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She dances in the rain
She dances in the sun
She dances away her pain
She never tries to run.

She has a heart of gold
Her soul spirit oh so bold
but even with that golden heart
sometimes, she breaks apart.

It is not easy to keep going,
Specially when the world says, give up, you don't know what you are doing.

People say things
People act cold
But still it's the warmth she brings
because she has a heart of gold.

She's brave, she's a fighter
and just to feel a little lighter
She dances.
She dances in the rain
She dances in the sun
waiting for that rainbow above.

Her wait wasn't long thereof,
The gold always shines
It can't be hidden for long.
The universe finally played her song
And she danced,
with all that she had;
And as if the gods rained petals over the entire town,
All of the stars aligned,
to be her crown.
Copyright Simran Guwalani
𝓡𝓮𝓹𝓮𝓪𝓽𝓮𝓭 𝓢𝓸𝓷𝓰 🎶

օմԵ օƒ Եհҽ ҍӀմҽ ՏƘվ
Եհҽ ɑՏՏօղɑղϲҽ վօմ հɑѵҽ ҍɾօմցհԵ աíԵհ վօմ
յíѵҽ ɑ ժմҽԵ աíԵհ ʍíղҽ; ϲօղϲҽíԵҽժղҽՏՏ

ʍɑղցӀҽժ ҽѵҽɾվ ժɑվ ժɾҽɑʍ íղ ʍվ ӀíԵԵӀҽ հҽɑժ

í'ѵҽ հҽɑɾժ վօմɾ ʍҽӀօժվ ƒɾօʍ ɑ ϲօղԵɾɑՏԵíղց ահҽɾҽɑҍօմԵՏ - հҽɾҽ...
ƒɑϲՏíʍíӀҽ օƒ ʍվ ƒɑӀՏҽ ՏҽղՏҽ օƒ մղíզմҽղҽՏՏ; ղօմɾíՏհҽժ օմɾ ՏԹҽϲíƒíϲíԵվ'Տ ѵɑíղ ժҽՏԹҽɾɑԵíօղ

մղɑѵɑíӀíղց ƒօϲɑӀ ԹօíղԵ օƒ Թ탃Ӏíղց ʍɑԵԵҽɾՏ ϲհօɾմՏ Եհҽ ɾíՏíղց ϲհҽՏԵ Տҽզմҽղϲҽժ ҍվ ƒɑӀӀíղց

վօմ ɑղժ í հɑѵҽ ҍҽҽղ ɾҽհҽɑɾՏҽժ ϲօմղԵӀҽՏՏӀվ - ɑ
ɑ Տօղց օղ ӀօօԹ ƒɾօʍ ʍմӀԵíԹӀҽ ӀíԹՏ
there's green all throughout
the silver droplets,
coiling about the warmth
of powder-blues and roaring magentas.

there's green all throughout
the golden threads,
winding around the jubilee
of cream-whites and vibrant citrines.

there's green all throughout
the copper clays,
swirling between the renewal
of xantic petals and extatic lilacs.

there's green all throughout
the joyous weeping
of spring.
I need the rain.

dessicated limbs hang
low and heavy
like twin pendulums
of shattered lead.

I need the storm

drained roots coil
notted and gnarled
like a cage
of sun bleached bone.

I need the flood.

suffocated leaves wither
rusted and dying
like an endlessness
of time-ground sand.

I need the void.
Sheep don't know
The meaning of the word

They know only the barking of the dog
And the howl of the wolf.
Vallery 5d
when the wind stops blowing,
and the trees still,
and the birds pause their tunes...

when you can feel the sun's golden warmth on your skin,
and you notice the faint floral scented air that surrounds you,
when you notice that the eery beauty of the earth is deafening...

you are grateful for the small things
Vallery 5d
Stars in the night sky,
so brilliantly shining...
They light my way home.
There's beauty in sorrow,
if you don't let it grind you down.

I wanted freedom,
But I have been trapped
Between a rotting lemon
And a hard place
For my bones of glass
To bask in the sun.

There's beauty in sorrow,
if you don't let it grind you down.

I wanted shelter
From the acid rains
That came spitting out
Of their ignoble mouths,
Pattering upon my rind
And souring the lemonade.

There's beauty in sorrow,
if you don't let them grind you down.

I wanted love,
But there wasn't any rainbow
At the end of that
Cursed *** of gold
They're all chasing feverishly.

There's beauty in sorrow,
I tell myself, lying as I see nothing else.
lithe she floats
surface barely breaking
hard as wood, smooth as jade
yet light, a thing of burnished air
barely there
no thoughts to weigh her down
for she has ceased to care
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