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Poetic T Oct 11
I fade like a dead match,
                 warmth still seeps..

But within I'm charred and
           unresponsive to your words.

You once lit my world, brightening

my every emotion.

But then you just faded like
           the space between moments.

Your light was there, then gone.

I wanted to rekindle us,
          but what is spent cant be brought.

You were the match that lit my wick,
         but then you were just charred
We tried to relight what was there,
            but we'd burnt out to early.

even though I was lighting up,
                our corridors.
You were no longer there,
           extinguished before our time.

I knew we couldn't strike it again,
    it wasn't me, it was you.

And even though I shone for you,
    you could no longer hold a flame to

And you
                    we, were just flickering
on the brightness of the past
Neha Sharma Oct 8
He carries bits of stars in his veins
And they illuminate the night sky beside me.
I often tremble out of fear
But his eyes flicker in dark and guide me.

He paints a ray of sunshine through his smile
Although he endure agony but lied me.
He carries ointment of love in his heart
That heal the straches of my soul and delight me.

     ~your smiling queen :)
Dedicated to the love of my life.
copykitten Sep 27
I saw something in you
I glimpsed it in your eyes
Look at me, now
Let me see your fire again
Ablaze amidst amber eyes
Consuming me wholly, fully
Soft, caressing flames of emotions
Of passion, of sheer will
Mixed with anger and grief
Burning me alive, inside out
I accepted everything
And loved all of it
Now close those wistful eyes
Lower your head and come closer
So that I can whisper a question
Why are you too afraid
To let it engulf the rest of you?
Emily Wang Aug 17
Flicker, little candlelight
While you still can
Until you're the last wick still lit on the candle stand
Svode Jul 31
I used to have an obsession with candles.
Their soft yellow glow shimmering in the air,
Their heat melting the surrounding wax,
Their wicks, a lengthy fuse waiting to be terminated;
Their glow shining upon the surrounding area.

They comforted me, like a distressed mother
Holding tight to her kin during a hostile tempest.

They flicker so,
In the still air moving to and fro.
We are stars wrapped in skin,
a universe in ecstatic motion
that has a heart pulsating
like a supernova
and eyes made of stardust
that shines bright in the darkness.
Thoughts like candlelights,
flickering on and off.

So protect your light,
protect your flame
from the ice of others.

Let it burn,
let it burn brighter
Let it burn,
from within till it’s out.
Let your light shine,
whatever form it maybe.
Poetic T Jul 16
You were my orbit,
         but decaying in altitude.

Burning up in my heart,
   I thought you were a falling star.

But you were just a flicker in the
                    night sky of my life.
Anastasia Jun 6
her soul was the flavor of anarchy
and he knew he wanted a taste
silver roses and bloodred flame
to win her heart was a lovely game
he kissed her in the rain
and she touched him without shame
he wanted her heart
but only got pain
she played around
with the strings of his heart
but she sometimes feared
she would tear them apart
a flicker
or flame
a bite
and a taste
of her
i've had the words "anarchy soul" in my head for a while, so i decided to make a poem. have a lovely day <3
In the time of darkness,
The light remains.
Perhaps a flicker,
Almost in vain.
The hope it still gives,
The path it shows;
Even on the dawn of new eve,
Where the world nearly froze.
Neither can survive,
While the other dies.
The double-edged sword lives,
Thrives in deceit and lies;
But no one can stop
As the worlds collide.
Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise
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