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L Brown 6h
Why dosent she get it,
Why can't she see,
all of who I'm trying to be,

I don't want to be like my past,
Or the ones who came before me,
Who chose not to see all that was standing in front of the,

I try so hard to hold it all together,
I know what we have could last forever,
I don't want it to just be,
Another failed you and me,

I fucked up and did somethings I'm ashamed to say,
I had you living in an illusion that wasn't real,
Because deep down I didn't want to face how I feel,

But I see clearly now whats for me,
Your love runs deep like the roots of an old willow tree,
This is the dream I had when I was a young boy,
What did I do to deserve somebody that does not treat me like a toy,

You are the lighthouse in my sea,
Your smile is the beauty in my day,
Your laughter is the sound of my peace,
Your essence gives me permission to just be,

I truly am sorry baby,
Please find it in your heart to forgive me .
She was a flame
Simple yet perfect
Both defying and defining the dark
Melting my barrier that I took so long to build
But what she didn't know was that the barrier I built was not to keep myself safe
It was for those around me
Because while she might have been a flame

I was a forest fire.
Anji 3d
In my darkness, you are a shining beacon of light.
A lamp post, street side in the darkest night.
When all of the stars, and even the moon
Decide to depart from the sky -
I’m still drawn to your fire.
Seeking warmth and comfort like a moth
Against the soft-framed glass panes of your life.

Because - MY GOD!  -
In deep darkness, how brilliantly you shine! And
In the crucible of my life
When all things burnt out, blackened, and
All I loved had withered and died -
There in the ashes, among the wreckage
I saw a diamond sparkling, so these hesitant fingers pried it apart
And now...

Here you are. Standing by my side,
Singing back to me my very own pain.
Killing me, so softly
With the way that you sing.

Oh, my darling. For you,
I would burn down anything.
And only for You...
Beautiful Diamond Of Mine.
poetry, bitches.
The truth
Can free your soul
Take back all the things
That your memories once stole

Unpack your demons
Let them disperse
Through thin air
Release of the curse

The truth
Can ignite a flame or two
Your worst nightmare
With a spectacular view

Forcing your hands
To carry the heat
Well maybe that's better
Than admitting defeat

Sometimes I lie a little
To make myself feel good
It puts a smile on my face
And that’s more than the truth could
Destiny M Sep 10
When I don’t know what to say don’t take it the wrong way.
I’m puzzled by your mind , you’re so fine and so kind.
You’re so sensual but yet you think I’m so sexual.
It’s mutual .
We’re here we’re there we’re everywhere.
The things I’d do if you were mine but need to find the time.
Can I get a thousand more kisses that’ll last an eternity.
Can I be your personal teddy bear while you help me figure out what to wear ?
I can see that you care and obviously I care.
Obviously I shouldn’t hide the way I feel even though it’s so soon.
Why did we have to fuck under the full moon.
In the dark the place I feared the most you made me face it and change my perspective.
I’m no longer afraid of the things I cannot change and I’m no longer afraid that I was meant to be this way.
I was meant to be me that’s all I can be even when there’s so much more to me.
I’m loving this new bold side of my personality I’m not shy and I’m not insecure.
I’m here I’m aware I’m assured.
AditiBoo Sep 9
The fire wasn’t dead
Quietly it had been smouldering
Underneath the black of the ash was the red
Resilient embers burning, rising, somehow surviving

The question that remained
Was whether to kill or revive it
The answer within us was contained
Understanding that, to this choice,  we would have to commit

To kill this fire that once burnt so bright
Would also mean being left, damp and cold
No longer having comfort in the night
Learning to reshape the couple cocoon into a single’s mould

And reviving a tired fire takes true commitment
Understanding that what once was, has morphed and matured
The flame needs attention, compromise and investment
The flame is fragile and vulnerable, sceptical from its abandonment endured

So we stare at the crackling coal
Wanting to go back to how it was before
But neither options will make the fire whole
Only seeking to go back to get back the past rapport
I shut my eyes
to a world of fire
I drink and I roll the dice
I say make me forget that I feel dire

Come and be close
push against my spine
let my willingness arose
let my vines intwine
your wholesomeness, my overdose
let's become the fine line

Between ecstasy
and that
which is not meant to be
I fed
on you like on a juicy dragon fruit
Reach into what the wild one brings
our senses sharp and acute
I spread my wings

Turn each other into creatures of the flame
my hands how they claw at your skin
don't hesitate, there's nothing to tame
and nothing this true could ever be a sin
Alienpoet Sep 5
I’d pay the price for one night with you
an arm, a leg, I love you through and through
like tissue paper my tears soak through and through
I would steal the sun
and hide it away.
Your eyes are diamonds
They hide a glow that only I know
your words wrap me in silk
your touch a thrill
can’t sit still
for butterflies
in you a flame that cannot die.
Karmen Sep 4
MGK Love Overdose 551am
Septa 4 2018
      MGK love overdose just one of the very fuxken many songs I am so deeply in love
      They got me all thinking , reminiscing all kinds of everything featuring you
       Swear shit should grow old but it don’t and as much as I’m told “gotta let him go “ it doesn’t seem like so
      See now, hear me out right now
      Been a whole year almost since I had to go and leave you , not wanting it despite the life I had going on
       Knew it would most likely be the last time I’d see your face
         Some days I think the memories start to fade ; sort of makes me insane
         I ain’t want it that way , wish the memories shared would forever stay in brain  
          But life ain’t a blunt to rolll like that
        You drove me insane , made me this way
You’re not at all to blame ;
In fact I praise your name and the gains that came from all types of pain you made me face
          Don’t mean this all as you made Cause I too chose to go along and keep it the same
Though I lost my sane , went partially insane and had to move states
             Love you anyways
            Nothing so the same ain’t planing on it to change , gotta keep going this way till next sun come up
              Pull a chair up , this just started
A year last now , just about can’t let you loose
Wish you were near or magically appear
A year that I haven’t argued
A year with no joking and insults
A year no long drives
A year of no laughter
A year no real feel
A year no busting missions and late night talks till dawn
No hikes up the hills to see the views and just chill
No sneaking around or tryna keep it down
A year of no stares , glares feeling of little no care
Those eyes have not met mine in a year
And I don’t hoe to cope
The sex is almost a year since we last had a bit of a blast
Making it all last
Wish it could not be the past
Hoping it was all never my last
A year since I heard your voice
Heard stories of your children and family , the fun and dumb things that have gone on
The times we spent , see not all great not all hell
We never felt the same or maybe we are insane
And couldn’t every admit and only commit to games of playing no same
We had to lie our feel or share and deny
Either or
For whatever
Doesn’t matter cause those eyes
Those eyes met my soul
I recognized it all too well
Felt good to be home
And now it’s s year since I felt
Your souls isn’t matched with mine
Actually in a fight I feel
And if we shall make it
Overcome this year of not speaking
This year of our separation
Baby I promise things could get great
Promised I’ll do my best to make it back
For you with you or not
Doesn’t change s damn thing
Ima ride for you till I ain’t got none left to run on
I know it’s dumb
But your my flame
We aren’t meant to forever separate
We’ll reunite , maybe not today
Just some day
Latez .
MGK lovenoverdosed slowed growth thoughts they this song .
Atomika Sep 2
The winter has come and the trees has gone cold
Times have slept and to traverse the land is bold
But when hope is gone and all troubles unfold
I look inside and smile, as I have been told

Hope is like fire that forever burns

So even if I walk alone in this treacherous path
I keep my head held high and continue the journey
Since deep inside me, I still have something burning
Embers of an old memory of days that have gone past

This ember reminds me of a peace once lost, but still ties my thoughts
This ember reminds me of a love long gone, but soon might return
This ember reminds me of a future I can hold, one I can believe in
This ember reminds me of happiness that I need to recall before it's too late

This little flame warms me up for the journey ahead of me
I reassure myself that everything will be fine
In the dark shadow of the valley, I don't know what's ahead
But I steel my resolve and continue; the ember smiles

The ember is my strength, the ember is my resolve
Without it, I may be an empty husk, without it I am not true
So I nurture my ember and keep it safe until it grows
Back to the great flame it was once stood

The ember reminds me of those who care and you.

Can you promise me one thing though?
As my foundation and strength, can you rely on me too?
So I know that my worth is known by someone that regards me high
Once you do, and I see it through, I can grow wings and together we can fly.

The winter will pass and the sun will shine
Together we shall cherish this memory of mine
That once an ember now grows back to flame
If you're still there, I know I can thank you by name.
Ramblings of some sort. But these are my true feelings
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