Hiraeth 17m
The broken doll sits on the shelf
She wonders if anyone can love her
Day by day people pass by her
This broken doll on the shelf
She wonders if a child will pick her
If a child can truly love
This broken doll on the shelf
Broken doll on the shelf not named
The broken doll on the shelf
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Hiraeth Poetry
use the past as a present
for self education of
caution and awareness
on what not to do
in the future
and then continuously
keep making
new mistakes
and fucking up
as life goes on
in front of
perfect eyes.
Hiraeth 23m
We are flightless birds
Wondering about our worth
We are flightless birds
Singing songs nobody wrote
We are flightless birds
Nowhere to go
We are flightless birds
Our wings are unknown
We are flightless birds
In an unfamiliar world
We are flightless birds
Learning to turn our
Guns to a fist cos'
We handle a situation
With our heads
Not our fists
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Hiraeth Poetry
Atul 10h
I got admitted to a PhD program.
I am very happy now.

Loving my days as they shine,
Over the edge I pushed sorrow,
Viewing my love grow mature,
Enjoying the achievements I am.

Putting consciously the efforts,
Onto hers and my own life too,
Over the hours of togetherness,
Jovially invested time & loyalty,
Actuating each other to do the best.
I am offered admission to a PhD program and I think that apart from my parents' guidance and my own efforts, my best friend Pooja Shah is to be credited for boosting my confidence and focus.

From August 1, begins a year of hardwork and dedication.

My HP Poem #1713
©Atul Kaushal
Thought I was on the up
But here I am in the deepest abyss my heart has yet to see
Although fairly familiar
Where light is needed to relieve from this torture
This disconnect
from the outside world & everything that is good & delightful
Feels eons away

The turn birthed when you came back
I thought you’d never leave, but thank God my heard fails to gambol @ the thought of you - finally
Maybe time does heal some wounds

+crowned saint
In 30 second increments,
while standing under a ray of sun,
or in the rain,
or in the small chill that snow brings.
At 3 am, when I can’t sleep.
When I happy cry at TV shows,
and when I find a new favorite book.
When I feel insecure,
or when I feel confident.
During my alone time where I recharge,
or when I’m with others.
Self discovery is coming along,
one moment at a time.
7 19 2018

Juicy red lips
The taste i wanna kiss
My tongue upon tongue
Playing just for fun

My hands around your waist
One goes down to a deeper darker place
A piece i do misplace
Lost in outer space. So warm

One goes up amongst the shrouds
Amongst your milky milky clouds
Two touches of ones lost wanderlust
Ashes to ashes milk to rush

Wet down under
I feel your roaring thunder
The rain comes over me
A taste at once. Never carelessy

Lips agaist lips
One kind i would never miss
The shower i find for hours
That sweet savory taste. Like warm juicy flowers

Never sour. The rain. The flood
Into your eyes i shudder
I mutter and mutter
Melting into you. Like butter

My love letter
My hands lost along your thighs
I weep inside
As i hear your soaring cries

This long night of storms
Bouncy bouncy fluffy fluffy till morn
I warn. My scratches on my back
So torn. This love. So forlorn
....i never do these so uhhh

Not so keen on sharing it...
bret 13h
i can hardly wait
to sleep in the grass.
rewrite a love song and
call it a night.

if only i could
see myself on stage
maybe we could skip
right to the part
where we win.

i couldnt believe
she left her favorite
song for something new.
maybe im no good
for an addict.
just here to speed
up the process.

id even dance
if thats what it took.
or maybe im a colorful
frame of reference.
how bad can it really be?

or maybe ive swam
too deep in the water
again. it wouldnt be the
first time i fell without
a place to land.

we could start as friends
or die as lovers.
or maybe even both
if we play our cards wrong.
She is as bright
As the sun.
He is as mysterious
As the moon.

                   (p.p) 1/17/17 12:29am
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