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Who is born
Happy and smiling
You cry
While others smile
As you grow
Restlessness presides
They say
First attain peace
Everything falls in order
Is attaining peace
Child's play?
I question
This world
Propels restlessness
Never wait
For peace to come
Lest fodder to the world
You become
Try simultaneously
Peace procedure
And work towards
Your material welfare
A little buddha, a little yodha(warrior)
Inner Engineering
With external performance
Disorder to come to order
Don't wait to be a Buddha
Everyone can't be a Buddha
Strike a balance in life to live good life
I didn't go to school
fourteen hours a day to work at Walmart.
Its no small wonder these people smoke.

You'll never get ahead.
Just earn your daily bread and drink to forget
that poverty is slavery.

And no, you can't take a break.
You're in a "Right to Work" state:
money talks, you don't get a say.
You're fifty thousand dollars in debt.

Too many things to do
in not enough time for you to do it alone.
Don't let them take advantage of you.
October 2020
In my shell
there is life

In my cell
lies decay

It shows itself
every single night

Then at dawn
hides itself away.
GENIE Aug 24
I wondered why I couldn't run like them but walk stiff
I realized the day they pushed me off that cliff
That I wasn't born to walk, I was born to fly
Born to fly
Nathalie Aug 20
The shooting star
winks from across the
midnight sky
Its brilliance destined
in delivering faithful
wishes to all
who believe in
the power of a dream

Their hearts dance
with purpose;
a bridge of
of sacred honor
vibrating colors of
love and oneness;
a soulful pledge
born to life

It wasn't what you imagined; blessings did not flood,
when you gave me a shell of bones and blood...
You have an unfathomable mix of bravado and audacity;
wearing rose-tinted parenthood glasses out of stupidity...

As a child, did you actually believe in fairy tales?
Believing in white dresses and veils,
believing in propagating your subpar genes
are your happy-ever-after means...

Seeking for happy-ever-after as if a princess in a fable
when you grew up with bare minimum food on the table?
Tying the knot early before advancing your career;
  being brainwashed into spinsterhood fear...

Schooled you were, but never interested in knowledge you are.
Concerns of my social abilities are far from your care.
You love to demand respect by brandishing parental authority
while you were meeting only the bare parental necessity.

Yes, the world doesn't owe me anything
but you owe me everything
for giving me a meaningless shell of bones and blood.
I wish wasn't born, then I don't have to die or think about the afterlife. I have been lonely for most of my life and will probably be lonely until the day I die, which I hope will not be too far off from now.
Anyone who says things will get better is more often than not lying through their teeth.
Sabika H Jul 27
Young child,
Remember the promise,
The contract signed from
your very first heartbeat.

Your first breath of life was not easy
And it never will be.

Young child,
You did not open your eyes
To live the rest of your life
Your very first speech
Was you screaming -
Young child,
You came to us
"What are these feelings I'm feeling?"

And I told you
This is pain,
You are alive,
And your promise is
Struggle and heartbreak
Even after you smile,
Young Child,
Your promise is death
For a short while.
Is birth really a joyful event?
Amanda Jul 9
In case I have not said it enough
I love you and need you to know
I'm always here for you brother
A fact I don't always show

Just give your sis a chance to improve
Try opening your critical mind
Instead of putting my problems on display
Like laundry strung on a clothesline

Two siblings turned out so different
Close in age yet still grew apart somehow
But realize we're not as different as we think
Comparing both lives then and now

Sometimes wish we'd see eye-to-eye
Walking down a separate road
Shadows darker than yours it seems
My company you've all but outgrown

I remember you'd pick on me
Because I was younger and smaller
You still bully me around these days
Only change is that I'm a bit taller

I am not the little girl you're used to
I often behave that way
When I get mad or frustrated
Emotions too large to convey

It is hard to say what I really mean
Words come out sounding insincere
If I loved you like I swear I do
Wouldn't even be standing here

Believe me when I say this much
You are my favorite brother by far
It doesn't matter that you're my only
Because I am so lucky you are

It must be special
The bond we share
Our hearts through distance connected
The hurtful comments hurled my way
Were concerns you misdirected

We were born
Bound by blood
Pact we unknowingly made at birth
If we both strive to excel and succeed
We can show everyone what we're worth

I will try harder
Text and call you
Make it a choice instead of a chore
Wish I didn't take family for granted
Because you definitely deserve more
To my older brother Michael
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