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write and don't stop
write to make them stop
enemies who believe that
you deserve to be vanished
write is the important invent
With your smile
A sentence
In your smile
A sentence

Feel the words

Just do it

[Let me]
[Embrace you]
[With words]
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: Trust me, you can be a Poet/Poetess.
Author's Note: You just did it in the last 3 lines. Keep going.
You can take my breath
You can take my sanity

You can take my spirit
You can take my heart

You can take all that I am
But you’ll never take my words
Sometimes I feel like these words are all I have left
Luiz 2d
Seasons come and go, but you remain....

There is no way to describe this pain with words, I've already failed:

I miss you like
I would miss limbs.  
I've had to learn to
walk again without you

I think about you everyday!  
even now after all this time

I can't even think about our kids
as I lose composure even after years!  

I've lived in misery since you left and
can't find the purpose for tomorrow.

I know you had to leave...
I understand your actions,
but to deny me completely
to hide a lover?

to deny me the kids? you? closure?
It was the darkest thing anyone
as ever done to me...

You left me to deal with the dusk alone!  

Im 5 years old again lost in a forest

Teardrops to mark my way in this
cruel new world I don't understand.  

You know, this experience has grown me
wise with *** and powers at be.  

They are a cynical people....
Why did he give me this?!
The ability I have to love you
so deeply while I'm thorn over you
and my family

as you don't even care?!

Why must I live a synthetic life
of drugs for having met you,



You lied, like I lied, but I never
thought you possible...

You're an Angel to me! ...
A dark Angel that has destroyed
my Soul with your actions.

As the emptiness stomps thru my thoughts,
It gains ground on both lobes,
I will always be real estate inside my head
available for your purchase...
I had this passion to love so deeply,
that it burnt me out perpetually.
The beauty was a distraction,
dragging me down to her thighs.
For the prize of her mind, the demand
to blaze at both ends seemed so
simple, but there were no signs.
Sirens were covered in just lies.
Drama is the warning of heavy
baggage, she calls them riddles.
I can see the control and seduction
because I've always been inside.
I just repulse attraction instead.
When she comes to the dinner,
I've already eaten everything
in her house.  It's like she had
a party with uninvited guests.
There can be only one, and I'm
the beast with infinite ghosts.  It's
twelve o'clock forever in my eye.
I had lots of things, but I'd rather
own the night where I can watch
the sun slither off into the abyss.
She plays in the ectoplasmic names,
and I'm still expanding space here.
I'm primordial, primitive and so
far right that you think it's spinning.
I should tell them all that my
dream is literally reality.  It's just
in the back of my head and the
sun shines out the blankness
in front...
It's something I'll always have.
Despite my pen got lazy
But my heart support it to write
Leap onto my lap and
Greet me with that kiss
After those long sluggish days,
Where my head hits the pillow
And you make me laugh instantly -
Take my smile
Like the thief you are,
And warm my chest with yours
Like you do at night -
Kiss me as you turn
To pillow talk as we wander,
But most of all
We never forget
To say
I love you.
Just a quick free write!
Goodnight guys :D
She wonders who would love her aching bones,
And the smell and rot of her flesh,
But he showed her there's beauty in ashes.
True beauty lies in our souls.
acacia 4d
write about the color of my cranberries when they are first ripe, then the juices that spill out like soft milk overflowing;

the way your blood race to your nose and the color of warmth that
fills my hands and spreads down to my toes when
i am sitting beside a fire and some lights, shielded from
the blue outside.

here i am, on the coral sand, greeted by the hushed-colored waters to watch as it just barely covers my feet. (it splashes little splashes of itself on me.)

the tongue that glides over lips with sheen is pink, the smell of the perfume is pink;

the smell of the fauna and flora, natural wildlife spurring around, the mist goes about 3,000 feet in my direction – i think it’d also go about 3,000 feet in yours, as well.

the insides of this dewy bud, juicy and softened, and not yet ripe; flooded with instincts (and insects)

and someone else’s pink.

the color is when i'm angry at you but instead i am angry at me;
and if i could i'd be reborn as a starfish or the tiniest caterpillar you've ever seen.
the color is when i'm angry at you but instead i am angry at me
Let's write
Book of Life

Genre: Romantic Micropoetry
Theme: He never uses common language, he makes his own then search the one who understands.
Hope within him, still longs
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