpet for you. I see you speak from the heart and your heart does speak true. But nevertheless, I'll stick just like glue. When you worry and doubt I'll be pouncing on you. When you're pondering ideas and out for something that's new. The writings you write without me will be few.

Tousche, that's fine, but you've run out of time. Now let go of the pen because the pen is mine. I'm free to write my writings and the feelings sublime. When I master my craft my writings will be so divine. You're despicable, a decrepit rat! Ill be successful.
You can bet your *** on that!
Btw - my middle name is Kyle lol. There's a story to this one. I was at a point where I felt like giving up writing. I felt like I had nothing special or unique to bring to the table. Almost like a writers block in a sense. I didn't know what style I was after and didn't know if I was ever going to come up with something unique and special. Something just from me and only from me. Because the poems I've been reading havr all been the same. The same poem but with different words. I wanted to get out of that box. Well in my blocked mind I came up with an idea within my doubts and lack of content. To write about not being able to write. To write out my issue of being blocked. To write out the battle amd conversation I was having within my inner dialogue. This is The result of it. Ps. Thanks to my sister, Christina Daggett, because the conversations I had with her kind of helped me work this idea out. She deserves a shout on this one. Thanks sis! Hope you all enjoy it!
You Majestic Swaying Palm!
Bending with discrete respect
in the breezing sea with ageless patience,

With Ageless Patience,
You Exhibit your Slenderness,

for those that seek to taste your fruit,
and Wondering in Solitude,
for those naked men and their wishes,
for those naked men and their hopes
to climb and touch your crown,

You Majestic King!
Evergreen and Ever-Present!
Shooting life against the evening stars,   
Declaring Victory
over the noisy world and dreamy sea.
Your waters are slowly drowning me
The waves of your unrequitedness dragging me below
This ocean so indifferent and cold
My gasps for air fall deaf on your salty waters

Your currents tossing me around like a rag doll
Gurgling cries emanating from my lungs
A Godly barge frantically tossing a life saver
My attempts are no match for your choppy seas

Fight I will with all my might
To survive, to live and to thrive
Victorious, I will reign above the drenching flow
Of your dark emotionless undertow
Tangled mess. Lost in confusion.
Troubled heart. Lost in delusion.
Twisted in sin.
A disgusting infusion.
Vague hopes.
A broken conclusion.

I ponder, I hope.
Where does it lead?
What is the answer?
What do I need?

A tangled mess. Lost in confusion.

Decietful ideas.
Where do they lead?
Broken lies,
Are not what I need.

Troubled heart lost in delusion.

Tempted to fail, to lose my way.
Temptation is here.
And its here to stay.
Struggling to fight and live
Every step, every day.

Twisted in Sin

There's light in my heart.
I know and I see.
Will I overcome this?
What will become of me?

Vague Hopes.

I must succeed, I must conquer the night.
Fight for my life and fight for what's right!
Pick yourself up and envelop the light.
A miracle to behold. A beautiful sight!
You're not canon fodder, you're a soldier - a knight!
Lets hope - you will stand  up and fight.

My Broken Conclusion.
I've been going through a lot and dealing with a lot of evil and temptation. I sat and thought about it a lot one night and started writing. I wondered what ought to come from all of it. Thats what led to my closing lines. My Broken conclusion regarding it all.
andTilly Oct 19
I win every day
when in that to-day
I don’t lose my ‘to-dos’ and my way

...and the victor is...
Maria Mitea Oct 18
when she entered
stillness was consuming
every movement
in the room,
including her

lost smile, quite face, warm tea,


was waiting

in the dark void corner

suddenly their eyes met

his eyes swept over her

her eyes lingered over his
leaving airs of mystery
without a trace
at the end of a long war


was waiting

when she entered with another man
Inspired from a Russian movie "17 moments of Spring"  a love story that happened during the second war.
Ken Pepiton Oct 6
I spoke to Sgt. Johnny Whykill,
on the phone.
He has survived on earth since our war use, as lives
bet, but not lost,

but barely. He lives in a VA hospital in Miami.
He can't even imagine dying elsewhere.
"Can't wipe m'own ****, but I can think about it."
Sad state, yet there is no undoing, there are
redo situations,
rethink the reaction to any pending next that seems

familiar, like a spirit, the kind not spoken of kindly,
speckled and spotted…
sorted by genetics with a
genius for splashes and whorls forming

one-off cattle of many colors,
mind me I am wasted with effort to empathize

via voice across the continent, over the gravity
under the weather
into the madness
through the rambling nonsense
which starts
settling down, when the nurse comes to wipe him,
He says,
"had to go, semper fi, bro, love you, thanks for callin',
you always make **** happen".

ONE GOOD DEED -exchanged
for all it's worth.
Life can stink and still be imagined as enjoyable.
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