Cassandra Apr 13

His body was brittle
So abused and worn down
I worried
The slightest push from the wind
might break him
But he always proved me wrong
Exceeding every limit I’d set
Holding his ground against
Mother Nature’s torture
Sometimes words would explode
from his lips
like bombs in the Great War
But mostly he was mute
stone-faced and impassive
I didn’t understand how someone
with such remarkable things to say
could sit silent
My head would spin for days
wondering how I could pry his lips apart
After all, they were not sewn shut
only willfully sealed
Waiting for the right person
To take the time
To be patient
But how could I alleviate his fears
when I myself was scared
So we’d stare at each other
like two misfits
that were somehow meant to be together
even though we lived world’s apart

Be silent, retrain yourself,
Never usher out a word,
Perhaps it would be best if you were mute?

You do not want a violet reaction.

Don't need to be vibrant,
So let's just be silent, as quiet as can be.
You don't need to be as loud as a lions roar,
Its best to stay silent and hide in the back.

I am trying to keeping everything shut,
I have no talent to show,
So I shall be silent.

Not shy, but not wishing to be rude,
But is having trouble speaking up and not clamming up.

Smile and never spit out any bile,
Everything must be kept hush, hush.
No one needs to hear pointless chatter.

Its for the best,
To be the best at being silent.

Having some troubles.
valerie Mar 28

so small and silent
what am I trying to say?
what am I thinking?

E Feb 12

She caught a glimpse of him,
her senses paused
Her heart starting beating so loud,
it muted the world.

Those visions, recollections, dreams, flashes and sudden insights both overwhelm and confuse me.
All we ever do is exchange glances,
like only we can see each other in crowds and masses.
Like The Sun, The Moon and The stars, you and I are lost in a bizarre synchronicity.

Their heart speaks when their mouth can not form any words.
Their actions speak louder than any words that can come out of their mouth.
They bite their tongue to keep the peace.
They just think to themselves about the will to fight.
They continue the day silent.
They take the abuse of other people’s words.
They listen to each and every syllable that stabs them in the chest.
The wounds slowly kill them as the peers shoot them down.

I used to be a mute for 10 years of my life. I never spoke at school or at home. It was easier not talking then talking. But I finally met someone that got me out of my shell my freshman year of high school.
V Dec 2016

Hello, said you.
Hello said me.
Whats wrong you ask
I smile, nothing
You glare, Do not lie
I grin, But I'm not
You huff, Talk to me
I sit like a robot
You write in your book
my actions, Im sure
But I wont share my thoughts
with this talking doctor

Eliza Fairchild Nov 2016

I'm confused my mind is turning inside out,
all my thoughts are falling about my feet,
spilling out of my open mouth that's trying to shout.
I'm gagging on an memory of an empty street,
as a chemical reaction filled with clout
turns this world upside down, oh what a treat.

Blue Duiker Jul 2016

I had loved you.
You were the best thing that ever happened to me.
I had loved you.
Even if I was still too small to seriously feel.

You cared for me, nurtured me, protected me,
Yet I had never told you just how much I cared.
I had never told you how much I was jealous when my brothers
Said they loved you, and I could never say.

I never spoke to you, not even a bit.
I never thought I could ever feel so much guilt.
Even after so many years,
Even after so many tears,
I regret never telling you just what I truly feel.

I loved you with all the strength of a universe,
No one could deny.
Even after so much remorse.
Even after so many lies.

Now it is too late to tell you that I love you;
Say the the three words that now cause me pain to say.
I will forever live with the regret
Of starting to talk so late.

Story of an adopted daughter who wishes she could have said she loved her father but started talking years after he died.
eleanor prince Jul 2016

child moans mute
plight pools

grey days dank
split robes

time plots sighs
mourns lost

dreams weep joy
stroke scenes

Some people
I know
need a
"mute" button
installed immediately

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