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It's not about me. It's not about you.
It's about what we do.
What we do with the time we have left
With the people we meet.
With the challenges we face.
With the rumors we hear.
When we come face to face
With our fears.
With the love we have.
With the love we lose.
What we do when we have to choose.
What we do when we realize
We have responsibilities.
That's what it's all about to me.
Zack Ripley Oct 4
I accept there will be times
When we don't see eye to eye.
After all, you grew up different than I.
I accept that some day, place and time,
We will die.
I accept the idea that we have souls.
That there are things that can happen
That are out of our control.
But I reject the suggestion
That there's nothing we can do to change it.
I reject that everything
is black and white. wrong or right.
I reject that life is a one way street.
Because I believe in second chances.
That there are more than 2 ways
Of looking at things.
And most importantly,
I believe that even if you go down
One path, eventually, you can choose a different one.
I know that what I accept,
Reject, and believe isn't necessarily
Relevant to you.
But different perspectives
Can help you get through.
Zack Ripley Sep 16
Every day, you make a choice
To stay silent or raise your voice.
And that's your choice, and I respect it.
I just want you to know
That if today, you decide you want
To be a lion
and let people hear you roar,
I'll roar with you until you don't feel alone or broken anymore.
Luka Sep 9
Choose me, even When im blind folded and my back turned without awareness.
Adhere to me, when i seem to be turning sour and everything else blooming.
Pick me, Loudly, As though other options are irrelevant.
Settle for me.
Show me im not a fool for having Settled for You.
Amanda Jul 9
I truthfully want to be close to you
A real friend who you talk to each day
Somehow fights erupt over nothing
Arguing gets in the way

You just want me to be healthy
And normal like you think you are
But I can see you're clearly not
Weakness visible from afar

Another year quickly passes by
Hung up on past mistakes
Old offenses should be forgiven
You don't have the strength it takes

I just want a clean slate in your eyes
A second chance to impress
But you can't peel off your predetermined labels
Convinced I'm incapable of progress

It is difficult to face the truth
Your pride I will never earn
So I may as well give up trying
To my bad habits reluctantly return

I accept you just as you are
Favorite pain-in-the-***
Thought we hated each other as kids
Was wrong to conclude so fast

Nothing can replace family
Though at times you drive me mad
We've always had each other for support
That's a lot more than some others had

You think you know what is best for me
Preaching about my decisions
I wish you could see you don't have all the answers
Put an end to derision

Someone needs to show you
How to make a change in the way
You brutally express your thoughts
Or I'll keep walking away

You are not as perfect as you believe
There's no difference between you and I
How can you stand there intoxicated
Lecturing me not to get high?

I yearn to share intimate details
Hidden deep in my brain
Halted by your lack of empathy
You wouldn't understand my pain

You insist on criticizing me
Each time you come around
Maybe you should fix a few things in your own life
Before you choose to put mine down
Another one about my well-meaning ******* brother
either come closer or stay away
having you in between is very exhausting
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