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Hunger May 14
Hot tears stream down my face and burn my skin,
Hot flames consume me is i burn for my sin,
Living itself should be i crime,
Just barely scraping by on the dime,
I guess hell would be better then being alive,
In this world how do so many survive,
Suicide rates have never been higher,
As peoples need for help becomes more dire,
But so many screams will never be heard,
So many people ignored every word,
Mind like a cage that keeps me inside,
Id ask to be free but I already died.
riri Nov 2020
You're the worst person I've ever known
I can't believe I let someone like you into my life
Months have gone by and I still resent you
I just can't get over everything you've done to me
It's hard to let go
Bei Aguilar Aug 2020
Don’t let that black cloud
Rain on you.
Don’t let it soak
Your hair and cloak.

Sometimes it’s okay
To experience the drizzle,
Most often times,

Don’t let that black cloud
Eat you up.
Don’t let it flood your mind
Of things that you can’t rewind.

That black cloud is inevitable,
Even I can’t stop the horrible
Droplets to land on my face.

Know that you can do something about it.
You can open your umbrella
Or wear your hat if you will.

Most importantly,
Remember that there will be a shining sun
After this terrible, terrible
Black cloud storm.
Tell me what to improve on.
Maja Jun 2020
I write this,
completely in my right state of mind.

I’m not insane,
But I’ve concluded that is not the case of all mankind.

Why do we exist?
would it not be better with us gone?

I’ve been thinking,
and I think the line has been drawn.

I’ve been thinking, about us,
and why where here.

I think, all things considered,
we should just disappear.
Seriously. Humans.
Maja Mar 2020
Let’s talk about the group that killed an old lady
and the fact that they escaped.

Let’s talk about the woman who was judged
for "saying she wanted" to be *****.

Let’s talk about the boy who was bullied
and that no one said a thing.

Let’s talk about the people who bullied
and that the boy hanged himself on a sling.

Let’s talk about the girl who was kidnapped,
***** at only four,

Why is everyone quiet?

because people are horrible
and sometimes it’s easier to ignore.
My heart is heavy and mind burdened with thoughts no child should have to ponder.
Why do humans have to exist?
Jason Drury Dec 2019
These are wounds
piled on my desk.
They bleed for
attention and ink.

These are nameless,
kept away from view.
******* children,
of my quill.

Urchins in rags,
unkept and unfinished.
They haunt my dwelling,
as beggars do.

They are dismembered,
without proper structure.
Perhaps faceless,
void of identity.

Give them names,
would equate their freedom.
Label them,
and they shall see the sun.

Or not,
and leave them,
as they are.

Lexi Snow Nov 2019
Let's see how fake you can be
Don't get me wrong
It's funny that you're trying
You're trying to be my friend
Why be my friend?
Because all yours realized that you're horrible
Oh, that *****
Oh, you didn't think I didn't know
Did you?
You didn't break our friendship fully
But you can continue playing that fake innocent person
Continue thinking that we are good
Just know, we aren't
I am just showing the world
Showing the world my tolerance
My tolerance for filth.
Recently, I was given a huge challenge and I have a huge tolerance now thanks to this challenge
M Aug 2019
I said I'd write a poem for you,
Once I got to know you,
And now, I think that I do.

It took some time for your colours to shine,
But now I'm done, so here,
Let me show you.

You are light as the day,
With no hint of dark,
It's all bunnies, princesses and pink.

You bore me to tears,
Like a bar with no beers,
And you certainly can't handle your drink.

You're the arms-length kind,
A mediocre mind,
Fakeness and lies are your craft.

You flutter your eyes,
Like a sneaky tweety-pie,
And all the boys start acting daft.

It can't all be bad,
That would be sad,
Of course, there are nice things to say.

I just don't know what they are,
Not those things in your bra,
I've seen bigger **** in ballets.

You have a nice ****,
a nine, if I'm asked,
But that means that I'd have to say...

If I'm being true,
The best thing about you
Is the sight of you walking away.
I never gave it to her.
Amanda Kay Burke Jun 2019
Nothing horrible has happened yet today
Maybe for once things will go my way
My tummy is full and I am in alright health
Now I am ready to start bettering myself
I started using an app called Moodpath today to help me figure out why I have been behaving so crazy these days
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