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Amanda Kay Burke Mar 2023
Snow falls heavy on head of Earth
Weight added as this mighty rock spins
Might be spring according to the calendar
Icy powder covers the dancing tree limbs
March choreographing slow routine
Time taken to feel sun's warm glow
Movements meticulously placed
We patiently wait for greenery to grow
Each morning rises giving way to new roots
Relying on heat that stays out of sight
Looking forward to the colorful weeks ahead
Good weather to melt the frozen cloak of white
Why is it snowing outside? **** Alaskan spring...
Broken Pieces Nov 2021
Funny, a simple change, well, it changes so much.
I feel confident by just a simple touch.
It doesn't seem like much to others,
But to me I feel brand new with these two colors.
It doesn't shine nor shimmer,
In fact it's a hell of a lot dimmer.
It doesn't stop me from feeling on top of the world,
And with this change I demand to be heard.
I won't stop, I'll keep it going,
I can't shine but I'll keep on glowing.
The world is still dark and dreary,
Thinking of the past still makes me teary.
But I feel a bit brighter,
I feel like I'm a fighter.
Thank you change for helping me out,
I'm no longer afraid to raise my voice and shout.
dailythoughts Oct 2020
the moon burns brighter glaring at me
shamelessly shying away on your name
my only wish
dailythoughts Oct 2020
the moon burns brighter
glaring at me
shying away on your name

while I shamelessly
hide in my misery
of your poisoned
pillow talks  


                                                               ­                           the moon sees it all
                                                             ­                           even under my skin
                                                                ­                     even over my pretend
                                                         ­                                     truly wondering
                                                                ­                               how I am doing
I continue to pretend
If the clouds seem darker today
And the sun is hard to find
Try to look on the brighter side
And keep your purpose in mind

Though the storms and trials come
The darkness will one day end
Keep your eye on the brighter side
So your wounds will quickly mend

The brighter side will yet reveal
When you open yourself to see
A view and message full of hope
Shed the darkness - And be free
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We all have trials and challenges, yet we can choose our thoughts.

2020 has brought more challenges (for most of us) than several years put together.

Look on the bright side, both when things are good and when conditions in your life are darker than usual.

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Maja Sep 2020
The brighter the light,
the darker the shadow.

The brighter the smile,
the darker the mind.
It's the brightest smiles that hide the darkest minds
But sometimes
the colors were
sounds were clear
her mind wandering
wherever it landed
light and colorful
beautiful thoughts
these were the
that consumed her
TS Jun 2020
Sitting on my porch with a messy bun atop my head, wearing shorts and an oversized t-shirt, spiral bound notebook in hand, and my knees up to my chest.

Reflecting on the years past, the bridges that I've built and the ones I've burned. It's interesting how seasons play such a big part of our lives. The weather is just one of those. It's cold outside, we change our clothes to warmer ones, light fires in the fireplace, drink warm drinks. It's hot outside, we change our clothes to cooler ones, swim in cool water, drink ice cold drinks. We are constantly trying to be exactly the opposite of our surroundings. Why?

Besides the general scientific fact of hypothermia and heat exhaustion, we not only change who we are in season of weather but in seasons of life. When we are in high school, all we do is long to grow up. When we are grown, we miss those carefree nights catching fireflies in our backyard. When we need friends so bad that we would do anything, even reject who we are, to be important to someone. When we recognize our importance and that quality over quantity is key.

Life holds so many twists and turns. One can look back on the last 5 years of your life and see just how much you've changed, how those around you have changed and the changes that will come in the path ahead.

It's okay to not be the same, feel the same, or want the same things as you did 5 years ago. You didn't disappoint your younger self, you just grew. You grew into someone new that has been seasoned by life experience. At 17, maybe all you wanted was to go to college, get drunk, have tons of friends, and be free. At 32, all you need is a quiet home with space just for you and your art. You yourself are a season and it's perfectly okay to change.

Poetic T May 2020
Brisk bones bend in the wind,
           as frail memories
fall beneath me.

Every one in a moment of decay.

No longer apart of me,

  but a skeleton figure

                         of a past,
brighter and full of life.
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