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Lee Carter Dec 2020
Practice patience,
Or you will always have less of it.
Norman Crane Oct 2020
If I grew wings
would you stab them
with pins
and add me
to your collection?

If I grew fins
would your interest
in me
culminate in a classroom

If I grew muscle
would a vivisection
or would you first crush my strength
within an iron vise?
Inspired by Sandra Wyllie's poem If I Grew Wings ( ), whose title and idea I shamelessly stole because I thought it was interesting how two minds could take those starting points and go in completely different directions!
Maja Sep 2020
The heart is a
And to grow
A muscle needs to
Through hurt, you heal.
You break, you grow.
What doesn't **** you, makes you stronger.
Mitch Prax Jun 2020
It's true,
muscle memory
is real and this heart
Justyn Huang Dec 2019
The people we truly Love never leave us.
There will always be imprints on our Hearts
made by them.
And when we choose to Love again
It's like muscle memory
Love poem
TS Ray Nov 2019
Tides were turning,
are we going upstream or downstream,
not sure,
are the clouds darkening or clearing up,
not sure of that either.

Can a blind oarsman
steady his ship?
Can a rudderless ship
survive the storm?

Heart’s not a sheet of glass
to be broken by a pebble
thrown by a passerby.
Strength of the muscle is in its wisdom.
Anoint it with intuition.

Losing the knights
may erode a powerhouse, yet
castling the king side,
will build an impenetrable fortress
with lowly pawns.

King will rule.
Kingdom will reign.
You are not the only
one on this type of a boat.
Yes, it is about life. Such is life and the unknown future (clouds,
Upstream or downstream, and we all are blind oarsmen) intuition and wisdom as the lowly pawns building our fortress.
Or at least that is the idea!
Poet X Aug 2019
a heart is not a bone,
i suppose it can not be broken .

it's a muscle,
strained far beyond its proper use .

it does not work the same anymore,

i'd be surprised
if it wanted to work at all .
almat011 Aug 2019
Hot steel
The tighter your big and **** muscles, the stronger the ****** tension in me, from your mega powerful beauty of brutal sexuality. The sculpture of your perfect body was sculpted by the gods of eroticism, rock and rap. **** but hot steel that melts from the heat of love and arousal. You awaken in me the brutal call of lust, the animal that dominates in my mind, heart, soul, *****, passion, mixed with sensual tenderness of an endless stream of love and lust, my whole body is scarred from your claws of passion after hard ***. I am completely bound by a passion for you. An unstoppable hunger for *** overwhelms my mind when I examine you, cling to your body shapes like a **** pillow. The whole nervous system is full of love and irresistible attraction. With sincere tenderness, I reach only for you alone. Light as a snowflake, tender as a feather, dreamy as a flying fluff, an ideal barbie goddess, God is so hot, how hot, unbearably **** is so beautiful that I am embarrassed to look into your gorgeous eyes for a long time, as if a sultry lioness is looking at me with the terrible hunger of lust in the soul, with the royal face of arrogant greatness. The **** car of my dreams, with perfect shapes like a super sports car, the speedometer of love and excitement, and makes *****, just rolls over from speed hyper, everything melts and spreads, everything except your perfect body. Well, just mmmmm) well, just wow. I want to start a slide show with your photos or videos and watch the whole day on the span you are my **** hot fetish, you are a song that has been loved all my life, my whole consciousness and subconscious mind is saturated with love for you. Losing you is like losing life itself, my soul moans with pleasure from looking at your body, I get internal ******* from love, my brains don’t even think when I look at you, the bewitching endless bottomless depth of beauty immerses you like a powerful magnet in deep hypnosis lovingly ****** obsession with you I see nothing but you, the magic of your pleasure for my eyes and psyche and glistens in the light with a sugar sparkle and beckons to caress you for days on end I would have had *** with you until the elders , you are next to me, my brains and ***** are just mega excited and *****, it’s getting hotter like in a sauna, and you are becoming more and more sultry and hot in your eyes the fire of debauchery is burning and this makes your eyes super ****, you're sexier and hotter than the temptation, sultry, torrid sexier than the feeling of lust. You are more beautiful than any queen of the empress, actress, singer, **** actress, alien, goddess. For me, you are the goddess of the Internet, media, the queen of any beauty contest, fabulously magically beautiful. When I see you I just have the most powerful ******* explosion of the psyche from love and excitement, my libido just aggressively growls from your body shapes, billions and billions of men fight for your love, your beauty is above blue bloods, any aristocracy, thoughts about you are romantic, sweet sweet eroticism of true love - ****** fantasy from the perfection of your beauty. A passionate cat who sleeps sweetly only in my arms of love, covered like a veil by my wings.
Author: Musin Almat Zhumabekovich
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