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Sage 2d
Prove me wrong.
Prove that love does not mean soul.

Love blinds the eyes
Love blinds the mind.

Now we can see.
More than never.
Love is our real eyes. Love blinds the eyes, blinds the mind.
Marri 2d
I see it, right there.
That faint glimmering in your eyes.
It’s hope,
It’s inspiration,
No wait, it’s love?

It’s everything.

I see everything in your eyes.
I see long nights,
Early mornings, and
Sweet memories.

I see Leonine taking his first steps,
I see Luna on her first day to school,
I see two hands ring clad interlocked.

I see us,
And to me,
That’s everything.

Do you see it?
That sparkle in your eyes when you look at me.
I see it,
And I love it.

I love everything,
I love you,
I love us.

My one and only,
My love,
My everything.

That’s what I see.
I’m grateful to the fireflies of light
cast by the stars
bringing darkness into existence
bringing contrast into focus
so I can tell the difference
and know
that I’m mostly ensnared by light
illuminating my true nature
...the ultimate refuge
of a wayward vagabond
Haley 7d
What empowers me most,
Is that here,
I am seen for who I want to be seen as,
Not someone I accidentally portrayed when I was younger.
Romaisa Abbas May 21
How will you see?
How will you measure me?
Because all I do is state the truth
Truths of life and death; truths
Of fairylands and ruthless errands

So, how will you see
If I truly am being me
The scale I play within
Is just too broad for any accurate measurements

I worry then
Will you ever be able to see
A fact too obvious; a fact so sly:
Two distinct truths, when put together
Are still a lie.
A confession; The gaping holes you see, aren't really imaginary.
Maja May 19
People don't know when the crack in the ground starts.
They only know when it breaks and they fall.
Lara May 17
Do you know me?
Do you actually know me?

Or are you just assuming how I am by my looks?

I don’t know what you think or how you see me

But you don’t seem to know me

I am me

And I never showed you who I am

You just assumed it

Like I’m a rumor

Everything somebody says about me is true.

That’s a lie.

I don’t know what people tell about me and I actually don’t think I’m anybody’s topic.

I am just me

And if you would ask me

I would show you who I am and how I am

Because I am me
I am just me
And I don’t allow everybody to see me
To see the real me

Because I am the real me
See me how I am or see me how you want to see me

Don’t judge
Ask if you want to know something about me
Don’t assume
Just ask it

Because I am just me and actually not here to judge people by their looks

I am here to find out who some people really are

Because everybody is just a me

And somebody may not know me
Do you know me?
Who is she anyway?

Crying at any movie whether it's sad or happy...

Sharing her passion for music, whether or not she has anything to do with it...

Doesn't complain because she always wants to put others first.

Goes through pain like a bullet goes through flesh.

This is who she is at her best.

Don't try to underestimate her or put her to the test.

Always know she'll win because she not only follows instinct, but her heart.

Her heart that aches was replaced with glass a while ago.

Not only did it shatter, but it turned to cold hard stone.

She was accused of being a hard-headed human.

She was told that she was selfish, arrogant, and a liar.

How could you know behind her closed doors?

When you finally let go and get the chance to pull them open;

Then you'll see...

It had absolutely nothing to do with me.
Then you'll see, it had nothing to do with me..
Lara May 14
What are colours?

Colours define everything.

But who defines everything to the ones who can’t see?

Not only the ones that are blind.

But the ones who just don’t want to see it.

To see what is right in front of them.

To see the world around them.

To see everything that exists.

And what does not exist.
So what exists?
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