eli 2d
I lock myself into a room
I fall to the ground
I can't breathe
I cant see
   everything is
my tears cover my eyes
I don't know why
but these panic attacks won't stop coming
and I don't know why

am I overthinking too much again?
has my depression come back?
am I all alone again?
do I miss him too much?
Qwn 4d
Sometimes I feel...
Very, very alone.
Everyone feels this way though, right?

Maybe I'm okay, maybe happiness is...

People get sad and feel so alone.
Life gets better,
Everyone says it does
So I'm probably fine.
Emptiness is underrated.
Curtis Owens Aug 3
Lying, yellow lamp light illuminated the baron broadway.
Fear beginning to break through thought, fighting for freedom from intention.
“Be afraid”.
“Be very afraid”.
He stayed, splayed
on hard road looking peaceful in that white night.
Calling to the angels with snow.
“NO! Be afraid”.
“NO! Be very afraid I said”.
His mind was already made, he stayed splayed.
Weeping, wishing, waiting he welcomed what was to come.
But he was done, finished with the world.
Thought and fear swirled inside; whirlpools of midnight black carried him on tormented tides, torturing his mind.
Is this his time ?
Is this his time ?
Continue on ? and when they ask he’ll just say that he is fine.
Joke and laugh and long inside for things he’ll never find.
These were the thoughts that toiled in his mind, teetering on the edge, shears ready to cut thread.
Laying there....
Staying there as headlight begun to blind.
Feelings, thoughts and life its self bursting from there binds.
Faster, closer, louder. No one sees the signs and no one cares: pain so great it can’t be beared, hurt so deep it can’t be shared, pain that teared and teared and teared. Breaking will, it never stills, pain that built and built and built.
He just wants it to cease,
he just wants peace!.
He could smell it now, petrol in the air.
Hear the wind, see the light, his fear gave up the fight.
The engines roar, so loud that it silenced his mind.
The light got closer.
The light got closer, so many things not done, so many things unsaid.
And then....
he was starring at the moon as car and light and noise passed him over head.
He wasn’t.... Dead.
He wasn’t dead.
This started life as a winter scene but soon took on its own personality.
Bryce Aug 3
Lung tree
Drink me
Take in that consequential
And please
Touch the sun with buds and dance
Until the day is said and done

Upon what day will you melt to butter?
In what age will you split
And our squishy nubs will touch
The naked land
Of younger
To caress trampled memory

Great comet
Of the heated sky
Roll chariots to the marble
Castle far by
Draw the ceiling and cast alight
The endless view of the constant night
Great God of mine.

In the photobooth
We do a silly face
Clicking the parsecs back into focal
And drawing upon that inflationary
To which we ride
A darling damselfly
Old and full of chitionous youth

Old dirt
Move softly your mother
And place her dead things upon the nether
To compress into flaking chert
And thrust from the depths
An exhibit of great feature
The future of us
Lost within
The earth

Great road
I see not where your terminus goes
I know not from what strange township
You built the mountains and tumbled abyss
But when we shall be missed
And the world will roll on with constant bliss
Forgetful of the citation of our greatest works
And the obliteration of everything
My sleeves unravel from my sweater
As each string falls apart
I collapse
Because just like my sweater
Each and every part of me is unraveling
and breaking and falling apart and
please save me
for I’m trying to fly without any wings
and it’s killing me
so please save me
save me from myself
save me
Sometimes I feel as if I’m breaking and falling and I need to be saved but I won’t ask for help
I get these thoughts
that are like clouds
I know they won’t stay here forever
But they are so sad and uncontrollable
And these clouds stop me from seeing anything else
Sometimes they’ll go away on their own
But other times
They get heavier and fuller
Until they burst into water
Water that only falls out of eyes
These thoughts cloud my vision, making to do hard for me to move on. And it’s like endless storm. How do I stop it? Why can’t I stop it? Please help me. Please save me.
It’s okay to wait.
It doesn’t make you a loser it doesn’t make you uncool.

Your body is a temple only a king/queen can explore.

Waiting is better.
You don’t wanna have regrets.

                      With love,
Natasha Jul 24
Step by step she's trodden on
Her jeans are stained
Her blouse is torn.
Two toes edge the crumbling cliff
She turns behind–
But alas! She slips.

And down she plummets
Down, down she falls
Her eyes are dazed
Her lips forlorn.

But as she reaches
Not one yard saved
Strong talons grasp–

To home she’s dragged.
Amanda Jul 22
I want you to live, why don't you?
Set in self-destructive ways,
Wish I had the power to help you heal,
You are so gone you don't want to be saved.
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