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please don't make me to commit , for i've got none to cheer me to live

please don't make me cry again and again , for i've got none to wipe those tears

please don't remind me that you are nearer , for i still haven't started living my own life..
Inside the shoes of a hopeless person..
If u see someone who desperately need some care/affection/friendship,
just give them plenty when they got not many..
I once thought          of the bird           on  the window
            it cawed at me            I screeched back
I wonder     what what was it              about the bird      it wasn't
              that I was bothered         I just couldn't     Understand it
we went back          and forth          time passed slowly       through the
      rainy day       I began to realize        the bird       wasn't     lashing out          it simply       wanted to live          through the storm
    the storm        that followed     every place it went    what a silly bird
                            it should have just        simply asked
cleann98 May 18
there's just something about
the stillness of these stones
that sings me to tears—
     today is august 5, 2026...
     today is august 5, 2026...

so screams the years of
layers of dust encrusting
the petrified earth; lonely,
rid of her supple footsteps
to graze and wipe it clean.

like the stagnant roots
that seem to have given up
creeping to grasp for any
foot to cling to or touch
i can only stay so still...
     knowing oh so well
     everything we touch
     turns only to soil.

i could act myself a fool
greeting barren outcroppings
only to the reply of my own voice
hoping that the once green grass
would once again bloom
to the bliss of my welcome—
     but i'd rather settle for silence...

instead of crackling leaves;
stepping, all i heard were
my shoes against pavements,
failing to muffle the cries
from underneath my feet.

*someday, somehow
i will make it so
these lands will know
soft rains once more—
something i wrote before my life just started shutting down~~ partially inspired by he short story 'there will come soft rains' by ray bradbury (hence the august 5, 2026 thing) and mostly just from he rush of feelings i had imagining how my now abandoned childhood home (where the ashes of my mom, dad, grandpa, and grandma are) back in the province looks like when i would eventually return there...

this poem means a lot more now after visiting there last month for the first time in two years since the pandemic began and yeah ._.
Persephone Mar 15
I lost my faith in religion when I lost faith in my parents
If they couldn’t save me, what chance did god have?
I S A A C Feb 19
the room is suffocating, I am spiraling
I thought this was my season but I am unwell
there's so much I want but so little I have
I feel like I am stuck at the bottom of a well
can see the light and life above but I remain in my broken shell
I want to feel even a little bit more secure
I want to smile and sing with the birds
my foundation is shaky, my will is breaking
waiting for someone to save me
I tried to save myself with no help
I tried to love myself to no help
I tried to do it alone with no help
I tried to run from it all with no help
I just really want to be held
I just really want to be felt
make the most of these cards I was dealt
Tia Dec 2021
Don't mistake me for love
If I give you tingles in your heart
I am not the one you want
Save yourself from this harm

To see me in your dreams
It is not a sign
Give yourself a chance
To refresh your mind

There is danger in fascination
For people with no caution
So save yourself from the pain
Think not just once to figure it out

Time is what you need
Like a dance, let it lead
Don't just hear but feel the beat
Then you would know what is within
Snipes Oct 2021
Beautiful Soul tunes booming
A dance with the devil looming
****** tendencies, stop assuming
Only one way to bring me down
Is with hex bags, have them drag me around
Hell on Earth by my 22 piece bringing peace
A paradox, a pair of docs couldn’t pick up on
Point blank piercing ears, hiding wounds tear
I point blanks just to introduce fear
I shoot rounds just to step with the devil’s snare
Conjure up the hellhounds for this is their heaven here
The good Lord and his reverend
An a irrelevant justice for revenge ends
I’m hell bound, show me the hellhounds
I can’t let these last few rounds go to waste now
Jay M Oct 2021
Salva me
Save me
From the horrors that I say
From the misery on display
From the atrocities that play
Within the confines of my mind
For only my demons and angels to find
To **** me, or to raise me from what was left behind

- Jay M
October 21st, 2021
Salva me = "Save me" / "help me" in Latin
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