anyone can write poetry you just have to be poetic. if you find the way the light falls through your window and onto your bedroom wall pretty, write about it. call it soft and golden like the sweet taste of honey. if it makes you glad to be alive then it’s not silly. you look for the beauty of things, be proud of that. always look for beauty in the little things in life. if you’re feeling sad, describe how you’re feeling with writing. use your sadness to create something. say the heavy rain is kissing you. write about the glow of the moon, the dancing of flowers. make your world magical. collect your metaphors and treasure them forever.
cel 1d
gleaming star above, i gaze through my window til dawn to catch a glimpse of you. your incandescent light outshines the rest in sight. til the end of time itself, i'll seek you out among the rest. for even as long as you paint the skies with silken silhouettes, my heart is yours to posses.
cel 1d
in this life and for the rest to come, i am destined to love you; for i am yours unconditionally until forever ends. my heartstrings are pulled taut and caught between your hands. further they stretch; the ache in my chest, the desirous burn, calls out for the one that avows my heart to its sole purpose — to love you.
Kuvar 51m
Little fingers with nails that tame tigers
Who innocently belly dance to telletubbies
Sunrise on your face every time a smile triggers
You dance to the beats of my heart like piping bees

Momma and poppa work so hard for your diaper
Gladly with mild poo you will sit on the sofa
Looking at the news wishing it is over
In your eyes I could see you wish this world is better

Tabula rasa until your first breasts hunt
Milk for you  till you had your first spaghetti
In my life you are the most beautiful font
And in this world, you are before any
Kuvar 3h
-This is Nigeria,
Where Cattle’s fly their terrorism flag,
Stumping on humtydumpty green white green.
-This is Nigeria
Where corrupt QWERTY and busy Vagina  
Puts food on the table of unemployed youths.
-This is Nigeria
Where clerics find paradise on earth
Lo!  followers live as church rats withal.
-This is Nigeria
Where Eve plotted against a serpent  
Hm! Mrs Philomena and her fairytale animal.
-This is Nigeria
Where Sundays are full of bibles and Qurans,
Yet her body stinks in poo of immorality.
-This is Nigeria
Where the mace is a mess in her house
As senators sleeps and vacate seats in a hearing.
-This is Nigeria
Where in Nigeria
We are looking for Nigeria.
Kuvar 3h
This day, the grand commander refused the opened door of the corridor that exhumes National odour,
The iconic gallant lamented “good harvest is impossible with rats in the rock’
The Grand commander is right, isn’t he?
Giant rats with two legs and cunny claws caused us wounds yet to close up,
The pig fight they played us in tough dirt
let the Atlantic be a stain remover yet it won’t cleanse us
Let us take the hands of the Clock to dance the moon walk,
You see these rats are black flames in a dark room,
An illumination of appetitive explosion
Oh Clock, the thorns on your feet, can you see?
That the rich green land broke your rich green  blood,
Wait, can’t you smell a dead rat?
The beautiful rat who at a time was the pilot of the crafts
who went so far to bury legality in a pit latrine,
I guess, it smells too nice.
I am sorry oh Clock, I know you hate the moon walk,
I see they make your old wounds open to new grief
Should rats hunt rats for if rats hunt rats then who pants?
Twenty shekels of silver awaits you in twenty’ 20
Take it and let the times get sweaty dirty
Oh Clock! Your prophecy talks in time
Should I seek vengeance from the grey sky?
Should the thunderstorm strike and the gullible grey hair die
Rats of bungalow minds in elevated ranks
We trust their word yet they thrust the sword
It is this organizational madness
Let me stop here before the mad dogs bite me
Every Nigerian would have that date on their head the event of a rat in our aso rock., how pathetic but I found out it is poetic. Unraveling the depth of it
You will discover -
Your strengths and weaknesses;
Just look within.
Thank you for reading ♥
Dear poem.                                            
I fall in love with you.                          
Unknowingly,my heart blow.            

Listen to your rhythmical sound
Happy moment I find
Sometimes your words are bitter
But sweet bitter
As I claim
To be settled like a picture in the golden frame.

My blood bubbling
With your countless lines,I am blushing
My heart singing a love song
goddess inside me somersaulting.
I am mad over you                                
Adoring you                                        
Like a kid loving her momma          
I vowed to be with you                  
Like vanilla with its aroma.
A stick is light and fragile
You can break it into two parts with your bare hands
But when several sticks collect at once
You can not break through the sticks
Because the sticks stick together
They become stronger.
my eyes tear up when i sing these words
though i've sung them many times before
i clearly remember the words you said
before you walked down the stairs and out the door
you hid a knife inside of a pillow
but left me out in a tornado of self-doubt
for a hundred days you were someone i didn't go without;
then suddenly, i was cold and alone

the tears in your eyes were impromptu headlights
for teen days you needed them, to see at night
but night turned into day, you turned out okay
the warm embrace of sunshine made you feel alright
some of us are still cold
at the end of may
but it looks like you've forgotten;
you're swept up in being okay
i'm still cold and alone
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