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Summer holidays
Sun shining
Ice cream dripping
Skin gets darker and scars are showing.
You can literally see all my old scars so I'm using concealer, lol
Sexus Obscura Mar 29
Oh, the way you inhabit me
I shudder, etched inside of me is the feeling of dying
Pulsing, your emanations
Consume me and I refuse to release you from my clutches
Struck breathless instantly
You offer little reason, but you return my robbed passion
I glimpse at your grave eyes
And I feel the tide of the sea within me start to part for you
You catalyze my stolen gaze
I almost feel you shudder and rush in my sodden esophagus
A soft pink suckle
I euphorically asphyxiate for you, on you – with you
Unuttered, my subconscious
Fabricates the smell and taste of your flesh using your words
My body is left ravenous
To the conjecture of your apparition as it levitates above me
Below you I kneel – impure
Please let your sensory invading of my aquatic mind cleanse me
I chant a plea to your figment
Imagining your tongue feeling the words move inside my mouth
My glistening incantations drip  
And I feel your stirring when my lips part for evening prayer
I awaken an appetent beast
Rising to dominate the submission hibernating in my sharp bones
My locked jaw wants it all
I won’t release you, so let me taste your last watery breath

I shudder, etched inside of me is the feeling of dying
Girl I know I’m not the only one you see
And I don’t care
Cause I do the same
I’ll let you close your eyes and
Through me you can make love to him
I can blow the candles out and
Turn up your favorite song
Because I don’t wanna see or hear the
Dying beating of your heart

Now tell me baby...

Do you want it darker still?
Felt like the original poen needed a little explanation.
CROW Jan 17
So sweet,
I continue to eat
I get so sugar high
I want to fly
I rise to my feet
dance to the beat
of roses dying
and children crying
Through the tears of the weak i find my meaning
And i just keep singing and i just keep eating
So hungry...
A future with you should excite me.
My future and past are attacking my present.
I want to be with you,
But because of my past, Im afraid to.
My mind is filled with
"What if"

My past haunts me
Makes the several possible outcomes for my-
Our future

It's something I can seem to overcome
Because I'm overwhelmed.
It hard to admit..
But I'm...
I'm scared.
I'm lost.

You say to take a leap of faith.
But I need to see
Where my feet will land
I have no wings.
Dont expect me to fly.
I think you have too much faith in me..
the deeper, I went
the darker, it grew
a lonely place, your heart
made me lost in you.
Timur Shamatov Dec 2018
The rain came down in sheets that night
Thunder, as lightning split the sky
In that flash of light I saw you at my door
Your tear filled eyes glistened in a dark.
You want it darker?

Whistles of the wind through wires as
Rain knocked agains the windows of my room
Glass of wine in candle’s dancing light
Drama of the one you left behind.
You want it darker?

Your story was so incredibly complexed
In the way of pain inflicted perfect storm
How the one you love - left you broken
Hurting, at my door, looking for revenge.
You want it darker?

With every kiss our friendship’s dying
With every teardrop revenge was growing hotter
No love can heal the pain we’re causing
As we fell lower our fury burnt brighter.
You want it darker?

Like stars on a cloudy night
My true feelings were hiding in a dark
I couldn’t even look you directly in your eyes
Cause through you I was making love to her.
You want it darker?

Agonizing pain of self Inflicted cuts
Hearts drained of passion, dying fast
We both knew that you’re in love with him
I’m still in love with fading light of her.
You want it darker?

Like waves crashing agains a shore
I felt your pain collide with mine
Eyes wide shut as we reached out to touch
In our minds we wanted the ones that we were not.
You want it darker?

Dying candles flicker in a rays of raising sun
Lifeless hearts, falling out of lovers grasp
I used the blood for ink to pen this poem as
Angels wept in sheets the night before.

You want it darker.....
Diamond Flame Nov 2018
I don't understand.
The once sturdy ground has turned to sand.
My feet sink in
And so do your words.

I don't understand.
Don't you still love me?
Do I no longer make you happy?
What's wrong with me?
Am I not enough?

I don't understand.
I know life is rough.
I know you feel lost.
But please don't push me away.

I don't understand.
Why do I have to keep convincing you to stay?
Several times you've tried to leave,
And then turn around and tell me you love me.
Please don't leave me in the dark.
I want to help.
I want to understand.
Brynn S Nov 2018
Surrounded by light
You are darker
Follow the peace
But you are darker
Standing out
Knowing own grounds
You are special
Different and new
Hello wanderer
I came today
And saw that you left

For the first time in a long time
Did i feel alone

So you, came
Encircling the sky

With an unbroken spirit
Unlynched, unaffected and free

Tell me friend, how do you do?
How can I be free?

Do you have the keys?
Do you know the keymaker?

I've tried finding one
But these chains are too heavy

Their locks too complex
Too complicated, too human

And the prices they proposed
I'm afraid I can't afford

My chains are slowly
Becoming one

Slowly combining,
Slowly seeping into my skin

And now I've become too heavy too fly
Gravity's gotten stronger

Tell me friend, how do you do?
How do you see, with those eagle eyes of yours?

The sky's too dark
And these glasses aren't coming off

The doctor suggested a lighter,
And so I took

I lit, and I smoke
The price of seeing is but a substitute

And the last time I saw,
It was all so much brighter

**** I start wearing these lenses
And now they're not coming off

They've left things darker

The price of flying,
Has all but left me broke

It's left me weighted,
Left my eyes weakened,
Left my heart darker
If I could just be free
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