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Lee Aaun Feb 12
It's not your fault
That you are born as a daughter.
Whether the whole world shouts
that being a daughter is curse.
Don't mind them.
They restrain conservative thoughts.
It's not their piece of cake
to understand what a blessing it is,
to hold a little fairy in their arms.
Don't worry that their is no one
to whom you should narrate your story.
Remember little fairy,
You have ALLAH
who belongs to you.
Tell your stories; he will listen.
Have faith in him,
he will make your life easier.
If it's not getting easy but difficult
then remember
he is the one who created you.
He knows best than anyone.
Who are you to question
that it's your fault,
that you are born as a daughter?.
He is the one who has written your fate,
whose known as Al-Rahman and Al-Rahim.
He is the sculpture of word " Justice ",
So how he can do injustice with you?
as giving you a body of women?..
Being born as a daughter is not your fault,
but considering yourself weak
in a feminine body
is your fault, little fairy.
Don't you remember;
when ALLAH is happy
he bestowed the couple
a token of strength
in the form of you; a little fairy.
You belong to that linkage
who was born strong,
who live strong.
So, how can be your birth
as a daughter can be fault?.
Don't suppress your strength
under the conservative talks of other.
Dogs just bark, that's their duty.
So, let them bark.
Release your soul from the chains of society.
Ask guidance from your Lord,
as he is waiting to answer your call.
A feminine body is the strength
that your body holds.
So, everyday go on a journey
to see the secrets hidden in your soul.
The warmness of tears that you will shed
when you endure the pain,
believe me little fairy it's worth it.
So, don't say it's your fault
that you are born as a daughter.
Cause their's no precious gift
which is given to you by your lord
as being a women.
Women's are the symbol of " Patience".
So, little fairy wait, have faith
and endure.
It's not a curse but a blessing,
keep it in your mind
little lost soul.
Sarah Strack Feb 9
It came to pass that in a fiery blaze
You were born
Little being with the WORLD against you
Tiny spark
With only the tools of your own making
Rock and stick
Teeth for talking and hands for creating
So unlike
Yet so similar to those before you
I felt it
The shudders and shaking at your coming
The whole WORLD
Pausing for a second to stop and stare
Baby hands
Reaching towards the heavens to catch the sun
A face with
Intelligent eyes, that burned like your path
What are you
And what has your coming brought to the WORLD?
A poem from my chapbook, The child that ate the WORLD
Sometimes I feel the world Is out to get me that doesn't
want me to be happy at all
It feels like the world Is against

From the day I was born to a world that had very little believed In me that has never shown anyway love to me

But stole from me the love of my life and left me alone to face a world that no longer loves

Its left me alone In a world without my beautiful wife now I'm left to live out the rest of days wishing my darling was still with
Sometime I think I live In a world that no longer loves
me but believe the day I was born that the world never loved at all
Esmé Feb 5
The birth of you was magical-
There was laughter, joy, and agony.
Never, though, would I do it differently.
I hold your small body in my arms
still soaked in what’s left of your old home.
Sweet heavenly flower, welcome.
I prayed for you, and quickly you ignited
like fire inside of my ****.
I felt you the very moment you began to bloom.
Whirlwinds and trauma, crying and nausea.
From it all, given a mighty warrior.
Came booming to earth like a meteor.
Golden-haired lass. We love you, infinitely.
The birth of my third daughter
rgz Feb 4
Life really bothered me
not what it ought to be
all the monotony
and hypocrisy
really got to me
lost the plot, you see
these thoughts are like rot to me
I've reached the point of screaming
here I'm seated and I don't see a
way of dealing
it's deceiving, my heart's beating
as it's freezing, barely breathing
while I'm being seized by demons
cheated by the dealer's scheming
Feeling ******
like someone must have turned the lights off
just a write-off with the sight of
a blind man who's guide dog took the night off
I tried hope
try as I might though the light won't rise so
it's vital I fight for a new height to climb to
but the night's too
a never ending marathon
I'm done spending my energy on
fall off the bike and get back on
repeat the cycle dusk til dawn
exercise is meant to get the demons gone
but I never brought the priest along
I need a new keyboard
growing very tired of pasting "L"
Johnny walker Jan 30
From day we are
born to the day that
die to whatever we
do In between with
passing day we
become closer to
death and much
further away
from living
A thought on life and death
Cat Lynn Jan 28
That is what they say... as if it is something funny
But why do I feel this pain of longing for their company?

There were a total of seven of us... And two of them passed away

"They don't count, they were just tissues and organs that didn't make out in time."


DON'T DISCARD THE REALITY OF THEIR BIRTH!!! They took just as much force and care just like the rest of us!!!

Steven... You were the original first born... you died from stress and an aching heart of my mother

Bethany... You died out of determination and demand to pick up something that was over the weight

There are days where I wonder why the Lord couldn't have made you guys live... a life with me...

He has his reasons... what matter is that I will see you in heaven someday... I will finally get to meet you and see you face to face
I love you guys... I really miss you both...

I feel so pathetic
If I was supposed to
be defined by grades on
a paper, or by words in
a dictionary

I wouldn’t have
been born human.

If I was supposed to
be confined by margins
on an essay, or by stars
on a flag.

I wouldn’t have
the ability to create.

If I was supposed to
be defined by hatred
to my name or by my
disgraceful past.

I wouldn’t have
been born me.
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