Eve 2d

People always say, there's hope for everyone.
Their intentions may seem unrealistic when you hear them because you've morally convinced yourself that anyone but yourself telling you that there is beautiful, pure happiness in the future approaching, is blantaly wrong.
That's not true now, isn't it?
What you believe is what's moral in your mind,
Your mental capacity can only obtain so much information they say!
Well, I believe that everyone has this intensity in their writing and whichever ideas flows through your mind, leaves you to determine the rest of your narrative.
The hope, the optimistic view in the near outlook is merely coming closer, whether you notice it now or spot it when it's revealed to you.
All these past poems you've written; reflection, transform your belief system and moral mindset to the absolute best version of anything ever written.
Embrace pride, genuine astonishment for the several different articles you've written that has gain no public eye,
Show them your capability,
Your purpose as to how you specifically were sent into this world somehow and when you pass, your narrative; mark, footprints will be traced everywhere, from everyone.
That's key, that's real, that's the truth for you and the targeted youth audience.
Don't believe half of the misleading messages shown throughout almost all, if not all, then undoubtedly all social media platforms.
There's always judgement roaming around like there are brigands discovering new ways to get around stealing from others.
You can either stay silent like one of those witnesses when asked inquiry about the situation or you can choose to inevitably cite the culprit; to be the one that speaks even when not spoken to.

A particular viewer, a reader of mine recently enjoyed my previous poem, "Home". He told me that it was very profound, deep and consisted of intensity. I want you all to feel something from my poems, whether it takes an effect while reading it or you get an epiphany soon after you're almost about some reading the poem. Intensity is the drive and reeling for readers, it's targeted to your own audience and remarkably constructs the emotions that your viewers expierence.

I am like my poems
And they're like me
Like I write about you
And you're like the sea.

I am your language
And you're my thoughts
Like I write about you
And you're like a lee.

I am a small garden
And you’re its flowers
Like I write about you
And you're like a bee.

I am the blue skies
And you're my dreams
Like I write about you
And you're like me.

I am the early morning
And you are the new day
What you look like today
I would like to see...

The Craving©
Until now I have never really FELT the meaning of craving
Yet here I am doing exactly that

I crave to write
For some unknown
Unexplained reason

The words
And ideas
Are pouring out of me

Like a faucet
That cannot
Be turned off

Why now
Why here
Why at all

It doesn’t make sense
Is it mere pretense
Or heaven sent

Do the words
Have meaning or
Is it me just screaming

My goal is inspiration
For others or
So I think

What if what I write
Readers see as
Something that stinks

So back to
Where it
All began

Why am I craving
This particular
Fall or at all

Andreas Simic©

Shyamu 6d

Be like a kite in your life
Be in someone’s control
But fly high happily
As if you are out of control.

Be like a star in your life
Shine brightly
Make your talents to twinkle
But ever never forget
You are a small star in a wide sky.

Be like a balloon in your life
Fill it with good values
Tie it tightly
But never let it to burst.

Be like a butterfly in your life
Let your thoughts fly high
Let your head held high
But others should be in awe of
Not be in loathing of.

- Shyamala

Q 6d

people change,
and feelings fade
as time writes down
our love's charades;
a part of me
is still dismayed
over the lust
we've laid to waste;
as feelings rush
in huge cascades
i write how i
wish you had stayed.

In every single page of you,
My indescribable thoughts were written.
And in everything that I've been through,
You are always there to listen.

You never fail to make me feel comfortable
Everytime I talk without a limit.
Your gentleness is irresistable;
You make me feel that I will never regret it.

You see the depths of my heart
But still, you gave me everlasting bliss.
In every piece of me you left an art,
You sealed me with a quick kiss.

the first poem that I wrote for him
chloe fleming Oct 14

I never wanted to.
I didn't say yes,
In fact you never even asked.
Did you think this would ever affect me?
Did you think that one day I'd be too fucked up for anyone to ever want me again
Did come to mind that one day I wouldn't be able to get out of bed.
That one day, I'd cry broken sobs into my pillow just to feel.
That ever since I've been trying to forget, trying to fill the void
The void that you ripped into my chest.
You made nothing feel good, you broke the last living part of my body
But I think now, I'm finally whole
Whole and alone.
The way you wanted it.

HYA Oct 14

I love poetry.
  Every word I write
      leads back to you.
          Therefore, you are
                my poetry.


Poetry of Words
with a heart & soul,
A healing touch
On it's own!

Writing helps me to survive when nothing around works out.

I was called a napkin poet
By a woman who said she just liked me too much
You're not supposed to write on napkins

They're for whiping your face after eating a rack of ribs in a resturant
Or absorbing liquid after an accidental spill
They are not for sappy poems
Or anger driven stanzas

Napkins were not made for poets

Then why does ink lay so nice with in their fibers?
Why do I feel like napkins were made for my words?

Maybe I am not a poet

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