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Svetoslav Feb 2021
poisonous trash thrown
lives underwater suffer
wide bricks hold them in
Toxic Wastes
It's our responsibility as human beings to protect environment.
Syllable Count: 17 ~ lines 5/7/5 ~ 11 words
by Svetli
Poetic T May 2020
I struggle when I have to write
rhyme you see naturally I'm slight
towards the free verse, trying to get
it perfect, just right I start to sweat.

My words syllables are just what ever
comes in to my mind, Im not words clever.
For some this comes naturally, I have to
use sites as my words need to be next in que.

But to some this is a natural progression,
is it for me  worth it which is the question?
We say to learn is to elevate ourselves higher.
Using this metaphor in hope I don't misfire.

I'm poetic blue, I write on cold white warming
it up with words, hopefully there correctly forming.
Me I **** at rhyme, I have to use a site, as for some this is natural as I`m free verse. So i get blue with how long i take to write ones that do but I`m learning and getting better the more i try
Maja May 2020
life has its tricks,
sometimes, it’ll hit you with bricks,
but even if I crack, I’m still me.
Just because I’m broken,
doesn’t mean there’s anything to fix.
I just need some help to find myself. Not to create someone else.
Melissa Mar 2020
Brick by brick keeps staking on my chest, trying to test to see if I'll crack. The more bricks, the more heaver it gets. Now I'm drowning in a puddle I didn't even know exists.
Nik Bland Dec 2019
You feel you are a stack of mortar and brick
I see you as a sailing ship
So funny how these things contradict
You think you’re still, I say you’re still moving

Shift with me, but standing against the waves
You’re not one for the newest craze
Traditional as you innovate
You and your wonderful “you-ness”

See each time you rise and fall
Ship to sea, not stagnant wall
Consistently moving, never to be stalled
Till your destination is reached

And until you sail again
777 Nov 2019
the red bricks destroy the green woods
leave them alone
do not interfere
if you do
do not ask why it despises us
Tom Nov 2019
lay those bricks on the ground
protect what you hold dear
drown in the sound
so quiet you cannot hear

city birds they run free
from cages of metal and rising smoke
but my brothers next to me
take a breath only to choke

there is nothing we can do
but we can only try
say it over again till it rings true
'this city will never die'
My girl is currently stuck in HK and I am counting the days until she is with me again.
Daisy Ashcroft Jun 2019
I built these walls up,
Brick by brick,
When I was just a child.
They kept me safe,
They kept me sane,
They kept me from you.

I built these walls up,
Brick by brick,
Cementing them with the hate,
The pain,
The disgust
That you inflicted upon me.

I built these walls up,
Brick by brick,
Hoping they could shield my heart,
Hoping they could protect me from the world,
Hoping they could stop you.

I built these walls up,
Brick by brick,
A layer for each hour of loathing,
Each hour of self-hatred,
Each hour of torture,
That I barely endured.

I built these walls up,
Brick by brick,
To save me from the world.
To save the world from me.

But then you came,
On that motorcycle.
Speeding down my road
With coldness in your heart.

But then you came,
And tore these walls apart.
And I couldn't bear it;
You ripped them asunder with your bare fingers
Without even laying a hand on me.

But then you came,
And I saw your face,
And these walls
I had built up,
Brick by brick,
All those years ago,
Those walls came shattering down.
It hits me
Like a ton of bricks
Every single time

I’m not strong enough
To get back up

Brick by brick
I’m hit
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