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you told me this cage was a palace
you told me I was lucky to be in a place so luxurious
with beautiful bars to grip and look out through

you told me the people walking outside were the prisoners
you told me that freedom is poison
you kept feeding me stale bread reminding me how miserable they were with their champagne and cavier

i kept looking out at the ocean and wondered what it would feel like to swim beneath it's depths
you caught my gaze and promised me that the ocean would only drown me

you told me this cage was a palace
that i was outrageously lucky
so, why did you never call me your queen?
why did you never join me in this so called luxury?
you spin her the same lies you spin for yourself
Ash Johnson Oct 14
Frameless flowers in golden floors
Which dance endlessly among the rolling hills
Softly flowing, freely moving
Unaware of the metal cage slowing surrounding
And clawing its way up to the sky
To frame the frameless flowers
In bronze and rusted floors
Water whispers, froths and bubbles.
Tiny bodies swim in doubles,
Schooling along the edge of their world
Where the fish tank ends.

A panting tongue creates a mist;
Soft golden fur, tail in a twist,
Barking at the outside world
Where the window ends.

Poised and tense, smooth muscles coil
Whiskers twitch with internal turmoil
To track a leaf beyond her world
Where the sliding door ends.

Dreary shivers, dark and damp,
God's distant voice my only lamp.
I can only gape at the mad, mad world
Where my glass cage ends.
I'm supposed to be doing French but I felt contemplative.
Sydney Oct 10
I am trapped in a cage of torture
In my mind.

I have
Many fake visions

My crush
Kisses the person I most hate

My family
Is ashamed of me

My best friends
Hate me

The people I love
Make fun of me

I am abandoned
And lost
In my mind

My biggest fear
Tortures me

Which is
Not being free
Sydney ©2020
Hammad Sep 27
Some birds
when locked in a cage
for a ****'s age
forget flying
and when they are
set free

even with
the perfect wings
they can't flee...

so my dear
If you are
in a cage
don't shed
your precious tears
it's futile
every hue and cry
will surely fall
on deaf ears

just close your eyes
and let yourself
fly high - up in the skies

so when the time come
you will have
the perfect wings,
and everything...

just hang in there
and Keep daydreaming...
Maja Sep 26
See that flash of light,
white, hot rage
Hear the roaring thunder,
the rattle of a cage
Feel the wind
blow up a storm
Then know the sun,
embrace so warm
Norman Crane Sep 24
Despite all my rage
I am still just four minutes
of silence
                          —John Cage
Isabella Sep 11
Succumbing to pain
Growing numb to the ice chains
Forgetting the cage
l b d Sep 23
metal and twisted
the cage went up the ropes
to find
a long end

the darkness was sticky,
the strain clung to a faint light
with his right hand

for a moment,
he saw resolve
She's in a
self imposed cage.
I can see it in
her eyes;
a demon's hell-fire.
She loathes humanity,
especially men.
Anyone can blame
past circumstances for
how they are currently,
but ultimately,
love unlocks the
door to the
prison of hate.
Hate and love are both choices.
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