mjad 3h

can I never find
what I want to hear
but I cannot say
what I want to read
but cannot write
A million other
stories and tales
poems and novels
but none contain
what I can never

Angelica 1d

fill me with  your soul
spill unto me every thought
every sickness  of the heart
one by one
we'll take them apart
and piece by  piece
we'll rebuild you whole

I do not write so much as bleed out onto the paper in moments of catastrophe,
baring the pain of my soul for the whole world to see -
the words spill out from my heart until it aches no more,
until the wounds from the battles I’ve fought are no longer sore.

I don't write anything
Just see hidden reality
and feel deep,
the unsaid i read....

And, and

What people do to me
What breaks me
It fills my pen
And bleed.......

with his passion for reading
and my passion to write,

with all of my heart
and all of my might,

I want to pen the words
which he’ll imprint onto his mind:

because my words are the only piece of me,
with him, that I will leave behind

but surely
i know i am running
out of my favorite ink

Cold wind blows through the bones,
Innocence will bite the dust in our souls,
Sing me a melody for my freedom,
Else give me a bullet and a gun,
Yesterday is a tale and tomorrow is obscure,
And here I am in present with my burning soul,
How can I breathe in the same, my brightness
While you are the angel who dance in my darkness..

bryn Apr 18

how to write:
1. paper
2. pencil
3. write

but how

i should be doing my work but i'm not oops

the reason i watch for the small things is because,
you may not know it, but when I walk home from work in the middle of the road, I’m seeing things as if i may never see them again because I don’t know where my mind is taking me.
I spit my prayers through grit teeth, it’s forced from my guardian's mouth when she looks through my feed and texts and tweets at night to fuel her (sometimes) self righteous ego and maintain control over my life.
when she read through my sketchbook that one morning, all i can now see are her invisible fingerprints on the page. I can’t see my words the same because there was a crime.. trespassing into my mind, even though i can’t let myself in. but I’ve changed my passcode and you’re too sloppy to realize that I know what you’re doing.
i’ve changed my locks and committed mental suicide with that key that I swallowed
still inside.

11:11-11:21pm a stream of consciousness

By Arcassin Burnham

Get up off your ass and do something,
cause you don't need to shy away like that,
give them ambition as it was intended,
you're conscious,you know how to make your mind up
like that,
the next 90 minutes I want you to dance and let your troubles go,
let the giggles out,
let the world know,
you're not afraid to be who you are,
that's how the story should go,
I'll be the friend you need when there's no way out,
let me build a dam for you when there's no drought,
it's five o' clock in the morning what are we doing now?
We're fixing all your problems without a little doubt.

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