I held onto you
for as long as I could
It doesn’t last long
When you live in the hood

Came from the sticks
I came from the woods
Rolling stoned
Down the backroads
Of these backwoods
Rolling up backwoods
Bumping Rolling Stones
I never was that good

Of keeping within reach
Of the ones closest to me
Sometimes feel
Like I wish I didn’t have to
Feel at all

Had a ball
It didn’t last too long
Xanax and Adderall
Falling down the hall

But you were always there
To pick me up
Hiraeth calls me
it is painful
and sometimes ineffable
I could not word it
longing, longing, longing
your name,
you know
is mellifluous

But hiraeth calls me
I'm in limerence
with the thought of you
Maybe that is why
I can not stand it
everytime you look at me
and speak
this feeling is illicit
I want you

And hiraeth calls me
I'm feeling homesick
home, home, home
to you,
you know
I can not return
you were never mine.
you've had me, you've had me
and you've had me not
so you think that by now
you'd know what you want

you had me, you have me
and you're losing me now
you can either pull me in
or you can let me down

I was yours, and I am yours
but I'm not like before
you've not giving what you've given,
and I'm heart aching for more.

you want to explore
want to know through and through
but I gave you every inch of me,
I have nothing left to expose to you.

let me in, let me in
or let me go, let me go
I'm in this, and I'm willing
how could you not know?
You know,
You want,
You sure?
What I want is no mere simple thing.
What I want,
Is her.
Desire is more than a streetcar

Box is cold
Light is thin

Would someone please
Let me the hell back in
No matter how much I try
I cant seem to make my words rhyme.
But my heart keeps pouring out,
and if its not though letters it's though my eyes.

I need you with me,
I want you near me;
But I know my weakness,
I know I'm selfish.

Every time I see you eyes,
hear you laugh, or see you smile,
I cant help but want some more;
cause it's only you that can keep me warm.

You make me feel stronger,
You make me feel loved;
You give me a reason
To keep moving on

But I know how you feel about me,
I know it's not mutual.
So I'm just content in the sidelines;
Watching you smile is my lifeline.

I wish you were here,
I wish this was real.
But I know my weakness,
I know the deal.

And just like always I'll try to move on;
against my hearts wishes, against its soft plea.
I just want you to hold me, and tell me it's fine,
I just want someone to help me survive.

Love ruins friendships,
Love just bring hardships,
Love is so painful,
And yet is so warming.
Amenah 6d
‘Nobody Cares’
the gravity of those words
send me reeling
into the abyss of despair

are the greatest loves
fables of a deluded woe-begone?

if compassion dissolves to materail nothingness,

if passion is the means of exhuasting unrealised fantasises and lusts,

if trusts are meant to be cruelly broken,

What Is Love?

A pack of lies?
A tantamount of deceit and devillery?
A sad parody of broken hearts and damaged souls?
Or leecherous devouring of enigmas till they’ve sapped to death?

I wish those words
wouldn’t have murdered such beautiful innocence
of a perfect love
Scarlett Jun 11
hands radiate heat
a homey infatuation
a sweaty encounter
out of reach
warmth oozes from each fingertip
wasted in stiff air
a fire only sensed through memories
a feeling faded by time
now a vivid resurrection
burns freely in a candid encounter
Anshara Jun 11
I sit here wondering, thinking
What is it that we need to mend?
Wounds, gashes, broken bones?
What is it that we need to heal?
Hearts, people, their deep-rooted wounds?

I sit here wondering, thinking
It is the people or society
That needs sabing by us
I sit here wondering, thinking
Whether what we do will make a difference.

I take a walk around the room
Unable to completely concentrate
My eyes wander off to the side of the road
A beggar, kicked; scratches here wounds there
Whom should I stitch— the beggar or the kicker?

I decide to take a walk in the neighborhood
Mentally, making a list of people
A girl sitting on a park bench, crying
Maybe she's the one with a broken trust
And hearts are the hardest to stitch.

Come to think of it, it's easy to say
But breaking apart? You shouldn't know
A man being pushed around in the streets
A black is hard to be, when
You are surrounded by racists.

I see a girl walking alone; no one around
She keeps looking back, a little insecure
I look elsewhere, I'm no more than a passerby
Quickly she runs into a shop, afraid of me
I wonder was it something I did?

I wander into a lonely alley
Heaps and heaps of litter, a boy sitting, crying
On asking, he tells me, he was lonely
His family died; in a car accident
I think he's the one needing the most stitches.

Back on my armchair by the fireplace
I sip coffee and gaze at the fire
The secrets and demons inside us
Make us hollow; and just
Like a torn fabric, we'll be needing stitches.
Rory Jun 11
gold pours from your lips
tracing the edges of my hips
I count every star on your chest
diamonds dance along your sides
your broken french, silk
wrapping me to you, tied
us both together, tighter

lapis irises look at me
clear as the sunset sea
your body whispers
together we could form
obsidium and hauyne
our core is fire
I long to hold you again

we had forgotten this feeling
primal and both healing
thunderstorms begin deep within me
was our meeting kismet?
certain as the rise of our moon
a volcano becomes active
I yearn to be with you soon
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