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Madeleine Jun 21
My child
As you come running back to me
So will I run to you
With arms open wide
Amanda Kay Burke Dec 2022
I will spend as much time necessary
Whole life if that is how long it takes
Missing out on things while you miss me
You are worth longing

My formless fear grows in size each day
It lives inside
Keeping cursed
Moment is coming for you to be taken away
If it was me I have faith you'd stay through the worst
Written 3-22-20
Andrew Rueter Oct 2021
I came out of the closet swinging
my **** around
all the while singing
and wearing a crown
it’s nice to be here
out of the darkness
now the way I steer
is the farthest
without a harness
I go wherever I may
it’s the greatest decision I ever made
and all I had to do is say that I’m gay.
It’s National Coming Out Day:) if you are facing questions or issues with your sexuality you should reach out to family and friends you can trust. If you don’t feel you can trust anyone then please reach out to a positive and supportive online forum of people with a similar modality.
once you choose to leave the closet
you can never crawl back inside
so he stays hidden
waiting for signs of change
the accepting sound of safety
it takes a certain level of brave
to leave that anonymous space
to know the closet will always be open
and choose to leave it anyway
you can never crawl back inside
dark blue Aug 2021
you were so young
it was so wrong
we went too far

newly bloomed
fully flowering
once a girl
now a woman

a mutual attraction
too strong to ignore

a subtle seduction
of a man
just moments
a boy

who seduced whom
who crossed the line

i couldn’t help it
i was mesmerized,
by the whispers
of your blue eyes

dangers foretold
by a warning sign

i resisted
as much as i could
i lost my senses
to my youth
and your beauty

drawn to the flame
like a moth
captured like a butterfly
in the spider’s web

how could i escape
when the siren called
Amanda Kay Burke Jul 2021
Yes I am a beautiful disaster
In my wake leave a bittersweet taste
A special kind of love in soul
Most of it goes to waste

I long to stop disassembling
Pieces one by one
My demons have spoken
They warn I've just begun

Hiding in the silence
I am too afraid to share
Do not like the way opening up feels
Like winter branches laid bare

Pages of heart are torn
Many stained with tears
Can judge this book by it's cover
As dark as it appears

As whispers flow throughout mind
Uttered from lips of memories
Wishing my residual sorrow
Would be carried with the breeze

Suffering rising into air
Dispersing until completely gone
Hard as I try to blow them away
Miseries keep clutching on

My words lie at bottom of my lungs
Too tired to crawl out
They weigh down my shaky breath
Until every one turns to doubt

I retreat into the shadows
Cloaked in grey and black
Waiting for happiness to return
My colors may never come back
I am a cute wreck (my version of a hot mess)
Prabhu Iyer May 2021
When the apocalypse came
it was not raining fire from the skies
no schism in the ***** of the earth,
the seas are not swirling over, nor
the rivers welling up in grief;
Quiet as tears of the early sky
we mourn - how many more
do we count lost and begone?
Shovels and pick axes say ‘no more’-
a touch and hug and a word of cheer,
who knew death comes in garbs
so dear ? there burn the pyres
endless in their dirge, painting
distant the Sun in hues of the dark
and we hope and we pray,
let this be it, Lord, if we must suffer
let this your coming be then -
for we can’t take this anymore
How many more do we lose ?
How many the logs that weary
feed the fires of the infernal?
Marisol Quiroz Mar 2021
growing up has been holding eulogies
for the people that i used to be
maybe that’s why i’ve been wearing black
since i was bruise kneed and fourteen
when i look in the mirror i don’t
recognize the girl i see but when she
stares back there’s a sort of comfort,
in her hunger pain frame...
grown out of the cracks of the city
like a **** on the sidewalk—
surviving despite being stepped on.

when i was older i knew who i was,
bright eyed and bushy tailed,
bruising my lungs with the songs i’ve sung
in sacrifice for this body is a temple but it
is far from sacred and i am the god to
whom it is devoted.

it’s raining salt like sunday nights,
self doubt and sea water,
everything i could be escapes from my
mouth faster than i can breathe—
i woke up tired seven years ago
and i haven’t recovered since.  

i wear myself like my second best skin,
we are the mask and the wearer
and every me is me
the past is just as infinite as the future
but i’ve been holding eulogies since i was fourteen
and mourning is always harder on monday’s when everything is new but me.

— when i was older
not fond of the title for this piece. feel free to suggest a better one below. still experimenting with line break and punctuation (was written to be spoken word more than read. attempting to replicate spoken word with punctuation)
Esther L Krenzin Mar 2021
one day
you will realize
that they are never coming back
and that will be the day
you finally grieve

Esther l. Krenzin
they’ve left for good
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