By: Zen Caudell

Snowflakes in the summer from your jealously,
Why are you so mad it’s like you’re yelling at me?
It won’t change the fact that I’ve moved on,
Be happy now cause you got what you want,
I’m no longer in your only thoughts,
And it’s true, I’m no longer in love with you,
yes Im no longer in love with you,

You left me in pieces,
So please don’t repeat it.
If I’ve said that I’ve moved on its true,
I, no longer want to be with you
I’m working on me can’t you see,
Please spare me your sad soliloquys
I’m working on me,
Can’t you see?

Moonlight foreshadows the sunlight above,
My love for you is no longer what it was,
The fire is no longer burning in my heart,
Our love must’ve been broken from the start,

You left me in pieces,
So please don’t repeat it
If I’ve said that I’ve moved on its true.
I no longer, long, to be with you,
I’m working on me can’t you see,
Please spare me your sad soliloquy's.
I’m working on me,

Can’t you see?
Can’t you see?
Can’t you see?

Or when you called me blind,
was that for you or was that for me?
Break up, heartbreak, moving on,
I don’t understand the pleasure in cheating each other,
I don’t understand the unity in hating one another.
I don’t understand the differences between me and you,
But these eyes will never see the way that others do.
I don’t understand the dangers in walking alone,
When no one walks to my beat and I want to roam.
I don’t understand why going barefoot is a sin,
With my being connected to earth, and my feet soaking it in.
I don’t understand why big pharma drugs are fine,
But plants are not okay.
I don’t understand everyone’s anger toward my ritual
Of dancing in the rain.
Stranger sees my pain,
Stranger calls me strange,
Mirror calls me vain.
A fast pulse through the veins,
Enough to jolt me back to reality:
I’ve made it this far in the world
With only me being proud of me.
I don’t understand the majority of things
Most other humans do.
These eyes will never see from their
Point of view.
The lost mirror sunk down the sea
gone beneath the abyss no eye can see.
That doesn't stop the moon melting
over the water in a waxing spree!
See you tomorrow
has no

I might not see you.
And you might
not see me.
Ruhani 4d
If in one line
I have to define
my break up feeling
I would opine
It was enlightening
Since I wouldn't have seen
in your blinding aura
the things,
I see now.
Break ups are like a new birth, if you survived the deadly pain.
Eric 5d
You'd think I'd learn from turning off all my lights.
gabrielle Jan 8
in this two words ,
i remembered you

in this two words ,
i remembered our love

in this two words ,
that meant a millions more

in this two words ,
we ended a fight

in this two words ,
the kisses was our stars

in this two words ,
the hugs was our world

in this two words -
i see ;
the sun .
i erased. then i'll see the sun. i'll remember the arguments, the tears, the kisses, the embraces. i'll remember how beautiful we are, how beautiful our love is.
I look In the mirror and what do I see not the young man I used to Instead there don't want
to see
A very old man he's
looking back at me
and he asking the same question as me where have  all my youthful look
when It only seems like yesterday whilst looking the same mirror there was a youthful young man full of life raring to go
full of get up and go who was looking back at
me where does our youth go when we have youth we think It never to end
Don't like looking the mirror any more don't like I see looking back at me
Mrs Robota Jan 6
You are the cigarettes on my lips
And you are the smoke filling my lungs
Giving me shelter from a reality I refuse to accept
And I don't think I could quit you
So I'll die as the addict I am
Dreaming of words I will never hear
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