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Mark Wanless Sep 14
the vagaries of
love push pull this troubled mind
to balance hard fought
Maja Oct 2020
you fought with good intentions
but for all the wrong reasons
"The road to hell is paved with good intentions"
Paper Heart Poet May 2020
invisible umbilical chord
ties me to you
feeds me love
even in your death

i inherited your fight    
to make sense of the nonsense
you live in my rebellion
against the world

i’m bleeding out screams through
words on the paper
if I don’t make sense that’s because
death doesn’t either.
Maja Apr 2020
I’ve fought myself before,
ready to win at all cost
I’ve already gone to war,
and I’ve already the war lost
I can't win against myself.
Maja Mar 2020
I did not stop when I got hurt
I did not stop when defeated

I did not stop for a second
I never retreated

I fought with everything I had
because I knew what I fought for

I knew, not all battles
needed to be won to win the war.

So I fought and did not stop,
and finally, exhaust
the war ended
and I lost.
You need more than a good cause to win a war. Reality is different. You lose, you win, but you will mostly lose.
Survived Aug 2018
Love was when she fought me
and we ended it by
hugging each other tightly.
Sometimes, I feel so little.
I wonder, am I human?
Or just a machine?
This poem is about feeling emotions that I know I should, but don't. I guess in the end, It will all fit together. As always, Don't forget to tell me what you think in the comments below.
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