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Jeremy Betts Apr 14
Living and breathing
The caretaker of a broken heart
One that's half assed patched together
And worn on my short sleeve in any weather
Right out in the open for everyone to take a shot at destroying
Taking quite a beating
Almost succeeding
Breath unanimously labeled a necessity
It's the only choice we can't make
For fuuck sake
No one's never, in the history of ever, ask to be here
Not allowed to choose when you leave here
It's looking like a cult is what we got here
It's the only thing you're not allowed to be bad at
What do you do when it's the thing you are worst at?

ZACK GRAM Dec 2023
Explosions an gunfire starts
Objects burn falling from the sky
Sirens are going off
Power goes out
Radios on
Mass broadcast
Screams in the darkness
Military people show up
King the earth is at war
We need to get you safe
Hurry we have to get you in a bunker
No words
No king
No plan
Silent facing death
And scrutiny
Mark Wanless May 2023
you see you feel you
think you choose and that last one
is so difficult
Mark Wanless Jan 2023
traveling a time
line i be what it says yet
sometimes i choose
Lulu Sarmiento Nov 2021
They say, "Choose."
But let me ask, "Do I have a choice?"
Mark Wanless Aug 2021
a common human
conditioning pervades the
planets surface   choose
Zack Ripley May 2021
I would be lying
If I said I wasn't afraid of failing.
But I'm more afraid of succeeding.
There's so much more pressure.
You have more to lose.
Your actions have more consequences.
You have to think more carefully
Before you choose.
But sometimes, you have to take risks.
You just have to decide
If it's worth the extra stress.
anoxvrmous May 2021
I can breathe without you
live without you
I don't want to.
sounds of my heart
Mark Wanless May 2021
from death arises
creation don't mean a thing
but that which you choose
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