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Kathryn Irene Oct 12

The angel called my name
So I invited her in
The demon now posses my soul

What sweet melodies
Now make me want to bleed
Bury me six feet under

My body is numb and
I've lost control
Carry me through this dark world

Let me devour you
Consume you and take your soul
What have I become?

You can't ****** it or bury it
I am unstoppable
Let me persuade you

Fight the beast
Break the human in me
Cage the monsters

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Take me somewhere,
Better than this.
I'm ready to go.
I'm ready to run.
I've got the scissors
To clip my leash.
I've got the key to
My cage.
I'm ready to pack
My past
And set my sights
On the future.
I'm ready to live
For now.
I'm ready for the freedom.
Let me run.
Take me somewhere,
Better than this.
Kathryn Irene Oct 10

I can't hide my skin
Clothes cage my body
Gnawing to be free

Exposure to the mind
Ensues fear inside of me
I hide behind concrete walls

I cannot hide my flesh
In layers of cloth and lies
But my mind is already layered

Break apart the walls
Break apart the mind
Expose me

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these past years
i've grown steel scales
sprouted wings
and learned to breath fire
baby i've become a dragon
to fight all this darkness
but somewhere along the way
i blocked out the light too.
now i'm just a dragon
with a heart a little too large.
i've become numb to not only pain but happiness.  what are emotions now?
Aman Dahiya Oct 7
You gotta do what’s right for her
Even if you gotta suffer
That’s the rule
Ought to be followed
Gotta be kind
Gotta be honest

She may like you she may not
She can’t be yours that’s for sure
For she’s caged
Like the sweet canary
And you can do nothing
To let her loose

You gotta think what’s right for her
She tries so hard to do the same for you
Could be selfish
But she’s not
For hurt is what
she’s always known
And she can’t see you in it

You gotta do what’s best for her
You gotta stay away
I’m sorry, you can do nothing
Just let her be
Whatever she is
Inside her mess.
Justus Chan Sep 25
Laughter like ice
Coating your cage
a cold prison
Blocking out the abuse

Scraped legs
****** elbows
They whip you with their
silver tongues

Flying, flying
into a black chasm
Echos of your captors
****** your mind

they lash out with needles filled
with poison stabbing
out your blood

A shriek, a scream
bouncing around inside you
fainting away
sarcasm overpowers pleas
punches rain in your centre cage.

Rope in hand
gun on the table
thoughts run in your mind
at the window they watch in glee
soon they giggle in shame

The gun hits the floor
the rope from the ceiling
the window now black
They go to haunt someone

Your world goes dark
yet, the laughter and stabbing abuse
reigns in your mind
always flying
Emma Sep 23
“You look pretty”.
It is a cage I have adorned myself within.
In my nineteen years of living,
I never thought there could be a greater compliment than
“you look pretty”;
“you look beautiful”;
And, my personal favourite,
“I bet you look good
Under all that clothing”.

This is a cage that I have locked myself in.
The walls are made of crystal,
But no one who presses their hand up against it
To steal a glance in
Ever sees me.
I am what I will become,
But to the crows that surround me,
I will never be more than the pretty object
Waiting to be snatched up from the filthy floor.

In my nineteen years of living,
I have been conditioned to believe that my worth
Is solely based around
How pretty I am,
Or how good I look in that dress,
Or how I beautifully paint my face to become
Your doll.
I never have believed that I could be
Anything more.

When you gaze upon me,
With your starving eyes searching my body
For something that does not exist,
Do you not see me for my true worth?
Is my capacity for kindness and
My loving nature
Not something which is destined to be adored?
Will who I am
Ever be enough for your ego to coincide?

Whatever it is that you decide,
Your choices will not persuade me.
I know I am worth more than an idle compliment
Which holds no weight or denotation.
I know that I am worthy of a love
Which sees all of me,
And not just the crystal cage
That is shattering in my wake
Around me.
Nonsense Poet Sep 13
Unconditional love
Amazing journey above
Truth or Lie?
Or just one more catchphrase?
Freedom or the Cage
Freedom in a cage
Hard decision  
We have to make
Complexity and fluidity
Loving without condition
Behavior versus a feeling
No more restriction
No chains or anchors.
Spread your wings
Start to fly above
I have no idea why I´m writing it.
Anya Sep 13
When I'm on a field
I can be free

When I'm with my family
I can be free

When I'm with little children
I can be free

When I'm with animals
I can be free

When I write
I can be free


But when I'm anywhere else
I'm constrained by
a cage known as-
self consciousness
social anxiety
She comes by many names

By any chance,
are you familiar with her?
I understand that my free situations may not apply to everyone so when you're reading feel free to replace them with any place you feel free in.
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