Amanda 2d
My lucidity
fights alcohol like how glass
cuts skin like a knife.
Daisy 5d
I'll use my knife

To stab your wife.

Will take her life

I am enjoying this strife.

I will drown your sister

Under the water.

I am gonna murder your daughter.

People say, I have mental disorder.

I am gonna chop your girlfriend

By using my knife and my hand.

In this upcoming weekend,

I am gonna strangle your friend.

Finally, i am coming for you,

To devour you and to chew you.

After that you have no clue,

What I am gonna do.
stas 6d
"Dig the knife a little deeper"
the voices screamed,
so deeper and deeper I went.

As the knife dug in
my body screamed,
but the voices silenced it.

my skin begged and begged for more,
just one more cut in my fleshy skin.

The rush,
the kick,
has just set in.

But I am no longer myself.
The demons have taken over,
and I am inappropriately happy.
not alone
i might as well just devour you ,
now that you’ve
                           shredded my stomach
and laughed .

i never would’ve guessed
would take
a knife to my heart ,
and then rev up an engine —

a chain.

im sick of looking at your face ,
sick of
thinking of you ,

                                  sick of smiling
from my grave.

i guess we can say
you stole that from me too .

you are proof ,
even demons need to eat —

and this one
is very ,
inspired by my best friend stopdoopy’s amazing post breakup love poetry, i decided to be violent for them. I wanted it to have more swear words but it just didn’t work out. the opening line was originall different. Also, happy birthday to me!
Özcan Sh Jul 8
I take their hands
Pull them out of the darker forest
Because I love them all

I saw their happy faces
But not the knife they hid behind their backs
They stabbed me
I fell on the cold ground
They left me alone in the dark forest

I came alone in the dark forest
And I will go out alone out of the dark forest
The pain they gave didn't stop me to go
They just make me stronger

The forest does not scare me
Their fake smile,
Their fake feelings,
Their fake faces scared me
But I'm not scared anymore
Because I have finally seen behind their masks
Their true identity.
ella Jul 8
i am different, so you prescribe me with pills to make me feel aye-okay but now I'm that girl who takes pills. you know the girl who's fucked up in the head. the girl who had scars covering her wrists and who talks to the counselors once a week. you know who I'm talking about everyone knows her. i don't want to be that girl. that girl who's known for being sad, the one who's just never really there. the girl who you went to school with for 5 years and you still don't know her name.
yúyīn Jul 7
I draw with silver and it turns red
Wyatt Jun 27
I picked up a knife the other day
during such a social situation,
but it made me uncomfortable.
I twitched.
Something so innocent
can turn awfully dark.
To tell you the truth,
I had a bad idea.

I wanted to get it out of my hands,
bad feelings started to overtake me.
I turned it at an angle, I had intent to inflict
something to myself that I couldn't take back.
I was unhinged for a moment, clipped off the track.

I don't mean this in a joking manner,
if I did then these words wouldn't matter.
Typing with a keyboard is the only way I exist.
The real me is for your eyes to see,
and in real life I've started to exit.
I think about it over and over.
Red, pain, panic, pressure,
then eventually peace and pastures?
I picked up a knife the other day.

Some might laugh, call it over-dramatic
and to that I would probably agree.
I've always been very thematic,
my thoughts depicted my life
as something quite cinematic.
I've planned out my death
like it was a Broadway play.
Maybe a soul could feel sorry
for the comeback kid who couldn't.
Shed a tear or two
and exit with a memory
of exactly who I was.
So if my weird tendencies
make this lifestyle I've crafted
seem so unrealistic, so ridiculous
then maybe nobody else will do this.
It's not something conscious,
it's something that exists
in the darkest parts of my head.
I picked up a knife the other day.

During such a social situation,
I felt incredibly uncomfortable.
I twitched, but somebody noticed
and they asked if I was okay.
I shrugged and then they shrugged.
I'm such a good liar, I wasn't doing great.
Something innocent can turn so dark.
To tell you the truth, I had a bad idea.
I twitched again
and a shiver went down my spine.
I picked up a knife the other day
but then decided to put it down
for now.
I picked up a knife the other day.
A master baker
Beget laughter from velvet,
The sweet surrender.

To walk still, with pride
From a knife stuck from behind
Caked in bitter lies.
here's another twin haiku for those who take trust for granted, and those trust were taken for granted.

i wonder, shall i continue writing twin haikus? thank you for reading!
Sage Jun 14
You didn't need a gun to make me hurt
you didn't need a bullet to make a hole in my heart
all you needed was the anger in your voice.
Stabbing like a knife
Cutting my Confidence
Slicing my Joy
And that’s all you need
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