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I wonder if you're cold.
You're beautiful.
I bet you're beautiful in the spring.
And even prettier in the summer.
In the winter your cold.
And now, you're beautiful.
I wonder if anything is crawling on you.
If you're taking a breath in or out right this moment.
I wonder if the sun makes you smile.
If the cold kills you-
I hope you're not dead.
Because you're so beautiful.
Sitting from so far away.
I see you.
You curve oddly.
The clouds were just swept for you.
Are you waving at me?
I saw something.
Are you thirsty?
Is it too cold for you?
I'm sorry, i didn't bring anything.
I'm sorry…
“I'm sorry.”
“But it was all me, don't be sorry”...

“It's okay now.”
“It's never okay.”
“To me, it's okay now.”
“It's not okay…”
“It is to me.”
What would it do in this situation?
What temperature would it feel?
The Summer?
The Winter?
The Spring?
The Fall?

(“The Fall.”)

I can't warm up to him.
But I'm going to, I'm going to fail.
I'm going to “Fall”.

What would you do?
What would you grab onto.
The dirt?

If you fell right now i wouldn't hear you.
I can’t.
She's in the way.
This window is in the way.
The air.
The fence.

I can’t-
-help it.

I'm going to hug you.
Be there.
I'm going to hug you.
You're stuck in the ground.

You're beautiful.


You're going to make me die.
That was a mistake.
Written in pen.
You're going to make me cry.
I'm ready for it.
I'm waiting for it.
I'm waiting for you to feel like it's right.
Not set in stone.
I'm letting you make the decision.
The first move.
Because I made the first move last time.
Not this time.
Not again.
Not ever.
Be ready.
Please be ready.
For yourself.
For me.
The one outside.
The one in the car.

“Negative Attention.”

She’s a horrible woman.
She's beautiful.
Not like the other tho.
She is wrong.
One of God brought by Satin.

I'm sorry ***.
Show me you're ready.
I love you.

You're beautiful.
Broken Pieces Apr 19
I'm finally ready to go,
But there is a fear that I won't let show.
I'm so scared I'm going to fall into the same dark,
I'm still forced to relive the past with every single mark.

What if I'm not actually ready to be okay?
What if everything goes great until people don't stay?
Why do I have so many fears about this day?
I keep saying I'm ready but is that really the way?

People tell me the fears are only in my head,
But I still have the biggest fear of being dead.
It's true I've worked hard and I seem new,
But yet there is something that still draws me to you.

I always thought if I could smile I was over you,
But I smile and the pain stays too.
If you say you're okay enough I'm sure it'll work,
But the demons will always stay around and lurk.

So yea I'm ready to leave, let's see how this will go,
Hopefully all of my emotions will begin to show.
I really do want this to be different so please help me,
I just want to be happy and be set free.
Zack Ripley Jan 17
Time doesn't heal. You do.
Love doesn't conquer all.
But you can when you're ready.
And it's okay if you're not ready.
It takes time to be strong.
Don't be afraid to live young.
Because you won't be for long.
Blake Nov 2020
What a strange age

Expected to grow up
Expected to change

But there is a problem
With what they request,
I’m not quite done growing
And I’m still quite a mess

They tell me I’m ready
That I have to move on

Won’t somebody tell me
Where my childhood’s gone?

What are these taxes?
Why must I move out?
If I haven’t the money,
Shall I sleep on the ground?

Nobody told me
How to accept
The loss of my childhood
As a normal event

It may not have been nice
And it may not have been good
And I might have been through stuff
That no child should

But I am not ready
To give it all up
To trade for my hours,
Everyday at a job

I don’t know how to fight it
I’m not sure I can

But at least I am finding
The person I am

At 18 I’m growing
And I’ll keep in my hand
That of another me,
The one of my Past
I am just a person who originated from a clump of cells that developed from an egg. Why am I forced to follow the rules of the people around me, what if I just wanted to be a ******* bird?
Cardboard-Jones Nov 2020
I really need some lovin'.
You really need some lovin'.
We all need some lovin', babe.
Show me how you lovin'.

I wanna give my lovin'.
You wanna give your lovin'.
We could use some lovin'.
Give me everything I want.

I wanna give you lovin'.
You wanna give me lovin'.
We could share our lovin', baby.
'Cause we're both done waitin'.
Cause we could use some lovin', love
ready steady
hit the clutch
i’ve got your greed
you’ve got my guts

ready steady
please me dim
please you sober
displeased again

ready steady
back and forth
know thyself
more than thy worth

ready steady
hit and touch
bruised and blue-lipped
unlove too much.
SelinaSharday Sep 2020
Don't get ahead of me and write your story!

Don't go another chapter.
Thinking the mood will capture.
I'm in time standing still..
With every bit of my own appeal.
In my simple time filled maze.
My own lust craze.
A variety lost in chapter three.
You wont see my feet moving, cuz sum different I see.
Listen you stay writing mental notes
And making quotes.
Of repetitions lil mentions.
Yet I've been writing undisturbed proverbs.
While entertaining fluffy clouds in hidden suburbs.
Speaking unplainly @You
How can you
Understand me to get to
chapter 2.
And see me in chapter 3.
Tell meh you feeling Me.
Selfish..walking talking with a unheard woman.
Right now I'ma be selfish cuz there's not lots in common.
But Im avoiding confusion..
I'm made of words and proverbs emotions and quotations.
And vocals that speak of revelations.
A Queendom nation.
Bell of a heightened Resurrection.
Do I move you to deeper configuration.
Or to liquid confusion.
As a harp I'm played..
My cords play stayed.
Yet to instructions I move, frequently  gently.
Not many clearly see the harmony that guides me.
I am writer. Server..Praiser..Uplifter..Encourager.
Made to stir, seek, employ, create and confer.
A waiter..a humble soul..Qualifier..flower.
@I'm simply__H.E.R. writer.
he quickly says ready set lets go..Lifetime change making moves...The big picture, Oh let's go..
Gabriel Girault Aug 2020
As an arrow flies throughout the sky,
it remembers its journey.
How it was
and launched.
He remembers the days where all he did was sit and think,
where he wished to be free.
Now that he is free he realizes that all is not how he dreamed.
He was heading towards a target,
one that he did not ever dream about.
He was going too fast.
All he cared for was life as it was,
but now as he flies through the sky,
breaking the air,
he realizes he wasn’t ready.
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