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Khoi-San Mar 16
On moonlight night whilst laid In bed with my sweetheart there at my side wide awake watching
her so pretty she look totally unaware I was watching

when a beam of light through a gap In our curtain passed over her beautiful body almost
like halo she bathed In this glorious light

Just at that moments I said to myself my girl looks just like an Angel and laid there watching her breathing then I
snuggled Into her and finally went to
Moonlight passed through a gap In our bedroom curtain
to shine a light like a halo on my Angel laid beside me
Haylin Feb 1
You can always tell the Devil's cheating halo,
It's the color never seen within a rainbow.
You can always tell the Devil's cheating halo,
It's the dark one. It's the color of sin.
s Willow Jan 29
I was born with a shining golden ring.
The ring looms above cracked and chipped.
Once lit my path,
now breaks my neck with the pressure it brings.

I’ve sprouted demonic wings
Jet black feathered wings.
I’ll fly silent.
Terrorizing the earth
with the people of the night.

I’m not yet ****** to an eternity of
Suffrage and Hellfire.
I’m not “blessed” to spend time in peace either.

I’m stuck mangled into the pain of earth.
Solomon Jan 7
Moon shines with halo,
'neath it I shed my sorrow,
with her next to me.
second Haiku! am I doing it right?0
Your warmth, shining halo,
Makes light of the weight of the world,
And they hold me up, hoping
I'll be able to stand on my own -
grounded, but flying,
And just as, if not, warmer.
Halo Nov 2018
I am a fallen angel.
Taken down by those among me,
And fearful of the demons that live under the surface of the clouds.
For they could break my wings again.
And they would.

I have taken a step down from grace,
Into a forsaken place,
From which I cannot tell light from dark.
Right now I need hope.
Even a spark.

I am left here to drown in my emotions,
In my thoughts and feelings.
My wings will not move.
I am tied down.

But I have a halo.

It keeps me from the evils,
And the sorrows.
So I can be happy for another tomorrow.
I am going through a really quite emotional and confusing time right now, and I am writing what I feel and what I need, and what everyone feels and needs, when in desperate times.
harley r noire Nov 2018
i see a long line
made of lunatic, inebriate saints—
chanting orisons
with their haloes and white robes—
racing to the sea
screaming and preaching—
exchanging blows
for the blood of the ******—
illuding one another
for the salvation they thirst—
saying, i am one
to ascend the divine nirvana.

am i now a heathen?
for orisons should not pierce the ears—
yet i am dead sick
thus i pray for and on my own—
for the guts to try
ending the hellish havoc.

and when i finally screamed
sets of vile eyes, fangs and weapons—
smiled at me.
this is what happened to my country right now. for this one has a sensitive theme to it, i'll leave it to your own interpretation. written for the first prompt 'Halo' of November Hall of Poetry challenge on LINE app.
cait-cait Oct 2018
i didnt fall in love with this boy,
not this one
                     who tore me to pieces,

and i feel like an angel ,
suffocated in white, my wings were clipped
on the first day you
                                  wanted to kiss me,

and it feels violent,
my halo wasn’t built just to break —

and i did not forgive you,
i never will .

because you were never meant to go to heaven.
It’s so funny I’m not even religious, I just love religion. Ever since I was a child I’ve used it to cope. The title is lyrics from a really dumb song.
Folie Sep 2018
A God’s man once said I’ll turn to gold, I’ll be forgiven for sins when i grow old. I’ll be named a dove when I am a crow, black feathers sheathed in innocence and a ****** to take the heaven’s. Of lies and tales form me a halo and the name of Lucifer.
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