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Diamond Flame Jun 2021
Once again
You have hurt me

Losing control

because you
found someone new
and you blind-sided me,
didnt you?!

how could you not know
why I was angry
why i pushed you away
why we arent talking right now

how could you not know
im still in love with you

isnt it obvious?
i still love you

but you,
unlike me,
have moved on

its been over a year but
i still cant seem to

but now
i will let everything go
become someone you dont know

i now revert to
who i was before you

once again
If i cant express how i feel,
whats the point in feeling?
Diamond Flame May 2021
Spring bringeth back the roses I love,
But alas,
My love not bringeth me roses

So as the rain comes
With a sprinkle of sunshine
To make flowers bloom
I still miss that love of mine
Whom taketh away my gloom

Skies grow dark
As grey clouds cover;
I deeply miss my Park,
My one true lover

And if these feelings you shall ignore,
Just know this is
Based on the book
"Eleanor and Park"
by Rainbow Rowell
Can I ask you?

With vice and disguise,
Are you happy with what you are?
Inflated with pride,
Knotted with jealousy
The unknown balloon burst
With a just ***** of words.

Camouflaged beauty as you were,
Coated and polished to be the society,
Mastered were the words,
With strokes of affection,
Appreciated as I  felt.
I swam in the pits N holes
While thinking of the oceans

The deeper I tried to discover,
Shallower did you get.
Layers and layers of faces,
None uncovered to the core,
What you are still a mystery

I breathe in the pain of phrases,
Toxicity of incoherent love,
I feel the wrenching smirk,
Once which was a curved smile.

I hear the Echoes of my wails,
Strumming in the veins,
Tears were never there
But unseen scars dug deep.

In brighter days,
Darker shadow growing,
In hours,
A nightmare breeding.
You were what dismayed me,
Much more than breaking,  
Maybe a peaceful shattering .
Deciphering what you were ...
Diamond Flame Feb 2021
They say that
When a symbol of love breaks,
The love no longer exists..

So today..
When the pendant fell
From its third new chain;
When your heart fell to the ground..
I thought
" you really dont love me"

And for so long..
I convinced myself
"I dont love you..
And I've met someone new.."

When I broke his necklace
To fix yours..
I then knew...
I always have
And always will
Love you
..even if you no longer love me too

But a part of me wishes you still do..
...why cant i let you go?
Diamond Flame Feb 2021
Are you okay?
What happened?
To you..
To us...
Our love.
What happened?

You became stressed
And needed space
So you left
And I'll never forget the taste
Of honey turned vinegar
As my body rejected
The sweet promises
It once thrived on..

You said you wouldnt leave again
You said you'd always love me
You said you'd marry me
You said you wanted
To spend your life with me..

Do those words mean nothing to you?
Did they ever?
Was it all just a beautiful lie?
"Forever and Always"
Mean absolutely nothing?
Do the tears i cried,
The sleepless, hungry nights,
The months of grief
For love we once shared
Mean nothing to you?

Who are you
And are you okay?
You smoked away
The cells of your brain
So you didnt have to think of me
Or guilt or pain
That you felt
That you caused..
A get away.
But little did you know
That you smoked yourself away
And became someone i dont know

I fell in love
With the man you once were..
But now youre just a stranger
Who looks very similar
To the love i lost.

For you may walk around in his skin
Wear his smile
His clothes
His hair
But you arent him

I lost him.
I need him..
And i cant find him anywhere..
drugs can change anyone
ghost Jan 2021
Eternal sleep

Questions why

Answers keep

Reasons die

Darker still

Winter's night

Emotions ****

Souls' contrite

Time suspended

Final breath

As intended

Promises death...
Jennifer DeLong Nov 2020
Your are what , I'm needing
Cold nights are colder now
Could use your body heat
Come warm me up

Can't get you off my mind
These chilly days
Darker days
Make me think of you

It's these cold days
I wanna snuggle
Needing you here

Come warm up
Give me what , I'm craving
Take the chill out of the air

© Jennifer L DeLong 10/19/2020
Mary Frances Oct 2020
They said that even demons
sometimes have a change of heart.
This made me wonder.
My demons' hearts never changed.
But mine did.
And it got even darker
as it gets broken over and over again.
Diamond Flame Sep 2020
I saw your jacket today.
I never forgot about it,
Never put it away
But when I disappeared for a month
I didn't take it.
I wanted to...but didn't.
I didnt want the torn sleeves
To completely fall apart
Like I did
When you broke my heart...
I didn't just see your jacket.
It's hanging by the hood on my bedpost.
It's always there, but I often disregard..
But when I leaned down,
I braced myself on my bedpost.
I look up
And I realize the soft hood
Rests under my hand.
Made me think of
How much you always supported me
I saw your jacket today
And honestly, I froze.
I couldn't move,
My body, cold.
The only movement,
The tear down my cheek.
And because you arent here
To wipe them away like you used to
I wiped them away
With your tattered sleeve.
I didn't take your jacket.
I took my friend's sweater.
You know,
The ex you were always suspicious of?
I took his sweater.
It was warm
And it was a piece of my hometown.
Somehow you knew he still loved me.
I knew, but I didn't care.
Even with the love I gave
Your jealousy still tore you away..
I saw your jacket today.
I held it close.
I felt every soft fiber.
It was your favorite
But you gave it to me
Because back then
I mattered more
But the more I wore it,
It tattered more..
But that didnt matter.

You gave it to me
wrapped around
your favorite stuffed penguin.
The one I still can't sleep without.
The one soaked in my tears.
It was once your treasure,
but you once treasured me more.
And I trying to fix the jacket
That was once wrapped around it
But the more i do,
The more it falls apart
And maybe the same is true with your heart.
Maybe I'm the one at fault.
Youre the one that hurt me.
It was you.
It was you,
But no matter what you do
I will always love you.
Does not end because of one instance
Or even several.
I will always love you.
And when it comes to you
Loving me
I know its not true.
Because if it were
you wouldnt have left me.
You wouldnt be trying to forget me.
You wouldnt be getting high
Every night
To try and find
That feeling I gave you
When you looked in my eyes.
I know because i felt it too.
Two years of butterflies.
The feeling of fireworks
When our skin touched.
The raw and untamed passion.
The purest love.
All these things that made us both
Feel so alive..
That you left behind
Like an emotional suicide.
And you choose drugs
Instead of admitting you were wrong.
You try to resurrect the joy
That you only ever felt with me
Convincing yourself
You dont need me
But we need each other.
We need each other
Because one without the other
Is in a deep
That they cant escape
While the other is writing poetry
Pretending she is okay
To not have you in her life
From day to day
The days get harder and harder
Because the one she needs
Claims he doesnt want her.
I saw your jacket today.
I folded it up and put it away
In a safe place
Taking up a small bit of my closet space.
Wearing that jacket
Was like wearing your hug
But after all you've done
I don't want you to touch me.

And if one day
You decide you actually want me..
You clean yourself up,
Figure life out,
Get back on your feet
And decide what's missing is me..
If you truly want me
You better get on your knees
And cry at my feet
Because "sorry"
Isnt enough
For what you've done.
Because when you loved me
You showed me
I was nothing less than a queen
But dethroned me
Making me feel
But I realized
Im still a queen
Without you.
Show a girl her worth,
She'll never forget
No matter how much you may
I do still love you...
I still love who you once were
But I dont recognize you now.

But even if you were to become
The man I once loved
I would just turn you away
No matter what you may say
Because its me you betrayed
When you promised you would stay.

My heart has never been
A toy with which you should play.
And I honestly regret the day
I gave it to you and let you open it
Because I knew better
Than to fall in love.
I knew better and its not fair.
Its not fair
That I melted
When you would play with my hair
As you touched my skin..
When you would grab my sides and
Pull me in
And trick me into the
Best two years of my life.
Tricking me into thinking
I would one day be your wife.

But i wouldnt trade it for the world.
If i could go back, I'd do it again.
Just make sure it didnt end
Because I knew from the start
I never wanted to love again..
If it wasnt you.

So *******
For making me
Fall in love with you.

It was the best thing
That ever happened to me.
I saw your jacket today.
And it still matters to me..
But I'm never wearing it again.

Forever and Always
It will sit
In the back of my closet.
I'm in love with you
But I dont want you back.
But I don't want anyone else either
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