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alone 3h
You are my pain
Everything that I want
But can’t have

You were everything
And you were just in my reach
Or at least I thought you were

I still want you
And if you might come around then I’ll still be here
And if not I’ll move on

You might not like what you find if you come back
So don’t say I didn’t warn you
That I might break

I wish you fortune
I loved you
And now I must let go
found out that things between me and her can't work out
I know your minds are set.
You wish me nothing but success.
But how am I to own it,
when I stay caged in your nest?
Stuck between what I want to be
and what I should be.
If only for once, you listen to me.
Please, let me spread my wings
to chase those stars I call dreams.
*sometimes, bad decisions don't make good stories. choose what you really want :)
Oneday I shall be where i need to be
Helping others across the sea
Money to provide the poor who need it
Why don't we all donate to heal it
Our ways are mixed up it's ridiculous to see
We are more bothered about getting down on one knee
Let's tackle this disaster before we know about it
Do i have to get on a table and shout
I highly doubt it.
Trying to get a message across I'm sure most of you will understand what I'm getting at
Alex 4d
Every part of me is trapped by me.

My heart beats against a rib cage,
It's wings ramming into the walls of its confinement,
Trying desperately to leave.

My heart sings for me,
Reminds me I'm alive with every beat.
Remind me that it's trapped and wants to be free.

My brain pounds against my skull,
Making me curl up in bed,
Tea, sleep, food... None of it is satisfactory.

My brain is hungry for something,
It screams for attention,
But I don't know what it wants.

My blood is flows silently through veins.
I feel it only after I set it to race.
Then the red can be felt through my arteries, trying desperately to have more air.

Sometimes, my blood is free.
It flows down arms and onto floors.
Blood is the only thing I have control over.

I can free my blood.
Give it as much oxygen as it needs.
But I can't free my heart or my head.
They're stuck there.
Even if my heart stops singing.

I am both my prisoner and my captor.
My tormentor and my savior.
No one else but me in my own head.
Merwin Nikad Oct 8
People like me
I feel wanted
But at the same time
Nothing could matter less
And nothing could matter more
Nothing could matter more
Than the bitter need
To be wanted
To want
To give
So much frustration
A depressed conglomeration
Of hormones and talent
Stuffed into anxiety
With a side of want
But that want
It looks so big on the plate
It makes things seem all over the place
Nothing seems
I cant get a grip
On what I need to think about
Theres so much on this plate
I cant even bother with the next thing
The next trial
The next sleepless night
The next missing light
Or keys
Or i lost my wallet
I dont know how long i can do it
Maybe it'll all come crashing down
And ill just sleep
Life is a stressful thing. Its best not to think about eternity. Maybe immortality doesnt sound that great after all
Lauren M Oct 6
In blurry confusion voices pierce through, saying
“What do you want?” and “what do you want?”
Blundering, I can’t find my way out of the crossroads quickly enough.
First to know where I am, to know whether I am buying or selling,
threatening or begging. To haul myself off a flashing screen
or a stranger’s dreadlocks as a thousand lines intersect
and cross, stripes on top of stripes as the smells
of sewage and street food intermingle,
and the resulting discordant din.

Then to recognize myself amidst the crowd long enough to ask
what do you want? What do
I want? And when I answer,
do I hear my own voice coming as though from a distant well?
As one note in the hubbub and burble of the human sea?
And do I skim my words like **** from a pond’s surface?

I have not closed my eyes but I have stopped looking through them.
Randomly thawing long enough to realize where I am:
somewhere suffocating, somewhere that closes around the throat
like sea foam: soft, but endless. Scattering
my eyes across all the eyes that bob up and down,
passing and crossing like ships in the dark.
So numb I did not even notice I was drowning.

In the lull, rising to consciousness, breaching the surface
as though for a breath of air. Reconnecting with
and remembering which person I currently am,
and what this person wants: just to be free.
To shake off whatever numbness blended my voice
with the music and chatter and discord of this place
and blurred my face, making me an anonymous limb
attached to a much larger body.
Only now realizing the irony of that condition.
Cat Lynn Oct 6
I scream when I get what I don't want...
        ­                                but then I cry because I know need it...

Just because I want something... doesn't mean I need it

and just because I there's something I don't want to happen or gain... doesn't mean I don't need it...

                                       *Such a Conflict
Scream, Cry, Want, Need... What more can I say?
I need to have you
fearfully, I want you
so afraid that I'll turn
into something
that isn't me,
or my heart will
rip itself out of
this aching shell
of a body
if you don't
come back soon
Bo Tansky Oct 4
You, story master of comparison
Can you see without your Claritin?
Even the tools of your insight
Have they helped to make things right?
The story of your life
Is one among many
Your unique point of view
May only be true for you
And those that think like you do
There really is something to this wish fulfillment
But don’t think because you saw it out there
It’s the lords’ prayer.
So thinkers think
lovers’ love
dreamers continue in dreams.
Still, everything is not what it seems.

We think we are above
the beautiful greenery
scenery that we see
but did you ever see a tree
compare itself to another  

Said one tree to another:
Your foliage is a pale shade of yellow
Your bark is a lark
And you can’t play the cello
Like me
What kind of tree can you be?

Do the bees share their honey
does one crafty bee have a secret stash
hidden below the window sash
that he’s saving for a rainy day,
A getaway?

Did you ever hear a songbird say  
My song is sweeter than yours.
My high notes higher
On swifter wings do I soar.

If you’re tempted like me
To let a bee be a bee
And a tree be a tree
You will understand
If you want to soar
Don’t first attempt it from the highest floor
Don’t think there is a highest floor
Don’t think you need to soar
Don’t try to understand
Just let a bee be a bee
A tree be a tree
These are the things will set you free
Like the wind
You will wind like a gentle breeze
Then gust if you must
Never making a fuss
Don’t think you are,
Were, will ever be, anything
More or less than me,
Us, you, they, whoever
It was when I realized that all my trying
Simply wasn’t working
And I gave up.
But all it caused to say was

I get it,
I really do
If I want to keep you near dear  
I must set you free dear
Understand it’s very hard for me
I think you’ll agree.
I know what to do
Doesn’t mean I’ll do it
I’m not like a gentle breeze
More like a hurricane than a sneeze
Depends on your point of view
Because you see me,
Through you.
It’s true.
I have no idea what that means
It may be true
For all I know
I said so I should have meant it
I think it’s more like
I see through you,
You can come out of the closet
And I will come out too,
But only with you.
Because we are the only two in there.
I don’t see anyone else.
Do you?
I’m not suggesting what you think
Far from it
So far from it
You know what I mean
No point in explaining
If nobody gets it
You do
And you’re not complaining.

So if you don’t want to be a bored buddha,
Eat some bread and buttar
Don’t forget to shutter
Never rebut her
Never say mame
Because you found the only ******
And now you’re in a jam.
s Oct 3
i feel so beaten up
i feel so broken down
i think about what you've done
and then i start to drown
this isn't even a poem
i'm just trying to explain my emotions
i'm trying to make you understand
just how badly you've left me broken
there is no longer any trust
there is nothing left i have for you
so now i must adjust
to being alone and away from you
and i just can't bring myself
to say a single word to you
it hurts me far too much
and yet... i still want you to
hold on to me with
the tightest of grips
i know i'm already drowning
but please don't let me sink

let me love you
let me leave you
let me love you
let me leave you

let me ******* leave you
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