Umi 2h
Feelings, the treasure of ones heart,
A flame, cast ablaze by the purity of righteousness, warm alike sunlight, yet not as burning or uncomfortably hot if exposed too long,
As embracing, as a motherly tugging hug, full of love and dearness,
It feels so gentle, like a soft breeze, sweetly touching the blossoming petals, after a soft rain pours water over their delicate, little bodies,
So warm, as if enlightment were close to reach beyond the border of consciousness, growing strong and happy, alike a peach tree,
Celestial is what it tastes like, sweeping over my transience in awe,
It is but an emotion, which would soften a stone hard heart and make it alike cotton and wonderfully sweet as candy from amongst heaven,
Inner peace, served on a golden plate behind a courtain of sunlight, describing the greatest pleasure,your drink and thankfulness for what you have, without greed, the desire to have more, despising violence,
And even though humans will keep on living, such whilst being in a wretched, poor state, destined to fight on and hope for the better,
Living, is what I find very beautiful.

~ Umi
I guess I wanted warmth
And I guess we burned for a while
But you were only a flicker
When I needed fire
Queen of passion
Broken through love
She who gives all
Surely loses it all

Passions burning flame
No other flame may withstand
Burning out
Flame versus flame

Sad socrpio
You let a dull match in
Twig with no spark
Stealing your fire
Dulling her shine

Sad Scorpio, you know
Flame dulled
Stolen fire, a burning rage
Sad scorpio

Broken by a dull stick
Dull stick
Calls you dull

Sad Scorpio
Sad, sad Scorpio
Wishing to burn
She has been robbed

Flame stolen
Flame that once burned
All who challenged

Sad Scorpio
Steal your flame back
You let him burn

He won't reignite your flame
He burns you
Burns you up
Yet you stay, sad Scorpio

Says he is the only one
Who will keep you warm
He burns you

Sad Scorpio
Steal your flane
Let him dwindle
Shine again
Work in progress, bit of a train of thought
Ya Boi Apr 11
Let go of the wick that allows you to burn
The hapless device given to you at birth
Rip it from your melting flesh and learn
That all pain found in living comes from this Earth

The wick that allows you to burn is now gone
But now what else is there to drive you but god
A god that summons the fire of your dawn
Then why are you still melting, where have you gone?

You have lost your wick and your god forever
All passion and fervor lost by my doing
Or perhaps to your impatient endeavors
Maybe you never knew what you were persuing

But at the end of your life I must digress
I never meant for you to burn like the rest
Ya Boi Apr 9
Her heart an ever-burning monument to loves fervent fire
A fire that graces every crease of her supple young face
A smile that warms her laughter with endless affection
A laugh that casts away struggles, fear and pain

A restless flame cast from hell itself
Churning inside her toiling body
Lighting the way her will commands it
A path determined for her glorious triumph

However long the flame burns
However fiery the flame remains
Residing in her is an essence
Residing in her is the means of change
Flame Apr 9
I adored the rain
Maybe because it helps me wash away the pain
I thinks it's because it calms me
I believe its because it helps me

I want to become a rainbow
I want to be the reason you smile after the sorrow
I want to take the pain away from you
Even if you don't want me to

I want to scream and shout your name
I want to curse for falling in your stupid game
I want you to realize that you are to blame
Why this little spark turned into flame
Wolf Towne Apr 7
A simple plant drew two together
Exchanges sparked conversations
He fell for her
She sought salvation

He wore black armor
The reflection off his soul gleaming off cold metal
Through gaps and vulnerabilities was raw flesh
Mauled and bruised

She garnered no armor
An aura of fire surged about her
A beauty challenging that of Helen
Dangerous in every sense

A goddess before him, she danced
Her flame burning brighter and brighter
The knight was cool in the shade of great armor
The two ran together; making love, slaying demons
Committing crime, torching innocents

In a past life, a child was sacrificed
In ritual to disturb spirits of fire
Rituals pleasing evils known by many mortals
Now, the Sun Goddess jokes and laughs
Leaving a path of smoldering, black ash

Basking in a fiery ball of passion
The duo holds each other
Until love ignites

A ball of flame unfolds from their hearts
Hell fires licked the skin of the lover
And left scars down to his heart

A once brilliant flame, lies smoldering in the rubble
The young knight drags himself beside Her
Rubies burning in ash and soil run through his fingers
Their soft glow fades to black

He weeps tears of lava
The goddess infected him
Filling his mortal body
With Her essence

Under the weight of losing Her
Under the weight of great misadventure
He decayed while a crimson spear burst from his heart

Through beams of red a flame is reborn
And from the torso of a black corpse
Rises a goddess of hate and corruption
Scorching the face of the Earth once more
Rohan Press Apr 6
her everything
curled into the evening—
the flame ebbed
and darkened.
Osal Apr 1
He kindled a fire to storm
Not known his hands are burnt
he watched as it wavered insight
his pyromaniac pleasure
thrust will his flames with pride
till his enemies ashes remain
but nought does he know of his burnings
that the flame should not be touched
latched is his satins in flame
until the gold plated crown
shows timber at heart
and to its dust yet again
shall drive
prisoned by his thought
forever in the castle of his doings
with his timber throne and his velvet wrap
but the doors remain shut closed
fear of leaving his choice
build up in the hollowed home heart
for when one burns one other
his hands too are consumed
the drop of flame falls
like the apple under its own tree
the flames yet glint in brightness
but the doors remain shut still
In life guilt remains constant, no matter what the cause minor or major a portion of every human soul has suffered from the emotion guilt. By trying to portray the personality of the emotion itself thus the poem was created highlighting the latching behavior of the emotion
Lily Mar 30
The darkness around me is impermeable,
Gloomy, funereal.
It weighs down on me, and I imagine
Atlas holding up the sky,
The unbearable burden on his shoulders,
And I feel the same pain.
I struggle to breathe,
Each breath tears at my throat,
Rips its seams and sinews
Until I can barely speak.
My tattered wings flutter uselessly,
My muscles losing strength every moment,
My vigor being drained by the darkness surrounding me,
Until I can hardly stand.
Suddenly, a brilliant ray of light shines from
Somewhere in the darkness,
A beacon, directing me somewhere.
Warmth, hope, joy, peace, and relief flow out from
The light source in a everlasting stream.
A river of light, a torrent of happiness, that
Drags me out of my stupor, injecting new
Life into my veins, causing my wings to flitter with
Renewed aspirations.
I fly haltingly towards the light, drawn to it by
An almost supernatural force.
However, the closer I get, the harder it is to see myself;
My wings fade, becoming almost transparent, and
A piece of the dull ache returns, a remnant of the darkness.
The pain gets closer as I get closer to the light,
Closer to you.
You are my light, and I am your moth.
Everything good, everything true, you represent,
But I can’t touch you, can’t truly know you.
I can’t lose myself.
I can’t be your moth anymore.
Find yourself a butterfly.
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