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Shadowhollow Aug 3
Such an ineffable concept
Long yet short
Beautiful yet heartbreaking
Although we live short lives
We live long in the minds of men ( and women )
So in actual thought perhaps it’s is not such an ineffable concept
Perhaps we are not immortal in body
But we are immortal in soul
And that in itself is to live
Dedicated to two very special if not crazy men .
Alexis Jul 10
many preach of being immortal as a cure,
but i see no greater curse
than living--
not even living;
simply existing
until the Earth itself
takes its' eternal rest .
i have never been afraid of death anyway.
lenore Jul 8
to become immortal, you must devour
the gods. begin with the god of fear

and when the god of the nile
floods your heart's temple
lay your offerings underwater.
lenore Jul 6
poem is
a pharaoh's tomb:
the i interred in immortality.
Chris Saitta Jun 12
The immortal is the time before the rain
When we have thoughts of it afterward.  
By then, the mosaic of tongue and its words
Are broken stones swept away
By the shuttling broom of storm.
For a slide video of this and other poems, please check out my Instagram page at chrissaitta or my Tumblr page at Chris-Saitta.
life is but a fragile thing
years may seem as if they were one day
wanting to relive it all again
as if it never really happened
the want to feel or touch
afraid to forget
time has covered our memories in dust
thus I accept that no man is immortal
including I
a flower is picked from the garden
while one's time is withering away
the other is in full bloom
the peace of acceptance
not knowing how long the journey will last
bloom while in season
this life
merely a temporary ride to the next

You are to me like a Ruby set in my most precious gold ring ...
Written by Sean Achilleos 09 June 2019©
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you make me ungodly
i crave you above all else
like nosferatu
confined to an eternal bloodlust,
hungry for your love.
Greg Jones May 16
One man who brought the world to one city
The center of their universe
The sky rains rose petals
The streets echo his name with thunderous roar and applaud
The king of a long line of kings
Raises his head above his ego
Statues created to honor his marvel to stand against time
Love and adoration finds him
From the most insignificant peasant
To the most honorable politician
One emperor, one king, above them all
He would be remembered far past his passing

One man in Rome had a different voice
One man hired by the immortal himself
One man to do the job behind the curtain
He stands behind his boastful aura
Behind the fabled greatness
Whenever someone gave him love
Whenever someone praised his name
Whenever someone kissed his hand
There was this man to remind him
Whenever someone blessed his life
Whenever someone sacrificed in his name
Whenever someone idolizes him with infamous intent
There is this man
A loyal servant to Rome and her bounty
To whisper in the modest King's ear

"You are just a man. You are just a man."
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