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Each time I shave my face,
I scrutinize with my eyes,
To look for my mistakes,
But my eyes, they fraternize,
With the enemy on my chin,
And so, too late,
When on a date,
I feel them with my fingers
Irene J Sep 25
never it crossed my mind

that I'll ever have a feeling for you.

but yet, you crossed a line you

didn't realize.

I was in love with you

with all the time you kept saying,

"I want someone to love."

But yet you didn't realize,

there's someone in front of you

dying for you to see her heart.
It's a confession of my feeling toward a guy, who's a close friend of mine. He gives me so much comfort, until I fell for him. but the thing is, Idk if I should tell him or not.
c Sep 25
I am riding in the backseat of Desire
Lust rides shotgun, mocking me
It would be nice to see you
Growing distant in the rear view mirror
But the headlights coming towards us
Are just a bit too bright
I’m tired of asphalt burns
Ylzm Sep 23
Blind faith betrays itself
in hypocrisy and double-mindedness;
the sighted sees
the blind hears
and imagined:
proudly believing it knows;
does not and cannot know
its own ignorance
nor tell apart lies from truth.

Boldly, in self-belief,
calling out and stepping out, to lead;
immediately, stumbles and falls.
blind followers no wiser.
groping and wondering
where the voice went.
Of course it’s watered down
Everything is and see
There’s always a watering down
As you knew always and we all knew
Along with you but take notice
Of how it all is
In all dimensions this
And this and this and this
And this and this and this
But yes we see it all snapshot
Until maybe just or only a poem
Can or cannot capture
What has to be but it may get close
Or close enough to see nothing
Is forgotten or forgets nothing it
Has worse dreams than you
But knows they are not dreams and
Some will sow seeds and
Or maybe just or only a poem will
Wonder if yum yum this appeals
To mind or this or that part that
At present needs what it does not
Yet know it has in abundance
In profound abundance
Or call back tomorrow
Or tune in tomorrow
Or hope for tomorrow
Or just hope
I feel like im dying
Im not even crying

Im always lying
To you especially
Cant you see
Im not happy

Like a rose I bloomed
Like an Echinopsis
I was gone in a day
Too weak to stay
Quinn Adaire Sep 15
I see the stars
Bright, shining
In my mind.

I’m blinded
By the unhidden
Beauty of planets

I see Asteroids
Asteroid belts
Space rocks
Remnants of failed space missions.

I see more
Indescribable things
I see concepts
I see love and happiness.

I hear music
Magnificent music
Harmonizing in the deepest reaches
Of the Universe.

I see Time
A great river
With golden sand brushing my toes.

I touch the fabric of the Universe
It feels like the softest fleece
Times infinity.

I smell brownies,
Roasted marshmallows.
I smell lavender,
Sweet sap
That somehow don’t clash.

How is the Universe so beautiful?
I never want to leave this Universe in my mind.
In my collection Time and the Universe.
It hurts to imagine you beside me,
Because I know it'll just never be.
But everywhere I look I find you.
Never with me, but it's all I see.
A "poem" every day.

yeah no
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