JAC 6h

Singing songs of simple sweetness,
we sit and stare at soundless skies.
Your call caresses cloud and crevace,
while mine can scarce hold on.
In sleep, it seems we see ourselves,
awake, we will not wonder
why we leave our wonder wary,
when we sing and stare at the sky.

Take a step back, and look into my eyes.
Maybe then you'll see what I see in you.

Sweetest angels never die,
They just become invisible.

But they manifest in your memories,
Yes, they never stop caring for You.

An angel gave birth to You,
Sweetest part of my life now.

I am sure that she deputed me,
Just for You she lobbied my life.

Let's close our eyes and see,
See where she smiles in relief.

Let's join our hands and feel,
Feel her seal & not stay in disbelief.

Relieved that you are not alone,
Satisfied that you are not unloved.

Today she is smiling upon us both,
She blesses you on your birthday.

My HP Poem #1663
©Atul Kaushal
I Barker Sep 12

Life is black and white
With a bit of grey.
This world which I see is very dull.
I try to see
The in-between
But I can't
Seem to free
Myself from the
Black, white and grey
That I see

Mono Sep 9

We live in a crowded place
where we can't see each other
destined to have masks on our face
to learn the identity to have some fun
but we never knew under the disguise
the person we were really finding
was just in front of our eyes

Made this poem for the Miraculous Lady bug fans XD

They want me to be the old me
and dislike the way I am now.
Despite what they say behind me,
they smile whenever I'm around.

You only smile when you're hiding things. Just confront me like you did yesterday. I see through all of you.

you touch me
I can breathe
you kiss me
I can see
you break me
I can feel
unclothe me
I am free
I am real

I touch you
paper thin
I love you
and your sins
I infiltrate,
a fire within

you touch me
I let go
unlock my
frozen bones
you heal my
bleeding smile
give life
to a heart of stone

Tash Sep 2

A word to bind you, move you and fill you up.
The silence in the night unnoticed by plates and empty cups.
A heartbeat, if you want to call it like it is.
The subtle takeover of happiness and bliss.

Confuse it naught with hopes and dreams
Love's the undefeated champion or so it seems
when at first you feel the rush.
The skipping rhythm within & the innocent little blush.

So why does it lose its luster?
With the passage of time.
Where is all the courage that you mustered?
Waiting for life to pass, like a box-trapped mime.

Soldered to this life, filled not like before,
by the breath of hundred oceans.
Soldered will you be, if you let it,
to this life's eternal floor.

Across the page
A writer's scene
An author's stage

1993 by: Shelley

One More Wrinkle On The Upper Lip

One more wrinkle on the upper lip!
I quip you not.
It came this morning
Like a ship on the horizon, showing up
A shapeless form from out the blue.
What shall I do?
I’m much too old and used to lines
To be the type that whines;
Too old and worldly wise
To be one who modifies a truth.
“You have no longer youth - the truth.
You can’t expect a skin youth-smooth.
Be glad that you can see reflections
Looking back at you
                                 at all.”
I left the mirror on the wall
And went to yoga.

Be thankful that you can see it, said my friend".

One More Wrinkle On The Upper Lip 9.1.2017
Circling Round Wrinkles; Circling Round Aging; Circling Round Woman II;
Arlene Corwin

"Be thankful that you can see it," said my friend.
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