Özcan Sh Jul 11
She was in my arms
Hugging us tighter
Our bodies getting warmer
We close our eyes
And let our hearts
Be in one part.
Regan Jul 11
Falling from
Tired eyes when
Least expected, they
Appear like no other.
These tears are cold
And they pour out
Very slowly, but
Are the most
¡I really tried making this look like a tear drop but it looks like a fish with no tail and that disappoints me. You can see part one if you scroll down a little bit on my profile.
Tia Jun 29
The saddest part is telling you I'm fine
The saddest part is when I can't look into your eyes
The saddest part is me believing it's alright
The saddest part is I can't state what's been on my mind

The hardest thing was not remembering
Cause in my mind, it's all over, they are swirling
It's here and there and I've been trying
Trying so hard to get them off but I can't stop thinking

The most painful is me still holding
Still trying to save what's left but there's nothing
Letting my mind assume that we can go back to the beginning
But I also knew that we can't because the story's end is nearing

The most painful sight is you too is hurting
But we're left no choice we aren't for each other's loving
You are the Sun that shines in the morning
While I am the Moon that hovers darkness in the evening

And the saddest part, the saddest part is me telling you lies
That I'm not hurting, I didn't cry
Not a river when I lay at night
That I am happy and fine and I don't mind
III Jun 29
Let's live together
     Like a poem
Written from our frosty breath
    Dancing in the cool moonlit air.
Maxim Keyfman Jun 28
I'll go with you to the end of the world
I'll fly with you to at least other planets
I will go with you even to New York
If only you were with me and I'm with you

I will be with you and you with me
And there will never be sorrow
I will be a part of you and you will me
And happiness will always be with us

I'm ready to give up everything for you
I'm ready for you to become a Musketeer
I'm ready for you for everything
If only you were with me and I'm with you

I will be with you and you with me
And there will never be sorrow
I will be a part of you and you will me
And happiness will always be with us

I will be with you and you with me
And there will never be sorrow
I will be a part of you and you will me
And happiness will always be with us

And after promising him that not even death could do them part; she left him.
Business the Guinness
of records
Of the
Drunkin drivers
The presidential
audience all

We love one
white or dark lie
conifers thinking like
the Beatle song
I'm a loser
having respect for
yourself be the defeated
M-L-M morons, losers,
So nice you are linked
into my millionaires
The marketing scam
You will be broke
Those 69 lovers to
be pissed
off shorter life
just smoke  PM
ATM money goes
pop the weasel
painting it dark
wearing your
heart out on the easel

Not for sale dancers
need exotic drink taking off
their Drunk Zen shirts
Chirp that Chippendale
dance her out
Until she is drunk
Drunk Zen Rocker
of punk

So Homey light thinker side
Phone drinker fantasize
about the trip
Link me on my
mountaintop- stamp
collection glue-stick
philatelic reinvention

Doing my exercise why so
Wow such beauty Judy
sunrise recent
What meeting my heart all
depends to remember
September but October
November Drunk Zen
Thanksgiving food
with crying pillows
Quite the Yam and
before I was drunk

The new navy blouse said
I'm not drunk abbreviated
Inebriated linked-in
private club
Like an initiation or
Sorority only drunk
I'm not sorry invitation

Drunk Club Zen
adventurous men
The hair club Oh! no
He got her by her
drunk-in neck

The Mediterranean
Going French Canne
Itsy bitsy tipsy bikini
The monk was like
the morning hot flame
Glitch or twitch of the nose
What a Red-Robin Rooster

Kevin Bacon lovers
Melted cheese and him
couldn't hold his sneeze
The Bed and breakfast
This wasn't Hamlet
or Camelot just
drunken Dunkin donut
For God's sake
(O) outstanding omelet
 drunken sea of eleven
Steven Universe
Glick Pearl chick
Email one universe click
Linked deep-sea hoarder
of junk
At her summer house
Strawberry wild hair he was
drunk forever Irish lad
Like the pub in
London Abby lane

Nancy Drew mystery
tour Zen men pour
In Georgia stays in her
mind what would it be
without nature, we need
air the water the sound

The trees grow in Brooklyn
Robin me birds spoke in
Those hubs on the go
In there Mercedes
having yogurt? Their drunk__

Drunk Zen be brave not
to be hurt his head cocked
A million in none
cars parked
The cheer was in beer the
lover of darkness
sky malt drunk
They were bushy eyed
with a  drunken masseuse
Drunk Zen was having sweet
tooth French kiss mouse  

Hands numb she is falling
over her  tweets of words
So jibberish dumb what
rubbish but silence
That number lottery Freddy
Halloween what Diva Queen
13 shots
High school drop out

Guilty ever Greek
to ever think cop out
Spiritual caller like the
winding road babes of pigs
in a blanket the helicopter
Head spinner Eifel Tower
Frenc kiss got plugged
drunk never a hug

Hangover flower mugs
The Drunk-Apple* of his eye
computer the Zen dogs'
Alaskan Husky Buddhism
Shiba Uni from Japan
They got the realism

Heavy rain tents you walk
out on me
Woodstock Jefferson Airplane
Or those Cocker Spaniels
Elton John with Daniel

The adoption they were crazed
with high tech gadgets
The adopters named Danny boy
Zoolander commander was drunk
I wasn't really drinking you have
a brain of a sieve

Man, water, the green earth just live
Like the four-leaf clover hey
this isn't over
(The Planet) or her
drunken eyes who wins
I could see a glimpse of
garnet Oh! darn it like
a dragnet or the Zen
The Roobus tea faraway
In Ireland hilly garden

Men with ladies cat milk
purr Kate Perry
Linked into the
materialistic Madonna
lady of silk he's the
hangover she
gave him her soy milk
what a guy
The pry coexisting to
ever think to pray

The super lady drink
never thinking blue
that he ever existed
Not remembering who you're
with he was on the
wanted list
Linked In the army
green wearing
a tank top bullets firing
in his chapel getting
married in his tank
Blue uniform acting

Disguised as a cop
My acting role for
both like Darth
And hey we are
not drunk!!
In the name of a
drunken love
Before I was drunk

My higher flight parachute
twenty-two jump street right fit
yourself as oneself linked
onto the mountain
the Ancient spiritual awareness
Grecian  love fountain harness
Maybe a lonely shot
of darkness
Maybe a lovely shot
of wellness
Linked into so many things do you feel pressured or you have an acting role but you better be drunk Ay Vey just pray when you show up don't give up we are all friends in the same boat. Let us sail away or no let's show the world what we really need to say
Amanda Jun 13
No longer call you baby
Because we're not in a relationship
I promise you will never feel my arms again
My loyal hand to grip

You will not get any more sleepless nights
Darkness attempts to pull me back
A task that cannot be achieved
Memories fade into the black

My mind finally in a right place
Still support your supposed goal
Through harsh decisions I see the pain
I won't give up hope for your broken soul

Please don't forget the impact I've made
We've shared so much life, and time together too,
I love you, at least the guy I thought you were
You'll always have a part of me, but I'll never have any of you.
Do I run?
Do I hide?
Cause for the first time in my life. I think I’m actually scared.
Scared of what though?
The thought of loseing myself even more then I have already.
That’s the scary part.
There is already so much of me gone just little bits and pieces of who I use to be.

I swear that I have changed.

                            With love,
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