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Jeremy Betts Mar 17
Just because you can
Maybe you have,
Danced with fire
That does not mean that same flame will not burn after expired
Leaving a new want to expire
Like desire
Or so I've heard from the choir
But then again most everyone I've met,
Myself included,
Is a lier
And yet,
For reasons unknown,
I'm still a buyer
Then shortly after,
A broken heart supplier

Pax Dec 2023
I've killed that old flame
felt so ashame, I'm to blame
i left to pursue nothing
it kept me running
please, lend me something
a little bit of hope
for me live on and to cope

i wish i never killed you
left you there
    in the darkness's hue
i wanted to write something good i hope but it becomes depressing when you dive directly into the darkside on how you killed your own dream.
In bitter ink
I dip my feather.
My hands carve out
A weathered letter.
I hold the page
Steady, it hovers
Grazing the flame.
Your name getting hotter,
Til it crumbles to ashes -
Catching fire at my altar.

▪︎ mica light ▪︎
Man Jul 2023
I don't want you have no difficulty,
With the things you're still in motion for.
Likewise those you have emotion for,
Physical love. Those who came before,
Those you still adore, and new flames
You think offer more.
Robin Carretti Jul 2023
To be wed ceremonies
Traditionally brisk time
Wintery- divine sacred
She elevates every success to the
Inner power bells of chime

Sometimes resistance
Need more patience

Internal flame Solstice
Too many humans come
with a price looking into
envision unto whatever will-do
Internal flame nowhere to be tamed
Who is to blame no red carpet
Why do they call it fame?

Winter Solstice chilled wine
      On- our- own- time
Christmas time prayer of hope
Feeling land-locked on tight rope
All disguises internal flame bruises
Masquerade party

On a  deserted Island all booked
But where are the people shell- shocked

Dreams are dangerous internal fire
Sleepwalked no life desired
Some people have it all well- stocked
In the apartment minds go deadlocked
Looking out of a window if we can only
see the same beautiful sky
So many endangered species
                      to- fly

Looking at the bottom
the big family dish
My only wish
Seeing our loved ones
In a starfish
Internal flame its not a game and longer days or shorter we need to be stronger  in set Solstice stay happy look up at the stars
Amanda Kay Burke Jul 2023
Why did you choose to abandon me?
You were 'the one'
I guess I was not
Extinguished flame of everything we could be
All I am is a spark you forgot
And all you are is a smoldering ember that refuses to burn out
our emotions
are just like
wildfires sometimes
they have
the power to destroy
and consume us
yet sometimes
they have the
power to
rebuild worlds
Man Jun 2023
Render me living,
I have walked, too long
With lurid eyes, of sunken white.
My hollow heart, empty veins
A shade of black, within me:
Colors dark as night.
And the flame I have been kindling,
It too, appears
To want to die
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