elise f 2d

Inside you,
Inside me,
I see what,
It was always,
meant to be


Help me understand
This lonely land
That i stand in
Or where i been

Help me speak
I'm to weak
To tell my pains
The fight against these chains

Help me see
The life locked with a key
To remember my mistakes
Mostly heartbreaks

Help me pass
Lay me on the soft grass
Peacefully gone
Into the new dawn

D A N E 3d

A lost boy.
You were a lost boy.
All those times you felt alone,
nowhere to go, a place to call home.
At night, eyes closed, you kept on dreaming.
Wishing to be away from the reality you were in.

An old soul.
You have a special soul.
You may be young,
Yet there are times you feel so old.
Saw the world differently,
Wise beyond our years.

A brave warrior.
You are a brave one at heart.
For all the battles you've faced throughout the years,
and always ready for the upcoming without fears.
Went through many losses that you grieved,
Yet you're still breathing, standing, and fighting to live.

A selfless giver.
You, who don't give a fuck about what others think,
You care about your loved ones so deeply.
You don't have much to give but yourself,
always there when a friend needs help.
You gave away happiness and laughter,
even when there is nothing left for you after.

My soulmate.
In this uncertain life,
You're the only thing that felt right.
Amidst the loneliness and monotony,
we found each other and knew it's real.
It won't be easy, we have a long way to go,
but it'll worth it so we have to hold on.


To the lost boy, I've found you.
A special soul with mine in sync with yours.
To my brave one, you'll never be alone,
carry the burdens and give what you deserve.
When you think you're nothing special,
You're so wrong for you are worth so much than you let on.

Paul Jones May 2

I might see further,      should I bounce belief
on the bending rule      and raise my thinking.

18:00 - 02/05/17
Zan Balmore Jul 12

Stand alone
scratching the spine
of my open book.
I alone
touch this book
manipulate the spine.
They warn of the bright outside
When I see only dark

Dream Fisher Jul 11

Have you ever been so tired
That your mental state is on a high wire
In a twisted dance with your heart and your brain
Until they both fall back and everything's drained
Your eyes strain to fixate on a thought
Until you realize the very thing you conspired,
That you visually try to admire, isn't tangible
Until you stand to pull out above all
End up in a stall because the rhyme scheme seems too clean
So you write right from the heart, am I wrong?
But the mental flow won't let you go so you must carry on

While the world dances with stars in its head,
I'm looking at balls of fire, millions of miles from my bed
When perspective gets dissected, a frog leg is still a frog leg
Or the lead led out of my lead pencil still leads a lead trail
Until I halt my hands a minute for my thoughts to catch where my mind leads
But never using a pen, because the ink just bleeds.
In the sea, I've seen people seem to just wash by,
I stop with a life boat asking around to see who needs to get dry.

If you play with fire, I'd say you might roast mallows  
In a dry wooded hollow, you may end up wallowing in flames
But where's the adventure when everything stays the same?
Until every comfort zone has never grown so much
People don't even say hi, barely let elbows brush
The rush is incredible and can be delicious at its core
To stick with the original metaphor
How else would you ever get a s'more?

Sean Jul 7

Lime split by sound
crackling their terror
Aghast, one climbs
verse cacophony the final portent
Silence, a thrush of horror
Flocking to all of their homes
They all cry

One edit on this because I had to add a little more to it. Because I'm so large like that, lol
Xaha Jul 5

8:30 AM on the way to school
Dad questions my existence.
How can you be sure you’re real?
And this life isn’t planned or constructed?
Who’s really in control?
Haven’t you heard – when people start looking familiar, it’s because God has run out of extras...

The scorched hills roll by in waves under the clear California sky.
Maybe none of it is real. How would you know?
Maybe you’re the subject of a tv show –
And I’m not really your dad.
And I’m just scripted to have this conversation.

If so

Let them see
My fits of crazy
The ugly faces I make in the mirror
My secret tears
And dirty blood
And demented body
And twisted face
And let them know
That I am human.
After all.

Marsha A Jul 5

I love the way your eyes light up whenever you look at me.
Little did I know that all you ever see was her.

In your eyes, it's her whom you see. You see her in me.
Ma Cherie Jul 2

I wish to touch your face
it's true
though more
to touch your soul,

I wish to see the inner you,
it is my only goal.

Ma Cherie © 2017

Just thinkin ;)
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