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This knot of oak in my chest
turned to glass in your hands
turned to shards at your feet
I was the energy you searched for
I was the interest you craved
I was once the peak of your eye
But when the wind came to take you drifted away.
I see you in your light
Shinned green with essence of a forest tree
I see your soul so deeply
But you didn’t seem to see me
This is our end
It’s hurts but it has to be
Hopefully in your next binding
You will claim him entirely as he.
If only i could, I would !
I wish !
I wish i could,
If i could,
I know i would,
If only,
You'd let me.

I wish i could,
Let you let me,
Make you feel the way i feel,
Hold you, caress you, and
Show you to the world,
The world, i want us to be.
If only !
You'd let me.

Every breathe, every moment,
And Everything that i own,
I'd give up !
I wish!
I wish i could,
be with you !
If only,
You'd let me.

Give you everything that you deserve,
Treat you like a queen,
If only i could,
If only !
You'd let me.

Love you with all i've got,
My soul, my mind, my heart.
If i could, I know i would !
if only,
You'd let me.
How i wish for that someone to enter through the door i've been holding for so long.
I can't believe                      
        letting you
    do this
to me.

                                              I can't believe
                                     letting me
                               do this
                          to me.
Calamity is coming and I know I will be in ruins. She will refuse me. And go after her desired one. And I will be lacerated. Inspired by Static X - Love Dump
And that was what I meant.

                 ­             I
­                it
                ­     know

                    ­                     look            
And that was what I meant.
Just give me those eyes, Serena..
I'd stay up
Planning out an outfit
One that'll cover my scars
But cling to myself in the best fit
I'd spend time
Fixing up my hair
To pull off a messy bun
Make it look like I don't care
I'd concentrate
When applying my make up
Covering up my flaws
Only for you to see me but
When I walk by you
I have no clue
Are you able to breathe in my
Aurum perfume?
'Cause when I stand near you,
I don't know if you can tell
Do you know that I've been trying to cast a certain spell?
Instead, your eyes look past me,
I fail to understand
Yet **** makes itself evident
In the eyes of other men
What do I have to do
For you to give me your affection?
What do I have to do
To stop the wrong attention?
ChrisE Nov 28
Your everything I want but nothing I need
So don’t think I will cry at the thought of losing it
It being your warm hands wrapped around my cold ones
It being the way you wiped away the sadness from my tear ducts
It being the way you made me breathless as you kissed away the words from my lips
It being the way you would draw patterns on my skin leaving a hot trail of your passion on my flesh
It being the way you made the rain go away when I didn’t have an umbrella
It being the way you covered my eyes and I was able walk blindly because I trusted you
I didn’t need to rely on you for those things
I wanted to …..
Samuel Nov 28
You talk about Him every day
He makes the light shine in your eyes
He makes you want to love
He makes you want to cry

I know He has some things I never could
He understands in a way I can't
Makes you believe in love
All of that I wish I could do

When you talk about Him your lips curve softly up
Your face shines like I've never seen
He has something I do not
I wish I was all you needed

When I think about that day
That day you told a story
About a clumsy girl
And her brush with closeness

When I heard about that day
All I wanted was to scream
I pictured it in my head
It's now become a constant stream

I wish i could just cut it out
The thought of you and him
I wish I never awoke
On the day I first laid eyes on you

But to me has this curse been bestowed
To want you evermore
I don't know what I'd be without you
I wish I could close the door
A lot of my peoms are about one person in my life. She means the world to me, but I nothing to her.
Ana Roe Nov 28
My feelings for you resurface,
like the undead they rise from their grave
as if they had never really died at all

All it took was one thought
and I fell back into the deep
as though I had never left

You will always possess me
no matter where I go or what I do
you will always come back to haunt me

Some part of me will always want you
will always wonder what could have been
and will want you so deeply that it will terrify me
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