Feel it
Plan it,
Ink it
Read it,
Connect it,
Then beautify

Love it
Save it
Release free

With the magic of your words.
Genre: Autobiography
Theme: When, small things matter.
It seems, not mutual
It was, just me

Save me, from myself
Theme: When, everything matter.
Drowning into

Deep feelings
Deep space
Deep you

Save me

Before I get lost
in the mysterious and chaotic universe
Before I get locked
in the dark depths of the infinite ocean

Your ocean.
He is a mystery.
Celestial pauses
Out of a way,
Hope from the healer
A daily dose of blessing,
With a humanitarian warmth,
Touching life,
Oath, “Certified to save”,
Interpreted, “License to kill”
"Monsters", we are believed to them
No one listens but a silence,
Giving meaning to it.

I have stories, I too have scars,
Let me breathe the same air,
Let me breathe,

Let me breathe the same air,
Let me breathe.
Genre: Clinical
mrc 5d
i knew that something was going to happen
because i could heart the bees swarming and
buzzing inside the hollow place in your chest
(which only you believed to be hollow)
there was a restless energy about you last august
you could see it and smell it and hear it
i even tasted it in that vegan pizza you made for us
i felt a push coming, and i was hoping that it
would finally move the negative thoughts and
feelings that clung to you like a shrouded mist
but it was me that you pushed away in the end,
with the might that you'd been building up for years
it was me, and i wish i'd realized that before
i gave whatever was left of me to you
praying that it would somehow be like a rope
you could grab on to, so i could save you from
the pit of your despair
but you never wanted saving
and you never told me that
Every night you lay down beside me,
I tuck you in, cover you up.
Do you need anything?
How about some water, are you thirsty?
Some nights you let me drift off peacefully,
You rub my back, play with my hair.
Some nights you keep me up,
Whispering secrets to me as the hours go by.
I tell you my hopes and dreams.
They always make you giggle.
I tell you about a new boy,
You tell me I'll never be good enough
for a good man.
You tell me that if I keep dating guys that hurt me,
I can't hurt them.
I tell you I want to help people,
You ask what I ever did for you.
I ask you to leave,
Please go to the closet where
everyone else's skeletons live.
But you take my hand and pull
me back into bed with you.
The worst of lovers.
You wrap your arms around me,
Tell me it'll be okay,
Tell me you'll always be there,
You'll never leave me,
I'll never have to be alone.
I give in to you, I succumb,
I know no other way.
And then,
Just so I don't forget who I am,
You look me dead in my eyes
As you pop another one,
You're my favorite destruction you tell me,
And I cry myself to sleep.
If we are
At the opposite ends of the spectrum
You, red
And I, violet
I would make a wheel
To get to you

You are here
Because of me
I am here
Because of you
And If you're afraid of drowning
In this ocean of hues

I will be the light
Which saves you
In the deep blue.
A response to "Spectrums"
I'm afraid.
It's all just spectrums to me.
People who love you
People whom I feel are untrue
People who to you are dear
People who question why I'm even there
Why am I here?
I hope I won't interfere

A sea of colours
It seems selfish not to swim
But I don't know how
And I'm afraid I'll drown
I feel forced to dive
If I want to get to the bottom
After this jump
Would you save me when I've lost my breath?
Poetic T Feb 16
I'm a shallow pond of emptiness,
        but stones were pulled out
before this evaporation of self
                   was but a hollow echo.

Those stones were skimmed on
           the surfaces of others waters,
but where greeted as they sank beneath
              settling within the depths.

I was a collected in the pools of many,
        even though I faded the stones
of myself were collected in others.
                           they never evaporated.

"When one evaporates,
          our condensation will gather within others,

"Rocks sometimes never dry but sink below others pools.
Isaac Ward Feb 15
You don't know the pain,
I hold in my chest,
I'm not a person,
They would attest,
I could have acted,
I can't confess,
Regret subtracted,
From what I had left,

Ive talked out my crime,
At three in the AM,
I've been paying my time,
I could have saved them,
All I've got is this rhyme,
At three in the AM,
On my last dime,
I could have saved them,

Take it back, rewind,
Back to the sixth grade,
All the mistakes,
The friends that I made,
Too young to know better,
I followed his lead,
Too young to the letter,
The flower, the weed,

I've prayed to the stars,
At three in the AM,
Been counting these cards,
I should have saved them,
Been writing these lines,
At three in the AM,
Been cutting these binds,
I should have saved them,

Charisma leads strays further astray,
What can I say, a pawn in the play,
Everyday, counting down may,
Never would guess you'd be taken away,
The principal pulled me aside,
Eyes wide, nowhere to hide,
And my faith died,
You proved that my trust lied,

Because that day I remembered,
An offhand comment I thought was humor,
You were joking, I thought,
But now the sickness is a tumor,
You hurt her, not just a rumor,
I knew it then that I had doomed her,
And then people soon heard,
So on my wrist I've written a word,

He found you,
At three in the AM,
And its all my fault,
I should have saved them,
You're still alive,
At three in the AM,
But tattered and torn,
I couldn't save them.
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