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Zywa 3d
Nobody notices it
yet, but I have it in me

the brilliant ideas and the authority
to let things run

as they should, worked out
in detail in my reports

My promotion is a matter
of time, my work will be seen

it is already there
in my head, ready

to announce, politely
taking everyone into account

yes, I adapt myself, I wait
for the right time

and prepare everything
I see it in my mind

I know how the world works
and when the time comes, we can

all be satisfied
“The double” (2014, Richard Ayoade)

Collection “The migration”
Don't ask me
what kinds of
I have.
I don't even know
what I'm doing
right now!
Plans for next week? Let's just live up to there and then I'll tell you.
Lee Aaun Jan 29
At least,
I admit that
I am doing
more and more
by loving
Red rained lips of the blue winds soaring.
It is all coming together like reckless memory magnets
Alone with prize high,
Painful pulse for the month's ending,
Rain convulsed,
As you stretched one hand out.
Laughter drips for you reached about the stacking strain,
Drained out dry of bright champagne.
Red rained lips of the blue winds calling.
© Teri Darlene Basallote Yeo
charlie Dec 2018
you ask what they're doing
even though you know
every word they wrote
about you for tomorrow

you heard every single comment
got them repeating word for word
you're holding on tightly
'cause your perception is blurred

you bow down when they don't listen
shut up when they're presenting
you're the beauty and the beast
yet you also keep 'em guessing

you're the queen and the king
all rolled into one
you're holding onto their hands
and now we're done
Johnny walker Nov 2018
Early morning  go for a coffee
write a  poem or two, get some
Inspiration, by people,watching
as they pass me on
Then It's back home by midday
to feed the cat put the washing
the machine on then off to sleep I
Wake again 5 pm write some
poems with the tv In the back
ground not really
Then It's medication time take
tablets write a few more poems
then It's off to bed I go a typical
day since my wife has
A typical day now that My beloved has passed don't really feel like doing anything anymore but write my poems
Johnny walker Nov 2018
If I knew then what
I know now would
things have any
different maybe
If I knew then what
I know now, maybe
I could tried little bit
If I knew then what
I know now, I would
loved Helen much
If I knew then what
I know now, would
have made more of
the days Helen was
Making more of the time together
not wasting days
Isaac Nov 2018
How many days will you let pass by,
Without looking your own life in the eye?
Look it in the eye and see its mortality.
Its end is death. This is the reality.
If people will not care if you pass away,
Why should you let them guide your life today?
Quit allowing their life to dictate yours.
A far less wonderful life is what that ensures.
Why do you let your heart's dream be distant,
When it is yours for the taking if you be persistent?
See your dream and name it square.
Put in daily action. Don't just sit and stare.
Why spend so much time talking about things,
When you could take action and enjoy what that brings?
It's when your talking is mapped by your doing
That your future is one actually worth pursuing.
Written 4 November 2018
Tyler Atherton Oct 2018
Someday i'm going to break, i'll lose it
and then the whole world will be sorry..
I'm ready to shoot, hand me the pistol.
I hid myself so much,
my sanity was the only thing the seeker couldn't find.
I have all these things going through my Mind.
My best friend forever just left me behind.
When I fall asleep is when I feel at peace the most
Not sure if what we had can be fixed but,
It would be unfair to allow you to move forward.
As I'm stuck here in our memories,
With a shattered heart.
I want you to know I won't let you forget me.
I'll place myself in every past memory of yours...
I'll interrupt every relationship you dare to hold...
it was your mistake to promise a forever
to a boy who would believe you
Rizna M Rameez Oct 2018
There are always those *******
Who're dumb enough
To openly belittle
Anything good
And the nature of humans
Is that they'll feel inclined to agree
However absurd it sounds

Some will reach that point
Where sparks fly to
Rise in defense

Those ******* will always be there
To see how well you deal with it
Tell them they're right in the most SASSIEST way and remember, sassy can be Dumbledore-quiet.
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