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I've created my own monster
                  I've built my own labyrinth
                               Believe me
                             It's not funny

                 I thought you're a sunshine
                       You're no sunshine
                      Your rays are strong
                             It burns me

                      How could I escape
                  From this place i've made
                I'm supposed to be the king
                       Ruler of everything

                      Now I am a prisoner
                  Of this freaking monster
                    I thought we're friends
                         I just thought so

                             Oh monster
                         Please let me go
                    We're strangers before
             Can we go back to that scenario?
Tharuki 2d
you told me you
would protect me but
you can't save me
from the demons
in my head
Joshua 2d
War is such a beautiful thought to the insane
A large scale asylum with all of us inside
Crazy, we sit quietly as they talk about war
World war lll is said to be upon us
Yet we normalize it, nothing is awkward
As if the toxic gas will recognize the nostrils of the good;
As if the nuclear bombs only burn the guilty and dodge the innocent
Black, white, yellow, red skin
Doesn't matter
All will be affected by the terror
Terror that was put into effect by few
Three score and ten years was promised to us
Yet the idea of some people in countries making it out their adolescenses is foreign
*** save us all

War is such beautiful music to the greedy
They love the sound of the drumline
Whistling sweet beats into their ears
Snare and bass drums booming
Pap! pap! pap! Boom!
Can you invision it?
We are all now a part of a 'jumper' church
We can't help but dance to the sound of the music
The choir of the innocent
Sing to the sound of their demise
Hands lifted above head as they shout and run
Giving praise to the heavens
As ***'s children fall to the dirt
As the dirt rises to the heavens
*** save us all

Why are the good going out to **** and be killed?
In the name of their country
While the bad cloak their deep desires with a vision of peace
All for personal gains
Not for the people
If it were for the people every life would matter
No one would be sent to die
And no bombs would be delivered
Because peace would be the only option
To save all lives and not just some at the expense of others
*** save us all
Is death the final option?
the only option,
other than crippling depression?
Just listen to me,
you can hear me I promise
but not understand.
That's what pushes me,
not understanding.
I don't want love anywhere else
just here,
but I need you to understand
my life depends on it.
Open your eyes,
Can’t you see,
This holocaust is bigger than you or me.
Death of innocent,
but it’s okay,
Just worry about what you’ll wear today.
@copyright 2018 Luke Wallace
Amanda 4d
I have finally given up on you
It hurts me more than you think it does
No point in looking backwards
I tried everything to save our love
It takes two trying for love to work
What's in sight
is a perishing lie.
Truth is for the truth
Save the eye!
I want to destroy this sick sick world,
With all what it will unfold,
Unless we were told
To give our gold
To those who don't deserve it.

I want to conquer the masses,
Release the *****
Remove the classes
Invoke the revolution, and
Inspire the people of the new generation.

I want to remove our walls,
Make the jolly dinner halls
Everyone singing songs
Of happiness, no matter how long
As long as we hold our hands together.

I want to be the hero,
Save the whales!
Feed the ill and those ailed
Until the villains know they failed
In this tug-of-war for fleeting power.

Yeah, I want to destroy this world!
A claustrophobic *******
Where people run amok
Clap their hands amongst the clock
And pray for it to be behind 300 million locks!

I want to destroy this sick world
I want to reshape this broken world
I want to liven the happy world

I want to live in this sad, yet beautiful world.
Amber Oct 10
As i first saw the beauty, i walked in. The garden flowers so fresh everything seems nice but the horror lays within, i sighed.

Oh the peacefulness as i strolled slow paced, not needing to look back but once i do i’m never coming back.

What happened, why is time passing away so fast, like we are running through a never ending garden filled with thorns.

Scraped my knee as i fell and i screamed for this to stop. Help me, please save me from this maze i can’t seem to figure out this place.  Guide me out or give me a map, i want to come out from this mess.


The rain pours down, i laid on the ground. No one there for me in this lonely town i cried... But no one seems to hear me, i cried... Someone please help me.
Karisa Brown Oct 6
Your tongue licks
Against my vertabre
We reconcile violent colors
Underneath these sheets

Here comes the breaking of day
Letting our shadows be undressed
In the lightest orange and rouge
Let's stay in and play
Let it not spoil our progressive
Repossesions of One another

I've waited too long
To sink my teeth into you
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