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B D Caissie Oct 6
Approaching night
Wasting light
Save my soul
Before your sight

If I should stray
Beyond this day
Make me whole
For this I pray

Ken Pepiton Oct 5
This is a warm day,
in October.

I've weighed the reasons for my concern
and found them wanting,

I'll make no difference, come what may.

Come, what may, be the motivator
the in
the reason, raison d'etre eh?
find hope and do what, what
do we do
with misplaced hopes?

we chew them up and spit them out,
'call'em riddles,

inspired by Ezekial 17. Yeah, Q,
and A
bullhead twisted to uplookin POV

the Alpha bet a bull

Legends never see from this POV.
We are blessed.
We have artificial intelligence,
sending us trends
we may buck. Upto the point,

did you read that?
Is it October warm still? Or did the rest of the ice finally melt
and let the great Northern Gyre
spin free?
musing on the things being fretted over, that may or may not be made better by me.
Mane Omsy Sep 28
The force of gravity is smiling at the stars
Someday we will join the galactic court
Where do we stand right with all the scars?
Inventing thoughts never meant to sort


The clouds ran away from men's magic
Stuck in between the winds and roars
Her aching heart blew havoc, nature's logic
It's hard for the earthlings, useless crores


Innocent killers stride through stages
Ineffective endangered species on the brink
God! Help them stride back to their cages
Millions of warning signs, where they blink
With recent incidents happening all over the world with our beautiful mother nature, we need to act on it NOW. There will be no second chances when coming to our survival. It has become a living hell to people who wonder and generations to come how nurturing and aesthetic the nature really is. #GreenPeace
Alice Sep 20
i was weightless
adrift in the shark-infested
ocean of my thoughts

the bell rang,
everyone around me began
collecting their belongings
and moving on

i was frozen. stuck in
whirlpools. struggling to keep
my head above water.

the tables emptied, new faces
poured into the halls
something was blocking the

when i finally found my way
back to shore
i looked up and it was you,
heroic, with your lifeline
outlined by the sun

you stood by the doorway smiling.
books in hand, waiting for me

"you coming?"
Dum dum dum
The dreaded sound of drum comes.

My corpse is painted, full coverage of red
How can a body be alive while the soul is dead?
Words,  words are knives that aims to ****

Killing is no fun without suffering
Pleasure grows when pain last longer
Break the victim slowly
Just one at a time and don't forget to help them up
Bring them hope and see them stand up to their knees
Now, time to throw more knives until they fall
Let the crumbling hope be their last straw

Do you feel more pleasure?
Watching the hope crumbles as life disappear

In martyrdom I suffer
Yes, such idiocracy still exist
While my identity is gone
no more hope for this unknown entity
But in the same fate, you should not fall.

Dum dum dum
The dreaded sound of drum is gone.
I'd like to remind everyone that verbal abuse is real and it affects a person's mental health. Let us fight it.
Mark Wanless Sep 5
as time collapses around me
i feel a melancholy dirge

and call upon a master
not ever believed in

to save me save me a hollow sound
that dances across the centuries

from lips of hopeful dreamers of love
felt real
Alif Imran Aug 29
The voices in my head
The voices that always say
That I'm not good enough
That I'm not capable of love
That i'm ****** to be hurt
Bleed to death
Keeps getting louder
And louder

Each time I think
I had the best, the better of me
They keep coming at me
Throwing shades
Making me feels small
Like I'm not enough
Like I'm not going to make it

You say that it's in my head
But i feel them in my bones
You say that I am okay
But I cry myself to sleep
You say I'm happy
When i'm holding in the tears
You say I'm going to breakthrough
But all I see is a quick exit

Nothingness taste bitter
And the suffering is getting sweeter
Life is getting saltier
And daylight is going sour.

And here i am
Stuck in the endless cycle
Of self pity and euphoria.
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