Maxine 1d

Your good at being alone.

It felt like a stab to the heart though I couldn't help knowing I put the knife in her hand.

Alec Jul 12

I crave it's feel
The devil and I might even make a deal
To worship it, I kneel.
The smooth and cold steel
Enhances the danger it brings
As if a siren luring men to their death it sings.
Sharp and beautiful like a rose
Red colors blossoming and bloody
Flowing down to the sink that it's flooding
The steel is red and dripping
My mind is slipping
I worship the steel that hurts me
But keep my scars hidden to the world, unseen
But after every slice and dice why am I still unhappy?
Perhaps because the steel that I love will never love me

It's getting better
But every time the sun sets
On another age
Another opportunity
My heart sinks
A few inches more
Deeper into my chest

Although there's nothing more to be done
I wish that such things would pass me by
And leave my heart alone at last

Although it's getting better
I wonder what will remain of me
And who I will be
If I survive to see it pass

Certain interactions are not easy to me because of how I utilize language, tone, diction, information, etc.
Marsha A Jul 6

Knife to my neck,
He licked the tears off me.

Madhu Jakkula Jun 29

You approached me with a smile by holding a knife behind your back.
You made sure your words felt like home, only to burn it down slowly and calmly.
You made me believe you are different from others, only to realise later that you are con master in disguise.

They say
it takes skill
to wield a knife

you have to hold it right
at the right angle
in the right way
at the right time

But you,
I doubted that you had practice
You had,
the clumsiest hands I would ever know.

But when the time came,
-like and expert-
you wedged that knife
into my very soul

Jobira Jun 20

A tiny lie, pierced
My ears, and my arteries
With a sharp edged knife
And cut the wires connected
Between my head and my heart

Julie C Smith Jun 17

Birds flying under sunlit blue skies
Crowded metro stations at night
A walk in the avenue
Chasing the butterflies

Sharing a kiss that tastes like vanilla
The smoke of your cigarette smells sweet
Fake fur coat over a mini skirt
We're Lolita replicas dressed up as Priscilla

The tears we cry in hotel rooms
Shine like diamonds in a faked card deck
The knife on my skin writes a bloody trademark
On my arm,  your name and 'I love You'

I love You

The sky crackles and I feel the most alone.

Just like that day in the woods.

My special place was off the trail, but he couldn't have known me,

I was so young and such an idiot,

Not everyone is genuine but I was so trusting,

I can still smell the sickening mixture of unfallen rain,his unwashed body, the mud around the creek and salt from my tears.

With every sonic wave from the sky my stomach churns tasting the blood in my mouth from his fist against my tear stained cheeks.

With atmospheric collision I can still feel his callous hands bruising my unwilling body, and scraping against the most tender and private parts of me.

Then the lightning flashes that showed me the rock that somehow ended up in my desperate palms and crashing against his temple

The wind howls and the rain finally starts to fall then, near my belly button burns just like it did when the blade he swung wildly cut me before I could run.

Asthmatic lungs begging to stop running,but I can hear him behind me

Heart beat filling my ears, mind begging me to keep going, his threats pushing me further

Rain falling,body burning, running, I burst through my front door

And then I start to cry.

Rain storms are actually very hard for me to get through, thunder really triggers especially when I'm alone I used to cry in school when it thundered in the weeks after this incident but then I started to internalize it and I'd just be really quiet on those days. Trigger Warning, rape, molestation, violent attaked on a minor.

I was happy once
So happy to be alive
So happy to be me
Now my heart's broken
I'm on the floor
Too scared to push the knife deeper into my skin
When did it all go wrong?
When the people you trusted
The ones supposed to be the most important ones in your life
Are the reason for your devastation
Is it your fault?

The worst time. Not in retrospective, but at that moment, yes
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