Was it really that easy?
Took your  weathered knife dressed in rust
Slid it in my back with one swift thrust
Full circle has returned
I knew it from day one
It’s painful yet necessary y
Hopefully easily unlearned
I got my own back
But still
I’ll continue to love them all

Samantha Jan 12

Cowardly tiptoeing to the back door,
Ready to make her suffer more.
Inside the house, prepared for attack,
Meticulously sneaking in total pitch-black.
In her bedroom, see her asleep;
Not even worried that this is dirty and cheap.
Akin to his knife, always in dread-
Lest he never see her dead.

A different style of acrostic poem. This time it rhymes.
Rick Jan 6

the working class
are wildebeests,

kindly minding their
own business and
occasionally drinking
from the water hole

the government are
just a pack of lions,

pouncing to attack
when you’re at your
most vulnerable and
they’re ripping at your
flesh and eating away
at your insides

the utilities and
mortgage companies
are vultures and hyenas

just scavenging for the scraps

and you’re walking around

like a dead carcass,
decomposing in the dirt

while society are like worms
picking at your bones
after you’ve already been
completely torn apart

and let’s not forget about
your beloved children

they’re the fire ants
irritating you through
the whole process

but somehow
you get up the
next morning
and do it all
over again

someone who receives the
honey and then the knife
and takes it with a smile...

I commend you for that.

Mikhaila Jan 5

Your tongue like a knife
carved into me,
digging deeper and deeper
with every jab.
Taking the most important pieces,
my heart, my lungs, my mind,
holding them for ransom
until there was nothing left for me to give,
you had my everything.

Gelliza Quiambao Dec 2017

Have you ever felt
that somehow you slept
at the wrong side of the bed
found out that you bled
like somebody had put a knife
to scar you for dear life?

Oh, pretty please tell me
how the hell baby
did you manage to put a smile
telling everything but the truth while
looking into my eyes
filling me with lies?

Your words are candies
your actions are disease
what I give you is affection
but you brought me affliction
darling, you sound so sweet
when you left me in a heartbeat.

EmDictado Dec 2017

when the knife is being twisted oh so slowly deep in my gut
i am imagine myself fighting back
in my mind's eye
i am twisting the same words to hurt you more than you're hurting me

with the hilt of my words
you will wail
and beg
for me to stop
to please just stop it

and i wouldn't listen
because you didn't even
offer me a chance to breathe
from all the suffering

i will return the favor
and even after all of what you've done to me
i will still hesitate to give you the final stab
because that is what revenge does
it makes you pause and rethink
but only for a little while
afterwards, you will pick the weapon again
and give the final blow

i killed you right after it all

while you left me here—rotting to death

i still have mercy

Svode Dec 2017

Heart pounding.
Knife in my hand.
"God, please take me
to another land."

Mind racing.
My body demands
to drop that thing
within my hands.

Feet tapping.
Urges overcome.
I can't forget
what I've just done.

Tears welling.
In my lover's eyes.
You made me do this,
now why do you cry?

Bree Comeau Dec 2017

Revenge is on my mind.

Running a knife deep through your spine.

Father I hope you know I've lost my mind.

If the needles don't get to you in time.

I'll taking your life along with mine.

Floating in a pool of blood
My own demise
by the sharpest knife made by my sharpest teeth

Small Turtle Dec 2017

Heart gets slowly consumed by darkness
Tears roll down red cheeks
Shaking hands hold deadly knife
asking whether to kill or not
to believe in god or to be empty till the end

Maybe it is god punishing me for all my sins
For all these years of denying his existance
Maybe I should go back to him and tell that he destroyed me
That I no longer had reasons to live

There is another sleepless night
chased out by recurring nightmares...
Will this night end?
Will my loneliness end?

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