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Two Cities, bitter enemies;
Two Cities, truest foes

The First was from eternity,
The Other from the shadow

The First descended from the sky,
The Other from the ground

The First had but a King on high,
The Other Creation crowned

Both Cities do contain the whole
But One contains it all

Both Cities do contain the whole
But One contains it all…

Isaac Sep 22
There is peace to find
In this world so wide.
Where is it, you ask?
Intimacy with the Creator.
Written 22 September 2019
What if Creator
Was not so grand?
What if Creator
Was a grain of sand?
What if Creator
Was simply bland?

Would we glory in death and ******?
Would we pretend we never heard Her?
Would we love each other more?
Would we open a Sacred door?

If Creator were nothing more
Than all the electrons ever formed,
Creator would be:
Timeless, Infinite, Omniscient, Everything, and More…

Would we accept a notion like this?
Would fundamentalists balk or twist?
Would Atheists be found or lost?
Would we freeze in permafrost?
Would we seek Divine ballet?
Would we still kneel to pray?

Or would we:

War some more?
Ignore some more?
***** some more?
Work some more?
Explore some more?
Invent some more?
Love some more?
Or just ignore?

Would our lives even change?
Would we still call someone strange?

Would we even miss a beat?
Would we ever try to cheat?

Would evil men change to nice?
Would we still farm our rice?

Would a killer give a hug?
Would any of us do a drug?

Would our lives remain as cheap?
Would we never awake from sleep?

I don’t know.
There are enough questions there for you to take my point. Maybe the rhyming is simply too much here for serious consideration. This was an attempt to meld high concept with some kind of rhyme and meter. Meh, the more I edit the more I want to destroy this and never show it again. I feel my professors wagging fingers at me! (Ack! Stop it, Dr. Nelson)

Hafza Awan Sep 3
The rising day, the setting sun,
the blue sky, the green  lands
the mountains, the rivers,
the cloud and the rain,
the thunders and the rainbows,
the stones and the dust,
the deserts and the meadows
the stars and the moons
the trees and the flowers,
all mirror their Creator
Don't you see, He is everywhere
reflecting His colors.
Indeed, all colors belong to  Him.
Olivia Henkel Aug 14
Spirits presence was ubiquitous                                                                            
                                                                               Circulating / ay-r
I am a walking coincidence                                              
                                                                        In a cuircuit / ah
A B Faniki Aug 10
It is human nature to doubt everything;
It is human nature to feel with the senses before belief,
The creator knew these, hence children resemble their parent
In look and character, to eliminate doubt and establish belief.
It is natural to abuse the body for praises and glory;
It is natural to cut the body for beautification,
The creator knew this that is why he made some body part regenerate;
Some he made important that we felt the need to protect it.
It is human nature to desire beautiful things,
It is natural to be greedy and cruel,
The creator knew that, so he removes desire and strength
In old age, so that humans could find rest from their nature.
The creator knows his creation so he put check and
Balance in place to give his creation peace of mind.
From broken souls. The creator knows the nature of his cration is a reflection on human nature. Corrected v
Knit Personality Jan 2015
There's nothing that makes me more afraid
Than a number, because it wasn't made;
And though I resist
The thought,  I can't shake it:
Something can exist
Without a maker to make it.

Katy Erin Jul 27
often I curse our creator
for building us broken
before I am reminded
she hardwired us brains
hell-bent on fixing themselves
so the pieces we must place
are in their disarry
what makes us whole
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