Vale Luna Oct 3

        Hear the dissonance between my words
        And question if I meant to pause
        Or if it was just the natural fluctuation of my voice
        I’m screaming for attention when I don’t speak
        In the way my eyes widen
        And my head lowers

        Slowly now
        So that the air moving through your lungs
        Isn’t so much as a whisper

        It’s the pauses we take when we talk on the phone
        No voices exchanged
        But the smiles are content
        Resting on the absence of noise between us

        I’m deaf to the world
        And you’re the only one I seem to be able to hear
        Despite the void of sound
        God, you sound beautiful
        My ear drums don’t vibrate
        But my heart does
        So I understand everything you’re saying before your mouth moves

        Watch the way my chest falls
        Tell me with you hands if I’m not letting go slow enough

        They say a picture’s worth a thousand words
        But the vacancy of audio is worth your attention

        It’s golden
        Even when we erase it with straining vocal cords
        Understand that speech is a waste of oxygen
        Every moment we spend speaking
        Is a moment closer to our last breath

        Hear the world on mute
        Hear the dissonance in the emptiness
        Hear what I have to say
        When my lips don’t open.

Yuka Oiwa Jul 2012

I know not
the language of love
and so I stand
lost on the first word:

Words overspoken
by those with more
important things to say

I find the more people I am around, the less I really have to say, or actually, more to the point, the less I am heard, saying anything. :)
Shane Leigh Jul 19

Is there any faith in a single voice,
Lost in a crowd of mute supporters,
And swallowed by the noise
Of ignorant and arrogant bastards?

© Shane Leigh
Rebecca H Jul 6

You made me cry today.

You raised your voice at me
as if I wasn't sitting in the seat
right next to you.

You told me I didn't listen -
that I never listened.
And that I didn't understand,
nor even try.

You screamed all this
at the top of your lungs
instead of
being a mature parent
and talk with your daughter
in a civilised tone.

But you don't do civil,
do you, mum?

But then again, you don't see your faults either
but focus on mine and others'.

It's funny how you accuse me of not
listening when in reality
you cut me off when I tried to speak.

You took my voice, mum.
And you refused to give it back.

- this one is extremely personal -

Be silent, retrain yourself,
Never usher out a word,
Perhaps it would be best if you were mute?

You do not want a violet reaction.

Don't need to be vibrant,
So let's just be silent, as quiet as can be.
You don't need to be as loud as a lions roar,
Its best to stay silent and hide in the back.

I am trying to keeping everything shut,
I have no talent to show,
So I shall be silent.

Not shy, but not wishing to be rude,
But is having trouble speaking up and not clamming up.

Smile and never spit out any bile,
Everything must be kept hush, hush.
No one needs to hear pointless chatter.

Its for the best,
To be the best at being silent.

Having some troubles.
E Feb 12

She caught a glimpse of him,
her senses paused
Her heart starting beating so loud,
it muted the world.

Those visions, recollections, dreams, flashes and sudden insights both overwhelm and confuse me.
All we ever do is exchange glances,
like only we can see each other in crowds and masses.
Like The Sun, The Moon and The stars, you and I are lost in a bizarre

Their heart speaks when their mouth can not form any words.
Their actions speak louder than any words that can come out of their mouth.
They bite their tongue to keep the peace.
They just think to themselves about the will to fight.
They continue the day silent.
They take the abuse of other people’s words.
They listen to each and every syllable that stabs them in the chest.
The wounds slowly kill them as the peers shoot them down.

I used to be a mute for 10 years of my life. I never spoke at school or at home. It was easier not talking then talking. But I finally met someone that got me out of my shell my freshman year of high school.
V Dec 2016

Hello, said you.
Hello said me.
Whats wrong you ask
I smile, nothing
You glare, Do not lie
I grin, But I'm not
You huff, Talk to me
I sit like a robot
You write in your book
my actions, Im sure
But I wont share my thoughts
with this talking doctor

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