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I'm just nothing but trouble
Facing out this own battle
Looking for the way to struggle
It's not easy as turning table

But i trust myself to take a handle
Just waiting for day to getting better
Everything's fine and going brighter
Nathalie Jul 24
Life offers us a myriad of opportunities to look at different perspectives. This is ongoing and never stops presenting us with experiments of all kinds, whether that be in our business lives; friendships, love romantic relationships, health, family and every day dealings with situations with others.

Everyone get tested, but flexibility and adaptability in shifting
one’s focus to what may appear as an hindrance to seeing it as an opportunity is what makes life an adventure. Everyone has the choice, go through life struggling and stressing or participating and embracing the growth each experience brings and flip it, finding each sweet spot; revealing the beauty underneath.

Through each experiment and I call it an experiment because once you shift your focus, you realize that you are in control of changing the lenses, you are the one that can alter the game of life in that moment just by the way you think, feel, act and move forward. You can either resist or find the flow and through that course you will find your intuitive guidance which will ease you through anything.

Enjoy your daily adventures and find the play in them. It makes life a whole lot brighter and sweeter.

I am waiting...
For a New Light....
For a newer Way..
Battling..For A Fresher and Brighter Beginning
A Tomorrow....
So, the questions remain....
Just where to start..
The right spot at the starting line...
When the gun sounds...
Will you be by my side when I start such a race?
To finish with me?
Or will you allow yourself to be left behind?
As a fresher start
Means a brighter way looker forward...
Never looking back....
Is there a person in my future...

To meet me as I win the race...
To a more successful me...
From where I am standing...
Renn Powell Mar 20
my past lies behind me
like the hairs that are tangled
into a bun resting on the back of my neck
like the world that dangles in my rear view mirror of my vintage
car with the torn seats
it comes to me daily
in everything i do
its there
it always will be there
but my future reminds me as its gushing through my windshield onto my face
its making my long brunette waves shimmer
and my olive skin glow
that something brighter is ahead
With you,
light seems even brighter.
With you,
life seems to have more meaning.
With you,
smiles seem to be happier.
With you,
time seems to tick by slower.
With you,
all of my worries seem to float away.
With you,
I feel as if I have more to live for.
Without you,
I don't know what I would do.
Some people really know how to make a difference.
Poetic T Jan 4
There where stars between the expanses of
my every reflection,
                      every thought was a super nova.

Letting in the space between every imagining
                  gave birth to a light that had a longevity,
that never shone like this before.

When I slumbered I was in-between the spaces.
                 Gazing at the harmony of what was created.
And I wondered between the gazes, I floated luminous.

As I was every spark that congealed to form every light ,
                                                raising me higher than I was before.

Let every thought have time, for it will burn brighter than before.
Yenson Dec 2018
These little things with their little things
( aptly, like pigs in blankets )
sit in their little worlds with little minds
With little senses and little knowledge
they look at all things with little perceptions
and little understanding
cocooned in their little lives with little desired
and little expected

which means

A lot of time for self loathing, a lot of time frustrated
A lot of time depressed, a lot of time unfulfilled,
a lot of time for mischief, a lot of time for hating
a lot of time deluded. a lot of time wasted nursing delusions
a lot of time fantasizing writing deluded *******,
a lot of time projecting their ignorance and in pain
a lot of time for anger, a lot of time for mediocrity
a lot of time for distraction, a lot of time to be nothing
but totally and completely foolish and repulsive


Spare a thought for ignorance is bliss
and misery needs company
how can the unloved want others to love
why would a little one wish to know a magnum is in action
why would the frustrated ******* want others to scream in
******* throes
why would little damaged things want happiness for others
why would restless frenzied things want peace and goodwill
when they are just little things with Ninety nine problems
and ******* helps hide their twitching

These little things, with their little minds
and their little lives
         poor pathetic little things .........
“With ignorance comes fear – from fear comes bigotry
“People who love themselves, don’t hurt other people. The more we hate ourselves, the more we want others to suffer.”
“You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something sometime in your life.”
Indranys Sep 2018
When I look up at the sky..
I see beautiful colours like sparkling gold..
The only other sound's from the wind blows...
And she will appear when the night comes..
We know as the "beautiful evening".
When I see at the sky..
Her colours look beauty like huges the sky..
"I close my eyes to see"..
My heart said to me " you can learn from this beautiful phenomenon".
And I ask her" How I can learn it? "
My heart answered "you can learn from beautiful sunset" that anything which look beauty and charming" ..
They will disappear when the time has passed..
When the sunset has arrived " you can learn that "the time is precious".
So, never look back at your past..
The past is the past..
Look into your future..
Because there are brighter days wait you.
And I ask again..and then..?
My heart answered " it is very important to you and I hope we always remember it".
"When the sunset has arrived"..
Is the way from the God  reminds us that don't you love the world too much because we never life forever and oneday the world will gone forever.
I hope you can read my poem with enjoy and Iam sorry for my followers because I didn't write my work for a long time. I hope the God always bless us.
Payton Hayes Jul 2018
You blew me away, like a
                                   feather in the wind.
The very first second I saw you,
                                                   I knew there
was no way I could keep up.  You swept me
             away with your wild currents.
          When I first met you,
                      I thought, I was weak.
I thought you would surely extinguish my flame
  with the tiniest whisper.
          But you showed me that I
                        you to be stronger,
          that I needed you to burn brighter,
not because I was weak, not because I needed a man, but
                      because you were my
other half.
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