Simpathi Nov 2017

Candle candle, in the air,
Where is your flicker,
Where is your flare?

Candle candle, in the dark,
Do you believe with all your heart,
That you and your light will never part?

Candle candle, in the night,
Do you not scoff at the sight,
Of the darkness that surrounds you?

Candle candle, light so small,
Do you not have one single flaw?
Nothing to hide, it only reflects off the nearby wall.

Candle candle, why do you flicker?
Do you barely hold on and hinder,
While bearing the cold harsh winter?

Candle candle, of golden warmth,
Why is it so easy to love, to adore,
All you are that shines brightly on the floor?

Candle candle, flame of bright,
Why so humble and yet reach for heights,
No one admires or sees, for we all are blind?

Candle candle, why so faint?
You have endless beauty of flame,
And no match to light it, only pain.

Candle candle, in my dream,
Tell me, are the things I see,
Things of old or present reality?

Candle candle, in my head,
Is the flame of my heart,
The one fire I haven’t lit yet?

Candle candle, tell me now,
Where to give up, when, and how,
So I can leave the dark and shine bright.

Candle candle, show me how,
To light my spark and take a bow,
For the candle’s voice is a small sound.

Candle candle, on the wall,
Let me glide and let me fall,
This is my choice, it’s not your call.

Candle candle, why so hot?
Draw me close just for a shot,
To see what it would’ve brought?

Candle candle, pull me close,
Tell me all, I want to know,
So that you will never hit a low.

Candle candle, listen dear,
Life is too short for sadness or fear,
Regrets, pain, or makeup-filled tears.

Candle candle, I know it’s hard,
You were never warned you would get this scarred,
And put up with the things of the dark.

Candle candle, cherish what you have,
And never even try to look back,
There are only lost memories that take what you had.

Candle candle, you were thrown out,
Rejected with force and left with doubt,
Of your flame that still yearns to shout,

Candle candle, here I stand,
Take all of me, take all that I am.
It’s my turn to play in love’s final band.

Taylor Kennerly Jul 2017

And if it burns so brightly
That it burns away
Let the heat melt the soles of my feet from running
Let the light etch memories of you
Across my skin
Let the flames smooth away past scars
And the wounds you leave in place
not be in vain

Jan 8. 2015
JAC Mar 2017

Like a candle in a hurricane
We flickered out in the wind
And anyone who saw us burning
Thought it must have just been
A little trick of the light.

Poetic T May 2016

It bathes in a crematorium of illumination,
it's cries are swallowed by slate lullabies
lingering in the horizon of purest beauty.

Obscure in it's effects, It ingratiates all quivering
flickers that do not concede to this disheartening
funeral pyre of onyx flames seeding it to oblivion.

Where light diminished eclipsed in obliteration,
substance was all and void. Bathing in its consumed
form, it opened its eclipsing sight and two stars shone.

"For when all is nothing, light always finds a way to shine,

light will always find away to shine in the darkest of times.
Midnight Rain Mar 2016

He was the flicker
In the flaming fire.
The one that ignites
Really quick in a moment,
But diminishes the
Very next.
In a blink of
An eye,
He comes only
To disappear again.

She was a drop
In the ocean,
Her waves
Forever catching onto
The feet of strangers,
Hoping for the one
That would
Be swept into
Her depth.

He loved her,
He did.
In the little blinks
Of life that he was
Alive, he loved her.

The day came
When the fire was
Close to the
He could feel
Her in the water,
Dancing in the waves.

And in
The moment
Of a  
He jumped
Out of the fire.
A spark
On the sand,
And her waves
Encompassed his entire

Consumed he was,
From the very first
His life gave away
Under her waves.
The only trace of
His existence was
The stream of
That lasted
But just a blink
Of an eye.

What is love, if it does not destroy you first?
Poetic T Feb 2016

My thoughts were upon one moment
When above my head a lonely moth
Did fly. I walked in a line a zig zag
But he still did follow above my
Brow little wings did flutter about.

I stopped for a moment to my amazement
Where there was but one now two did
Drift within the air. Hello little ones I did
Ask what does bring you upon this hour
Floating above my head over my hair.

I walked a while pretending that the
Flickers were imagination not really there.
But where two once were now three glided,
Fluttered above I felt the cooling air.
Why follow me wee ones why do you care.

Little ones who fly with me, I ponder in
Thought yet you effortlessly spiral above
My figure. Can I ask why you do this, could
You cease this. Would you possibly reconsider
As interrupting my remarkable endeavour.

But on I walked where so few had once been
More did collect above my feature, I shooed
Them my arms did wave above my head.
People walking past looked and sniggered,
Great now I look crazy as you do flutter.

I carried on my thoughts still bright, even
Though these above my head you think
It would dim get gradually dimmer. But
A light had gone off and would not flicker.

Then I realised what had caused this action
The thought so bright it was a metaphorical
Light upon my feature. So bright the idea
Did they see, so hovering on the gleam.

I sat upon a bench and out came paper and
Pen, my thoughts now concentrated from
Thought to matter. With that the little
Reflection now emptied scribbled on paper.

Where many had floated above all now
Were dispensing as the light had slowly
Grows significantly dimmer. But one did
Stay it saw potential of brighter, bigger.

So if a moth on a dark night decides to
Hover and you just had a thought.
Realize that these little ones can see
The light and the ideas that flicker.

Madison Y Sep 2015

You ask what I'm thinking, and I give you
Some line I wrote in freshman English.
Then you sit there telling me I'm so insightful,
But, God!—I've got you fooled.
I am not special or interesting or
I am a girl who reads poems
(Far too much Bukowski) and
Lets the flicker of the TV lull her to sleep.
Night after night it's some new hero telling a girl with big eyes he loves her,
And then they're living 'happily ever after'
Like it's some place you can drop by for a postcard and a bite to eat.
It's bullshit.
Still, look at me—I eat it up,
Let it sink so deep that it digs through my bones
Until I'm practically made of the stuff.
And the worst part is, I'm running around spouting all this fairy-tale garbage,
Like maybe if I say it often enough, it'll come true.
But, of course, it never does.
You never burst through the right door, and I never cry into the crook of your neck.
I don't love you, and you only think you love me:
The bitch who reads Bukowski.

(This is an example of writing whilst terrified.)
Alice R-P Jun 2015

The candle is lit,
It flickers in front of me,
Just like my heart inside.
The light plays around,
Not staying quite steady,
Just like my thoughts in my mind.

The seemingly calm flame,
Unexpectedly starts to ignite,
Just like my feelings for You.
The candle burns out,
But I believe and have faith,
That our love will live staying true.

Bijan Nowain May 2015

My heart shudders, vibrates
With your presence vacant
Return soon or sadness consumes
Whenever you are near
Flickers of hope burns brilliant
As the future befalls unclouded

Poetic T Apr 2015

It was unwinding, like a light on a candle
Fighting to keep the flame burning when
The wick had run out.

Can you outrun life, death, never
Tried till now. But I walked, It was
A flickering existence, we had jumped
The flame once too often and now it
Was our time to be blown out.

"Hold my hand"
"Please hold me tight"

I didn't know these men, woman on
There knees as touching the earth helped,
Tears, screaming at the wind, its ending
They'd scream, but I was in the distance
Leaving those to their maddening self chatter.

It was an amazing sight, the end was bright
Like dominos building fell,
"Paper in the wind was everything else"
Cinders fell as parched winds blew, I had ran,
Then walked. my last view of the world
Was a billboard?
I laughed as my existence turned to dust.

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