I've pledged allegiance to a flag
that pledges none to me,
that would sooner see her stars go dim
than allow freedom to be free.

Tell me that you see me in the rain.
Not when its silent or when it's a mere mist,
But when it's pounding towards the earth, in all its frustration
Tell me you hear my screams when the wind catches on itself,
Or when my howls of agony are as loud as the tears that fall from my face.

D A N E 7h

I'm sorry,
careless words turned into a mess.
What meant to be in jest,
was hurtful as you have confessed.

I'm sorry,
until who knows for how long.
Forgiveness you gave to move on,
you said, stay here where you belong.

I'm sorry,
for I didn't mean to hurt you.
Knew I am bound to fuck up,
do I really deserve you?

I love you,
you were unexpected.
Changed my life for the best,
I realized I'm so blessed.

I love you,
inside I'm scared shitless.
if I lose you,
my world would be meaningless.

PGM, my world.
D A N E 7h

Feel like crying,
What should I do to be deserving?
When you are giving me everything.

Self doubts started coming.
How can I stop this from happening?
Am I really worth saving?

how can this be happening?
Jobira 11h

I thought you love me
I , I alone
But with just one refresh
You have come and gone.
When I wait for you to come back
I see you with someone else
Flirting in the dark, or
Chasing dreams in the skies. I thought
I am your only one, but you're very cleaver
In disguising to be with more than one lover.

Sometimes you come and remind me
Of our history on Notifications
Because our history Trends
like Romeo and Juliet,
When your other lovers overwhelm you
With Like, Love, Sunshine, share you with others on media
Even take you home to their Favorite Collections
Or even confess their love to you
and put you on public display with their Repost,
Then you come running back to me
To disappear in a second.

I think you're just sad little page
Who's tired of being a therapist and a lover
to all these people who also come and go,
Yet love knows no color or place
In a second, you forget all pains and
you fall in love with strangers’ face,
Who come storming at your doorstep and begin
Telling you their happiness or
Saddest stories. The more you listen
The sudden you fall in love with them.

But I can't be in pain and wait for
Your love to come again and go
Because I thought you love me and
You listen to me, only me
I, I alone, but
A second I posted this poem
I know for sure, you're already gone.

I just wrote this, and just wanted to share.
Still in works

I swim in a sea of troubles & worries,
My every move is calculated.

With my breathe straggled, I fling my arms and thrash my legs about hoping to fly out of the deep dark sea of my anxiety.

Havnt posted in a while

An usual creation of mine,
will it be good enough?
imaginative, yet a piece of my heart.
will it be good be enough?
Short and concise,
will it be good enough?
stanza after stanza, my head i put to rest.
will it be good enough?
whatever it is about,
will it be good enough?
Deity, blue sky,love ,money
will it be good enough?
Effortlessly,my eyes closed, buttock sat, pen wrote.
Regardless, a poem it will be called
My Poem- First of its kind.

An highlight of how I started writing.I hope its good enough. :)
Riot 17h

Kiss me out of my dreams, sweet woman of mine!
Kiss me as we talk about jazz!
Kiss me out of my thoughts!
I need to know you exist
Outside of my deepest pleasures of my head
Kiss me outside of my dreams!
I need to know you exist
In whatever reality has become.

The surety of my footing
drops out from beneath me,
leaving me in free fall as I
into the ground.

The fine bones of your
petite hands, skin stretching taut over the
blue rivers
of your veins
that roll and roil
across the valley of your

The world is held in your soft palms,
and you don't even realize you could
my universe
with a simple squeeze
of a cruel fist.

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