Whatever it is that attracts a moth to burning flame
is seen by me as a mysterious sacrificial love game.
The moth is just an insect and that flame is of fire
and so gets consumed in the heat of all its desire.

From "The Quatrains" ongoing writings since the early '90's

A heart is a flame that needs some kindling
to fuel it's energies past the limits of self fueling.
It yearns for the uniting of another kind soul
to fuel a beautiful light...such only asking
for a separate heart's  true gifts
of the soul in  heart
to start giving
beaming from the fires that warm souls and ignite hearts.
to flames of passion
Such must be fed with such foods of interests of loving for the soul, in a beneficial fashion
melting one another and fusing two into one huge soul that is a mystic form of energy..
Two souls fitting like pieces meant for the same puzzle
It defines the role of true fortune and Beauty
Souls that are powerful fuels for one another
feed and maintain the lights and which such  shines to the world from one another
to the dark world and souls around the two
as their become a "solar Sun" created from nuclear bonds
Fission-ed  from each other's loving atoms
Signals the birth of a newer galaxy of the like with those united by the pair's united light
Such miracles are seldom and few.
Given the nurturing, care, and expressed need to learn, grow, and become a two piece set that builds one larger entity
Such blasts the brightness from this sun's rays of warmth and flames to other's in need of warmth and light
to fill their worlds with a miracle
as a gift
from their hearts for all eternity.

In a world full of fascination and beauty,

Identity is nowhere to be found.

I am surrounded by a society so fake,

That a smile, a grin, or a laugh is a hidden ache.

So I hide my face… I’ll make pretend, and be my own friend.

I am just a grey mind in a universe of black and white.

Every time I look up, a spark awakens,

Lighting a flame, a vision to a reality;

That at the end of the day

We are beings, best left off in the consent of silence.

This piece tells a story about a girl who, in her life, is surrounded by the fake society. As she grows up she realizes that she is different from the others, mostly because she, out of all people that she judges, hasn’t found her true identity. But that is just she is in this phase of life. She leaves it at that as she understands that people have their own ways of showing off themselves, no matter how cheesy.

I wrote this piece for a short fashion film for a magazine. What's written is fiction.

so what made you different from the rest?
your ability to provoke,
to evoke
my emotions.
the passion you ignited to the surface,
who knew i had it in me?

push and pull;
pushing just past my limits,
magnetic forces pulling us together.
together, there with you;
it felt like home.

the space between us
felt like a river.
it was only a small distance
i had to cross, but
would i sink or swim?

gasping for breath,
taking in all of your oxygen.
it was never enough.
what we had was never enough.

we were a flame,
bound to go out.
inevitability on our side.

time was never on our side.

CEFord Jan 9

"You look like love,"
she said one night,
cold with the
whispers of winds
on old cobblestone
and hushed
of snow-covered

He stopped
in his tracks,
the cherry of
his cigarette
like the colors
of a spinning
lightyears away
from their newly-found

"What does love
look like?"
he asked,
syllables hanging
close to his face,
blue eyes
from her lips
to her hands
and back again.

But he knew.
He knew from the first
time he shook her hand
and saw the
sweat glisten off her
and listened to her
listless stories
of how summer
never truly loved her,
that one day
he truly would.

She smiled,
lips cracking
from the dry air,

"It looks like an
overflowing sink,
fresh with bubbles
from soapy dishwater
left unattended
to waltz in the kitchen.

It looks like ice
to the sweet smoke
of scotch
and the divot
on the couch that
sinks our thighs
and the thought
of any afternoon plans
in crevasses
we're both too sleepy
to crawl out of.

It looks like all
the things
the world
took from me
and promised
it would never give back,
but instead packaged
in a
bright enough
to illuminate
all the dark places
and remind me
that even though
others have treated me
like a
I'm truly a

Love poetry is hard, but this came out easy.

Rest your body against mine
Let our temperatures match
Ignite The Fire.
lips burn with desire
Set our love aflame

Brianna Love Jan 3

Thoughts of us
keep swirling through my mind
our warm embrace
        our souls entwined.
                 Wrapped in the light
                         of your love
                               yours merging
                 with that of my own
together our lights shone bright
what seemed a thousandfold.
in the warmth of your heart
beauty like a mystic scroll
a warmth that one only knows
     when two people share their souls.
Thoughts of us
keep swirling through my mind       
our goals
        our dreams
                   the same
        sharing today
                   and tomorrows to come
                   together as one bright flame.

The world is full of
people afraid to feel.
The flame of desire has
burned to the ground
a thousand yesterdays.
Yet today blooms a new now.

Wolf Towne Jan 1

A simple plant drew two together
Exchanges sparked conversations
He fell for her
She sought salvation

He wore black armor
The reflection off his soul gleaming off cold metal
Through gaps and vulnerabilities was raw flesh
Mauled and bruised

She garnered no armor
An aura of fire surged about her
A beauty challenging that of Helen
Dangerous in every sense

A goddess before him, she danced
Her flame burning brighter and brighter
The knight was cool in the shade of great armor
The two ran together; making love, slaying demons
Burning churches, torching innocents

In a past life, a child was sacrificed
In ritual to disturb spirits of fire
Rituals pleasing evils known by many mortals
Now, the Sun Goddess jokes and laughs
Leaving a path of smoldering, black ash

Basking in a fiery ball of passion
The duo holds each other
Until love ignites

A ball of flame unfolds from their hearts
A shallow shield cracks in two
Hell fires licked the skin of the lover
And left scars down to his heart

A once brilliant flame, lies smoldering in the rubble
The young knight drags himself beside Her
Rubies burning in ash and soil run through his fingers
Their soft glow fades to black

He weeps tears of lava
The goddess infected him
Filling his mortal body
With Her essence

Under the weight of losing Her
Under the weight of great misadventure
He decayed while a crimson spear burst from his heart

Through beams of red a flame is reborn
And from the torso of a black corpse
Rises a goddess of hate and corruption
Scorching the face of the Earth once more

Cat Lynn Dec 2017

"A Monster!!! A Monster!!!" That is what they all shouted and proclaimed...

But even the wickedness of such a beauty can be tamed...

"It's Coming!!! It's Coming!!!" They screamed as they ran for shelter and protection, fearing it's flame...

But even the most fearsome indestructible beast can be put to great shame...

"Run!!! Run!! It's furry heart can never be softened nor can it's reckless body ever be contained!!!"

But even a retched immoral monster filled with corrupted plots can have a new name...

                             We Can Be Beautiful Monsters...

Never say never... (oh wait I just did... XD)
Anyways the Lord has given so many retched sinful sinners a new life. We are rebellious people who have failed a holy perfect God... We deserve to be beast and monsters... but the Lord, with her grace and mercy and love, has given us an opportunity to be saved. We have fallen so short of the glory of God... and he gives us the free gift of eternal life... how amazing is that?And we can be made perfect in his sight. Our sins are washed away. We are still sinners and still will make mistakes but our payment has been paid and we can live forever and live for Christ!!!!

This is what I mean by Beautiful Monsters, We are monsters because we are sinners, we are beautiful because of Christ Sacrifice on the cross
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