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Far from the light,
you me we live inside.
In one's own space
beyond the reach of the sun.

To show up though everyone
needs it, a slice of the sun.
But except one, her
beauty shines in the dark!
Rain 6d
It’s a city from the outside,
Shining on a hill
But from the inside looking out
It’s just another jail
It sometimes feels like the city walls are pressing in, suffocating me, but I can’t leave, at least not yet. Soon, though, I’ll be leaving; soon... I just have to remember to breathe long enough to get there.
Hunter Taylor Feb 15
I. Just. Can't. Think.
I'm on the brink
As I blink
I  let her go and I sink

As I put up my guard
I'll rust like the bars on my heart
Let them tear me apart
Just leave me in the yard

I never knew your love was fake
So today I shake
You've shown me the strength that it takes
To cause an earthquake
Reverse poem
Just a tear.
Oh, don't worry; it's just fear.
Only on the inside,
it's something much
more severe.
Ameed Feb 14
And yes,
I searched for acceptance
from the inside
outside’s rejection was only
a shadow of the one in there that


© Ameed
Love; what truly is love?
Is it when you want to have them solely for their body?
Nay; for that is ****, not love.

True love; what can truly define it?
Is it how much money someone has?
Nay; for that is greed, not love.

True love is not found in material possessions.
Rather, true love is found from within the person
Beneath their skin
Beneath any emotional armor they put forth
Once you ***** their armor, and they willingly choose let you in, that is love
When the two of you can speak kindly, gently, and without reserve, all out in the open with nothing to hide

Love is when there are boundaries that have already been set and bound and aren't broken
Love isn't when one of the two wields a blade of steel, a sword of words, or a dagger of ultimatums against the other
That isn't love; for that is betrayal
I have seen you in my dreams and in my memories; the memories, beautiful memories, that kept my heart heavy.

   But now, it haunts me, knowing that you are reliving those memories again,...but not with me. It hurts deeply like a knife that has sliced through a wounded heart.

I now walk on this pavement. The last place I felt alive...and the same place I died inside.

You, walking with someone else, reliving the memory; while I looked at you from a distance. These memories reminded me of how it all used to be;

But people change right?

Dear, you were my everything I could ever imagine but you took it away and gave the spot to someone new.

                 I guess I'll see you tomorrow, my dreams.
rofan Apr 2018
Stars of the earth sky
How much you gave
And how much you made
Deep and deeper you get inside
There where the whispers hide
You reveal to me my whole self
Show me now and don’t tell
How to make the memories stay still ?
Thorns Jan 29
There are voices inside my head
They are not imaginary
They are not fake, they simply live within me

One is heaven, one is ****
One weird, one is pretty
One is emo, one is goth
One is ***, one is okay

There are voices, there are people
Listen to the ones you trust
The ones you think you think you trust...
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