She always looked back knowing that her love was behind her.  
He was searching for ways to die for her.  
She knew that her games were killing him.  
He enjoyed the pain, for he was almost dead.  
Their blindness led them to a cliff.  
One final game She said and he's sure to be mine.
He jumped at the same time that She pushed him.  
She thought finally, my love is dead.
As he flew away, he decided to choose life instead.

to be continued...

ig: @voicesinthewild

Interesting days.

Filled with deep stares

Zapping in and out of time

Do we even fully understand

The times that we are living in ?

Are we making history while

Craving the reward now?


What was I doing again?

ig: @voicesinthewild

Trust in her timing for she is slow to speak, but always says the right thing.  Going ahead of her is only going to lead you back to the start.  It's best to wait in patience, and keep a sharp eye.  You don't want to miss her in your folly it'll surely be a regret.  Her plan always works regardless of how impossible it seems.  Yes there is suffering while you wait, but that only makes you appreciate her arrival even more.  When she comes knocking don't rush to the door.  She'll be already speaking when you see her, so listen closely.  Your future in her hands delivered very slowly.


ig: @voicesinthewild

From the days of old they say that freedom is a mindset...
but as I grow old I'm having a hard time keeping my mind set

Slave mentality, even with spirituality.  Returning to my vomit
like we living here in savagery.

Few will understand the words from the pen in my hand,
but it's not hard to tell that they are mightier
than the sword of any man.

ig: @voicesinthewild

Tough decisions, midnight visions
When you look at my life, you would swear that it's fiction.

In my blood there's division, but I'm on a mission to unite for
what's right.  We gonna make it to the top of the mountain,
no matter the height.

No tall task,
but we're built for the fight.

I'm talking to the Warriors,
like it's the championship night.

ig: @voicesinthewild

See through, but reflect like a mirror.
Every time I look back ,
I try to change the picture

No end in sight, the story is only
getting realer.  I asked for all of this,
and it's only becoming clearer.

My suffering wasn't in vain, there
was a reason for all the pain. Now
the world is about to see true change

Through Art and Expression like I been

ig: @voicesinthewild

Gentle, gentle, gentle, don't lead too loud
You wouldn't want to attract a crowd
This here is still for "us"
The ones who built a trust
I remember who you are,
and with me,
Loyalty doesn't stray too far.

ig: @voicesinthewild

Some seeds that my ancestors planted on the very soil that I stand,
are starting to sprout through the work of my hand.  
I can take credit, but that'll be a false demand.
My true purpose is to gather the harvest and replenish the land.

Why do I speak for those who suffer?
Would I be true to myself if I claimed another?

How could I see a woman struggle and not think of my Mother? or a dude laboring for food, and not think of my brother?

I will be a voice for those without, until I hear the sound of the trumpet calling me out.

Jessica 16h

You once said I made your life colorful,
But life written in one shade of blue,
Becomes tiresome for even the sky that paints it.

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