The best things in life
Are those which lack purpose.
There is no reason to go for a walk,
To watch the stars, shine in the sky
Or view the morning sunrise.
Yet we still perform these actions,
And find comfort
In the ungraspable benefits.
During youth I was quite the collector
of ocean cretin's annealed sandcastles
Though the hosts inside could not be cheaper,
their fleshy coats were worth all the hassles

Content I was amassing worn seashells;
daily did this fine collection accrue
Though furnished, barren felt those wooden shelves,
as even pearls are lesser than a jewel

Still, the sand was warm; the waves were soothful
and regardless of what hollowness struck,
the beach granted a chance to feel fruitful
so long as one had either skill or luck

Alone was I, but daresay not lonely,
but I was not merry until married.
I found out that
grapefruit juice
is particularly good
at stimulating human
salivary glands.
I bought some to
fight the coffee tongue,
tacky, gelatinous.
Now, baby, my mouth
hangs happy, undone,
dripping for your come.
Whether a vulva, a clit,
a head, or a shaft,
you'll find yourself
plenty wet, clutching at the bed.
There was a boy named Lee. He loved to travel. His father was a farmer and wanted his son to learn everything he taught him so that when the time comes Lee can take over the farms.

Lee didn’t like working on the farms so he talked to his father about it.

“Father! I want to travel the world, I want to see what is beyond the Green Lake. I never went out of our small village. I don’t like farming. Let me go.” Lee told his father.

“Son, I understand in your age the mind wanders off a lot. You don’t have to rush into making decisions. I give you an alternative approach. Go to the school beyond the Green Lake. You will find good knowledge there.” his father replied.

And so he went, he was excited to see what was beyond the lake, he didn’t care about what he’ll be doing. All he wanted was to get out of where he was. He saw the fishes in Green lake he had seen most of his life and said, “Goodbye, I am never coming back!”

The next morning, he was standing in front of his school. He had never seen a big building like this before. Initially he enjoyed the classes. Most of all he liked the watchmen’s dogs who were really nice to him. Other kids didn’t talk to Lee much. They had grades to achieve.

Lee never cared about grades. Soon his teachers started to tell him to study better. He didn’t understand why was everyone trying to make him study better? It wasn’t like they were making magical potions in chemistry lab or they were not stargazing in Physics lab. They were all doing it for marks. And for a better job.

“But why would I want a job? I could as well plough the fields and earn money. What’s the point of me studying?” He cried on the phone talking to his father.

I was already teaching you how to do field work. And you would have become a successful farmer. But you wanted to go beyond the Green Lake. You wanted to waste my money.” His father was angry.

That evening Lee sat down beside the lake near to his school, throwing pebbles in. He didn’t realize someone was sitting beside him until the person coughed. Lee looked over surprisingly.

“Hi, I am Aaron” he said, gazing towards a boat rowing in the lake. “We are in the same class.”

“Hello, I am Lee.” Lee said, trying to even his voice from all the crying.

“I didn’t mean to eavesdrop, but I kind of heard you talking on the phone.” Aaron said, still fixated on the boat.

“Yeah? It’s okay.” Lee said, trying not to think about his dad.

“I don’t like school either.” Aaron said with a sigh.

“I never thought my father would misunderstand me. I wanted to travel, so he sent me here from there. And now I feel stuck. It’s like the carousel never stops turning. I was there and I thought I’ll be happy here. And then I am here and I feel I’ll be happier somewhere else. Because even when I am at home, I don’t feel like I am at home. And I thought if I come here somehow I’ll find my home. But no, I am stuck in a carousel. It keeps on moving and turning and you feel you’re going somewhere and you’re glad that you’ve done something. But the truth is you’re spinning in the same place. Pretending, that you’re better then your older version, but guess what? You fool yourself. And I feel I’ll always be this way.” Lee said, fighting back tears.

“I hear you. I feel the same way.” Aaron consoled, “I am the sail, sailing with the wind. And the wind keeps on changing directions, so I am not reaching anywhere. I am stuck. And the wind decides my destination, if there is a destination.”

The two boys sat down beside the lake, staring at nothing.

….To be continued.


P.S.: Sorry it's not a poem.
Take a walk alone,
On these desert rocks,
Let yourself be stranded,
From everything you’re not,
For where there’s one,
There can be two,
So let me be empty,
Like the desert I walk through,

Give up all you know,
Of who you think you are,
Release these captured echoes,
At the edges of your heart,
And don’t feel bad for those,
Who’ve yet to have a drink,
Better to be empty,
When the watchful sky will wink.
entropy 7d
the cascade of clear blue falls even in the midst of the furvous night
the call of a bird echoes cross canyons composed of ages of old
the glint off amber cliffs calls to the reflection of ancience
floors of sandstone riddled with stagnant ghosts of footprints
these paths were once walked by those larger than life

we search for purpose radiometrically
estimating the desperation in the dating
allowing our hearts to sink to an endless expanse of unexplored sediment
grasping onto the aching for the pleasure beneath the pain
self decay feels natural at the bottom of the ocean

peace comes naturally while disappearing into pieces
it will find me upon the return of the rogue daughter to the expanse in which she belongs
may my atomic descendents one day hold the fossils of my being between their fingers
let the earth shake under the feet of whom possesses my bones
and let them keep digging, let them excavate all of us whole
i don't like this! but my classmates did. from last semester :)
can you hear my cries from bended knees and folded hands,

do you have your radio turned on and tuned in,

or have you mute all of our chatter,

when you made humans did you make a mistake,

so many of us are broken and damaged,

did you really intend for all of this to happen,

or do you lie through gritted teeth saying we have purpose,

but if you don't exist that means we are on our own,

which do i prefer?
Timmy Shanti Aug 6
We’re history the moment we enter this world.
Like it or not. No one cares.

Mystery? We are gone, before long.
Blink of an eye. Fixed stares.

Multitudes single.
Singular masses.
We mingle.

Filling each others’ glasses.
Only to break the glass.
And cut ourselves. Bleeding.
History repeating.

Casting sideways glances.
Treading ever so lightly.

We never leave in earnest.
Not even with the circus.
A letter to the non-discerning.
Hard to find purpose.

Dripping drops of time.
Windows onto the sublime.

No one to blame.
It’s but a silly game.
Akira Aug 5
I want to shine bright just like the moon,
under the night sky I gleam.
I know this wishes will come true soon.
I hope this wishes won't stay as a dream.

I'am a living human with a purpose
for every little things I see is beauty.
To achieve my goal is my focus,
I will face this challenges bravely.

I will hold on tight
and won't care what society think.
As long as I'm doing right,
I'll just give them a wink.

For I know I will achieve my goals someday,
I will be happy in any way.
A reminder to myself
Jabin Aug 4
Tender, tiny dollar bill-
you give my time such worth.
Give my life to buy a thrill
And a box put under earth.

My gravestone sits over there;
paid a pretty penny.
Manages to look so fair
Surrounded by so many.

The car I drive is so nice
For my ride to the yard
Do not ask of me the price
Lest your dignity be marred.

My golden watch is better;
Reminds of time well spent.
Paid off the hassling debtor.
Lived at work to pay the rent.
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