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CRobinson Oct 2021
i can see light beyond the clouds
the waves have ceased their swells
and so I can now see and breathe all the same.
I was recently diagnosed with Bipolar II, after being misdiagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder for fifteen years. I'm on new medication, and now I can feel again.
tree Aug 2021
our pupils widen to let in more light so that we can see something better, but
when we see people we love, our pupils widen to take more of them in,
to drink as much of their image into our eyes as possible

my eyes change to see more of you
the human body is spectacular scientifically but we're so soft and pure when it comes to people we love
Garrett Johnson Jun 2021
Anyways on the walk to your house.

Twice in the hall.
Lose it.
Felt like permanent.
Grass keeps the air cool, like matte.
Perhaps crawl.
So enthralled.
Liking it, lose it all again.
A corpse chiming with ideas.
Chiming only to finest, hideous.
More hideous.

Garrett Johnson.
mmm I guess
Ashlyn Yoshida Apr 2021
Please notice what I've done
My pride is hurting from the things that
I spent hours on
Instead the ones I barely think of
are liked more above the rest
In fact the ones I barely think on
to me are just grotesque
See what I can really do
'A river is a thought of defiance
A flower the hated love between the two'
See what I can say, draw, and write
What I hear and know
Please tell me that you love them and me
Please do not let me go
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