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I heard your heart pounding at the sound of his voice
Your Knees were shaking it was not your choice

Your hands were sweaty
I'll dry them if you let me

I'll be happy if it works for both of you
If you fall do not worry I'll be waiting for your call

Even if it takes a while
I will let your heart smile

At the end the worst part of you
Is telling me I hope to find a guy like you...
I have always been an old fashioned man.Wanting to keep the lessons of old alive.Opening the car door,letting her walk first,remove my jacket and being a hopeless romantic...Dancing under the moonlight,picnic with a self made drive in cinema.... Yet... I always hear the words "I hope to find a guy like you."Like an endless record player in my head. Am I not good enough?Am I not here right now?
Will you listen me,
if I speak to you in silence about silence ?

Will you talk to me in silence
when words no longer wake in my mind ?

Will you hear the silence of your heart
which speaks about me to you
or the silence of my heart which sings
the rapsody of our togetherness ?

Will you be the silence I seek in my silence ?
Or Will you be the silence, which silence me silently ?

I chose to sing about me in silence,
for in silence I dont feel any barrier.
But when I chose to read you in silence,
the silence you did offer was not heart warming.

I sit with unquiet mountains
to realize my fondness towards it.
I run with rivers to sense my spirit running before me.
I play with wind to hear the lyrics of my heart.
I lean on trees to listen its stories.

The pleasure I seek in silence
and the agony, you sprayed to
embrace the silence aren't the same.

I then pray with the moon to silent those silences
that wakes in my mind to silence me.

Beloved will you believe me,
if I say, not all silences are same ?

Some silence could break silence
Some silence could heal silence.
And some silence can build silence.

will you buy my words if I say,
not all silence can heal and
not all silence can hurt ?

Also, will you let me to listen
your silence, this time
to handle your heart ?

Will you, my love ?
Vallery 14h
he loves me...
he says beautiful words
he tells beautiful stories
he looks at me with adoration,
at least
it seems that way...
he loves me not...
he doesn't always remember me
he doesn't always acknowledge me
he doesn't always keep his promises
it seems like
he loves me...
because his bright smile shines when he sees me
because his eyes shimmer when he sees me
because he told me he loves me
don't mean anything
he loves me not...
because he hurt me
because he scarred me
because he told me he hates me
don't mean anything
Styles 15h
are blind
to their beauty
yet they beauty
is worshipped

Such a curse
is nature
Styles 16h
She was obsessed with her fear
                     the dangers of love,
                     the agony of despair,
                     the pain of heartbreak,
                     froze her in her tracks.
din le lo 22h
Why can’t I shake you?
Why can’t I let you go?
“Is this scale accurate?”
Perplexed I let it go
But not you
Not Chicago
So natural warning me before I entered
Assuring me before nightfall
Are you trapped inside of me forever?
5 am on a Wednesday
You come to me as I stare past save the dates
"What is your greatest fear?" he asked.

"For words to flee" she said.
i write and write and still no surprise,
no likes, no comment, no subscribe,
arent my poems worthy enough,
i ask myself every time ,
or is it something in my speech ,
thats keeping away the prize.
i started with enthusiasm, you know,
but now that i see it,
all my work here is a still no show,
i cannot impose but just a request,
what will it take for you people to comment your best?
this poem might be my last on this platform you never know,
without support, without demand i just dont get the reason,
why i should post?
try i insist  and i will send my thanks to all those who will,
show what you care, because i know you guys wont leave me spare.
these are the thoughts i have been getting after posting so many poems and just 4 followers! please check out my work and follow me,,i really need motivation to write pleasee!
Styles 1d
open your legs wide
expose to me
my destiny.
We are about to
make love
and I have
the other half
of our recipe.
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