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iamgone Sep 17
my heart
no longer beats
my veins
have long run dry
but write me
into poetry
so i
may never die
i want to live forever, in your words
Paul Idiaghe Aug 10
To peel off your soft skin, mold it
into armor, let the blood gush out
until it fills your cup, and you gulp it in
as medicine; to pluck out your silenced
tongue, watch it slither across blank
pages, as it paints them scarlet-sweet
like your heart; to **** the trauma, bury it
under words, but make it immortal
on the same paper.
CC Aug 7
The place I'm staying in is my body
She makes my decisions
She rolls my eyes
Every dress I wear is hers
Having a body means nothing is really mine on the inside
Hardly out of my mother yet and my cries don't belong to me
My credit card is food to make my body stay still
But that puts me in debt
And she wants to run because she needs me to pay rent
My body has issues with me that I don't understand
What's the problem if I don't want to move? I think. If I want to smoke why can't I? If I want to thrash around my room and break her.
Why can't I?
Why does she love so easily?
Why does she want to be alive so badly?
The bodies around me own their tenants
Their tenants are owned by other bodies
Our bodies are like children who cry when hungry
There are some things that need to be articulated
There are no more lives left to live and my body is grasping on to me like a lifeline
At the same time she's trying to stop me from drowning
She needs me to feel immortal
Even though I already am
Nylee Aug 6
Your words speak to me
They were never written for me
The feelings carved on the paper
It never had my name
but I'd have it framed.

But all I felt it was,
each lines bringing me to heaven,
and artistically genius
It was a nerve touched upon
so beautiful,
I envied the person
If only I will ever be that lucky
to have poems written for me.

The ones so full of passion
emotion, to be loved as gently,
where every verse turns immortal,
how could it ever be me
Alicia Moore Jul 31
A being can only become immortal
if they fall in love with the stars.

The stars will invite you to beam in the night sky
once you have said goodbye to your centre piece.

A bond with the stars is everlasting,
contrasting to the life of the heart beat.
Peter Balkus Jul 25
You don't have to plan
your funeral,
if you know that you'll never die.
Äŧül Jul 16
I'm a very timid man within...
My BP shoots up when excited,
My breathing is heavy evermore,
On even thinking about loneliness,
Really, I know not what I can do,
Tasked with living life forever,
And a lonely life, that too, as
Lonely will be so lifeless.
Acrostic message.

My HP Poem #1872
©Atul Kaushal
audreyboren May 30
you don't have to say "i love you" to express your feelings
let the kiss and touch speak
risking everything is the most real thing of love in action
never give up on the right person for immortality of love

develops feelings doesn't have to be emotionally beautiful
it can grow slowly and painfully
the emotion of love has the heart to feel what it feels
it can tear up so easily
one mistake, one heartbreak
and you are done

let your action speak
the meaning of love doesn't have to be romantic
it doesn't have to be roses and a ring
eternal love?
love someone with action
action is real and strong
and you have your eternal
Stand tall, don’t look down
You will fall
Windswept and spun around
We are small

I’ve been moving slowly,
Reaching out for you to hold me,
Keep on blinking at the moon
Know that I’ll be there real soon

And it’s a lonely, lonely world now
But that’s only for now
Don’t you understand my dear?
Hold on, for the end is near

There is nothing left to hide
When you’re helpless, waiting to collide
Through the flames, you’re by my side
We’ll go down together

Long guard the echoes
And our song will carry on

There is nothing left to hide
When you’re helpless, waiting to collide
Through the flames, you’re by my side

We’ll go down together
The world is a wretched place. Remember to keep your head up, always.
The journey is so harsh and long
A test of your mind and might
A test you can not pass, if you think you’re always right
If you make it, you will be strong

Earning your place, you’ll now belong
You aced the test and put up a fight
From now on they will see your light
Immortal, they will sing your song

Immortal, you can do no wrong
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