Thought I was warm,
Just as I held,
All of your core,
Every single cell.

But never understood,
My heart will freeze,
All that you say,
Switch it around,
Make it my way,

Giving it meaning,
Giving it purpose,
Holding its feeling,
Only to serve it.

I never knew,
Of my disparity,
Until I flew,
Away to sincerity.

Never wanted heat,
More than I do now.
I’m stuck here to freeze,
Left here to drown.

My hands full of stone,
From all that they’ve touched.
Refuse to keep them alone,
Wanting to run,

Towards all my dreams,
Seeing them clear.
They all just seem,
Like they could be here.
Never realized how could my heart was until I felt your warmth... S.B. <3
She said she wanted a Knight in shining armour
But what she doesn't realize.
All the Dents, Cuts, and Scratches
Are due to the effort I applied to better myself
Each Battle, Conflict, and Barrier
May have left their marks on me
And yet here I stand

The armour I wear may be
Grimy, Gritty, and Dull
But I wouldn't wish it any other way
Because that would mean
To erase all I worked for
And all that I strive to be.

She said she wanted a Knight in Shining armour
Lean, Clean, and Pristine.
Well I wish her the best
On her foolish quest
Because I have more battles to war.

Outlets are a must
I bust my ass off
Just to watch another day fade
I think not

I can't help but fill my spare time
With the verses that wrangle inside
This caged lion

Spliting hearts for a living
is hard work I tell ya?!
Mitch Feb 16
My life lacks without a purpose divine
and I try not to settle
but can't find time to try

I'm clueless to the canvas
I only know the corner
that I've already covered

I was hidden in decisions
but now I need directions, so
which way are we going?
Terry Collett Feb 14
The very idea of it,
that some how
it could be made better,

this loss, this emptiness of being,
yet you seek it, you listen
to those who propose

that very thing, that you can
save yourself kind of nonsense,
you are your world intire,

that you are the center
of the world philosophy,
the very idea seems so natural,

so real, that you have no need
of a higher being or ground of being,
that what you see

is what you're seeing,
yet you look deeper,
see beyond that surface thing,

that all too human
propaganda thing,
and see it right maybe,

that what you think you see
is not that at all, but the echo
of a long ago fall.
Full Circle…by Jessie 2/05

To wake up and not have you there

Is to be without you

A day without you is a day unfulfilled

And an unfulfilled day is a wasted day

A wasted day is a waste of time

And a waste of time is time lost

Lost time, is time never existing

If time never existed

Then nothing exists

If nothing exists

There is no purpose

So you see… I need you close to me so there is a purpose to exist and so I can spend my time not wasting the day.
Biology gets me in trouble.
spring rolls around and I’m…

Fighting singleness
like a blanket too small
that doesn’t cover my feet.

Pull the blanket away from your face, stupid.
You’re fine.
You’re not content because you are seeing the 
problem and not the purpose.
John D Feb 8
My life essence
Trapped inside of my soul
Surrounded by distant lands
Filled with emptiness and loneliness
My trapped soul wanders
Looking for a purpose
Inside of a desolate stricken world
Ar Bazian Feb 6
A world suspended in demotion
Devolution devours all entity and creation
The entirety of existence,
Reduced to the mere ridicule of trivial things alike.

Much is at stake, and yet nothing.
A staleness of fire-like flare,
Stranded in demise.

Endless plight, and compromise…

And I wonder what begins my day.
How I summon the power to stay,
O’, and how we endure decay.

Now, the music we knew devours the sun,
The outro of all this begun...

Underneath the waters stream,
Many a restless dream,
Hung, distorted and bereaved,
On the fumes of a memory.

Underneath the waters stream,
Many a restless dream,
Hung, distorted and bereaved,
On the fumes of a memory.

The world is gathered in breath,
And soon a day will dawn.
When everything else is gone,
When the willows awake,
Daylight shall break,
Over the vacancy that bonds the ends of you and I,
Beyond the reach of things unknown,
Beyond the endlessness,
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