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Zywa May 6
At the junk dealer

I write, of course, life stories --

of the furniture.
Novel "Buiten is het maandag" ("Outside, it's Monday", 2003, J. Bernlef), chapter 2-2

Collection "Being my own museum"
Freedom may sleep, but it will awaken
For those who love freedom
Can never stay shaken

Freedom may pine, in chains for a night
Yet will always break through
And stand firm in the right

Freedom may kneel, but only to pray
For strength in its purpose
And hope for today

Freedom may falter, and may need to slow
But with renewed vigor
Will get up and go

Freedom may fall, but it NEVER dies
It’s part of our soul
And will EVER arise

Bitcoin is freedom - to save or to spend
The freedom of money
We will ever defend
You can see this poem on a background here - Inspired by the end of Ayn Rand's book Anthem.
sheloveswords Jan 12
I see The Most High in you
                                          yo demons hate that. . .
Jeremy Betts Dec 2023
Why do I feel the need to explain myself to myself
Using preloaded excuses from myself for myself then toward myself
Feels impossible to keep myself safe from myself
In the attempts to escape myself I've lost myself
What's it going to take to save myself from myself?
The endless battle with my mental health, fighting myself despite myself
Do I even know myself well enough to know if I should save myself?
Why, at times, do I want to be someone else?
These are the things I ask myself...
...I tell myself to keep it too yourself

Omarcito Nov 2023
In the slew of this trance
Railing across the nights
In shining armor of horror,

Light, something comical, guides me.

          I forgot how to write.
     I have no purpose.

a separation of tied limbs by
Wiley Scientist’s
Churning, clenching, wincing
Burn into my lobe.
Submission to anxiety.

Liberate my shackled mind
From the screeches of Armageddon,
Residing in the Nine Rings of rajas,
The most fruit bearing peninsula of

Tearing through the center of
My pinwheel of paralyzing

      Something reached beyond depths for me.

It, somewhat, portrayed itself,

As Light.
xavier thomas Oct 2023
New day, my worries fade away
I feel your happiness
Times brought in a new companion
Friendship settle in
New day, feels so good, I pray
How fast the old days fade away.

New days, less mistakes
Blessings came upon yourself
Times changed, love has came
No confusion settled in, mmm

New days, I rise
Let the new journey begin
new day

“Cold world is getting hard to breathe
Hours change, it’s getting hard to see
Yet, your light helps me see
Lord, I thank thee”

New days, I avoid old mistakes
Sometimes it’s complicated during
urging times I start to feel less sane
So I write down your advice
that reminds me of
those down falls, a reminder of numbness

Then I ease my mind
by calling your name because I
don’t feel like I’m by myself.
Oh, oh, my
New days, I by myself
hoping I make you proud
crying out
Mmm, yeah, tearing up

Better behavior
So I pray for the new greater days
Constant laughter
So I pray for the new greater days
Different expectations
So I pray for the new greater days
And I pray new days continue day after day
Jamie King Aug 2023
Our wealth an unfaithful wife, she's sooner gone when perils knock.
A bridegroom to poverty you may find yourself. A glutton, not a meal will she spare.

Our vessels, dust that longs for dust, in daily decay.
Our habitats, pedestrians in paths of typhoons and waves.
Our families, cups of bliss, a well of dismay.

We dull the mind in sewers, with each sip an illusion of joy resumes, as sorrows sleep.

A well of eternal bliss longed for having rejected The Owner. The springs of life freely flows but sewers we have preferred.
The spring of life flows freely the invitation has been shared.
Life is long
But your simple voice
How it serves
The basic choice
Alex McQuate Jun 2023
Strum out to me,
Oh music man,
That sweet mandolin tune,
Tell me the secrets of this world,
I'll keep it just between you and me.

I'll take my snippets of unfinished poetry,
And you take your unfinished book,
We'll mash them together into a chunk of clay,
And what results I think will do.

Let me take you in my arms,
And swing about the room,
To some merry little jig,
Only heard between us three.

Let's laugh to loud like *******,
And banter like buffoons,
Rant and rave like jabbering macaws,
And croon until we're blue.

Take care of me when I drink too heavy,
And nod along to my song,
Even though my guitar may be out of tune,
Carry my traumas when they become too crushing,
And say you love me too.
Zach Bryan- Corinthians
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