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how far would you let me go? how
deeply would you let me delve?

you might be tempted but
you don’t know
the thoughts i have
about you and the tip of
my very sharpest knife

and how pretty you
would look in red

how flush my
would make your cheeks and
your veins and
your heart

the woe that is sleek inside the
softer parts of my skill
and the gorgeous, most sacred
metallic inner parts of you

you are bleeding on
porcelain statues of gods
and somehow that
seems nothing
short of completely appropriate

zeus and i share a bottle of
wine in your memory
She was running
The mist hid her face
The only thing visible
Was her pink hair
Bouncing with every step
She cursed herself for making that decision
Dying her hair the night before
She heard footsteps all around her
But she knew which ones were real
There was a man
Chasing after
His knife dripping
After slaughtering others
She was determined
To keep her blood off of that blade
Her boots were easy to run in
But the cold air ripped at her lungs
Her breath leaving clouds
She tripped
And fell
Into a rosebush
Pricking her bare flesh
Red beaded as she ran
She made her way
Out of the wood
And never saw the man
Creator Sun Oct 9
One more time, one more time.
I’ll just do this one more time.
One last time and I’ll be fine.
I’ll just do this one more time.

One more time, one more time,
The crimson red is such a beautiful sight.
One more time and I’ll be fine.
Let me just do this one more time.

One more time, one more time.
The silvery gleam greets me once again.
One last time, I’ll be fine.
I’ll just do this one more time.

One more time, one more time,
Fresh roses are piling around me.
Is that you? Cruel angel of the world?

Take me away, one last time.
Another poem about self harm, I never seem to run out of those. It's a bit more compact this time, I hope you enjoy.
Dandelions Oct 7
I feel like the stray cat
that lives under our porch
you always feed me
and I always come back for more

You keep me warm
keep me safe
I have a knife for a tongue
and so do you
but mine is poisoned where yours is blunt
Steve Page Sep 24
Do you get me?

No shame, you know.
Just small self doubt
a violent chin
and contention for identity
for happiness
for unafraid space
with a smile and Stanley.

Do you get me?
Knives in the hands of those who don't know what a Gillette is for - it's a sad thing.
Aseel Sep 22
Can be sharper than knives sometimes .
Orion Sep 11
When I woke up this morning
I felt my skin crawl and body ache
And my entire being was sitting at the edge of a knife
And I could feel the backs of my knees being gently sliced into as I swung my legs

When I woke up this morning
I felt my mind reeling back and forth like a wind-up car
Forehead and heart alike pounding as I sat up
My ankles clicked and my jaw popped open
To reveal damaged clockwork within
And I was stuck at exactly 6:37 am

When I woke up this morning
Something felt off
My hands felt as though they were placed three inches away from where they are on my wrists,
My ears rung with noises I barely remembered
And my eyes stung with just the light from my dim screen,
and burned when I flicked the switch

When I woke up this morning
My nerves were on fire
And I was reduced to a pile of tear-stained ashes
Because why should I cry if I knew what was wrong?
Questions racing about my mind
Dulled by choked on routines electrifying my nervous system
necessary to keep me from going down the rabbit hole

I'm tired of wearing Alice’s armor
And the caterpillar’s smoke is making my lungs seize up and throat swell
I refuse to accept the fact that I am steadily losing control
But I will scream, cry, and break that I am nothing short of terrified.

When I woke up this morning
I told myself that I will be fine
And I ignored all the warning signs
And I fell


F e l l.
Cameron Sep 11
It cuts into me as a knife.
Scarring the surface of my soul.

Blood rolls down the blade
Carrying whispers of uncertainties.

It stares at me as it breathes me in,
And I breathe my last.
Anastasia Sep 5
Stay away from him
I’m not afraid of sin
Take him from me,
I’ll take your life
Watch out for me
I’m sharpening my knife
He doesn’t belong to you
So let him go
You should be afraid
Of being alone
The idea of your blood
Spattered on the wall
Excites me
No breath left at all
The water turned red
Another one dead
Watch your back
Not for him
You should have obeyed
Now you’ll feel my blade
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