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Nylee 19h
I am in constant dilemma
To be them or to be me
Who do I choose
When everyone else is them
And I do not know
Who is me?
Eliseatlife Sep 22
If love is a battlefield
Then I must have forgotten all of my armor at home,
Its a war I never agreed to fight
If I asked you
Where would you choose to go,
if given the opportunity to time travel

Past or future

I used to think
Is that even a question
Of course the future.

What's in the past?
Nothing useful.
And you won't get anything from there.

Better see the future.
You can earn some money.
And you will know something which you didn't before.
I could become the most powerful person on earth with that.

But now that I have grown a bit.
It seems much easier to dwell on the past.
The beautiful moments I had,
Which would never come back.
I wish I could relive them forever.

Like when I was laughing with my friends
So hard, that my stomach started paining,
My eyes won't stop watering.
I felt like I would explode out of joy.

When my mom was feeding me with her hands,
The love and warmth of her fingers,
Making the food extra delicious.
It was the best food I ever had.

When I went for a walk with my dad,
He usually doesn't talk much.
But that day he was putting his efforts to look for something to talk about.
For once he showed me that he cares.
We walked holding hands in hands.
It felt like the safest place on earth to be.

When I was reading the poem,
Written by my brother as my birthday gift.
It was so wonderful.
Full of all the stories we had for whole our lifetime.
The crazy spelling mistakes,
And that almost unreadable handwriting,
Made it even better
I cried and cried,
Tears full of love, emotions, guilt and much more.
I knew I could give my life for this little fellow of mine.

When I would walk with this guy,
Holding hands,
We would talk for hours,
Never really reaching to an end.
All the fights and melodrama,
Then going back to normal,
Only to fight again,
But the fights were beautiful and so was the drama.
I could fight the world for him.

Alas! Too bad!
The future can't bring those feelings back to me,
Those times ,
Where I felt like I should die right now because I am so happy,
And I would never be like that again.
When I felt l was floating in the air,
Out of those emotions.

So I choose to go to the past,
No matter how stupid it sounds.
I would like to be there,
Forever and ever.

Even after I die
You can find me there
Living In those moments
When I was so happy that I wanted to die at that moment.
With so many people in all the wild world at once it would seem that none are special. But it is your time, so precious you spend with the ones that makes them important to you. You spend your time, limited by your life that you might tame the ones you choose from their wild world. When they are tamed they become unique to you in all the wild world, and even when they are invisable from you it is only with your heart you can see them rightly.
The ones we invite in, the ones we make special to us can hurt us the most and even in the hurt we try to find love
Creator Sun Aug 30
They said that the pen is mightier than the sword.
I never would have underestimated it had I thought
That the words you said would hurt so much.
So much that I cannot think.

Cannot feel.

You and your short biting tongue.
You with a cannon for a mouth.
You who chooses your words to hurt.
You who said, "You're worthless."

Worthless, ****, fat, deadmeat.
Why do you all hurt so much?
Why do you cause tears to run down my face?
Why do you feel worse than a punch in the face?
Why do you make me want to end
My miserable, sorry, uneventful life?
Why do you hurt so much?

Tell me, why do we learn language?
When it can be used against us?
I've personally never been attacked like that in my life, but I'd heard enough about verbal bullying. Many times, it can feel worse than being physically bullied. I hope that everyone can be patient and kind enough to choose better words to be said, better words to be written. I hope that all of us can be a Canadian stereotype, so that the world looks more warm and inviting.
Bhill Aug 28
Hello to you, and you and you, what can I do today
I see what you want, it's ghastly and gaunt, and I think you should just go away
What do you mean, you think that it's keen; it's awful and I can't abide
I think you should hurry, and please, please scurry, get out, your want is denied
We all have our views and yours made me choose, to ask you to leave me alone
I know you meant well, but I bid you farewell to move on to a better unknown

Brian Hill - 2019 # 219
Another attempt as this format. I like it because you can have fun with ideas, emotions and even beliefs...
zxn Jul 28
Patience. Patience. Patience.
All my life I've been told to be patient.
Well maybe it's time to go make it happen.
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