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Our flames dances in the dark
by morning they’ll be one
melted together
dancing for eternity
Our love is on fire
Lighting up passion
for the closeness we desire
by the morning let’s stay in
and wait for the sun to set
so our flames can reconnect
swaying under the stars
Astrid Love Oct 16
I’ve got the fire
You got the talent
I’ve got the looks
But soon every man was head over heels for you

I’ve always gotten everything my way
Yet you fought for everything.
I have always lived lavishly
Yet you live hustling for everything you have.

When we met, I knew something was unique about you
I’ve tried to bring you down.
Yet you stood your ground.
I wanted to bring the flames of fire within me
You brought it higher than me.
And now I’m just a fire that’s burning without a flame.
I would be forever known as the Lost Flame.
Aquila Oct 15
He preens my feathers,
fans my flames-
he lets me grow, he lets me destroy him.
I am happy.
but you still flip off my street when you pass it.
this has been ******* me off for so long
sophie Oct 1
we kindled our love,
and we burn with a
fiery passion.
but one day
i burnt out,
and you stayed alight.
i just want to feel again
sophie Oct 1
you lit a fire in me that
i didn't know was aflame,
and now that you're gone,
the rain got to it,
and all that's left is smoke.
i'm having a hard time right now;;
Maria Mitea Sep 30
When the silence penetrates the valleys,
and the darkness climbs the mountain,

When the flowering jasmine sleeps in the dry river bed, you make me feel beautiful!

There is a a feeling of austerity
in the beauty you make me feel,
The beauty beyond aches,
The beauty beyond pleasure,
The beauty beyond time,
The beauty of thousand yesterdays,
The beauty of despair,
The beauty of never ending sorrow,
The beauty of life flame,

This choleric beauty you make me feel
wipes away the defences of time,

It is you making me feel beautiful!
Tizzop Sep 21
under the skin, there are flames
beneath the flames, our faces
neongreen stars and irises
explosions pamperin' the brain

10 million can't be wrong
illusions become friends
spoken from the edges
rocks and langoliers

in times of hunger,
rhymeless fields grow
elephants and angels
trumpets, bridesmaids

mind the allusions
in times of satisfaction,
people stop moving
Flames under the skin.
And as the season changes and another day goes by
We will feel our chemistry strong and our desires true
Our attraction to one another is not counted by the days
As our affection for each other is not counted by the seasons
For fate has ignited an everlasting flame
A true flame of excitement
Growing strong inside us
With each passing day

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