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Virgins define their shelves,
Are they left on the shelves?
No, virgins are doing for themselves!
Feedback welcome.
leo arden Sep 16
are you doing,

or are you overthinking?

are you progressing,

or are you moving?

are you living,

or are you worrying?

do some.

progress more.

"never confuse movement with progress"
          -- Denzel Washington
Starry Sep 6
Dear zockkes

I hope you
Enjoy the Ninth
circle of islamic
Hell for there is not
better place for you
For what you
Do to the
Poor creatures
God's creatures.
Evie Jun 12
please stop

i’d really appreciate it

you’re hurting me
i don’t like it

please stop
PMc Apr 4
I am powerfully drawn toward and yet must remain cautions
one false word out of context is ruination
of my career, my life
wrong word – bad time – didn’t mean it
out of context - will all add up

I am weary and need to be held
2019 social media kangaroo-court will tag me
an “inappropriate predator”
my physical person has need that cannot be
expressed as or when I want

I am lost in spirit hoping to find some direction
time was when I could free-spirit my way
through just about anything
my years have found me, I recognize my own shadow,
the spirit has since left

I am torn between heart and head
strong enough in both as in body with rational ability
to decide between the two
knowing that one decision will have consequences
for the other - and others

I am alone with my thoughts undecided
your hair bundled to one side an invitation to caress,
converse and be loved
yet I want no part of my bad things happening
to your good people
Attraction of any kind can have downside.  Not that bad things are happening to people but I knew that if action was taken / not taken and either us were to "act on our feelings", consequences would ensue.
Johnny walker Mar 29
All my life I've been a
great pretender always
say I'm doing fine when
ever I'm asked but all I'm doing Is lying to

But In truth, It's just my defence mechanism kicking In rather than admitting to the world I'm

But In truth, I'd rather
go on me pretending  
and lying to my self saying I'm doing fine rather than to tell the world I'm
I was the great pretender always doing fine but I was
all doing was lying to
Zywa Feb 19
Nobody notices it
yet, but I have it in me

the brilliant ideas and the authority
to let things run

as they should, worked out
in detail in my reports

My promotion is a matter
of time, my work will be seen

it is already there
in my head, ready

to announce, politely
taking everyone into account

yes, I adapt myself, I wait
for the right time

and prepare everything
I see it in my mind

I know how the world works
and when the time comes, we can

all be satisfied
“The double” (2014, Richard Ayoade)

Collection “The migration”
Don't ask me
what kinds of
I have.
I don't even know
what I'm doing
right now!
Plans for next week? Let's just live up to there and then I'll tell you.
Lee Aaun Jan 29
At least,
I admit that
I am doing
more and more
by loving
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