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The Magpie dies in Act No. V
Though the audience was hardly privy
It was only me, in the backrow seat,
Who saw the gentle feather
Who heard the silent clink
Its branch that swayed bare
Shivering only but a moment
Before it found a new pair of feet

The roar of the crowd rippled and swelled
With the song of the main headline
Licking the tune, wetting the eyes, but at the end
My lashes remained dry
For I, at least, could spare a glance
Toward the soul who belted Act I through V
Laid angled below the plastic bushes
Gone, dead, died
All the forgotten lawns, and far apart, and monsters in the darks.
The cross country farms, some kids are playing on.
Thus, our liberation falls, a soldier dies, a family cries.
See dropping blood! Oh Hallelujah! Oh Jesus Christ!
All waters are iced, and the bread smells rot, and ghosts knocking the door, right? For its the payments time!
Nidhi 11h
orange marmalade ribboned on warm toast
reflecting the golden light from the sun
It looks like Cleopatra's prize possession
It is too bright for a ghost to see
And too valuable to be an investment
Orange marmalade
How it swirls in your tongue
Too afraid to swallow it
Oh how I admire the orange marmalade
It's like a slice of happiness
The sun sprinkled on the orange marmalade
You can see all the orange pieces tucked in the marmalade
I love orange marmalade
anica 14h
lived in his heart is this ounce of pain
every moment just seemed to pass behind his back
victory was all in vain
igniting the fire within his world of black

at last, humanity's strongest appeared
cradled in his palm are the tears he hid
keen as the blades that all have feared
ending it with his own blood to bleed

reaching with no one to depend
meek as he absorbed the reality
as he asks himself if this is the end
not yet for he is the strongest of all humanity
GJLT 19h
Helot today, and every other,
Go unpaid, go unmade,  
A broken body of myself,
Living in every possible way,
Save for my own,  
Always selling the soul,
The time that’s left,
Piece for price,
For profit, for my life,  
But yours to rent,
If you pay, please pay,
And it’ll be yours to store,
A deal nevermore.
Axel 23h
untouchable lips
but she sins through her limbs
and soul became stronger
as she grows into a woman
that came from her mother.
Happy International Women's Day!
Trefild 1d
have got some bars
towards "Electronic Arts"
once I found out
you shut a game down
I went nuts as I lost my cars
several hours on visualizing of which were spent
thanks for all the time wasted
as I don't even have pics of them
awesome, amazing!
a kind of mood to dump on you
a cargo full of number 2
guess you've already figured out
what game these schemes are 'bout
it's "NFS: W"
better late than never
Time is fleeting before my eyes

It is almost feels like
all these moments
turned into memories
in a blink of an eye

Oh, dear Time

Please, please, please
slow down a little bit
freeze if you would

Please, please, please
I'm started to lose grips
of everyone; everything
I don't want to reopen my old wounds
But it’s just the only thing I have left to do
There's nothing more to be said about me
Except for a condolence or a passing apology

Picking at the ***** scars, hoping for an infection
Hoping the festering bacteria would spread through
Hoping for sensation, or something maybe close
Hoping that these old wounds would feel brand new

I’m already too numb to ask for more medication
Already too debilitated to beg for a final miracle cure
I’m already too sick, far too late to try on and on
Already at the brink of extinction to still feel unsure

I’m opening old wounds, bleeding them out to dry
Doing everything they all told me not to do, only left out to die
There’s nothing more to be done, no band-aid left to rip
These old wounds seem useless when there’s nothing left in me to fix.
Inspired by the song Old Wounds by PVRIS.
KHY 1d
writing spiral
I'm writing the spiral
I'm on my paper
drawing my pencil
I am on my paper
and I'm drawing my pencil
as all these faces that I see
are just not adding up
into anything I want to be
or anywhere I want to go  
and no matter what you say
I will never endorse it
back to the life
that takes your soul
and make it go away
an abstract poem on my insecurities about writing poetry, lyrics, or just creating art in general.
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