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Very slowly the sky is turning
Turning darker
Soft breeze uplifts
Wind speeds, gusts shift
Meandering unseen
Elements of light pass
through to ******
Silence reiterates it's case
Hue brightens as shadows leave
But murmurs mumble distantly
We wait, for when the anger erupts
and those above engulf us
Watch in wonder at the power
of the gods
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Godlink Jul 17
Something feels so wrong,

about growing much older,

the world is a lot darker,

and a whole lot colder.
Why i write

This i write out of my own well being, the moment to share and to stay alive, i have been and always be me in my sense, the world will never understand all of me or try to, that is how it was made to be, the strong survive, the weak die. living in a world where nothing makes sense to you can be a drain and be a bad trip to another life, feelings of ill and feelings of regret, subduing you with ever step forward, ever step back feels like a mile, every thought  becomes a radical illusion, i don't  do poetry because of the fun i get from it or because it is great, its my way of knowing the facts or real emotions being placed in writing, making a world where a viewer can try to understand the real feeling behind it.

Why i write

As day turns clear, when day gets dark, when your mind is open or when it is closed, everything makes sense or no sense at all, words make a time of feeling worth seeing and feeling, take it from the seeds of a tree there are no big impacts when it is planed, but as small as it is the longer is grows the bigger the impact, as is life to us all, take note now or lose yourself,
write now or lose the inspiration or stay silent and never speak again. you decide your fate...

Why i write....
Self healing
Diamond Flame Jun 12
I don't want what he loved about me to show,but unfortunately he loved everything about me
What I would give to disappear
Maya Jun 6
And in the middle of the night
when your thoughts
comes up
of the darkest and most stormy
to the most sentimental
revealed by your
darker side

Who are you, really?
behind a mask
lower your guard
reveal your real identity
a little deep
Diamond Flame Apr 29
As I hold my mouth shut
Reading the words on my screen
I feel the warm tears
Caused by each letter's sting

My stomach curses me
Tied in knots
A lump in my throat
Sobs silenced by my hands

My heart has shattered
My eyes,waterfalls
My body shaking

Again I read the words i refuse to accept
Im exhausted

I hope this is all a nightmare
But I havent cried myself to sleep yet

In agonizing stab wounds the heart
In gut-wrenching reality
I feel nothing but pain
Unsure how to feel about you
As I wonder what went wrong
And why you refused to stay
When I needed you most.
If you didnt love me anymore,you couldve just said so
KMarie Mar 3
Let me love you
    a little longer
    a little more
    a little wilder
    like no one before
    a little deeper
    a little darker
    a little harder
    with my lips on yours.  

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