Don't try to change me
You're never gonna save me
You can't save yourself
Plan to practice multiple forms of poetry and I'll be starting with Haiku. Some will be traditional, but most will probably not. :)
Failing at what I thought I could be great at.
This feeling of losing at life and brokenness leaves me in the shadows.  
Come save me.
Hold on to me.
And don't let me fall into my old ways.
Get out! Get out! Get out!
Cant you feel them?
The chill of their words,
Crawling up your spine

You can hear them coming,
As you try to close every wall
Closer ..and closer ..and closer
Just don't think about it.

They're trying to take over.
Whispers of lies


They swarm your mind,

Make them stop!
I scream, but nothing comes out.
I'm lost in the shadows of my mind

I'm not safe here..
mera 5d
Please...someone pay me money for immigration please
I want to immigrate please help me with money
Just biting my tongue
So words will not slip out
Like rock thus
Water gush out
Like a drop of ocean
Upon a mankind

Just shutting my eyes
Wide open
So not to see that child
Cry as if in an oven
Haven seen heaven
We were given
Turned to **** driven

Just closing my ears
With candle's wax
So they won't ask with axe
If I heard the ululation
In the nation
Where lullabies in the days of yore
Is now lamentation for all.

Just crossing my hands
But I can't
'Cos even if I do my pen rants
Like a child who learnt a new
Rhyme, chant.
For that child who in the
Street cry

Even if we can't help,
Lets try
For the river down their cheek
Even if it is one, try
+234 8122245919
Juju Juju Jan 12
They called me names,
And threw at me fake claims,
They wished upon me death,
And drowned me in their dishonesty until I lost my breath,
They lied about things I’ve never said,
Swore by name over things I never did,
They put up warning signs that I bring terror
And I couldn’t help but think to myself “couldn’t this world be fairer?”

They raged at me with absolute hatred,
Treated me differently saying I need to be isolated,
But the question remains what did I do?
Are you trying to blame me for others mistakes too?

But look at the world and what it has become,
They say its the land of the free but why am I not welcome?

My days were hard,
And my nights were scarred,
For after all I am just a ******,

And “I been quiet for too long, so now its time to break the silence”
“I start with the killing, so F stopping the violence”
“First things first man, you’re F with the worst,
I’ll be sticking pins in your head like im a F nurse,
“You going against me dawg, you making a mistake cuz ill split ya,
And leave ya,
Looking like the Michael Jackson jackets with all them zippers,
Im the boss of this boat, you can call me skippers”
And I met a ******* kid named Greg with a wooden leg,
Snatched it off and beat him over the F(ing) head with the peg,”
Oh did you think what I just said was shoddy?
“But I claim my thang to slang them ****** bodies”
“**** them all, send them (hoes) up in flames’”
“Hey, I slay all (******) who think we play” so don’t put me on blame
“You got my word so observe”
Im sorry but I won’t reserve,
“I shatter and splatter bodies and bones,”
“I bust nerves open” bring me all the stones,

“Oh here I go again, hatred walks with me
Its obsessing me,
Possessing me,
A thousand years time dimension
In subconscious incarceration,
My hatred to man has transformed me,
Into a habitation for demons” where I cant flee

Umm, Do you not like what I just said?
Im sorry but these are examples of lyrics that our rappers spread,
The list could go on,
You can go search em’ up if you think im a con
We have kids listening to such songs,
And teens that follow them rappers on twitter, instagram, from the United States to Hong Kong,

Yet you dare say I spread violence and hatred?
I am Islam, a religion with a text so sacred,
My name means peace, that is what I preach,
To be kind to all mankind, that is what I teach,
But my words are manipulated,
And with ignorance they are tainted,

You see the word “fight” in my text and oh my *** it becomes a big fuss,
Have you ever tried listening to me or discuss?
Cuz’ I’ll never ask you to ****, or to swear,
I tell you to treat your elderly, kids, and women with care,
And to love for your brother what you love for yourself,
But most importantly, never hurt ones self,

Yet they still continue to attack me with my verses
“**** them where you find them and drive them out”
But Lets be honest here, if someone were to attack you, you would try to defend yourself with no doubt

For these verses were for the times of war,
To defend ones self , nothing less nothing more,
I mean even in America it is legal for a cop to shoot and **** to protect their life or the life of another
So what makes it any different when I tell my followers to take shield and to cover?

My text Quran is always compared with the Holy Bible,
They say the Holy Bible has no violence but mind to explain:

“Do not spare them, but **** both man and woman, child and infant, ox and sheep, camel and donkey”, From Samuel 15:3

Or “Happy is he who repays you for what you have done to us- he who seizes your infants and dashes them against the rocks” from Psalm 137:9, you see thats the key,

They say my woman are oppressed,
Because of the way they are dressed,
But I taught them that they are precious,
Like diamonds and pearls they are auspicious,

Yet they have a heard voice,
To wear a veil or not to wear they have the choice,
And again I am compared to the Holy Bible and Christianity,
All the NUNS are covered from head to toe,
But when it comes to Muslim woman WOAH,
They are suppressed,
But you got it wrong, every woman is a blessing and they are all blessed,

So stop talking about me as if you know it all,
This world is building between us such a huge wall,
And this was only to clear a few misconceptions,
From this universe that is full of deceptions,

And If we look closely we realize we are more alike than different,
In a nutshell, I am Islam, the munificent.
I respect each and every different religion the SAME.
vicarious emotions
felt through a man you’ll never meet
thousands of feelings
the likes of which you’ll never see
such awful pain and suffering
enough to ***** the life
from a newborn babe
conceived into poetry
my hope for you
is that you might be saved
Yan F Jan 10
It never was my fault
   You never learned how
  To swim.

How can you blame me
       Now that you’re drowning?

If all you have
Are empty bottles
And half an empty
Can of glade...
       What is a broken heart
            In your eyes?


           You don’t even have
     Broken shards
         And poisoned drops—

  So make sure
      Before you
    Start pointing
         Shaking fingers
       You know
  How to make
          A clean cut first.
deeper cuts=deeper love?

*originally published at my alter account. it's dead now.
Watch the silent fire,
Watch me scorch my battered heart,
Ashes cannot burn.
Seanathon Jan 6
Gentle trees
Harsh Winters
And the mulberry sunlit rays between

Fall down on me like splintering pines
Though the winter scolds
*** save the gentle trees
*** save them still. Forever the noise of these.
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