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acacia 3d
and after I came, I looked into the ceiling light: all I could see was the sun
I looked into the sun, I was taken for a ride
My eyes went everywhere
my sight blurred and all I could see
where shadows of ground and light before it came
My cheeks flushed
hard smell of salt and sweat
perhaps, even something sweet, a hint of saccharine, too
I am glued together,
glued to the top of the bed, the mattress could’ve used a little extra room anyway
I hit my peak when the sun was it’s peak today,
I hear your high-afternoon speaking in my ears;
I feel your August noon summer slowly rocking me along the waves of personal streams from my passageways
Luca C 6d
And I have been fighting,
I have been fighting since
I knew I had to fight.
Since I knew what it was.
I was fighting against the smoke
that blew its way
out of my brother's lungs
in the middle of the night
when he thought i was asleep.
I was fighting against my father's uncontrollable anger,
and hands that roamed my body
when I didn't want them to.
I was fighting against my friends darkness
and my own.
But I never once,
had to fight you.
Not you, thats why you were different. You were the one thing that i loved, that i didnt need to fight.
My head
Is pounding
It hurts
I shouldn't have
Hit it
  Ove r
  O v E r
   O   V  E r
O V e R
Against a concrete wall
Left for dead Jul 15
You left me at the doorstep,
Packed all my **** and left,
You did me *****,
Again ,again and again

Ride or die,
I never was,
One and only,
Nope I never was,

You shoot your words like a flamethrower ,I barely finish my sentences,
You accept beating me,
Not once but twice,
With the sharp cutlasses ,

I don’t even care anymore because I love you,
But love should not hurt when I touch you...
I’m alone again.

Domestic abuse is never ok you should never feel alone :tel:08082000247
Hurt pain beaten
Give me another hit.  
I am feeling scared
I want to forget who I was and what is now
Nothing will matter in a second
Not the dark
Not what is happening

Give me another hit
I want to taste the burn and feel the fire
I want to faze off so the fear isn't anything anymore

Give me another hit
Just one more.
I promise this is the last
I just want to forget.
c Jun 9
I am afraid of lots of things
But mostly of myself
Because I love
Too hard
And I fall
Too hard
And I hit the ground
Too hard
I’m not sure I can get up this time
Osiria Melody May 14
Toss and turn in bed like laundry undone
My washing machine mind runs and my
energy dries up
Exhausted from being awake for too long,

I toss and turn to begin another cycle
I rinse the pain away from my body thru
successive stretches
A calisthenic conversation with myself

Lying in my bed of thoughts, each one is
a piece of emotion clothing, unravelled
I detect the fibers of morning breath and
reluctantly tumble out of bed
With a sigh, I walk to the bathroom to
brush my teeth, just another day

This toothpaste bottle is like detergent to
rid of my morning breath
And as I wash my face, I wash away the
morning grumps, which drain to my sink
My reflection greets me as I realize that
my image is an outfit seamed together

Since I look a little better, I don't feel like
the laundry undone when I first woke up

I woke up earlier than usual today.
Tee Morris May 1
He grabbed her by the wrist
Pushed her to the floor
She missed the little kiss
Before she'd leave the door

Every day was a fight
She couldn't escape
He would hurt her
She was no longer under his embrace

She lost her kids to the system
He had a lot of problems
She just wished she could fix them
She just didn't know how

His hand bruised her face
She had a shiner
She'd cry and run but he'd chase
But every tear that fell made her a 'whiner'

He grabbed her by the throat
And shoved her into the door
He held a knife and impaled her
Her blood dripping to the floor

He fled outside the door
Her body lying on the floor
Tears running down her face
As she was seeing the light even clearer

He could see her body as he ran
Her cries becoming clearer
Realising what he'd done
Leaving her for dead, battered and bruised
I have to write a poem for a drama piece in school because my teacher really likes my poem and this is it :) It is about a man abusing his wife because we have to use stereotypes but of course it's not always this way. Sorry it's not the best aha.
cait-cait May 1
prosperity comes in…
prosperity comes…

she comes in...

shades of black and blue,

like bruises
when you hit me and tug on my hair,
and like
apples that ripen and then soften...
A half sequel to my prom “I am on my knees.” It wasn’t intended to be a sequel or even be a poem at all but reading it made me think of it. I don’t chew on my fingernails anymore. I’ve been really interested in writing that features a lot of hesitation / stuttering
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