You really won't see me, exactly as I am
blinded by my cloak, no one gives a damn

Talking to myself in corners, a shadow in the dark
walking the corridors of shame, a stroll within my park

It might be, you catch a glimpse, of an edge or curve
but seeing me clearly, forever held in my reserve

I bind myself to pillars, built within my mind
no delusions, or misconceptions, however misaligned

When seeing my shell, the exterior that I display
remember it's not me, just a false, communique
Fixed some wording in this one, brought back from the archives.
Wandering hell, has it's rewards. :D
You see I am smiling
but I'm burning inside
you see my eyes are playing
but they're too crying
because I don't want to hurt you!

I keep saving your love in my heart
though it's broken into pieces
you're playing in my mind
but it really down!
I'm not frustrated because I love you.

I'm dancing in the rain onto you
but I'm dying inside
I want to see you next to me
but you're not caring about me
I am still alive just for you!
loving or loved
its all about love
burn down your feelings
to another strange place
you want to die in every single day
if there's no chance to see

Heavenly Feb 12
Winter howls through my bones
Im shaking, my legs are shaking, my chest is fucking shaking
The violent tremors jerk my spine
Can you see my breath hanging in the air?
My fingertips numb, face numb, numb
Sweat is dripping between the blades of shoulders
The sun is fucking screaming, seething and I am so cold
Ice swims in my veins and it hurts!
It fucking hurts, it stings
Im so cold but its so so hot
Its one-hundred and fuck myself degrees
The news is baking, heads are frying, you are all screaming because its burning, scorching, sweltering
And I am so fucking cold. Freezing. Chilling. Tundra. I am shaking, I am numb, my lips are blue
Can you see my breath hanging in the air?
Can you see my words dripping off my tongue like icicles?
Im cold.
No, I'm not because you feel hot
You See What I Let You See…by Jessie 1/05

What do u see when you look upon me…Do you see a rock in front of thee?

You see what I let you see …you know what I let you know.

I am not the rock you think me so, nor am I the hunter’s mighty bow.

The strength I have, you think you see is nothing more than fantasy.

There are days I can conquer the world and days I can’t face it.

I am a tragedy within a comedy, laughing to conceal the pain.

Lean on me and I will hold until the weight crushes us both

Ask and I shall give until I have given more than I had.

Put me on high and disappointment will inevitably be near by.

Outwardly I am as still as air in the eye of the storm, while inside
I shake uncontrollably.  

I can calm and steady the frailest of souls for I have the trust of all, yet none in myself.

I am the one that people depend on and I am weary of the burden it brings.

Like a raging fire I can consume all in my path…yet wet me and I am merely steam, dissipating within the air.

You see what you want to see…

Examine the rock, for it has faults and will one day crumble.

What do you see when you look upon me?

You see what I let you see.
One of the first poems I wrote.
Star BG Feb 12
With eyes that sprout wings
I sail cross
sea of sky,
to perch on a view.

hazy grey.
inspired by branded glaciers GE Thanks
There was once two,
that cared about each other.
They were happily together so long,
it was unimagined that anything could go wrong.

When he saw her,
with her beautiful blond hair,
that coiled around his fingers anytime he felt it.
Her sweet chocolate eyes that stared
and pierced through what pumped his blood
to keep him there.

Her sweet voice attracted him like a honey bee to a flower,
soft, like the ocean waves.
A sound you could fall asleep to,
but wouldn't because you'd never get bored.

The taste of her lips unique,
He loved to kiss her cheek.
When they hugged and he bowed his head over her shoulder,
he felt his cheek pressed against her clavicle,
wondering if she felt the discomfort of bone against bone.

He could smell her perfume, especially on dates.
But nothing could smell better to him than her natural scent;
Freshly showered every morning,
coffee on the table waiting,
setting the expectation that today will be a great day.

He leaves to work,
believing when he returns she'd be there.
At the same time,
nothing makes him more sad,
than knowing she is allowed to leave forever.
yet, more beautiful than a dove in a cage,
is the one that is always free.
3 years of being in a relationship, you don't know when you'll lose that person.  It almost seems that one day you'll lose everyone, but your senses will always remind you of them.  Everywhere you go, anything you do.
Everytime I close my eyes
I see your beautiful face inside
But that's not because
I'm still in love with you
But maybe because I still believe
that love is you.
Poetic T Feb 10
I was woven in the collection
of your weaving. But was I the
illegitimate thread of so many
stitches that were woven incorrectly.

But within the faults,weren't there
patterns that were unique to the fashion
of what were meant as perfection.
But was perfection diluted beyond sight.
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