Bryan 1d

'Cause I have to pursue you,
You got me with voodoo,
Who does it like you do?
Overcome with the new you,
Swept in the word,
Of a curse,
Of a homebrew:
I knew that I knew you,
But all that I've been through
Is enough to give into.
Come with me and we'll run to
A place where the sun dew
Is run through with rainbows
And all that is come due.
Want to?

Grace W 1d

I want to hold your hand.
And your hand only.
I want to call you mine.
But I've never done so before.
I want to sit with you,
Beneath the dark night sky.
I want to listen to your voice over the phone.
Midnight passing hours ago.
I want to wake up to your good morning messages.
And fall asleep to your good night.
I want all these things.
Thing I may not need.
Yet yearn for, nonetheless.

I'm in a sort of mushy mood right now because consistency doesn't exist.

Let my poised obedience
Tip the scales and quicken your pulse

Let my body be a smorgasbord
Feast for your hungry eyes to devour

Let my silence speak in volumes
Resonating ardent desire

While your smile widens

A whisper from a shadow
Prickling at my ears
Anything you have to say
I find I long to hear

Standing still behind me
Enticing me with words
Hold my breath, close my eyes
For all that you infer

Good or bad it matters not
It's your presence that I crave
Whip me, beat me, bleed me
I promise to behave

Or at least I promise for a bit,
An undetermined time
Knowing well how much I like
Crossing over your line

Bind my hands in silken rope
And hook them to the ceiling
Leaving me on tipy-toes
For pains blessed healing

It's playful punishment
That I daringly seek
A red moment captured
Your hand print on my cheek

Or perhaps my inner thigh
A delicious smack or soft whack
Of fingertips sublime
To pull me to the present track

Help me now, you know how
To take the world away
Here I am just for you
A piquant entree

Weak with primitive hunger
soaking wet,
to feel you penetrate
the very core of my being...
to possess me

Anne Molony Oct 11

I’m learning the new language of love
It’s cloudy and I’ve only
broken sentences
unfortunately already-fluent in the tongue of
drunk hook-ups and
meaningless touches and
compromised endeavors and
disguised intentions

I have never felt what I was promised
I want to bathe myself in it
seas of infatuation
if it exists
desperate for affection
addicted to the idea that a soul could long for me

craving something

unreliable arousal
am I unfairly deprived?

Lost Boy Oct 9

Fuck fake relationships
And these stupid shallow flings.
I miss having something real.
I miss having you.

Your voice still locked
In the echoes of my broken
Guitar strings.

Your name still locked
Echoing in the back
Of my head.

My siblings
Still ask why you

And I'm still stuck
Asking the same

I want you back mein schatz
Jobira Oct 10

It is not that I don’t love you
But, I’m just a man
With blood and flesh
And with different tastes
And a big appetite for beauty

how to cut all of your hair off and regrow it naturally
how to grow your nails longer and stronger
how to shape your new nails into vicious talons
how to exfoliate away outer layer of skin
what moisturiser promotes thicker skin?
how to take off all of your skin
how to make it into scar tissue
can you flay all of your skin from your body?
can you burn yourself down?
can you rise from your own ashes?
how to become a phoenix

how do you move on?

The Want to Need
Onto Need to Want

Guess it's not just me who wanted a break , HP took a break too .
Jokes apart , I got a hang of what I wanted to know .
Yet I post this piece here :))

Wanted to post this last evening but HP just wouldn't let me do so :))
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