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"What's it all about?"
leaves in the wind wonder aloud;
fall mute, contemplate!
gets faster everyday;
often not giving us
time to play.
pain and hurry.
leads to sleeplessness.
I'm working hard until I drop;
life should have buttons,
pause, mute, stop!
What would it be like to go through life with button?
s v e n Jan 21
My pulse is racing
My head is turning
My voice is cracking,
My everything is failing me
My everything is breaking me
My everything is ignoring me

The words are going mute
I can't find the remote to switch them back on
Same goes for those voices in my head
That repeat the things I don't want to hear
But I can't help but listen to every word or mumble.
And now
My heart is caving in
Every little tick
Every little beat
Sings sweet melancholy
The music is playing to loud
I wish for this static sound to go away
I wish for my everything to go away.
I just wish for utter silence.
Idk maaan [why can't I write happy things] anyone have any tips to write happy things?
// btw I'm not sad or ..ehh I'm decent atm ^-^
Natalia Lopez Jan 21
How can I speak my mind when I cant even talk.
How will I be able to show you the world if I cant even move.
It ***** away all sensations and gives me pain.
I did not ask for it, but I was always told to be grateful.
It was like being stabbed a million times and not being able to call for help.
You made me feel as if I had given you **** when all I ever did was show you Love.
My fingers went numb, My lips turned purple.
I was slowly dying in front of your eyes and you just sat there and watched in excitement.
With my last breath I looked up at you smiled and said my goodbye.
Never will I ever be touched by your hideous soul.
I was free.
Taylor Renee Dec 2018
I didn't say what I was thinking,
I let you have the last word.

I bit down on my tongue and let that awkward
silence get the best of me.
And you one upped me.

I gave you the strings & let you pull them.
I handed you the controller & you played me.
When things got out of hand, I placed them in your palms & let you get a grip on them.
I was fishing for the words to convey what I was trying to say, so I used my hands, but you told me to sit on them.

And I followed suit.

I didn't question it out loud,
But my body ached, my mind replayed the incident over & over.
My stomach turned.

I became deaf to what i was saying, and held onto your every word.
Turning a blind eye to anything that was wrong.
Brynn S Nov 2018
Raining within the theaters
With wounds I was given new life
With words pervading no meaning
A mute sound would escape
The lips never to speak
Yet they moved constantly
Buried in the weeds
Returned to natures ocean
A maze of divinity
The miraculous promotion
I float at the feet of a god
Gutter Grimer Oct 2018
How close I came to falling in
You were a vacancy of solitude
I was mute
But I rolled the windows down
to gasp in sky
Bringing me back home
Your face faded back through
an obliterated void and

He came to me in running water
and led me to benches of stone.

Now every shining time
he's beside me
Drinking essence from the clouds
I am a rock-hopper
Filling my frame with so much time

He came to me in running water
and led me to benches of stone.

But, some days thoughts of calming
Cavernous caves of purple - blue slip back though
the net I've weaved from his fingertips
You force your gaze into my
Glazed unconscious
I turn away

Because he came to me in falling leaves
and brushed my whims to foreign trees
where his face lingered admiringly.

Then you came to me in flicking flames
and led me to a brimstone cave
and now I'm alone
in my Sickness.
Sage Oct 2018
An alcohol-driven confession
left on silent for years
until it started screaming
A deafening admission
A little liquor
And your finally talking
A medicine for muteness
Your language is empathy
Your power is vehemence.
You have a searing pursuit of understanding
and the ability arouse curiosity.

Conversing with you is like
naming stars,
creating constellation with them
It is observing the intricacy, profundity and complexity of this world;
Delving deeper into the ocean
and a black hole of unexplored matter
as you paint extravagant pictures with words.

You made me feel heard
the days I was mute
the days I was invisible.

Thank you for asking me what I thought,
for making me feel it mattered.
Thank you for reaching out,
when I needed it the most.
Thank you for inspiring me
to be vocal about my thoughts and passions.
Thank you for being an integral
part of the person I am today.
Thank you for brewing the oceanic-galactic tea.
Healer Oct 2018
Yesterday which seems so far away
brought a new glowing dawn, a new day, opening a new path, new ways
Blessing every tired child with new energy to play
Every blind to see, mute to say
past is gone but let's love this gift of the present
do not delay cause life has a bad habit of taking everything away
If you are fortunate than me then in this journey called life
you'll be stabbed and betrayed
if you don't love yourself but want others to pray
here's harsh slap on your face that no one will ever want to stay
Everyone wants others love but no one will give their's to spray
This life of your's is more of a living on a battlefield
every day will bring new war lined up in arrays
ready to ****, to defeat
ready to send you on your knees
This life is your's to live
yours from society's chain to free
take charge of it else not only for you
but also for other's your life will become a misfit
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