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Amanda 4d
Hardest part of losing you was finding you again
Our relationship met a sudden end
When Winter crawled in and Fall departed
Both felt tired and broken-hearted
Wild nights that brought so much joy
Once enchanted, we no longer enjoy
We laugh but not as often
Is the magic almost forgotten?
Long ago when we were young
Captured my heart with words you sung
Letting my hair down, letting loose
Lie after lie, no excuse
But spark within was worth the pain
In darkness you took it all away
Back then we would party just to pass the time
Now do not feel normal in a sober state of mind
Could find someone else who would actually follow through
I have and my heart went right back to you
There must be a reason my decisions keep bringing me back into your arms
Tanya 6d
A drop
     which falls
                  in the sea,
to my Ukrainian friend.
Cerb99 Feb 10
Days turned months, and months to years,
The child now a youth smiled no more.
She alone could see her tears,
As she kept on singing, like an age old chore.
She longed to see the endless sands,
She longed to see the mountains high.
She wished to visit foreign lands,
And soar above all, through the boundless sky.
To be continued...
Johnny walker Jan 31
If I was the younger man I'd pack my bags and leave old England I'd leave this cold lonely place behind
I see a country slowly bought to knees far too late
to try and save It to late even save ourselves hate the way we are
Only hope I live long enough to see this government stand
the trial for the nine years they've made the vulnerable
of our Country suffer some
to point of suicide, the day will come and they will
to God, he will show them the misery they have caused the poor of this country open their eyes to
food banks kids going school hungry women forced to sell there
bodies because of the Universal
another dumb Idea from the dumb government that couldn't organise a kids party
they should be ashamed of their degusting behaviour
just let me live long enough to see them
to see them pay for their crimes then I'll be more happy to die at last to be free
Dumb idea from a dumb government that couldn't organise A Kids Party
Jean Sharlot Jan 21
I wanna see your face
not from the camera we used to talk.
I wanna hear your voice
and not just read your messages from day to day.

I wish to hold your hands
even squeeze your cheeks,
Tickle you until you cry out of happiness
And hug you tightly while you were still beside me.

I wanna tell you stories I was happy about
staring at you from day to night
and those were the moments I wished I can seize
but then again I remember we were apart.
i found you
in the
darkest parts

- katrina ******
instagram: @wordsbykatrina
twitter: @_wordsbykatrina
Living on a wing and a prayer so much have I lived my life this way living life one day at a
Is how I live mine never a plan for the future not even one for tomorrow even more so since my wife passed
I suppose
sadly I don't see a future for this world either too much damaged we have caused do we really deserve a place here on this earth
Or an afterlife for we would probably destroy that too If you think about It surely the answer would be no
Another thought on life the way we all played a part In destroying this world to where we live
Johnny walker Dec 2018
Tonight again I will go
travelling through my dreams, there to travel
time and space with
to revisit all those
beautiful Days we spent
as man and wife, through our dreams
we dreamed together even In death never will we be parted, our love Is far too strong for that ever to
Even death we shall.parted our love Is gar to strong for that to be
Then there were three pairs of eyes -
The head's, the mind's, the heart's,
All seek to sort, learn, to find out
The roles surrounding, play part -
Each stone, each breath, each soul
Each entwining and leaving whole,
Doors open, doors close, windows
exciting, terrifying, intriguing you;
Will you find, or raise your barriers?
Will you go out, or stay still within?
All this in a day in the life of being,
All this seeing, sighting, being human.
Julian Delia Nov 2018
I am so ******* done.
I am now a loaded gun,
So you’d better ******* run.
I am hateful, like a forsaken son,
I am spiteful, like the blazing sun.

An appetite for self-destruction,
Akin to handling dynamite without any instructions.
The chaotic disorder that runs amok,
The scavenging hoarder pillaging dead schmucks.
This language is those dark corners left unilluminated by love,
A savage from unknown lands coming over the ridge,
That unsated, insane impulse that turns push into shove.

Throbbing veins and demonic thoughts,
Sobbing dames and manic frauds.
Your mental kingdom, your palace of peace –
It all falls apart, piece-by-piece.
Hate is like a saboteur, sneaking in,
It robs life of its grandeur, sinking its teeth in.

Rhythm just doesn’t happen,
You feel stricken, like you’re borderline bed-ridden,
Feeling as used as a ***** napkin.
You see hate in every pair of dead eyes,
In every new set of ******* lies,
Whenever another inner child dies,
Whenever another bomb-dropping jet flies.

We have two languages, in this life –
The language of love, and the language of hate.
Which one do you want to speak?
Which realm do you seek?
Choose wisely;
Mistakes are not taken very kindly.
I couldn't help myself - this is a counter-part to a previous poem, the Language of Love.
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