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Where am I?
What am I doing?
Has it been an hour?
Or a matter or minutes?
My apartment feels unfamiliar,
My hands don't seem like my own.

Where was I?
Did I finish my work?
How long was I out of it?
The dizziness is fading
But the fog never does.
And I'm left wondering
If I'll ever feel "normal" again.
Long COVID. I am not the same person I was a year ago. It's a constant struggle. I was so healthy, I did everything right, it's so unfair.
Chris Mar 24
I studied much science, then shifted to art
That presented theater to me
I shifted to history, why do we fight?
No effects are without cause
What is the source of war?

How does humanity have religion?
Where is the basis of our decisions?
Our complications, observations, & nations?

I look to the sky.
It is always beautiful.  It is undeniable.
I know people like facts. I love them.

Logic entangled with emotion..
We walk through risk's rosy brambles..
We often end up in shambles..

It became luck, morality, and intelligence..
You call it common sense..

It is ironic how uncommon it has become
We laugh and smile but..

Too many live numb..

Feeling when we're young, fading with time
Into our beloved, imagined normality..
You call it typical life..

I call it insanity..

Simply because evidence proves it to be..

Don't be mad at me
I'm not mad at you..

I just can't understand..
Why you wouldn't want to understand..

We say science helps humanity..
So is it confirmation bias?
Where does our fear come from?

You want peace but help to end it..
We're only different because we lied..
To mirrors..
Then judged others..
Our money as a glue for a fatal game of fate..

It is not my place to judge you
You are you and I am always only me..
You say you want equality
We say we love democracy..

Why then does Earth.. A pale blue dot..
Help itself to its own death?

The truth is simple
It is simple because it is facts and logic
It is also never perfectly obtainable

Call it Heaven or the universe..
Either way..
Mysteries are infinite..

Nature is a woman of secrets
Time is a man of faith and honor

We really would benefit from listening..
To our parents.. To our God or no God..
Our Gods and Goddesses or their absence..
To our imaginative possibilities..

I will never hate humanity
I will never judge you


I will call you out when you act crazy
When you nurture insanity..

We are human but not very humane
That is the reality

I only will ask you one question..

I want to breach into your secrets..
I want to define your theaters of war..

I want to find conflict's source..

The truth is often scary
It will still set its seekers free..
If we are more than few.. It can do that..
More and more quickly..

What we're doing never worked
Survival and peace calls for something new..

I think of pure truth..
How it can be scary and still save lives..

So.. here is my question to humanity..

Why Are You Afraid?
This is only my observation.
I cannot fix the world.
Only people working together can.

2020 was like pandora's box. We have been hiding from ourselves though. We didn't open a box. Just pulled back a closed curtain. I think we can fix our mistakes. It will take your mirror and helping one another though. On a scale that will need to be global to work. Peace is not impossible. It will take time and facing our mistakes though. A future of peace is worth striving for. Whoever you may be.. Stay safe out there. Remember to smile.
Jonas Mar 5
They know

something is teribly wrong
with me
something is off
I'm not right
not normal
They can see
sense it
can't pin it down
find excuses
but They know
Ces Mar 4
The desire for belonging,
The need to run away from isolation
The origins of insensitivity

This is the mentality of the bully

What is normal is confused with
Desirability, goodness
Herein is the soul
Of the tyrant.
Damien Jan 22
And there you’ll learn
you are either them
or you

solving for X
tearing down any defense
any pretense

where X = right
and right = real
and real = them

because you are a number
that doesn’t exist
a square root of negative nine

and to you
dividing by zero should have made

but there you’ll learn
that you can’t divide
by zero

and the square root
of negative nine
can never be X

to them, to you, you’ll forever be
not a solution
but an error
mal frost Jan 16
i found i kept getting bothered,
about the idea of things being weird,
but then i wonder,
"what if i try to be weird in a weird world?"
but i don't really even try,
people seem to think so anyway.
weird. maybe i just think people are weird.
mal frost Jan 16
a worshipper of language,
craving social interaction,
chained inside this matrix we call home.
And *******, is it home.
not sure what normal is anymore
Ashlyn Yoshida Dec 2020
The lights switch off
But the smile stays
Plastered on and
Completely fake
It won't come off
It never will
Tears begin to fall
Smiling still
The screams are heard
across the house
no one cares
it's normal now
Breaking into pieces
thoughts locked in cages
break down the walls
and rewrite your pages
a breakdown while laughing is worse than if you were screaming
Cait Nov 2020
Satin dresses hug me tightly.
My curves are enhanced.
My stomach is hidden.
Legs lengthened from 6-inch heels.
My eyes pop from the numerous eyeshadows.
My lashes - made more voluminous than ever before.
My face is covered in layers of makeup.
Every imperfection, hidden.
Every flaw is nonexistent.
Every insecurity has vanished.
I look perfect... on the outside
Beneath it all.
Beneath the layers of clothes and makeup,
without the shoes.
Beneath it all, I am not what I appear to be.
Beneath it all, I strive to be like you.
You, the one whose smiles show kindness.
You, whose eyes hold waves of emotions.
Yet I remain surrounded-
Surrounded by the materialistic walls, I have created...
Instead, I am plain.
I am not the girl who is so beautifully portrayed.
I am not the girl you want me to be.
Because beneath my makeup is the imperfections and uneven tones.
Beneath my dress, beneath it, all are the scars I do my best to hide.
So you see.
I am not perfect.
I am not above normal.
Because I am simply that... normal.
I am not special.
I am simply existing, not one in a billion.
I’m not like you.
You, oh you.
The one who can light up the room simply by speaking.
No, I will never be like you.
I will forever remain plain and normal,
Not like you with your many colourful hues.
But that has and always will be good enough for me.
A little sad take on perfection and the standards of beauty that I sometimes see every day. A little rough and probably not very coherent but I like to write without having to think as odd as that may sound. It’s not perfect, but I have always hated that word anyways
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