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She was a kid struggling in with her
And he was an adult caged in 'childhood'.
Ophélie S Dec 8
it is what it is,
i say
but it may change,
you reply and -
your eyes glisten like
the sun above a dark
a tiny boat rocking toward distant horizons.

this is the day when
the cage is torn open and
all the pet birds are thrown outside;
we won't ever be able to
meet eyes the same way when tomorow comes.
lulu Dec 6
It's finally over,
I'm breaking out of you,
You were a cage in disguise of a shell.
You were coated gold,
I couldn't see the black beneath you.
I thought you were a shell of light weight,
But the truth was you were actually not there;
To protect me neither love me.
You made me believe that love was still.
But, little did i know that love was a nonchalant tornado.
guess you don't know what true love is
Waynepatrick Dec 2
Marks left behind by the past, the dust is settled but ungone,
Memories are forlorn,but not forgotten,
The ghosts still float,they wander about my thoughts,
If time does assuage then these unpleasant thoughts should be in cages,
But they pour into my head,they resist to fade,
They surface as they please, as if my peace to tease,
They make me their *****,medications are unable to save.
Faith Brown Nov 20
inside of my cage there’s a bird inside of my cage there’s a bird inside of this cage and it hangs and hangs and it sings and sings then it ***** on me it ***** in me and bobs its head in satisfactory and it’s pecking at my beating heart it’s pecking at my heart it’s pecking and pecking and it’s causing this swelling my heart it swells and i’d be positive it’s going to burst but it just keeps beating and beating my heart keeps beating and my brain will never win and my lungs keep breathing in anything that comes it’s way but we all know it won’t last my lungs must give everything back.
Apporva Arya Nov 17
3 years ago,
In the city of chaos
when i was alone.
Trapped with lies,
in the cage of life.
Living so low,
Always find ways to get high.
So young of me,
With smaller the vision,
Just believed in fairies,
And prince of paradise.
There was cold in summers,
And autumn in spring.
Night so black,
Hiding all the shine of bright life.
I left the city of chaos,
With the chaos still within.
This was my experience of first time living in hostel during graduation. That journey was full of lessons ,very hard and challenging one. Not only i grow and become adult there but learnt about the strength hiding within.
Kee Oct 31
poking at his rib cage
i thought of all of the wonderful times
ive spent with him
not knowing that this would be my last time poking his rib cage
i smiled and laughed in his face
he loved me the way i loved me
or so i thought
and the betrayal finally set in
when the messages stopped flowing in
and the block on all of social media shocked me as well
until my friend had shown that while you were studying abroad
you were going steady with a beautiful french girl
Kathryn Irene Oct 12

The angel called my name
So I invited her in
The demon now posses my soul

What sweet melodies
Now make me want to bleed
Bury me six feet under

My body is numb and
I've lost control
Carry me through this dark world

Let me devour you
Consume you and take your soul
What have I become?

You can't ****** it or bury it
I am unstoppable
Let me persuade you

Fight the beast
Break the human in me
Cage the monsters

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