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Rashmi Sep 29
मुझे ये पता है हम कभी साथ नहीं हो सकते
पर दूर जाने के ज़िद भी ना थी मेरी
चाहती थी तुझे अपनी जिंदगी में
क्योंकि इस झूठी दुनिया मे
सच्चा सा अपना सा लगता था तू,
पर मै इतनी खुदगर्ज नहीं होना चाहती
कि मेरी खुशी के लिए
तू अपने आप को रोके
तुझे दुखी करू अपने लिए
कभी नहीं चाहूंगी ऐसा
बस इसलिए दूर करती हूं
तुझे अपने आप से
तुझे दुखी करने का
कोई इरादा नहीं होता मेरा
बस और दर्द ना दू यही कोशिश करती हूं
इसलिए तो तुझसे गैरो सा
बर्ताव करती हूं
We're right on the middle
Of the end of the world
If I die, in the fight for our lives.
Will I wake up tomorrow,
Under glorious suns,
Or with another battle?
With the never ending rythm,
And the rhyme of decision day.
In childhood we were losing teeth.
In teens age we were lose first love.
Sometimes we lose some sleep.
Sometime we losing keys or money.
Or maybe cellphone.
We losing friends and pets.
We always something lose.
I guess it’s part of life.
BoringBoy Aug 26
Words cannot describe the feeling of sinking faster and faster into a

never-ending chain of darkness, fear for a perpetual resolve that will

never come.

A pulsation of many emotions, just to be left with the agony of


Hollowed out like a dead man's skull,

A soul carved out of a now disposable casket.

Hollow, be thy name.
Diána Bósa Aug 9
I wanted to be your part
so desperately
that I almost lost
my wholeness.
Poetic T Aug 5
Each word is a sandpaper syllable,
    And ever breath Is a knife sharpened.

                     Between both all are cleaved,
                                and each part is divided

and consumed when spoken.

                      we will never heal when both

  are motioned upon us at once.

                                       We are cut

endlessly between ourselves and
                           only time can heal us.
A part of you left here

to stay with me forever!


You never left incomplete...

A part of me

flew away with you.
Bongani Jul 27
Days passed and weeks passed
Still searching for answers that will fulifill my past.
You were my part that didn't last
I'm still asking my self.
What might took part?
To break us apart.
I dwell deep in my thoughts
Seating comfortable on an old cart
Thinking about you my part.
I'm lost in the dark
Clicking stones hoping for spark....but
No luck i remained stuck in the dark.
I heard a glimpse
Working me up while i was going down to the darkness without any little brightness.
I regained my consciousness and i was lying on the green grass.
It was the first time....cause i was on the other side....
And i found my other part.
Finding your real...true self
bk Jul 24
A good friend is made by getting along with someone.
A best friend is made by finding a part of yourself in someone.
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