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I'm a teacher for forty three years,
Does that make me an expert dears?
It's a rocket science yet,
Teaching reading to the pets,
Some folk are born to teach,
Educating our students each!
Feedback welcome.
Nathalie Sep 24
I am lifted
by the silence
of his love
I hear the words
that are not
spoken but felt
I know by the
rising emotions
within my being
That there is
something pure
and divine
being gifted here
An offering of
ebbs and flows;
the growing together
and slowly moving grow closer
It is a dance of
souls rising;
embracing and savouring
each tender moment
Trusting fully
that there is no
real seperation
as each are born
to carry the other
in their hearts.

A Simillacrum Sep 17
I clean toilets
with no gloves on
my two tone hands.

I wondered why
I was born.
She told me this:

"So I wouldn't be alone."

I clean floors and
change a commode.
**** fills my nose.

I offer time
in an exchange
for my wage.

"I'm a ***** and
      I was born for this

I wondered why
I was born.
She told me this:

"I really wanted a kid."

Free agent, here.
I'm a bang for your buck.
Want a bargain?
Then you're in luck.

I can change a bed.
(Please take me in.)
I can tend a heart.
(It's what I was taught.)

I swallow.
(Oh, oh.)
I swallow.
(Oh, oh.)
The only thing I want
The only thing I want is for all the tears to stop
The only thing I want is for everyone to smile
The only thing I want is for people to love each other
No matter race
No matter gender
No matter size
Because at the end of the day we are all born and we all die
Might as well make life the best of it
Lets smile
While we still can
Laokos Jul 22
born from a splitting
ache in the back-left of my head
like a drill bit whirring in an empty paint can.

i'd give you pearls for hands my love,
ever-winter washing over our foaming cerulean eyescapes.  

inside your drums I hear
a pulse that cries for
hips and thorns entangled
under your

one more summer breath from lung to lung
under moonlight for the promise of elevation.  
you are not
who you say you are
my dear - you are a
future memory
stalking sweetly today under the guise
of novel pleasure , but time will
reveal your skin to me
under the electric lavender
of my

you are wood grain
and strata -
born too, it seems, from a splitting.
be-no-one Jul 20
I live in a series of perpetual moments
this is not a choice
I was born this way
So when I miss someone
every moment feels like eternity
on the other hand
I could not see someone for many years
and I can continue our last conversation
as if it were yesterday.❤️
Johnny walker Jul 11
Helen like me was born to the summer we lived for the sun
that warming glow that warmed our bodies through to our bones for the winter was cruel to our
we both suffered so much with pain for cold would reach In and touch our
very souls we snuggle to each others arms to  keep ourselves warm
and that's where we'd stay
out the cold snow and Ice of winter there to stay wrapped In each other arms were wev would stay watching and waiting
the first signs of buds appearing on the trees after the welcoming winter thraw the glow of the warming sun
felt so good to be alive with my wife by my
But sadly my sweetheart Helen has left me for a life In Heaven Is to where she now   lives so I'm left here to face all my coming Winters alone without her loving arms to keep me
But I'll keep all my memories of Helen close here In my heart for our dreams that we had I'll never let die for me to survive In this world now alone It relies on me keeping both of our dreams
Nathalie Jul 9
The shooting star
winks from across the
midnight sky
Its brilliance destined
in delivering faithful
wishes to all
who believe in
the power of a dream

Their hearts dance
with purpose;
a bridge of
of sacred honour
vibrating colours of
love and oneness;
a soulful pledge
born to life

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