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Why can't I get angry at you?
Because you are that part of a tree that can not be touch and can not be overlook too
That part of the sun that can not be reach and can not be ignore
That part of life that can not be removed and can not be mishandle
That part that can not be followed and yet can not be removed from the map because of it true value
How much more can I say that you are that friend that can not be sent off but yet can not be keep back.
That the one word I was looking for that I still can't say, so any idea what the word is to why I can't vex with you?
When they leave a mark,
She grew—

She grew out of pain;
Even outgrew some hidden scars,
Find some golden jams—
Out of scars, she then find a hidden gem.

When they leave a mark,
She grew—

She grew out of empty promises;
She then began to realize the importance
of words—
the lack of it,
the mere thing that comes with it.

She then leaves a mark;
Some pain,
Some courses of her daily life—
Some parts of her—

Even when she did not become a part of theirs.

She then grew—
When they leave a mark.
we grow, we develop, we love, we leave traces of marks—some part of us.
Spooks Apr 11
i want to feel the warmth of that room again
where i used to never be scared to lay my head
until the night everything changed
and it changed us
the room was no longer warm
i couldn't bare to even close my eyes
they took the warmth from me
and they took it from you
as the food burned
along did a piece of us both
they say as time goes by it gets easier
but they forgot to mention a part of you will hold onto that night forever
I feel entrapped
in this shell
wrapping me around

It covers
- envelops -
every part of me;

But, inside
I still
© 04/05/20
sara Apr 5
I’ll go off you
just to be back on you again,
only for me to leave
with you still running in my head
Ylzm Apr 12
In the beginning God parted the waters,
     separating heaven and earth
Abraham parted the pieces,
     and a smoking fiery *** passed in between
Israel walked between the waters,
     covered in smoke and fire
So Israel parted in two:
     one remains and the other lost.
part of my job (a love poem)


checking in & on you, part of my job, I explain,
need a status update, re and about what’s new,

on the flora and fauna studded moors, how’s the traffic in Mumbai,
have the Prince and Princess come to visit your nearby island,
how’s that pendant I sent hanging, still cracked, letting letters in,
the curfew imposition getting in the way of your poetry writing,
tell me what it is like to be a young man in Morocco, need your input,
do you know that I love imagining being in love with you, so exotic,
while I hunker down in a bunker, forty story concrete stories on
a gra-nite island,
wondering how you pass your Sunday morning, in bed, in church, in your head,
seeing poem fireflies coming from the beach, how your language takes, enraptures,
captures my cellar pulses electrifying, I am yours unbidden and I forgiven & unfortunate,
swimming on the West Coast beaches, pools and eddies, rip tide currants & currents,
******* me into your world and the fun, the challenges of loving you from afar

do you know that I love imagining being in love with you, so exotic,
locating your presence on the grid, illegally concocting our ionic physics connections
in ways you remain so unaware and me, dancing delighted on the edge between
blurting out how I feel about you, you, in France, and foreign lands, all over,
when you read this, do the hairs sudden tickle, sensing my presence, when grasping
you hand, kissing your neck, do you regain/retain consciousness of my affection,
plain hard and drawn to you, sans affectations, and we walk in contented silence
on country lanes, beach trails, crowded ***** megalopolis city stained small streets,
and now that you know that I feel so much desire to grasp you in my adoration hands,
will you accept that a man’s love who you have never seen can be so willful strong


you know that I love imagining being in love with you, so exotic, and the pleasure of it
grows stronger daily when you send me words that infect me with subtlety severe ****,
and now I go, the slipping and sliding into the land of having checked in on you,

where my job is to love you from afar

8:41AM Sunday March 15th twentyfolded twice
Amanda Mar 8
Where do you go when my presence is not there?
The absence of my gaze
Who's eyes get captured in a stare?
While you mouth the word "always"
What do you clutch when you're scared?
My hand too far away
Wonder how well you'll fare
On your own when skies turn grey
Does someone gently stroke your hair?
Are you genuinely okay?
Is it difficult to breathe air?
Body caught in a craze
When we are apart are you even aware?
That next to I no longer lay?
Am I nothing more than spare?
Part to use then throw away
For who do you pretend to care?
With constructed words you say
Many times you have said "I swear"
Unsaid it the very next day
Please answer the question "where?"
Where does your heart wander when it strays?
I just want to know..
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