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our flame of love
ain't going to be put out
the flare will glow  
stronger than the life
of the

our hearts meshing
in the fire's light  
as we hold each other
real tight  

the burning won't
we'll keep alive the  
of passion's lasting

our flame of love
ain't going to be put out
the flare will glow
stronger than the life
of the
The word flame, prompted this poem.
Brumous 3d
A little child was selling
burnt matchsticks in winter

They came across a man
as the child ventured the street

"Mister, mister,
please buy my matches,
I'm hungry, and I require
blankets to warm me."

The man gave
no regard of the child,
he walked away.

The wind blew harder,
and it was colder
than before

The child came across
a farmer carrying a bag of hay,
and they tugged the farmer's shirt

"Mister, mister,
please buy my matches,"

He simply looked
at the child, then left.
After a few attempts, the child lost hope.
It was cold after all, so the child thought of lighting
the last matchstick that was not burnt like the others.

And, it lit but barely warmed the child
After a while, the flame dimmed.
Yet, the child can only observe
whilst longing for warmth

The petite child snickers,
as a wintercearig feeling settled within
"A matchstick can't burn that long, silly me."
u h, I was bored.
But, I was inspired by Little match girl.
There was no winter in my country.
God Brought A Beach Towel

  Written By: Breanna Womble


I’m starting to understand
The slight of hand
That it takes to see this world as an ocean
                                                So vast and deep
                                  With secrets to keep-
I spread love on like tanning lotion
(..) I forgot how the sun feels from this perspective
As my heart beats quick with/          
                             as if it’s,
                                                                         /To keep up with lost time.
I know now I hold the full Collective
all the while I stay and destroy the retina’s in my eyes.
                               This time around,
                                    Loving me is the new objective-
gazing at new found patience with what follows sunrise
                                                                      And left these sands of time-
                                                                      One grain left to fall amongst the Hour,
All this chaos I hold inside of me-
                                           In-spite of trees that Fear let tower

Ahead of me is too far gone
twin flames too, burned away...
Lake Eerie drowned our fire quickly/
                                                           a parted heart of two;
half-hearted sunsets shadowed days,
To the boy I thought I knew.

Do you suffocate with silence?
Do the sun-rays burn your eyes?

All this technicolor vision Love,
Colorblind through cobalt eyes’

(..) I know now of not tomorrow,
                                                          But sea, to my dismay;

Salt lake kisses from Oklahoma/

                                                      ...Taste like soulmates in PA.

~Breanna Womble
Mother Earth Knows What's Best
rig Jun 3
by candlelight i write a feeling,
a tattooed secret onto parchment
on its fourth life – it’s simple enough:
h███ ██↋█ █f███_
that is all – nothing else is needed.
then i sign at the bottom, fold the
letter twice, carefully place it in
a yellowed envelope, seal it shut –
and i feed it to the flame, wishing.
f May 20
the light that flows in and
through you.
i have been chasing magic like this
for so long
i forgot how the flame burns.
muteD May 20
Agonizing over you is what I’m best at.
The memories of us scream through my mind
during the times I should be sleeping.

You’re all I can think about,
even though I’d rather forget you.
You’re all I want,
even though I know you’ll never want me..

I wish I could forget you.

But, instead I’m ablaze
in the memory of us.
While you simply wander through the streets of life,
I seem to be streaking.
Every street consumed by fire,
I miss your heat.
Your warmth.

but decay and destruction are all I know now.

Who knew that it would be your love
that would burn me alive?
late night thoughts are the worse, but they make for great poems.
FC Azaele May 14
A fuelling flame, burning bright
Rage, Rage
A dancing fighter captured against the cold of the night
Nowhere to go,
but still, he moves to find the center of the light
refusing to grieve as he moves past the cold winter night
Rage, Rage
as the cold be fought like a blight
What sin can be found against the dim, darkness amidst fright
where men be fondled across the crooked bridge high
on the cold winter night
Rage, Rage
do not run nor let the ego falter
take on the cold winter night as if it were a blight
good soldier.
Rage, Rage..
like a fuelling flame, burning bright
"Do not go gentle into that good night."
FC Azaele May 7
Burn of passion!
Withering flame!
Take my heart,
And set it aflame!
Let my lust be seen and reign again!
TomDoubty May 6
Hidden giver, sighing life into fields of
Wheat’s ears, rolling tide-like to meet the rusted
gate of cracked through orange-ore, resting ajar
guarding the hedge line

Arms out, splaying fingers I divine life here-
God’s flame, burning Barakah, sacred zephyr
warming  fingers, frosted with tired life help them
loosen and live bright
Sapphic ode
Karijinbba Apr 24
And my twin flame wrote;
"So, it's either too soon
or too late for love?"
Later realizing
who had sent that poem
I gave my true conscious reply
But it was too late
I missed my mark in poem
and sadly before
without meaning to do so.

An ancient script on stage
at the Hilton resurfaced from
that glorious Sunday.
Mother's Day missing the mark,
fame and great fortune!
I so adored you beloved.
You changed my world
Yes everything had meaning!

"True love is timeless
without beginning or end"
It's never too soon, nor too late.
In spirit in the beginning
and from that Hilton labby
Glued together twin flame lover
I wished with you to be.
My darling!
Timeless is true love.
By: karijinbba
All rights Reserved-74-95.
REVISED April 2021.
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