Jobira 1d

Would you watch your pen
dance as she burns in flames?

Or would you rather see her
cry as she craves fame?

I, a wannabe poet,
with my muse,
I play games
without any shame.

I poke her emotions,
To test her devotions.

I do not pretend
or put on a mask,
for my emotions are real
so are the inks in my head-
as I tell you what I think.
thus, I need not fear,
when I express how I feel

So, I,
I let my pens
dance and burn in flames,
but not be seduced by fame,
and unapologetically feel not
a tiny bit of shame.

@jobiranyc (11/16/2017)

Do you write to gain fame, when you burn your imagination in flames, then feel shane of your own emotions?
Or you’re just wearing a mask underneath the inks you drop?

at the pearly gates
is a sea of hollow eyes
and long burnt out flames

Wasn't too likely,
You missed me nightly,
But the drug drip makes memories appear.

Road lines, coerce the mind
I was believing in something,
Still smell the same, your wet lips on my cheek reminded me of the good days.

When I was yours and you were mine.
Second chances aren't easy,
Guess it's you I have to define.

Guess the saying is true, they always come back.

The silence is too much
I hear myself think...think...think
About nothing important
But I scour my brain for it
Fight at the little thoughts
Like how much water makes
Your cells over-hydrate and explode?
What if I replaced coffee creamer
With Windex tomorrow morning,
How much time would the ambulance take?
Would I be okay?
Because I don’t really want to die
But yes I do, for just a second
Bring me back to life
Defibrillators against my chest
Don’t shock me as much as
The silence, because it rings
It’s not even silent
So how can it be so invasive
I think about the consequence of
Lighting a candle and leaving
It there by my bedside all night
How quickly would I
Knock it down in my sleep
I’m so afraid of burning to death
And drowning,
Though I guess one solves the other
I mean if you push a burning person into a lake,
Say a witch tied to a stake,
Are you saving them,
Or does that make you a killer,
See she couldn’t swim up,
But at least she isn’t burning,
And am I the witch or the fire in this scenario?
Probably both, though I’m also
A lake because who else
Can put me down better than myself.
And I pushed my own damn self in
Because “I don’t need a hero”
Every feminist bone in my body screams
While I’m tied to the railroad tracks
How did I get here? Wasn’t I just drowning?
I guess I took a crosstown bus.
But I was the only passenger
Because it was completely silent.


a life I once lived. she was my righteous, my sin. filled my soul with ecstasy. ecstasy of peace. I shot her into my veins, seen a pyramid piece. a life long before, with a king and a queen, somehow I was under the impression that was her and that was me. than it pierced thru my lungs straight for my soul, just than I seen the entire universe unfold. without our love, the 8 won’t go. I cried and told you how I felt deep down. you told me the same and the 8 spun around. it flowed with us and thats how I knew you were mines. I was yours since the beginning of time, it wasn’t an hallucination ,it was my third eye, an astral projection, the truth never lies. I know it was real since I felt you behind my eyes. from my head to my toes. from my heart to my soul.

And no. Im not talking about drugs. To be clear.
frankie Nov 7

we are fire
i am the orange ember, the coldest part of the flame
you are the white hot tip of at the head of the match head
it sometimes flickers blue

you are blue
i hate blue, i always have
i am red
making purple sounds like a delightful endeavour
but i am reminded of the love bite (why are they called that)
that you left
it was purple, it hurt for weeks
it turned green

i hate you.
i hate blue.
i hate the white flame.

Meg Howell Nov 5

When the house is quiet,
When the nighttime has come,
I am bombarded by thoughts
Of the things that I've done

A scratch on the record,
A static on VHS,
A mind bitterly thinking
About a discombobulated mess

I'm utterly happy,
Or so I believe,
Although it may not come across,
It may not be perceived

These thoughts are like alcohol
Dousing the flame
Don't come any closer
I'm already close to insane

Lyn-Purcell Nov 4

Love                                          Is
A light        that    banishes         the    darkness
A stony cliff   that becomes  a         calm meadow
A mirror   that looks deeper than    physical features
A letter          that is        can be    read   on the   face
Muted,            as it         doesn’t    listen to rumors
Sweet rain                 that falls on all the grass
A painkiller       as well    as an infliction
A sickness   remedied  by patience
Fire that warms and burns you
A kindness with no ending.
A sliver of heaven
on this hellish

This is a mix of different proverbs as well as my own thoughts
Alissa Rogers Oct 31

I have grown beyond you.
I could play your trifling games,
but I prefer to burn this bridge
and watch it fall in flames.

I have an illness of anger,
burning at my mind.
I fought at your side as blood,
only to be maligned.

Once where I saw my friend,
I now only see a snake.
You are behind me,
I leave you in my wake.

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