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annh Oct 3
You tilted your halo at me,
While I was polishing my horns,
A twinkle in your eye,
A prayer on your lips;
I can resist anything except temptation.
Can you?

‘There is a charm about the forbidden that makes it unspeakably desirable.’
- Mark Twain

The penultimate line is borrowed from the playful and flirtatious character of Lord Darlington in Oscar Wilde’s comedy of manners, ‘Lady Windermere’s Fan’.
annh Oct 6
my halo
at life, for kicks;
and life kicked back.
A failed tetractys: 1-2-3-4-10. And a variation on 'Temptation'.

‘The angel came, the angel saw, the angel fell.’
- Alexandra Adornetto, Halo
seraph Sep 12
You hang around my head like a heavy crown.
You bring me down.
Many hands make quick work,
Too many hands will undo it equally fast.
Oh, how I still crave your hands.
Gentle hands work soft on tender flesh.
I would still let you touch me, after all this.
You illuminate my head like a halo.
I glow when I'm with you.
My hands work alone to undo what has been done.
gracie Aug 30
and your halo can be seen on november nights before the car starts
when our breath is cold in the air
and, for a moment,
your words can be seen instead of felt.

when i look out the window,
i see a streetlight.
Faizel Farzee Aug 25
Cold as the winter Snow
Demons of my dreams
Won’t you leave me alone
Allow me to grow
You weighing me down
With your burning brimstone
I can’t condone
Taking the little good I have
To the trash it gets thrown
I wish to break free
And let the good in me flow
I wish to disown
This feeling’s so cold
Please, I beg you to just let me go
I’m through with this horror show
I think that it’s time
To resurrect … halo
Let the light survive
B D Caissie Aug 16
If the ride to heaven was on our halo, we’d all be going to hell.
Hereshecomes Aug 6
I circle around the halo
That stirs what lies below.
Spinning now
Only excess
materialises in belief form.
What is it about the chimera you construct
For those that don’t exist?
Gasping and grasping on
Slivers from a murdered past
You insist on perfecting gems in souls
Where there are none.
Let it rest my friend … or not
For the fury of Zenobia
Is still lighting
What remains of your life
And mine.
Anastasia Jul 30
she was
shadow cast
born of dark
eyes like jewels
and a starry night sky
night dew as her tears
moon dust in her lungs
the moths were her butterflies
fireflies, her halo
she was
shadow cast
On moonlight night whilst laid In bed with my sweetheart there at my side wide awake watching
her so pretty she look totally unaware I was watching

when a beam of light through a gap In our curtain passed over her beautiful body almost
like halo she bathed In this glorious light

Just at that moments I said to myself my girl looks just like an Angel and laid there watching her breathing then I
snuggled Into her and finally went to
Moonlight passed through a gap In our bedroom curtain
to shine a light like a halo on my Angel laid beside me
Haylin Feb 1
You can always tell the Devil's cheating halo,
It's the color never seen within a rainbow.
You can always tell the Devil's cheating halo,
It's the dark one. It's the color of sin.
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