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Stab at the dark, never sees it coming.
Yet stab at gravity, and it will
easily force you down harshly.

To stab at a boundary,
soon makes of a cutting edge.
Stab at a lie,
leave it resting on a bed.

Stab at my ideas, make criticism.
Cut away foolish notions,
have a piece of wisdom.

But never stab at my back,
aim at the heart.
See the hand of a betrayer,
then to feel of their deceit.
Let me go with peace.

Be honest to me,
appreciated more if it cuts.
Though it will hurt,
it would do me well if you were blunt.
kayzamo Jun 15
I asked you if you would stay with me,
And you said "maybe,"
Before taking out a silver knife.
With a smile, you plunged it into my chest,
And I smiled back.

I continued to smile
When we would walk together.
We watched the people stopping to stare,
As more and more of them would inquire.
I would gladly show off the craftsmanship,
Such as the way the engravings in the handle
Would wind round and round like a supple vine.

Finally the last day came.
I knew it would, but I expected it sooner.
You politely pulled out the knife
And waved your goodbyes.
I waved back,
Happy that I could finally dispose of my corpse.
Critiques welcomed! Thanks
I like to play with knives
It makes me feel alive
The danger of their sting
Why should I survive?

The knife begins to dance
My skin it wants to glance
The blood it wants to bring
Drifting into trance

The knife comes to a close
Its ballet now has froze
It's handle I will cling
And bleeding canvas grows

But knives will lose their touch
And thus I leave it’s clutch
And now my heart doth sing
For you do just as much
**** heart hurty
Wallflower Mar 29
I promise
We will have all the time in the world
Yes, I give you my word
So now just put down the knife
Slowly, carefully
Yes, that's right
I know its heart to believe
But it will be just a bad dream
You will go to sleep tonight
And in the morning everything will be alright
You will laugh with your friends
Get yourself in a new romance
You will cry
that is a part of it
But someone will make you smile
And maybe you will feel like a ****
And you'll ask yourself why
Why should I stay alive
Why breath another night
Well... maybe just to see the light
the light that world can give
It's a good reason to live
You just have to open your eyes
And look up to the bright skies
I promise you the world
yes, i do
I know it must hurt
But remember... I love you
Estelline Feb 17
Sitting in the dark
My thoughts racing
Like a mad man for the door
I hold a knife while thinking
How easy it would be to end it
All the pain
The things I hide from others
I could just slowly leave it all
While laying in a puddle
of my crimson sadness as it leaves my body
I know I can’t
It’s just a fantasy and a nightmare I dream of
I can always feel the hate in the world
Shaping my heart
I’ve tried to forget about it
But nothing seems to work
Sometimes all I want is to just hold someone
Someone who really cared…
But in the end all I’m left holding
Is the ghost of an idea
A mere fading wish.
mostly just needed to vent at this point, kinda had a break down lol
Don't wait around
stuck in this pit
hoping one day
your flame will be relit

It's not going to happen
so get on with your life
because love is painful
and it cuts like a knife
Written in 1997
Emma Pratt Feb 3
my cold dead heart was made
absolutely empty
they tell me i can
take a knife to it


it would be,
for me,
to face myself

with my soul
having been stained
inspired by the fragments of Sappho
I know it's one of them
one of them has the knife
3 have been lost 5 remain
a cold blooded killer is on the loose
with no outside help
we're all as good as dead

At least that's what I tell myself
I was woken in the night
she shook me awake
"we found something" she says
I see him with the knife
it's covered in blood

"I didn't do it I swear"
he begs saying he had nothing to do with it
then we take the knife
and give him what he gave us
we go back to sleep
to search for help in the morning

I wake up to see blood on my hands
I feel something cold under my pillow
I reach and see the knife
I clean it and put it where it used to be
was he even the murderer?

Someone's missing I think
he's missing
know there are only three
it's her or him
but who?

I hear a snap
he's dead
it was her!
it's just you and me
she says
an evil smile appears on her face
the last thing I see
I was bored. And I had recently played among us. My add brain randomly connected thoughts and formed an idea. In less than a second, I had something to do.
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