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Jammit Janet Jul 8
Sway like the wind
Contract your core
Feel it harden
Let out your roar

As you release with intention
Lay her out flat
With determination
Make the blockers curse
Cause they lost track

Nickel and dime
My currency
As I make
My way back around
Securing our victory
As the venue fills with joyous sound
A poem about jamming in roller derby! ♡
It hurts to think where, everyone was taught to fly.
It hurts when, we felt the wind of desire.
Only to find a child grieving about falling.

It hurts to feel hunger.
Reaching for your stars, with only having dreams as a meal.
It hurts to cry a handful.
When tears are just sands waiting to be a desert.

It hurts to pretend,
as if Blue will turn Red the moment we give our hearts.
It hurts to be sane,
when sanity is held by the memories of the past.

It hurts that,  
everyone chases the unfaltering pain we purposely seek.
Maybe some of us aren’t meant for “great things”
Maybe some of us are just meant to survive.

And maybe that’s the great thing in itself;
To survive an unsurvivable mind.
Maria Diola Apr 4
Hear the victory cry
Hold your head up high
Calvary's cross and empty grave
In unison cry the victory
That Jesus won for you and me
Happy Resurrection Sunday!
My natural instinct in
this flesh wrapped soul,
is to anestasize the
pain and ugliness of life.
Blackout the brutality and
cruelty in the world.
Close my eyes with *****,
drugs, ***, anything to
stop the oozing pain.

And then it dawned on me,
like the dew soaked morning,
opposite action is required.
Walk through the
pain with eyes wide open.
Let love and YHWH hold my
Sober, head held high.
Call me sentimental and foolish,
but I'm a real *******.

I'm going to embrace the beauty.
It is all around me.
It's painted in the
sunset of the robin's breast.
It's in the
sublime melody of
the starry Night.
It's written in the
faces of all my brothers and
sisters in their pain and

Love is the answer to
every question;
I have to die to grow;
like a seed, a cell,
a fractured heart.
Bring it On Life!
If you knock me down,
I'm getting back up.
I'm resilient, and
no longer afraid.
Yes, this world can be
brutal, and we often
lose the ones we love,
but I'm choosing
today, in this moment, to
take this wild ride called
life, and live it, and
love every second I have

Then, I can leave victorious.
What the ****?
Everybody wants to win.
Maria Diola Mar 9
Never fighting FOR victory
Always fighting FROM victory
Facing every life’s situation
As the established champion
In Christ reality - victory. "No, despite all these things, overwhelming victory is ours through Christ, who loved us." (Romans 8:37)
Victory is but a loss
We live our lives in a hunt
Hoping to catch the Lightning Bird
In our success of catching it, what is it,
That which we gain except the loss of adventure

Victory is but a suffering
We live our lives as servants of corpses
Hoping to live before we die
We search for people and moments
That make us feel alive, but when we find them
We suffer the loss of knowing we were alive all along

Victory is but an illusion

When dogs catch the car
What do they do?
Bec Dec 2020
I used to be stupid.
I would cash in my
pride like arcade tickets,
only able to pick from
the cheapest of prizes.
Selling my dignity on the weekends
like a reoccurring flea market.
Never made a dime and
more was taken
than I ever had
to offer, but ****,
I sure had his attention
so I figured I'd stay broke.
It wasn't until after I
had become his preferred
choice of currency
that I realized how
broke I was.
But you can't take somebody
to court and demand they
return what they stole
from you
when you know the judge
won't find any evidence.
I stayed silent
when my case was thrown out
and my request for a
restraining order against my feelings
was denied.
So **** it, I fired my lawyer
and defended myself.
I never needed a courtroom
to settle things anyway.
It was a quiet victory,
but I hope to god
it was screaming in your head.
photovoltaic Dec 2020
My name's forever known
Mark my words,
'cause now they're part of history

At first I was only
Young conqueror
All that was said
He would fail like the ones before him

Next came
A song of blood and fire
Like a sword, forged in flame
Cooled, to never break, in
Ice-cold water

Screaming battle cries
Fire's a weapon
I am a valkyrie, a demigod
Divine warrior

You beat me black and blue,
I'll come back in green and gold
Waving banners, swinging swords
Crossbows fire and the battle begins anew

Red like blood, tears of pain, sweat of toil
I'll break my bones once moreover
Until all my scars bleed golden

I am a king, I am a god
Untouchable, unconquerable
Adamantem like a diamond

Long live the king
The rebellion cried out
'Cause the battle's been fought and won
And the old king is dead
From what I've seen anyway, the majority of poems on this site are like love or sadness so I wrote this one about, uh… victory or something. Idk if that's actually true, the only thing I know is that I **** at writing poems (╥‿‿╥) Also my inspiration is literally a pig with a sword. h e l p
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