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LC Oct 9
the breeze tickles her hair 
and takes her worries with it. 
the sun wants a break
just for a little while.
she misses the sun,
but knows it needs a minute.
she'll be here when it's ready.
Nylee Oct 5
You know what
I am sad.
You know what
That isn't least bit surprising.
You know what
You'll learn that if you have read
more pieces of my work.
You know what
I guess I should stop.
You know what
But I can't.
You know I feel like telling you
all the things that happened to me.

You know what
I hope you are ready to listen.
Please write back
I can't save you
Until Wednesday
But please write
I still have dreams
About seeing you
And it breaks me
I saw you last night
At a Panic! concert
You were hurting
Even there
My mind is reaching out
But I don't think
I can reach you
This time
It's been thirteen days
And I swear
I'll never stop thinking
About your purple hair
And your bands tees
All the reasons
I gave you my number
To begin with
I want to sing to you
With my awful voice
To make you laugh
To draw on your hand
Is all I need
You're beautiful
And funny
And I'm nothing
If not a cliche
I guess that's okay
As long as you are
Still with me somewhere
Things aren't easy but I'm starting to look forward again.
Carl D'Souza Aug 1
I need
to frequently revise
my principles
for living
a joyful and happy life
so that when challenges come
I’m ready to respond
in a wise way.
Don't you dare
Think that the miles
Matter much
You're my
And I'll
Never stop
Thinking of you
Your face
Will always
Be in dreams
And there's no time
That when I close
My eyes
You won't be
On my mind
Maybe it's a bit exaggerated, but not by much. I care about her so much. Her hell is so much like mine.
Nadia Apr 18
Your words echo
Beautiful and violent
Deep within my everything
I ache
Wanting, needing, yearning
Words and feelings
Impossibly out of reach
Thank you
I found a map:

If you trynna bounce
and make it real high
you must cut the crap
cuz you'll encounter a wall.
It's a ******* trap
its meant to make you turn back.
You can stall, look in the mirror,
Dream big or settle.
Do stay within the stall
or do not. You will fail,
you will **** at what you do.
do or do not.
Fall back
or risk your stack.

Must possess the  g u t s
to snap
at the top of the wall.
Make a plan
of action.
This is how the capitalist
rat race game plays out.
Beat fate's narration,
sacrifice your conformist
self, for the cherries of tomorrow.

Dare to dream,
while smoking a habanero
to Marley's mumbling
in a distant galaxy
out of thy life.

No one's sure where this map
leads, but prepare for the worse,
sharpen you swords,
meditate then nap.
Bring snacks,
kick some ***.
Be prepared to figure out your crap.

Wake up slap!
Not an angry poem.
Time Is not a problem to me anymore retired from the rat race that we know as working life but financially no better
But unlike Helen I have no fear of dying not that any braver but life Is not quite the same  now
I'm on my
Perhaps the only thing that bother's me Is we have no say how we go but no fears of closing my eyes do I
for If had my way that's the way I would go with last thoughts In my head being of Helen and I'd happily go to perminate
sleep Imagining her back In my arms
so today tonight tomorrow or whenever just as long as I go this way more than happy to close my eye perminately just happy to drift
It was a quiet, beautiful night,
With death my last fight,
I breathed  my last,
The dice was cast.
Tonight there was a full moon glowing,
The stars were sparkling,
All the Angels around me smiling,
Happy and cheering,
Me, to heaven they were taking.
As the hearse took me to the graveyard.
The city was blazed with lights
And around my soul was a halo of heavenly light.
My grave was already dug,
A beautiful Angel came and gave me a hug,
She whispered softly,"READY."
Though you are dead your soul can see everything. It never dies
Maddie Rea May 6
New elements discovered, is it enough to motivate us to move into the other lane

Not ready to face this fight, different person different light

Just want to pass out waiting and watching, ready to take the last jump

It doesn’t matter what variable you give me I will always **** life up

What happened to my dreams, now they’re just lost in my memories

Full of anger, void of all the rest, I’m ready to see my rest
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