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Kada 9m
Our inability in life doesn't limit ***'s capability in our lives.
                                                                ­                            -Kada
What you may think is a problem can actually be your victory!
zen 2d
I didnt think i would expose a poem,
or even,
conjour the courage to knit a cape out of my addiction...
This is me settling my habits with cigarettes to rest.

I ditch the nicotine and tobacco and cigarette paper,
and although the thought of this triumph is enriching,
Right now my spirit is pale, and stale of vigor,
The livliehood of a single puff,
could heal all pain of the moment,
until yet again,
time takes its toll,
Frozen I feel,
stuck and bewildered having my crutches
swept from the vice grips of my hands,
and now,
I am to stand on my own two,
with the will of my own my mind and my own heart.
Gravity is heavier here,
as if landing on planet Jupiter
Alien! Indeed is the feeling I feel, feeling, I fall...

Rugged and ruined under rain,
daggered with bows
and blind groping over braille,
Who knew victory could feel so grave, ill?
so grim and muggy and moody and mundane.
The greatest dynasties fell to dust,
and yet *** doesnt even show a face familiar to man,
but is felt with the grace of a feather,
behold a blooming forever,
Clandestine, a boon worthwhile...
Roam wasnt built in one day!
Kada Oct 9
Break downs happen before a break through.

There's always a rainbow after a rainy day!<3
Kada Oct 5
Faith > Your Circumstances
Everything may be crumbling whichever way we look but our faith can get us through and towards the light.
...and the next thing I remembered,
I was bulldogging my way on over
to the cooler full of beer where I
saw some damnfool sitting on it
like it was his own personal lawn
chair and when I used my one arm
to push him over, I watched him
topple onto people and I screamed
in his face “BEAT IT GEEK! “ and
everything went quiet, he didn’t
even get up to fight me, just
started laughing and more and
laughter came ringing into our ears
but all things considered, you have
to be on the alert when guarding
the gates to heaven because you
never know when some beer-mongering
archangel will come and strike you down.

*** doesn’t play,
the devil doesn’t play
and recess was my
least favorite subject
because when
it comes to beer...
I don’t play.

and as for the rest of the night
I swallowed moths whole and
drank beer until I puked until
I woke up on a **** soaked
couch and had the greatest
moth-eaten, beer-drunken
hangover in all its morning glory
a small victory perhaps
but it was mine to keep
and that was a long time ago
when I thought I was somebody
but there’s still a long way to go
before I actually accomplish that.
David Abraham Sep 27
When I can't breathe or uncurl,
I will know that I am back,
back on track.

When I can only feel sharp beneath seas of cloth and downy white hairs,
I will know that I am getting closer to the goal that I can never reach,
even though my friends won't want to hug me because it will be painful for both of us.
It will be worth it, even when I've lost everyone because I couldn't be there.
It will tell me everything is back,
back on track.

You call it plummeting,
but I call it finally getting back on track.
2221 september 26 2018

so we have fall break in tennessee i guess and this ***** isn't gonna do much of anything except for starve haha
Gods1son Sep 24
When I thought my life was going to end
You made it a glorious bend
When my back was against the wall
Your strength made me stand tall
When my enemy came and I was about to yield
You showed up as my shield
At the points of maximum stress
In You, I found fortress
When the wind was boisterous and fierce
You showed up with your peace
When there was no one to run to
You were there to see me through
When I felt totally caged and seemed to be no way
You came through and made a way!
When your sure trust and dependence is ***, He always come through!
Aaron LaLux Sep 22
it feels like you all want me to lose,
I thought you’d be relieved,
to know that I emerged victorious from the abuse,

it’s as if just surviving wasn’t enough,
but I also have to be humbled even more,
is having guns in your face and being beaten to a pulp,
not enough I need to be humiliated some more,

but that’s okay,

because sticks and stones may break my bones,
but words will never hurt me,
and I’ve been through a lot worse than some words,
so your opinions written in literary form will never hurt me,

don’t confuse my confidence with cockiness,
because if you do then it’s you that’s confused,
I should be celebrated not player hated,
it wasn’t easy and still isn’t easy getting through the abuse,

but many claim it’s ego,
like I should stay depressed just because I’ve been depressed,
as if I should lay over and give up,
as if I should curse everything for which I’ve been blessed,

what is it that disgusts you so much about success?

You don’t know what I’ve been through,
don’t confuse my being resilient as me being a Narcissist,
honestly I am more humble than you might think,
plus I know any moment I could go off into eternity,

nothing is permanent,
especially not the moment we are in currently,

so please stop throwing stones at my head,
because of some pre-conceived notions you red,
of some words that I said,
that were the result of some cuts that were bled,

I mean seriously what do you want me to do,
would you rather I just die in defeat than live in my truth,
would you rather I allow myself to be pushed of the edge,
than find a way to persevere and pull though?

See I’m as depressed as you I hurt too,
but the difference is I don’t want you to lose,
I want you to be victorious and write yourself into the light,
because Love over Hate is what I every time choose to choose,

it feels like you all want me to lose,
I thought you’d be relieved,
to know that I emerged victorious from the abuse…

∆ LaLux ∆
A Sad Alex Sep 13
I enjoy to walk
Alone in the dark
As the sun falters
And the moon shines and lusters
Bright from its ebony coat
And with every step an echo
So rythmically in tune
It matches my heart beating
As grasp in reality
Ever so loose

I ponder on monsters
Who called themselves men
On what twisted them to fiends
And brought them to change?
Is it treason that warped their hearts?
Maybe a lost love who crushed their ilusion?
Perhaps loneliness brought them this stupor?
Whatever it is that brought them so low
It destroyed their will, it broke their soul.

I ponder on love
I wonder how short it tends to be
And how we dwell on its loss
The suffering it brings.
How easy is it to feel a spark
To bring us from the brink of despair
Just to feel it´s mark
And where there was life, now there´s air.

And my thoughts grow darker
And my pace faster
Anticipating disaster
My eyes widen
I feel as if beset by spies
Who stalk from the shadows
Ready to strike

And I see it...
It is no spy
A beast before me
Clad in black
Eyes in red crimson
Stare sat me back
It fills me fright
I try to run
But stand paralized
My legs betray me
And the beast approches
With its back arched
And talons sharp
Holding me still
With its eyes...
It glared at me deeply
Almost feels pity
And whispers to me
"I am a monument to all you hold dear
For you clasp failure with a tight grip
It took a form in the being that before you stands
And is fear what drives forward
Not any feeling of pride
Deluding yourself in betterment
Inside you are nothing but lies"

I came to my knees
And I began to weep
The monster had tore my resolve
But deep within me
I could still feel
A shimmer, a last ray of hope
I can´t let it win
So I came to my feet
And stared and the brute
Clad in blackness so thick
It could block out the sun
And it´s shape had no shape
It twists and it warps
That piercing red stare
That stared straight to my soul
I said to the thing
"It is true what you say
It seems I can´t escape
From the mire of the past
The more I remain
The harder my escape
And the farther the distance
From achieving my plans
An edifice of failure
Given mortal nature
But mortal you are
All that is mortal can die
And when you do
I´ll be back to life"
I tend I write a lot about demons or beasts in the dark, but I can´t help it I find the idea of something scary stalking you very effective at portraying emotion

Above all the struggle and pain
Lays a way with a glorious lane
After a lot of difficulties in your way
Be sure to end with so much gain.

Above all the tears and sorrow
Lays a day called tomorrow
After surrounded my lack and barrow
At the end be sure you will not borrow

Above all the failures and rejection
Lays a day with a total redemption
After so much depression
Be sure to end with a celebration

Above all the mockery and insult
Lays a day of positive result
After displaying so many torts
Be sure to end with a brave thought

Above all the foes and hatred
Lays a day you would be needed
After being so ashamed and *****  
Be sure you would be vindicated

Above all that is written above
Lays a day you would fly like a dove
After focusing on your negative shadow
Am sure you will better ABOVE ALL

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