Avary 3d
Tonight I sleep soundly,
a blanket of stars cover me, the universe tucks me in.
Tonight I sleep soundly,
mother moon has hushed her lullaby and emits her gentle light.
Tonight I sleep soundly,
a million stars a million light years away decorate a sky incomprehensibly vast.
Tonight I sleep soundly,
because I know that I am all, and all is I.
And I, am limitless.
Universal consciousness
I am not a bad girl
I will not hurt you on purpose
or play hard to get
I will smile when you smile
and cry when you cry
Maybe I am not as fun as she is
But I love you
I truly love you
And ich hope this is enough
The sun keeps on shining
And the waves continue to crash
The moon takes the night shift
While your dreams remain trash

Or at least that's what you think
That your efforts will never become
Anything worth mentioning
As you stare down the barrel of your own gun

Please know that it's never true
What's truly useless is to think that way
We all have the ability to change the world
It is these negative thoughts upon which our despair preys

Every step we take shakes the Earth
Leaving a footprint in the lives of those around us
And every word we speak rattles the eardrums
Of everyone within the vicinity of your sound

So don't think that nothing you do matters
Because you have the power to control your destiny
Freedom is an inalienable right, but only if you take it
Because the meaning of life is whatever you make it to be

Will you decline the very thing that makes you human
And roam in the shadows without a purpose?
Or will you accept your strength and continue on your way?
Because there's far more to the iceberg than its surface
Ilyssa Sophia May 10
If life is a gift, then where is my return receipt?
My words and thoughts are in a constant stream of consciousness imposed upon me
And I do not remember agreeing to be born
I promise I am not trying to be ungrateful,
It’s just there must have been a technical error because I,
I am not suited for survival
I must have slipped through the clutches of natural selection
Because I feel too deeply
The sadness cannot even be called sadness because sadness doesn’t tear into your flesh with relentless teeth
No, sadness is not bloodlust for your own blood
Sadness is not suffocation—heart imprisoned by ribs, pounding for release—
I think too much.

Psychology states that we can only focus our conscious awareness on a single stimulus at a time,
But I am defiant
And I am a multi-tasker
Because I balance depression and anxiety in one tragic concoction called ‘me’
Nobody seems to notice my sanity is an illusion
I am grasping at control as if it is attainable
But the universe is constantly expanding and even the galaxies within my own mind remain uncharted
How am I ever supposed to get a grip?
It seems I am always living on the edge of something
On the edge of the world,
On the edge of a word,
On the edge of my seat
I teeter over the ocean and embrace the fear of falling, of drowning
Of being swallowed whole by something larger than myself

I am keenly aware of my limits, and of my transcension beyond those limits
I am not someone who appears perfect on paper
I am three-dimensional,
Too much to be held together by paper clips and staples
My intensity exceeds the 1-inch margins
And my ink is always bleeding
I was never wired for conformity
And the unconventionality of it all makes the world feel wrong-sized
But this life is non-refundable,
And I am an opportunist
Poetic T May 12
a finite moment of time,
stings under garments

dies happy knowing life had purpose.
Shadow Dragon May 12
How come no one really know
what they are doing with their life?

The sun and moon have purpose.
So why don't you?
same sketch
cloned day
sundown station

office workers
signed off

curbed chaos
train clatter
shifting gears
clashing sound

noise assaults
savaged senses
lulls into
stupor's rhythm

cardboard sentinels
stare blind
frames fixed on
blanched orbits

disjointed huddle
inciting life's
scenes from an urban station at rush-hour...
AW Gray May 11
Tried to find it at the dregs of the poison,
          Only lead to momentary pain,
Searched for it flying high as a kite,
          But that only left me bored again,
Hunted down the thin, white line,
          The euphoria quickly faded away,
                              Only in love
                              Can i feel it,
                              Yet love never
                              Finds it's way
Arcassin B May 10
By Arcassin Burnham

I'm saving myself , I'm saving myself for a new day,
The time flies by so fast its like I don't even wanna stay,
you say things , it makes sense , in this life , you better hit em' with the price you pay,
the world and the people in it will run over you better use your words today,
sometimes love and hate comes in one or the other.
we fight for the free with your sisters and brothers.
From your mother, your daddy , your grandma , your lover.
this is what it takes just to fight for the future.

But I digress,
And for all the people with so much stress,
I should know this first hand cause I'm 20,
Put in check,
But please be the one with the good mind set,
your too smart to be obsessing over money,
or the fly cars and the jewelry,
or the honeys,
its not given to you like a gift from God that thinks that every
brother deserves those things,
should be worried about the right things,
should be worried about the wedding rings,
shouldn't about the hateful and mean things your peers would bring.
But me , I always stay the same,
If you could recreate your world then there is no more pain.

I think we just need air.
i think we just need air.

If I call will you ever get the phone?
will the wars start to tear apart our home?
will I be the one to die all alone?
Or maybe I just like being on my own, i just need..

If I call will you ever get the phone?
will the wars start to tear apart our home?
will I be the one to die all alone?

Or maybe I just like being on my own, i just need..

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