I can't continue to write poetic shits of my life.
Because, babe, I know
you know that I am a sad girl
and you don't have a nerve to save me
so i quit.
have fun being a silent reader
have fun crying at my funeral
have fun living a life w/o me
i love you all.

Ill be hiatus for awhile or forever idk. Lol please change my mind ehe

Don't you see the danger is near
As I stand here facing the monsters
Big dark shadows casting over us
But the sky before us is clear

As I walk on the giants get closer
And the wheels they rotate
Closely I watch the show go on
As I say hey, don't fall for it Don

And Quixote walks on
Towards the thunder filled sky
Doesn't he see the gentlehanded mistress
She could save him from his doom to die

Windmills don't fight back
Because they're just replacements
For miseries far worse and more looming
Than any other dark sky painted black

The devils are real, you better trust me
The chained arms they can pull you in
Don't play the hero and go mad, Anthony
Choose love over war for the real thing

Don't fight against windmils
Sagarika Das Jul 8

Everyone has one fate but that's just nonsense.

If the 5 fingers are not alike then how can be the fate?

Karma is bae because it makes my destiny.

The world is nothing but just vulnerable place where I live in.

Do good, Be good & put yourself in makes you a being.

But the place that I belong is not getting along.

People are of 2 faces because all they seek is on the top.

The world that I like is so of fantasy type.

All people be happy is place that I want to be.

Helping hands all be where I belong to be.

Qualities on the top where being seeks to be.

Recognition should they all get not marks where one has to be.  

Dark knight should we all where darkness has no place at all.

Skyscrappers all should belong with no poverty getting along.

Hence the world that I like is so of fantasy type.

Batool Jul 6

and then there were nights
when she craved pain ...
cause a pain stemming from
a gash on her arm could save
her from the ache
originating from her heart

and then there were days
when she begged death
to set her free ...
cause in those moments
she felt her heart entrapped
in cage

and then there were his words
all soothing and caring
it was when she wanted
nothing but to live
protected in his arms
listening his heart, beat ..

and then there was edge of light ..
where she was standing
right where darkness begins
waiting for him to decide
either to save her soul
or let the darkness take over !!

Zan Balmore Jul 4

Save my life
        It's nothing but wasted.
Pull aside
     the green, leaden curtain.
Of envy, it fills my
            every move with deadened motion.
          Come inside, won't you?
Save my life
From        a c c i d e n t a l        hurt
        From despair too
   Carelessly placed to
Be on       p u r p o s e.

What if it was?
Would you trust me?
Enough to relax,
eyes rolled back?
I don't promise much,
and I can't promise
a soft place where
and when I drop you.

              I'll d r o p you.

Jacob Jun 30

What was meant to be,
Was never meant to be
Like everything that we let happen
I just want an escape, for everything to be irrelevant
I've been trapped inside our memories
The nights we stayed up laughing
I'm acting like I'm fine, as if none of this ever happened
Like my body is shielded with armor but inside I'm collapsing
I know that you've moved on, and that's fine
So have I
But sometimes I reminisce the feelings we made alive
And all those moments when you'd call me up at 3 in the morning
Can't tell you why I'm still not giving in
Am I provoking emotions?
Was I wrong to try,
To save the thing I thought that we had?
Or was I crazy to believe that we could piece it all back
Like broken mirrors, but I don't think that we could see through the cracks
We could do this all again, I know we start over from scratch
So tell me, was it worth it?
With all the lies and the games
All the fights and the name calling
I'm sorry to say, that these words aren't meant for you
But for me to ease the pain
Because sometimes you do feel better
When you walk in the rain
I know I said it was for the best,
And while I'm filled with regret
I've been losing pieces of myself
And I don't know how much is left
I don't want to ever clean up my room
Because I'd be the only mess that's left
I'm still cleaning up my thoughts
Yet you're the only thought that never left

Sylus Fox Jun 27

I am suffocating,
The words you
Pushed down my throat
Haven't been letting
Any air get past,
I would push them down,
But my throat is sore.
You grabbed it to hold
My mouth open
As you spoke into it
A story of how this happened.
Every morning I cover
The imprent of fingertips
Sighing the same thing
I've sighed since the day we met.
I know you won't do it again.

Anomaly Jun 27

If college was free
And text books costed less money
Maybe we would take our hobbies for a joyride
Instead of putting them on the passenger side.

Message me , I can help you save a lot of money on textbooks :-)

Seema Jun 24

Dear Humans,

My cries are unheard
From all around I suffer
Someday I'd be dead
And your life would be tougher

You don't realise a small litter,
The effect it has on me
You have turned cold and bitter
Only a dumping ground you see

If I had a brain like yours
I'd keep things tidy and clean
If I had hands like yours
I'd be responsible, rather than mean

Your selfish and ignorant being
Has earned many followers indeed
Litter lying everywhere unseen
Some stuck in the overgrown weed

I try to retain and maintain my features
But look around, see my ground  
Man with their metallic creatures
Has greatly abolished my surround

My greenery, my forest, my pets
Destroyed, right over my eyes
I seek help, please do not hesitate
Clean up litter, hear my cries

The pollution has reached its core
People educated, yet illiterate freaks
With desire to feed themselves more
And litter, adding towards the ozone leaks

Take actions, before I become a dump ball
Spinning slowly in the vast universe
Amplify my unheard global call
And uplift me from this devastating curse...

Mother Nature
Planet Earth


Arcassin B Jun 21

By Arcassin Burnham

love then they forget..
And the rest is counterfeit..
You could be all you could be..
in the land of the valley..
Where the shadow lingers over..
don't have to hurt anymore..
a place where you're never getting older..
while looking out to the shores..

they would say,
stop the negative thoughts,
if that's the case, i'll follow you,
suit yourself,
i think they might be right,
and if they're not , i'll follow you..
they would say,
stop the negative thoughts,
if that's the case, i'll follow you,
suit yourself,
i think they might be right,
and if they're not , i'll follow you,

I would leave and come back and leave and come back and leave and come back
every time when it got hectic,
There are other explanations for what goes on in the world and theres a lot that you
have to know in the statistics,
There are others,
way beyond us,
pick a teacher,
can't trust the preacher,
very nice to meet ya,
but i don't trust ya,
redeem cellulars , it use to be beepers,
You're your brothers keeper,
From the evil and envious,
theres nothing your teaching us,
we should believe in him,
we shouldn't believe in us.

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