What does it mean to cry
When feelings stay locked from the
Emotions I fear
Crammed into small tears
The tears that I make myself

What does it mean to hurt
When the scars are from those
Who don’t know you
They’ve watched you grow up
And you feel their love
But they don’t know the real you

When I’m asleep I run
Down a path in a gold
And green
And someone’s out there
With true love to share
Then I wake in the real world
Feeling alone

I’m home
That shouldn’t be so
Where’s the log to my fire?
Because I’m working for me
And I’ll never retire

Bring on the thunder!
Bring on the rain!!
There’s no true life
Without some small pain
So I’ll be the thunder!
And I’ll be the rain!!
I know how to cry now
So I’ll work through the pain

If I’m coming alive
I acknowledge I hurt inside
My tribulation brought me to salvation
I had to suffer to write
I don’t need you to understand my plight
Just know that I’m coming alive
I had to suffer to write
Spiraling out of control.
No thought in mind.
Same pain in my heart.
All just happens to be worse.
I always seem to try.
Sometimes I end up failing.
But what’s really happening?
Is death coming my way?
Who really knows only God.
But I see it clearly and the title reads.

Coming soon.

                            With love,
Hans Taylor May 2
I’ve got the feeling of a stretched tattoo on a belly
That once carried a baby for a while
Reminds me of nights at the bar
Confused over nothing
With a drink in my hand
And my ear to the streets

Every kid my age is a poet
Spouting off about how “I just don’t get it”
Too busy writing about life to live it
Am I mad at you or mad at me?
Why am I stuck here talking endlessly?
Is it me or the Hennesy?

I wish for arms to around me fold
Or for a red faced saint monogrammed in gold
But it’s moments like this I dread
When there’s everything to say
Then words fail
And there’s nothing left to be said

Ring there goes the phone
Park that car
Bleach to the teeth
I'm a slave to the streets
I’m one of the rotten ones and I used to like that
I want a life now of my own

But there’s a bone in my hand that connects to a drink
And all around me the glasses clink
We sleep with friends
We fall apart
Then come back for more
I’ve counted now, I’m keeping score

Still we go to clubs
The songs are old
Girls take us to the cubicles
We’re in love by way of alcohol
Then we go our own ways
And take ubers home

My life is second guessed and dressed in tatters
I’m still looking for a life that matters
So goodbye my friends I loved the most
I’m a whitening strip TV host
Evening trips, these kids are vile
I think I’ve overstayed a while

In my time in exile
Mary-Eliz Apr 28
I usually don't know if
I'm coming
or going

(but I still can't
make this
I had sex
To the heartbeat of
Your favourite song
Just the other evening
Drunk on tea
And forgotten memories
I swore so long ago
That not another word
Of you
Would ever pass my fingertips
But you
You take the main stage
Use my eyelashes as curtains
To put on a show
Every night when
I close my eyes
I'm never coming home
trf Apr 24
You're the needle prick to our contraception
your seed swims sick through tunnel vision
you contradict your contradictions
direct your horses to Gallup opinion

Take a sip from your golden chalice
you've poisoned our wine with Iocane powders
your time ticks of Lyme diseased malice
fictitious fortunes, SEC counts the hours

Oh Lord I pray this won't sleep off
Oh Lord I pray this won't sleep off
For You
orange spray tan on white bed sheets
No love lost, No love found.
All I hear is the beating sound, My own heart burning away. Wanting to come again, but not this day.

                                  With love,  
Avi Apr 1
Learn to love yourself
cause no one can do
it better than you.

Do not look for that love
in the eyes of another
until you see it in the mirror.

Learn to enjoy
the sunshine on a face
without a mask.

Do not hide yourself
cause you may be afraid
of how others may find you.

Learn to come out
of that darkened carapace
and strut your beautiful self.

Do not walk timidly
or as though burdened
by those heavy secrets.

Learn to lessen the tethers
and find comfort
in your friends and family.

Do not think they
have forever abandoned you
for they are always there.

Learn to love yourself...
Wanna know why?
Cause you are the only YOU!
After coming out I have found that a great reason for my depression was that I was always afraid of how others would perceive me if they were to learn the truth of who I am. Once I told my mother and my friends, a great weight was lifted and their reaction was one of assurance and courage. Now I am in a phase of finally loving me for me. And I think that that is the most important thing someone can do before they can begin a life of openly loving who they wish to love. Love yourself first and you will learn to fully allow others to love you. Peace to all. Love to all. Love for all.
Rowan King Mar 27
Is it strange that I want to be Phillip Carlyle even though I was born a girl

Is it strange I don't want to be trapped in a job even though I am "smart" and "hard working"

Is it strange I want to be an artist even though my parents want me to be an engeneer

is it strange I want to be free ut I know I am trapped

is it strange I want to be a boy but I was born a girl

is it strange I want what I cant have

Is it strange I will always be what I hate most

Is it strange I hate my home even though my home is nice and welcoming

Is it strange that I fear returning home

Is it strange that I hate heartbreak but I fall so easily in love

Is it strange I always reply yes when people ask me if I'm fine

is it strange I hide my feeling, when they long to be free

Is it strange I fix my friends problems but I cant fix my own

Is it strange I will always be what I hate

Is it strange I will always be what they hate

is it strange that if they knew me for me, they wouldn't want me

Is it strange that I hate myself, even when I have done nothing wrong
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