L 1d
That shit hurts. So many feelings stemming. Hurt, sadness, frustration. Im just trying to take care of my shit. Im doing my thing.
Can I not relax? Can I not stop? Forever on this hamster wheel called life; forever just a rat in a cage. Fatten me up for the snake. Get nice and familiar, comfortable. Before I disappear, look unto me. See what it is you are doing. Take a look at me. And then really take a look at yourself.
Wallow swallow tallow mallow follow.
The Caged Man (2018) By Jared Ross

Heart racing, the caged man stands excited for his master
To free him of his burden,
Confound to solitude and desperation
The caged man stands idle in corner
Body to be left waiting until warmer.

Without voice and without cry the caged
Man tries and tries
His master’s absence causes worry in eyes
For he is a caged man,
He can not speak nor signal
He awaits his master for his mind is so simple.

The caged man is loyal and his duty is plain,
The master will be here he will wait everyday,
Until his bones break down, and his expression to frown,
Until his beating heart ceases,
Until the maggots eat him to pieces,
He’ll wait for his master,
For he is a loyal caged man.

The caged man wags his tail,
Anticipation to see a master who never showed up,
The cage is far from locked,
But the caged man remains inside,
Waiting for an absent master,
What a bastard of a master.
6 15 2018

Fish belong in the sea
Birds should be allowed to fly
Cats and dogs and animals roam
Cause in a cage wed cry

Ticking tocking
The hours go by
Thinking and thinking
In this cage we lie

The key in our sights
We try and try
So hard to reach out so far
But it lays beyond us

The answer unclear
So simple
So dear
Its right here

Inside of us
Lays the forge of firehearts
The flow of fuel
To unlock these chains binding us

These feelings we know
This cage is not real
When we find our key
The bars flood and fade away

We simply drift in this river
Together and together
Floating on by
With these new worlds we view with our eyes

That key is no secret
You have to make it
With new open minded hands
That are not yours and yours to close
There are no secrets

Life is only a cage
If you let it be

No need for fame. Its lame
She may stand before you with a smiling face
                                        and light in her eyes

But in truth it is all a front, she's really
                                      screaming inside

But give her the credit of taming her mind,
                                 and caging her thoughts
Sijo #2 for the day!
Give people the credit of handling their anxieties.
It's a useful survival skill! One that can be honed with time and experience.
Personally speaking, I'm WAYYYYY out of practise lool.
Lyn xxx
AllyRose Jul 13
He unbolted the locks
and untied my restraints,
which left painful bruises
and permanent marks.
  I could barely gather up
the strength to stand up
and make it to the door.
Then when I tried my
legs gave out and I fell
right on to the floor.
  As weak as a lamb
that can't hold the
weight of it's own wool.
He told me the shackles
I've worn were years ago
  There is a new pair
somewhere that I must fit into.
I listened because being in
a cage was all I ever knew.
Tsunami Jul 4
Sometimes when I miss someone
I feel it catch in my throat
Something between a whimper
More of a cough and a choke
Fireflies flutter in my pulmonary cavities
My ribs are the lantern
Caging my fatalities
As they burn from their expansions.
Igniting even the darkest of nights
They flicker off
One by one
i choke
congratulations on this special day

remembering the gain of freedom
from unjust monarchy
after hard struggles for democracy
and universal human rights

today we also need to be aware
of new dependencies and tyrannies
that have since come among us quietly
and with deceptive lures of easy lives and riches
of glamor  reputation  millions of virtual followers
& other such amenities in our age
try to persuade us that these are the only worthy goals in life

the most decisive loss of independence
is when we do no longer feel its absence
and happily embrace the bars of our golden cage
Lily Jun 28
Why do I write?
It’s not because I enjoy the
Pen on the paper, the faint
Smell of ink on my hands or
The sound of a page being torn
From a notebook.
It’s not because my fingers feel at
Home on the keyboard,
Because the clacking of the letters comforts me,
Or because the sight of a blank Google Doc
Excites me.
It’s not even because writing makes
Me happy, or that I find particular
Joy in it, inspiring me to release
My thoughts into the world.
It’s because these thoughts are
Lions pacing in their cage,
Growling under their breath,
Wanting to be let out; no,
Needing to be released and free to
Roam wild, and not be restrained by
Any human contraption.
Same with my words; they refuse to
Stay trapped in my head, they must
Come out somehow.
It’s a need.
Why do I write?
You might as well ask,
Why do I breathe?
Annie Jun 27
I gave burnt flyers to this town
Ran so fast –could not be found
Left behind, only betrayal
I can't hear you criticise from here
Your lips are surely moving
But my strength has gotten so loud

Everything's the same, but everything's changing now
The sun, the moon, the stars
Shine brighter somehow

Anyone hardly knows who I really am
And for the first time it feels great
Outstanding —even when I fake
They said, "You'll yearn love."
Oh but love's a cage,
No feelings, no strings attached,
No worries about my heart being snatched

                         B   R   A   I   N

             ­                                shake
                                                      this    ­        
                                                        ­   feeling
                                                       ­    That  
                                                      ­       the      
                                                     Infected sickness
                                                Covered with dull pain
                                         A rabid                          werewolf
                         ­             I’m trying                             to tame
                                     Almost off                              the leash
                                    I tug at                                    the reigns
                                    Hold              on  ­       with       sheer will
                                    Have          nothing   ­    to                 gain
                           ­        My                       efforts;                  A joke
                                   Fighting               a freight                   train
                                    Through              gr­it teeth             I smile
                                      Demeanor             ­                       I feign
                                          Failure          ­    coming            soon
                                      ­       My life,         one more        stain

                                             ­                    Lost
                                                          ­         sight
                                                                ­      of
                                                                ­      it
                                                                ­        all
                                                   ­               To
                                                            ­ it
       ­                                            Spinning in
                                       the drain
           ­                             Forever
                           ­  Of

            No                   longer                    I’m                   sane………

Written: May 1, 2018 (finished June 27, 2018)

All rights reserved.
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