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I don't really care about
Atoms, photons or parallel
Universes where you and I could've
worked out differently and existed

cause all we have is here and now
so I'm going to try my best to make
this life worth it, meaningful and
happy for you to live in.
About giving someone your all
Tayler 1d
still searching for the meaning
still searching for the why
it feels like my only purpose
is to be alive
then die
Amazing how we all are gifted sometimes we have dig deep In our Innermost thoughts or might be triggered by a loss or special event In our
Then suddenly we discover we have a talent that we had never recognised but
we have new goals In life
to want to succeed or find
Yes the new found talent to pay tribute as myself to a loved one lost, you have again a purpose In life as In my case carry me through grief for my loss of Helen
My beloved wife and mother to our son, to write
keep her memories alive
through poetry writing  which one day I discovered I had
Releasing a tallent one never they had and putting It to a really good purpose In life
A moment

That's all it takes

A single moment

The touch of a loved one
The laugh of a stranger
The shy smile from the little boy
hiding behind his mother's leg

There and then not

Did you savour it
Lean into it
Let it sink deep

Or did it pass you
Did you let it slip away
Unaware of its purpose

One moment

That's all it takes
For Paolo ❤. Missing you alot today. September 18th 1995 - March 18th 2018
When you lay there
thinking your life does not matter,
every exhalation meaningless
every unfaltered lub dub wasted.
Go out there
and make a difference in someone's life.

be compassionate
give yourself a sense of purpose.

Because it is then
when you will breathe life
into your life.

When you will find
yourself grounded and rooted
rather than swaying like the wind
and allowing time
to slip like grains of sand unnoticed.

Allow fluffy clouds
of magical wisps
to fill your head
and propel you forward
to fill you with color
and life.

So choose to bring peace and joy
to someone else and yourself
for you will not be just be surviving
but bringing significant difference
in your own beautiful way.

- Beautiful Sensitive Soul
Tayler 3d
I went to a party
without a date
I went to a restaurant
without a friend
I went to a reunion
without a boyfriend

who am I
without someone
am I someone
without the one

does the one feel the same
without me
Striving forward, the bustle of the daily grind
The need to be that one percent better each day
We're all putting in this effort to find
The goals that lead us on our way.

Remembering not to compare ourselves to anyone
To focus on our own path and growth
Taking care not to forget to have fun
And to avoid the things that we loathe.

Each and every one of us has a unique story
That unravels as we work towards what we find worthwhile
For some its joy, for others its glory
That motivates us to move in our own style.

On our way we meet other people
And really this is the trick to life
To surround ourselves with those we feel
Are also working towards something worthwhile.
I loved harder even where it hurts the most
because I thought that my sole purpose was to fit in.
Have you ever gotten existential
Hit with the realization
That you are going to die
And you don't know when
Or how
But that it's inevitable

With the feeling that
you don't really matter
You are just passing by
Entertaining others
Not really changing anything
No impact

And that you
Have no idea
That there is an afterlife
You believe ofcourse
But there is no guarantee
But if there is
Even that is scary

If there is
How will it be
Is it really how your grandpa told
Like the bible tells
Like your dreams
But eternal life is scary
Eternal life in
And in
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