Kuvar 1d
We've been decieved  
To worship a Trojan horse
Thinking it is all that matters
The brainy relationship so to say
Between sits and desks
against an innovative innocent board
Trolling Man’s Allegation against ignorance
Depends on statistical ratios
That Trojan horse I refuse to worship
Her name  “Cumulative Grade Point Average
Girls rest their hand on the same armrest.
Does a girl hope/want
her hand may grace his,
so it may be held?

Guys go on the scary rides with her.
Do guys hope/want
to sit beside her terror,
so she may be comforted?

Girls forget their jacket on a cold night.
Do girls hope/want
that the gentleman beside them
will offer them his warmth?

Guys act differently around guys than girls.
Do guys hope/want
to establish dominance,
so they may win her love?

Why do we do these crazy things?
Do others think it’s weird too?

What other things, unlisted, do we do for this same reason?
Is it necessary?

Do we not have the words to speak,
or are we just afraid?

Actions speak louder than words,
but why are we confused with the definitions?

Aren’t words meant to clarify and explain,
to ensure the confusion is eliminated?

Meanwhile, we hope, we want, but we don’t speak.
Are our actions, or lack thereof, saying what we mean?

If anybody has any insight, please share, lol.
I need you now more than I need water to quench this aching desire...
This never ending yearning down deep in my bones
I crave every ounce of your kiss...
To feel you trace I love you with your tongue across the silhouette of my body
Caress the inner parts of my mind...
Leave me in awe of how you always seem to make me so wet without laying a single finger on my soul
You have this deathly grip on my heart and I wouldn't trust it in the hands of anyone else
You have imprinted this deadly rhythm in my heart
Can you feel it...
Crawling down my thighs like a shadow in the night
My heart beats in tune with yours
It has it's own song
It has its own rhythm so sweet and sultry that we can't help but give in to our deepest and darkest desires
I wouldn't dare whisper your name or let it drip from my lips
I like playing with fire...
It turns me on...
Tease me with your words...
Make me succumb to your mind...

I hope you get to read this...
she uses smallish words
medium, i guess
she wears converse
and she’s nice, i guess
she’s funny
and she cares
she’s stylish,

and i love her
but she doesn’t know
to what extent
i guess
Blake 5d
I would write you a poem
     about the stars and the moon
I would write you a poem
     about me dying soon.
I would write you a poem
     about my love everlasting
I would write you a poem
     about cymbals crashing.
I would write you a poem
     about how I want you so
but I can't write you a poem
     when you don't let me grow.
Sanny 6d
Death's arms trying to pull me in,
A sweet whisper of a better life.

An encouraging push,
come join us.

Oh, how I long to.
On the verge of leaving it all behind.

Do I dare to let go?
Kelly Hogan Mar 11
Am I the only one
That loves others this much?
This instantly?
This intensely

I miss the days when we were young
And inseparable.
Friendships meant more.

I feel like I never grew out of those friendships
But they grew out of me.

All I want is for someone to text me all the time,
Invite me out all the time,
Just want to be in my presence and hang out.
Is this selfish?

I give and I give.
Until there's nothing left
But the wondering if I'm even
A good friend to have.
zahra wang Mar 10
we humans have such a need to be loved
afraid of being
left for granted

and i am no different
i want to feel the rush
butterflies in my stomach
wing against my hair
hands against his heart
heart intertwined with my soul

you may ask why
am i so enamoured with this
idea of love

perhaps it is so i do not feel lonely
for i have been (lonely) for a while now
even when i am surrounded by people
there is no one
not really
not anyone who connects with my soul

or perhaps  i just want to feel more put together
after all
everyone thinks you’re so much happier when you have a significant other

or perhaps i just want someone to hold hands with
someone to kiss

i’m not fooling anyone, am i?
the reason i am so enamoured with the idea of love
is because i am obsessed with the notion that someone else can fix me up
heal the void in my heart
clear the window to my soul
but we all know band aids don't fix bullet holes
What is the true meaning?
Do you really know?

The way she looks at you
Yearns to feel your touch but you pull away each time she gets closer...

She desires you... craves you... needs you...

But all you need is yourself.
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