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I see you, I feel you and I hear you
I know the travails you’ve been through
Always there, never looked at
Rarely at peace,  mostly in combat
You fight to hold on and fight to let go
The person you love most may become a foe
Once you’re wounded it lasts a lifetime
Yet the executors never deem it a crime
Its the heart that has to go through it all
And at the end of the day, has to stand tall
I say the heart is a wild creature
It is its own master and its own teacher
And our ribs are its disdainful cage
One that in no way soothes, only enrages
The heart would consider beating the cage down
But it knows if it escapes in blood you would drown
Wilkes Arnold Aug 30
He looked me in the eye
And demanded to know
Why the car wasn't running
He needed to go
And I stared back
Without expression on my face
Thinking he's trapped
And running for the cage
He saw it then
The truth in my gaze
His panic grew and then rage
Then everything vanished
But his silent plea
And I stared back
And I stared back
KG Aug 23
Today is wasted
Not like the others, it
Seems to have a revolution of it's own
Yet, the scent remains the same.

These muscles exude the sangria colored
Muck, these layers of filth jet out like lined walls of a prison cell.
Oh why do they retain this scent.

This cube of cubes I reside in
Where art thou mine Calypso,
How darest thou give teachings
As if your tragedy can give thoughts to we golems of rust.

Stick to staying stuck
Until these brittle cages carry no more
This gluttonous weight
Will we be songbirds once
Alienpoet Jul 27
I love you beyond the life I lead
beyond daydreams I had as a child
beyond this cage of bone
and the words I pray
I love you beyond

Beyond the earth which houses my body
Beyond the demons of desperation
Beyond belief and believing
beyond the sands of time
I love you beyond

Beyond hands which desire your touch
Beyond the music which sings out
Beyond my eyes which gaze
beyond all my doubts
I love you beyond

In the blackest hope I will find you
and I grasp your hand
Sit with you and make you understand
I love you beyond.
Kennedy Jul 27
my body is a cage.
it is nothing more than a blockade.
a hurdle.
a sack of meat too big for that space,
the one between your chair
and that wall.
The One Between Two ******* Parked Next To Each Other.
why do i have to be my body,
why is it,
that your first impression of me,
is based on what is simply flesh.
i am a sentient being, sure,
but what the ****.
why is it my body that you must see.
why do we as a species look like this?
i would've rather been a slug.
W H Y do I lOOk LiKE THIS.
i. have. *****.
i love *****.
once i lose it i'll be pretty.
JKirin Jul 21
Only fools would lock birds in a cage.
There they grow, and with them grows their rage.

In their eyes you can see the desire
to break free, to tear down the barbed wire,
and to launch at their captor, with claws—
sinking deep in his flesh all because—

—only fools would lock birds in a cage,
where they grow, and with them grows their rage.
about an internal rage of a being in captivity
Carmen Jane Jul 6
Opened eyelids won’t let you see
What’s here right in front of you
Cherished  dreams that lies beneath
Your broken soul, they say they’re true

As life goes on, we all do change
And fit no more in the same place
We feel entrapped in  a golden cage
We smile with tears that run down our face

We search our purpose in old pockets
We know to hope for better days
We see the future in shooting rockets
Cause we all hope for a better place
Shofi Ahmed Jul 5
One dies one born
has one forgot
life is not gone?
One comes opens
a caged bird's door
eye on for
a new destination
life goes on!
Ruchira Apr 17
They crushed her soul
Burned her body
What was remained ...
Was the cage ... Untouched ...
David Naumann Mar 27
Blackbird sitting on the windowsill,
out of the cage and still not knowing.
Trying to think of flying or staying still,
as not wanting to stay but no point in flying.

Blackbird looking out to the ground outside,
seeing other birds flying up, up and away.
Dreaming of a chance to break free and soar in the skies,
being grounded by the thought that today is not the day.

Today is not the day to fly,
fly with the pain of everything associated with departure.
Today is not the day to say goodbye,
goodbye to all the bad and the good whichever is harder.

Blackbird looking out the window and just hopin',
without realizing the window was open.
Do you clip your own wings?
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